How to make a jack for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands

The Role of Oil in an Arranged Hydraulic Hoist

Oil is an essential component of a hydraulic jack. With its help, the process of lifting various loads takes place. If there is not enough oil in the device, the device will not work. There are two basic steps to changing the oil.

Liquid is poured into the mechanism, pumped over and drained.

This procedure should be carried out 2-3 times. Jack flushing is simple, but time consuming.

After cleaning the hydraulic jack, you can start filling with new oil. It needs to be poured up to a certain mark. In this case, the lift must be in the lower position. To lower the stem, you need to turn the screw-valve to the “drain” position. Next, close the oil tank cap and pump the fluid 5 times. After this procedure, add oil and tighten the plug again. It is necessary to pump until the lubrication of the mechanism reaches the required level, and bubbles do not form on its surface.

Their presence significantly reduces the efficiency of the mechanism. Often air enters the housing due to lack of oil.

To remedy this situation, you need to take the following steps. First you need to open the oil tank cap as well as the bypass valve. Then you need to quickly pump the mechanism several times. During this procedure, air bubbles from the working area enter the oil tank. The plug from the bypass valve and the oil container can be closed.

If all manipulations have been carried out correctly, the hydraulic mode will work. If it does not work, all operations must be repeated.


Few people know how to make a jack with their own hands. For those who are at least a little versed in technology, this will not be difficult.

There are many types of lifting devices. Jacks can be hydraulic, rack and pinion, pneumatic and screw jacks. They serve for lifting various heavy loads and equipment, as well as fixing products at the required height. It is no longer possible to imagine repairing a car suspension or changing a wheel without using a jack.

Most often, various types of lifting mechanisms have to be repaired and maintained. It is necessary to monitor the technical condition of the lifts, identify damage, and change the oil. Sometimes units break down and fail. You have to buy new ones or assemble the device from available tools. Of course, you can entrust this work to professionals, but making a jack yourself is not so difficult.

Some nuances

A hydraulic jack is the most common type of lifting device. It has a large carrying capacity. Such devices are used in power plants, oil refineries and other industrial organizations. Most often, hydraulic lifts are used to raise vehicles in the conditions of auto repair shops and tire shops.

The hydraulic lifting mechanisms require periodic repair and maintenance, the last is that it is necessary to top up the fluid escaping through the oil seals. It is necessary to monitor the technical condition of all components of the jack.

However, it is not the case. If you had a jack and broke, you need to make a new one. Of what? You can take the old one as a basis and try to update it, i.e. thus make a new device from the previous one. Stages of work:

  • You need to unscrew the fasteners.
  • Next, you need to remove the piston and fluid bleed valve.
  • After these manipulations, you need to inspect the main parts of the hydraulic jack. If any element is damaged, it should be replaced.
  • The lifting mechanism must be cleaned of debris and foreign elements. The cylinder must also be flushed.
  • The gum is subject to inspection. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.
  • The final step will be the assembly of the hydraulic jack. It is done in reverse order.
make, jack, your, hands

After you have been able to make the jack and the lift is assembled, you need to check its performance. If the mechanism does not work, it may be necessary to check and, if necessary, replace the oil.

How to make a jack with your own hands: additional options

For those who want to make a jack on their own, you can use a simple structure. It is done as follows. Metal pipes must be welded in the form of a truncated quadrangular pyramid. After that, the upper and lower base must be welded to the resulting structure. It is made of 5 mm thick steel. The dimensions of the homemade jack must match the dimensions of the vehicle that needs to be lifted.

The operating principle of the jack is based on a screw-nut transmission. A hole should be drilled in the top of the truncated pyramid, the diameter of which must be larger than the diameter of the screw. A nut must be welded to the upper base. At the bottom of the screw, you need to make a hole into which a metal pin is inserted. With this rod, the screw will turn.

It is best to use a trapezoidal screw in this jack design. For all elements included in the screw-nut transmission, materials made of hardened steel should be used.

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Various lifting mechanisms are indispensable in our life. They help to lift heavy loads and equipment. Like many mechanisms, they can sometimes fail. You can repair them yourself.

It is not difficult to make a jack, the main thing is to observe the correct sequence of work.

Maintenance of mechanisms is equally important. It is imperative to monitor the oil level and top up if necessary. You can also do this with your own hands.


