Do it yourself miter saws for metal

DIY pendulum saw

Homemade pendulum saw made by a craftsman with his own hands: photo, detailed description, as well as a video showing the saw at work.

When working in a workshop, very often it is required to cut an even corner, channel or profile pipe. I decided to make a homemade pendulum saw, the structure should not take up much space in the garage and be mobile.

I would also like to say about the engine. I looked through examples of machines, most recommend installing motors for 3 kW, ideally connecting to a 3-phase network or through a capacity to a single-phase.

I had an engine for 1.2 kW 1450 rpm, I decided to use it for making a machine, increase the speed on the circle with pulleys, so as not to lose power, which was already small, I used a frequency drive.

Circle size 230th, with the possibility of installation and 300th.

The process of making a pendulum saw is shown in the photo.

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On the pendulum unit used a rotor shaft from a burnt-out engine. Bearing supports made of water pipes.

The shaft and support were made by a turner. The frame for the engine and shaft is welded from a 40 x 40 mm profile tube.

The table is made of a corner 45 x 45 mm and a profile tube 40 x 40 mm.

Wheels 75 mm on two table legs, on opposite legs. adjustable supports.

Worktop covered with 2 mm steel sheet, protective cover made of 1.5 mm sheet

I will dwell a little on the frequency converter, the price for them starts from 100, I did not look at the characteristics, and I do not need it, because I was not going to buy a ready-made one. I made a homemade chastotnik, I will not describe it, there are diagrams and a detailed description on the Internet. I’ll just show you a couple of photos of what the one I made looks.

Frequency converter in housing, will be fixed under the saw table.

Fastening the cover of the protective casing on elongated nuts, which are used in conjunction with construction studs.

I am completely satisfied with the self-made pendulum saw, I do not like the way sparks fly when working, you need to be wise with something with a spark arrestor, as is done in factory trims. The machine freely saws a D50 pipe with a wall thickness of 3 mm, while the engine copes without tension, there is enough power. Overall dimensions of the machine:

  • Length. 700 mm.
  • Width. 400 mm.
  • Height. 700 mm.

Preparation of the base

The base of the circular facing is a rectangular sheet of thick plywood or chipboard, not deformed. In the future, a shelf for the movement of the circular saw will be rigidly attached to the base.

In the base sheet (in the table), you need to make a slot for free passage of the saw blade. The blade must completely cut the workpiece positioned on the table surface, so the saw teeth must go deeper than the table surface, but the blade must rotate freely. It is even recommended to form a table from two sheets of chipboard or plywood, attached to each other flat: then in the top sheet it will be necessary to make a through transverse slot for free movement of the saw blade.

Recommendations for the selection of miter saws for metal

The main selection criteria for saws designed for cutting metal are the same as for analogs that involve working with wooden blanks, but, in addition, it should be remembered that:

To work with different types of metal, different types of discs are used, therefore, special attention should be paid to their purpose and size of the landing, as well as the outer diameter. The wider the metal workpieces are to be processed, the larger the diameter of the saw blade should be.

The guard must completely cover the disc during operation. The presence of a limiter on the depth of cut expands the capabilities of the machine. A more powerful electric motor has more performance and heats up less during operation.

Types and characteristics of saws

The miter saw will be an indispensable tool when you need to make an accurate neat cut. In most cases, such a tool is used by professionals in carpentry workshops, in the manufacture of furniture and in interior decoration. For this type of work, a clean and even cut is a prerequisite. Miter saws can be divided into two main categories. The first category includes a separate trimming, without additional superstructures. The second category is combination saws.

The difference between these two types is that the combined top has an additional sawing table. This allows it to be used not only as an end but also as a small stationary circular. The price of these devices is noticeably higher than that of versions for home use.

Determining the height of the shelf for lateral movement

If the person working on the machine is right-handed, then the shelf for the circular saw should be located on the right edge of the table in order to be able to fix the workpiece on the table.

You should adjust the protrusion on the circular saw to the maximum and measure at what height above the table you need to position the shelf for the circular movement of the circular so that the teeth of its saw blade do not touch the table. This measurement will actually determine the maximum thickness of the workpieces.