This is a jack, the design of which is provided with a pneumatic cushion. Tool making does not take much time and effort. In addition, the design drawing of the unit is interesting, which will make the assembly unusual.

With the help of powerful jacks, precise installation is carried out, so the unit is popular in many areas. The shell is flat and forms the basis of the device. During operation, compressed air is supplied to it, providing an increase in.


To create a mechanism, you need to prepare:

  • a pillow used in trucks;
  • ball for bearing;
  • a bolt from a VAZ wheel;
  • fasteners;
  • drill.

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • First, fastening bolts are mounted in the provided holes of the pillow. Each bolt is pre-drilled.
  • Next, a hole is made in the VAZ wheel bolt. It will be used as a valve.
  • The third stage involves the connection of all elements. The outlet is closed with a ball, which will prevent the ingress of air currents during the operation of the unit.

To use the attachment, you need a pump. The unit should be located under the bottom of the machine. Additionally, so that the device does not budge, you need to prepare a block.

Material selection

The main thing that needs to be provided in a homemade structure is to achieve its strength. Therefore, for the manufacture of the frame, materials such as:

  • steel channels;
  • profiles from PVC pipes;
  • metal rods from profile steel;
  • wheels that move the object;
  • rubber part for the bowl;
  • fasteners.

Making a jack with your own hands

The jack is a popular tool that almost every car enthusiast uses. The unit allows you to cope with almost any, even the most unforeseen situation, and helps to quickly fix the breakdown. The jack should be in the car in case there is a need for repairs, and there will not be a single settlement or car service nearby.

It is not always possible to purchase a quality jack. Therefore, if necessary, you can do it yourself. It is important during manufacturing to ensure the required level of security of the future device. It is worth taking a closer look at how to create a jack.


Before making such a tool, it is recommended to pay special attention to strength indicators, since the stability of the future jack depends on them. Therefore, it is important to assemble the device so that it subsequently does not fall anywhere and does not leave during operation.

Self-production of such a jack does not require much effort. The procedure will not take long. For manufacturing, it is necessary to weld two steel slats to each other at an angle so that they form a pyramid with a truncated end. a trapezoid. This will be the support of the structure. Then you need to make two bases of the mechanism. above and below. For manufacturing, a steel sheet with a thickness of up to 5 mm is suitable.

The third step is to provide the bases with holes for welding the nuts. A hole is also made in the bottom base, where a mechanical rod must be installed to ensure rotation. Additionally, you will need to make a knob.

The mechanism is recommended to be made of steel parts with high strength indicators. Additional attachment of a metal cable to the rack and pinion jack will help replace the winch.

How to make

If you wish, you can make almost any jack with your own hands. Therefore, it is worth considering in detail what is needed to create a specific model.


A bottle jack, which is a simple design, is taken as a basis for manufacturing, and its alteration is performed. The lifting height of such a unit is 23 cm, which makes it possible to lift trucks.

Bottle jacks during operation use the working rods, which provides lifting of the machine using the provided lever. The lever is driven by a hydraulic cylinder installed in the structure.

The garage jack is assembled in several stages:

  • First, make a rack using channel 12.
  • Next, the assembly of the lifting mechanism and the base takes place. To do this, you need to use a 10 mm channel.
  • In the front of the structure, rollers are mounted. The standard ones that can be found in washing machines will do.
  • To make a jack cup, you can take an element of an automobile bump stop. Braces are made from rods, the diameter of which does not exceed 20 mm.

Judging by what the structure is assembled from, the principle of operation of a rolling or scissor jack is similar to a bottle jack. The only difference lies in the axis along which the cylinder moves. In the updated unit, it is made horizontal. The tool got this name due to its appearance. It resembles a cart on wheels.


The screw jack design includes the following elements:

  • base;
  • two shoulders;
  • emphasis;
  • screw mechanism.

The assembly takes place on a steel sheet base with a cross-sectional area of ​​2.63 cm2. 4 holes are drilled in the corners of the base to install fasteners that will fix the base.

For the manufacture of the rotation shaft, metal rods are taken, the diameter of which does not exceed 12 mm. It is important that there is a thread at one end of the element, and a retainer at the other, which provides the ability to attach a pin.

In the last turn, an axis is made, which ensures the rotation of the shoulders. upper and lower. Additionally, pins equipped with flat cylindrical heads are installed on the sides. For fastening the elements, cotter pins are used. Completes the process of installing the retainer.

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The main task of the jack is to lift the wheels of the vehicle for their subsequent replacement. The tool is used both for professional repair work and for DIY home wheel replacement. Through the operation of the jack, repair work is also carried out in certain compartments under the car, ensuring the lifting of the machine.

It is noteworthy that the jack is popular not only in the automotive field. It is used to install various structures and when carrying out construction work or repairing various equipment. There are the following types of jacks:

  • Mechanical. Lifting is carried out by pressing the lever on the handle. They are not used very often, but they are compact and lack physical effort.
  • Hydraulic. A distinctive feature of the tool is the principle of its operation. The lifting of the wheels is ensured by the incoming pressure created by the working fluid. Such jacks are popular.
  • Pneumatic. Compressed gases are responsible for the operation of the device. The chamber is increased by means of the generated pressure, which makes it possible to raise the car.

If desired, you can make any of these jacks using the appropriate tools and materials. Homemade jacks are popular too.

How to make an instant car jack

Users of screw and hydraulic jacks are familiar with their application. You literally have to lie under the car in order to substitute and raise them. Having made such a jack, you can raise the car in a second, and without lying down or squatting.

make, jack, your, hands

Jack making process

To make a thrust platform for the jack, you need to cut along a piece of 3/4 inch pipe 90 mm long.

A section of a profile pipe is welded to the center at a right angle to one of the halves. Its length should be the same as the height to which the car needs to be lifted.

To this part, it is necessary to weld another piece of a profile pipe 25-30 cm parallel to the loose half. This knot will be subjected to a bending load, so it must be reinforced or made of thick walled pipe. If it is thin, then a 15×15 mm tube can be inserted inside.

A lever from a profile pipe, cut at 45 degrees, is welded to the resulting part. In length, it should reach slightly above the user’s waist with a jack. To strengthen the lever, 2 jibs from the strip are welded.

A piece of pipe is welded to the edge of the lever to obtain a T-shaped handle. A 20 cm crossbar is welded at the bottom.A hairpin is inserted into the reinforced tube, which will serve as an axle for the wheels.

Wheels are installed on the axle. They are tightened with nuts, but so as to retain the ability to turn. On the crossbar above, you need to fasten the furniture rollers.

To use the jack, you need to substitute a stubborn platform under the car, and resting your foot on the crossbar, pull the lever towards you.

This requires a minimum of effort and only a couple of seconds of time. To remove it and lower the car, it rises.

How to make an electric jack with your own hands

A jack is a simple mechanical device used to raise a car. This is necessary for changing a tire or wheel, repairs that require access to the bottom. The use of a jack is resorted to in case of self-repair outside a car service. But jacks aren’t just for cars. They are often used to install structures at a given level or to lift loads.

For any jack, the lifting capacity, lifting and picking heights are important. Often, in the simplest jack, these characteristics are weak, and they are not enough for the needs of the user. In this case, you can make an electric jack with your own hands. It will be more powerful and easier to use, you just have to tinker in the workshop. The electric version is much more practical, because it does not require human body movements and can provide greater height.

Tools and materials

It is quite simple to create a pneumatic or hydraulic jack. If the work depends on human effort, compressed air or working fluid, then the process does not take much time. The electrician is a little more complicated. The electric jack will become a fusion of mechanics and electrical engineering. The electric drive drives the mechanical parts of the device.

Any electric drive is required for manufacturing. The window motor will cope with the task. Its purpose will be to rid a person of physical efforts to lift heavy loads or a car. A drive from a drill or electric screwdriver may also work. Their power is enough to lift a machine weighing a couple of tons. The jack itself is also needed. for the base. A regular screw rhombus will do. You will also need steel strips for fastening. A welding machine is useful for work.


To begin with, you need to remove the drive and cables from the window regulator and leave only the motor and gearbox. You need a head with a four-sided side with edges of seven millimeters. Then you need to cut the fasteners from the steel strips prepared earlier. Firstly, we make them safer and more convenient, and secondly, we make the final product aesthetic. We attach the parts of the correct shape to the gearbox. After that, the mount and the gear head are welded to the device. If desired, individual parts can be painted, the main thing is not to get into moving elements. You can power the device from the mains of the car, through the cigarette lighter, or through a regular electrical network with an outlet.