Trimming from various scrap metal

This is a rather heavy bevelling on a stationary metal table. It will take some effort to manage it. But in the end, the saw mechanism moves smoothly, without jerking, do-it-yourself trimming is easy.

Materials and tools required for assembly:

  • 900 W electric motor;
  • a metal sheet;
  • metal corner;
  • channel;
  • hinge group;
  • powerful spring;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • file.

The bed is made of adjustable supports, a metal corner and racks from the old bed. The working surface is a metal sheet like the surface of the table, in which we cut a hole, we process the edges with a file with our own hands.

  • The pendulum stand for the saw is welded from a channel mounted on a sheet of metal, its height is about 80 cm.
  • The support for the electric motor is made in the form of a movable metal plate mounted on hinges. When installing an electric motor, a spring is used as a stabilizer. Then you can do without a pendulum and belts.
  • Tension belts are adjusted with a conventional eye bolt, the swingarm for the mechanism is also made of metal.
  • A disc with a diameter of 420 mm is installed on the facing as an executive tool.

How To Speed Control Your Miter Saw For Cutting Steel #080

A miter saw is a rather dangerous equipment, collecting it with your own hands, you need to take care of protective boxes and covers. After all, there are much more errors in the operation of home-made equipment than factory equipment.

Shelf design

Fragments of chipboard or thick plywood should be fastened to the table surface relative to the slot with self-tapping screws, increasing them, screwing to each other, to the previously measured level of the circular saw positioning height.

It should be noted that at the very last level a chipboard layer will go, which will form a shelf for the circular saw to move. So, while increasing the height, you should remember about the thickness of the Chipboard of the last layer.

The shelf for the circular movement consists of two parts, symmetrically located relative to the mowing line, the cut for free movement of the disc. In fact, there should be 2 “bridges” set parallel to each other across the space for the saw blade and the right edge of the table at the very right side of this table.

Features of the use of miter saws

The great thing about these kinds of tools is that they are compact and don’t weigh too much. The maximum weight of the trimming machine is 30 kg, this indicator depends on the model and its functional features.

Cross-sections are widely used in woodworking, where they can be used to perform a large number of tasks.

Saws of this type allow you to make “mustache” connections, and similar machines are very popular in baguette workshops and in the manufacture of furniture.

Some cutting-off models of tools are equipped with replaceable discs, which are designed to cut a particular material. Basically, all types of miter saws are designed so that they can be placed at a certain angle and size when the work table is turned. And some models allow you to make a turn only in one direction, these are the cheapest options. Naturally, the cost of trimming modifications, which can rotate in different directions, will be much higher.

If the tool can be rotated 360 degrees, even very complex workpieces can be machined with it. Its saw head is tilted in relation to the table and can be easily adjusted to rotate. But remember that in order to determine the angle of rotation, you need to decide on the materials and workpieces for work.

The most optimal rotation of the tool at an angle is about 50 degrees.

Assembling a complex machine

There is an option with a more complex and heavier structure. She will definitely cope with cutting pipes. At the same time, a self-made installation does not require the use of a circular as a component of the machine. But for certain stages of work, it is better to have a circular on hand.

Depending on the components you choose, you can get a higher power machine. To assemble the machine with your own hands, you will need:

  • Electric motor with a power of about 900 W. If you have to cut pipes regularly, you can choose a more powerful electric motor;
  • Metal sheet;
  • Metal corners;
  • Channel;
  • Hinge groups;
  • angle grinder;
  • Welding device;
  • File;
  • Spring of impressive power.

When everything you need is assembled at the workplace, you can start assembling the miter saw with your own hands.

  • A homemade bed can be made by hand using adjustable supports, metal corners and bed racks.
  • A sheet of durable metal acts as a working surface. In this table-sheet you need to make holes and process them with a file.
  • To weld a pendulum rack for a future machine, use channels and a welding machine. The structure is installed on a metal sheet. Approximate rack height. 80 centimeters.
  • The support for the electric motor is made of a metal sheet in the form of a fixed plate. Be sure to install the stand on the hinges.
  • The stabilizer of the electric motor of the miter saw is a powerful spring. If you managed to find one, it is quite possible to refuse from belts and a swingarm.
  • Using the eyebolt, you can tension and adjust the belts. The pendulum can be made of metal to make the structure reliable, durable.
  • Select the disc of the required diameter with the operating tool. For domestic purposes, a saw blade with a diameter of 400-420 millimeters is usually sufficient.
  • Be sure to provide for the presence of protective covers, since the assembly of such a machine is accompanied by a certain degree of danger.