Electric jacks stand out from other types of this mechanism. If the lever-screw are capable of lifting anything to a great height, and the hydraulic ones show high rigidity with a simple design, then our type is suitable even for dangerous situations, since it does not require human effort.

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So, we have a device suitable even for professional use. With little labor and time spent, the jack turns out to be of high quality and durable. It is also important that almost no money was spent on me. Almost everyone has a drill or an electric screwdriver, so a power window is not necessary at all. After that, your life will become a little better and easier.

About homemade jacks: do-it-yourself hydraulic system

The jack is a device that no driver can do without when repairing his car. It is needed to lift loads to a low height. It should be stored in the trunk of a car or in a garage. When buying such a device, you need to pay attention to the carrying capacity indicators, which should be as high as possible, as well as universal functionality. Many car enthusiasts prefer the hydraulic jack, which can be built by hand. But before that, you need to study the information on how to make a homemade jack for a car with your own hands at home.

Features of the operation of a homemade jack

The person who made it is responsible for the work of the homemade product. Therefore, no matter how confident there is that a homemade jack will withstand the weight, we use insurance with an additional jack if we work under a car.

But this rule even applies to the purchased model, because it has long been known that safety technology is written on the basis of errors. Unfortunately, often fatal.

We check the correctness of work

Of course, after the end of the assembly, it is important to check the resulting homemade jack in “combat conditions”. The hydraulics are designed to lift even a heavy vehicle. Therefore, we check the work under load. A car is best. By the way, tests will show flaws and design errors.

And only after checking (even repeated) the homemade jack is ready to work fully.


Pneumatic or bottle jacks work on the principle of pumping compressed air into a special container, which squeezes out the stem and raises the load. These models have good lifting capacity, and the power reserve is limited only by the length of the lifting bar.

You can make a homemade pneumatic structure by purchasing only the main mechanism with compressed air. And the levers and additional parts (wheels, stops) are quite capable of doing with your own hands, having previously calculated everything.

Homemade press from a jack with your own hands: drawings and diagrams

For some operations, the DIYer may need a press with a significant compression force, but the purchase of equipment of this class will be completely unjustified. Today we will tell you how to assemble a reliable press based on a hydraulic car jack in a few hours.

Presser shoe manufacturing

The jack rod is not very convenient to use, usually an increased area of ​​the compression headstock is required to use a wide range of molds and work with large-sized parts. In this case, the force should be distributed over the entire area of ​​the compressed surfaces evenly, without causing deformation.

In the simplest case, short, full-bodied ingots can act as pressure blocks. It is quite easy to make threaded blind holes in them for fixing to the main structure of the press. But such parts are not always available to the layman, therefore we offer the option of our own production of attendants, capable of withstanding a significant compression force without harm.

The headstock must be able to be assembled with the jack rod, excluding movement during operation. Simply put, a blind hole should be made in the headstock, into which the heel of the jack will enter with a minimum clearance. You will also need a couple of holes for attaching the return mechanism springs.

Both headstock can be made from two sections of the channel or four pieces of angle, forming a parallelepiped with open side edges. The seams on the planes through which the axis of the main working force passes should be welded with a continuous seam from the inside, the rest. from the outside. One of the faces is muffled with a square insert, after which the inner cavity is filled with sand concrete of grade 500. After solidification, the headstock is welded on the other side, so two incompressible pads are obtained.

For landing on a jack, it is enough to weld a piece of pipe of the corresponding diameter in the upper part of the headstock, which will serve as a casing of the glass. For even greater reliability, a washer with a hole for the stem heel is attached to the bottom of the sleeve. The lower headstock can simply be placed on a movable beam, but it is better to weld on a couple of corners or steel rods that limit the shift.

Skills required to make a jack with your own hands

Making such a device for repairing vehicles is a rather difficult and costly endeavor. In the “arsenal” of a novice mechanic, there should be a number of specific skills, which include cutting, welding, painting, turning and processing.

Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor

The main skill that is required to work with metal is welding, because the structure will need to be assembled from scratch, and you cannot do without a welding machine. To cut iron, you will definitely need an angle grinder or an oxygen torch, and you need to process the future product with a grinder or file.

The finished item must be covered with several layers of paint. If the master has all of the above skills, the manufacture of the lift will not cause any difficulties.