Choosing the option of assembling the machine with your own hands, and not buying a factory trimming machine, you need to understand that there will be a rather serious difference between them in quality, accuracy and error in processing wood, pipes, metal and other products.

Functions of hybrid models

Sometimes there are situations when you need to cut or unfurl boards. For such purposes, it is best to use combination saws. The hybrid versions of the tool do an excellent job of simple standard jobs. Their main working elements are a cutting disc and a riving knife.

In order to unfold boards with this tool, a special table for the workpiece to be processed is included in the kit for the tool. Hybrid saws are in great demand among consumers who want to purchase a quality woodworking machine at a low price.

According to professional craftsmen, hybrid trimming models cannot compete on equal terms with specialized ones, since they are not able to provide high processing accuracy and they cannot be called reliable enough.

Thus, the hybrid model is not suitable for owners looking for an inexpensive alternative to specialized wood cut-off saws.

Miter saw: how to choose a miter saw for wood?

The owner of a carpentry and furniture workshop must have a variety of different tools in order to efficiently carry out woodworking operations. Among other tools, he should also have miter saws for wood. Their capabilities are well known to specialists who are directly related to the production of flooring, window frames and doorways. According to them, this is the optimal solution for sawing parts at an angle.

Today, it is less and less common to find ordinary hacksaws in the arsenal of specialists. Miter saws are now used instead. The main reason for their such high popularity is due to their high efficiency in working with particle boards. over, these devices are actively used not only by professional craftsmen, finishers, but also by home craftsmen.

Miter saws not only have a lot of useful properties, but are also presented in a wide variety of options. Their main varieties are manual, stationary and combined models.

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Features of trims from various manufacturers

Of the features of the miter cuts that Makita produces, a small cutting width should be distinguished. All models are supplied with a broaching mechanism. In the equipment of these end faces there are two special rods for reliable holding of the block. This is the design of one of the popular LS 0714 models. The LF 1000 saws are ideal for machining large workpieces, which are supplied with auxiliary supports that greatly simplify the operation.

The Bosch product range also includes many models of wood-pulling miter saws, equipped with auxiliary supports and frames, which are made of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Many owners find this solution to be the right solution as it increases the strength and mobility of the trims. One of the most popular models of the manufacturer is the GCM 10 trimmer, the working weight of which is 15 kg.

Sawing devices manufactured by Corvette are equipped with a special mechanism for longitudinal broaching. Among other structural elements, there is a special laser pointer. Users have appreciated this innovation, which improves the accuracy of cuts.

The solutions offered by DeWALT differ from competitors in the use of the XPS system. A similar mechanism can also be found in the cross-cutters from the Corvette company, however, the device introduced by the DeWALT company has a shift function with a shadow that is projected from the saw blade. Many consumers call this system very convenient due to the increased cutting accuracy.

Hitachi products are equipped with working blades ideal for cutting at 30 and 15 degrees. Previously, no one had ever produced such trims on the market, since all previously offered devices could only work at a standard angle of 45 degrees.

The cut-off saws from Metabo have pivoting and tilting saw blades. Consumers are generally satisfied with the trims produced, calling them easy to handle.

Where are Japanese trimmings made

The line of edging saws from this manufacturer includes about 450 different types of devices. 8 enterprises are engaged in their production. Enterprises located in Germany, Great Britain and Romania are involved in the manufacture of trims. There is one plant on the territory of each of these countries. There are 5 more factories located in Japan.

Professional unit Makita L. S. 1040

Many owners of this cut-off machine call it a very effective tool for making precise and clean cuts. Among the distinctive features should be highlighted the high power indicators (1650 W) and the speed, which is 4600 rpm. Woodworking equipment meets all safety standards, which is greatly facilitated by the presence of a protective casing made of transparent plastic.

The model is designed to work with a disc with a diameter of 26 cm.This is the ideal value for a consumable to effectively perform with its help trimming flat workpieces with a width of 13 cm.When using the tool at an angle of 45 degrees, you can cut to a depth of 67 mm, and at a straight line. 95 mm. Many users note the high level of quality of the work units of this saw model. The unit is equipped with a broaching mechanism, which was positively noted by users who are forced to work with wide wooden blanks.

How to choose the right trim

Choosing the right model to suit your intended use is not easy. When studying various models, you only need to follow a number of simple rules:

How to make wood trimmers with your own hands

A wide variety of equipment can be used for wood processing. Such material lends itself to processing, which determined its popularity in the production of various things. A cross-cut machine is used to change the size and shape of the workpieces. Its design is similar to that of a circular saw, however there are several differences that determine the popularity of the machine. The main advantages include low weight and overall dimensions, which makes it possible to install equipment in a home workshop. You can make a do-it-yourself wood miter saw, but as a rule, homemade products will be more cumbersome and less productive. It is convenient to operate this equipment in a stationary mode.

Saw selection

To choose the right saw, you will need to answer a few basic questions.

Yes, you can choose the first machine you see. But then it is not known whether you can cut metal with such a saw, and how long the selected saw will last. The cheapest models, even for home use, are also not an option.

DIY miter saw from an angle grinder

Homemade miter saw made from an angle grinder.

Hello everyone! It took a device for sawing wooden blanks at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

So I decided to make a miter saw from an angle grinder. Oriented with the dimensions and started manufacturing.

the angle grinder was already available, the hinge was made from a bearing from a VAZ-2109 pump. Well, metal, what is left of construction.

It took a couple of days to make the rack. between times. I cooked with arc welding. with an inverter, I myself am a self-taught welder.

Mount for an angle grinder, made from a corner.

Since I was counting on a disc of a larger diameter, the protective casing had to be increased as well. Welded from a tin of 1.5.2 mm. And if you put the guides on the table, it hides the working stroke.

I painted the bed. On the handle there is a speed regulator from the drill for a smooth start. From it goes to the outlet. That is, the socket is regulated, respectively, and the angle grinder.

The guide is universal: 90 and 45 degrees. Can be installed on both sides relative to the saw blade.

With the help of such a machine, you can simply and conveniently cut various workpieces at the desired angle.

Also, a video is attached showing a homemade miter saw at work.

DIY miter saw from an angle grinder

Homemade miter saw made from an angle grinder.

Hello everyone! It took a device for sawing wooden blanks at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

So I decided to make a miter saw from an angle grinder. Oriented with the dimensions and started manufacturing.

the angle grinder was already available, the hinge was made from a bearing from a VAZ-2109 pump. Well, metal, what is left of construction.

It took a couple of days to make the rack. between times. I cooked with arc welding. with an inverter, I myself am a self-taught welder.

Mount for an angle grinder, made from a corner.

Since I was counting on a disc of a larger diameter, the protective casing had to be increased as well. Welded from a tin of 1.5.2 mm. And if you put the guides on the table, it hides the working stroke.

I painted the bed. On the handle there is a speed regulator from the drill for a smooth start. From it goes to the outlet. That is, the socket is regulated, respectively, and the angle grinder.

The guide is universal: 90 and 45 degrees. Can be installed on both sides relative to the saw blade.

With the help of such a machine, you can simply and conveniently cut various workpieces at the desired angle.

Also, a video is attached showing a homemade miter saw at work.

Miter saws for metal

The miter saw for metal is an indispensable tool in everyday life and in production when there is a need for precise cutting of a metal workpiece. The processing accuracy directly depends on the disc used. An important plus of cross-cutting is that you do not have to apply great physical effort to cut metal.


The disc is the main structural element of the miter saw. The cutting unit allows you to change the disc as needed, wear or when processing materials of different structure.

When working with a miter saw, it is recommended to acquire a set of cutting wheels. So you can adapt the machine to the current task.

  • When choosing a blade, you need to focus on the material with which your cutting machine will work. There are special categories of discs.
  • Each circle has a specific outer and bore diameter. Landing is almost always standard. 3 mm. And the outer one varies from 21 to 30.5 centimeters.
  • The machine motor can only interact with cutting wheels of a certain diameter. Therefore, study the technical characteristics, the passport of the miter saw. If a blade that is too large in diameter is installed, the cut-off saw may fail. Most often, in such situations, the engine burns out.
  • Sharpening and geometry of teeth. Certain trimming discs are suitable for cross, longitudinal, straight cuts. You can choose only one option if all the work carried out is of the same type. But often a complete set is required for different metal operations.
  • Examine the condition of the disks externally. They should not have defects, notches. The surface is necessarily perfectly smooth, and the teeth are qualitatively sharpened. The best disc option is a fine-toothed tool with a smooth wave. They do not overheat the disc itself and the metal being cut.

Converting a 18v Miter saw into a Metal Cutter Easy as a blade? | Tenryu Steel-Pro Stabilizer

Features of the device

Manufacturers offer a wide range of metal trimming machines, and above. Therefore, first you need to understand the device and talk about the main nuances of the choice.

  • The main structural elements of the saw are an electric motor, a saw blade, a footboard and a handle;
  • On the footrest there is a button to turn on the electric motor;
  • Using a handle, direct the disc onto a metal workpiece;
  • Each miter saw must have a disc;
  • The disc is made of different materials, the main requirement for which is increased strength;
  • The motor driving the cutting tool is asynchronous or collector;
  • The advantage of a commutator type motor for a miter saw is that it does not need constant monitoring and prevention;
  • Asynchronous ones last longer, are less noisy, but more expensive;
  • Usually the motor is located to the right of the disc. However, some models are designed for rear installation. It is better not to take them, since it will be inconvenient to cut the metal with your own hands due to the limited view;
  • Through the gearbox, the motor transmits rotation to the disk;
  • Belt or gear drives are used. Belt belts are less noisy, eliminate vibrations. Toothed gears can be used, but with increased loads, the risk of disc slipping on metal increases.

Bosch (PCM 8 series)

With a power of 1.2 kW, it will provide a depth of cut of 60 mm, a vertical angle of 120 degrees,

Useful options for miter saws

The presence of additional functionality helps to expand the possibilities. It will allow you to maximize all the capabilities of the equipment without resorting to additional costs in the future for new equipment.

  • It is advisable to select equipment with a dust collector. Thus, after work in the workshop, cleanliness will be maintained, and the operator will not inhale harmful microparticles during the process.
  • The presence of a protective cover allows you to hide the tool, preventing accidents. Working without such protection is strongly discouraged.
  • The depth of cut will be effective when machining grooves. The aiming laser beam will also help in the work. It contributes to increased machining accuracy.
  • Local illumination will create an excellent visibility area. It will come in handy in rooms with insufficient general illumination.
  • The presence of a soft start will keep the motor in working order and will not form jerks at the start. The probability of jamming will be minimal.

We recommend choosing machines with speed control. The option will allow you to fine-tune the sawing process without damaging the workpieces made of plastic or composite material.

Miter saws for wood and metal

The availability of high-quality processing or construction tools for home use allows you to quickly complete the repair or better and cheaper to carry out restoration, construction or restoration work. For precise cutting of laminate, plastic, wood beams in modern conditions, a miter saw helps.

Both professional carpenters and beginners have to cut all kinds of blanks. The use of all popular equipment options helps to fully assess the quality of the work of such a hand tool.

Selecting a miter saw by engine type

The most popular arrangement is where the wood miter saws have a motor on the right side of the saw. In this case, there are models where the motor is slightly pushed back. This gives you access to a view of the workpiece and does not obstruct the corner cutting process. Similar models have the ability to tilt the working head in both directions.

The miter saw in the mini or conventional version can be equipped by the manufacturer with the following types of electric motors:

  • asynchronous;
  • collector;
  • brushless.

Asynchronous engines are considered the most economical and reliable for facing. Thanks to their design, they are able to operate efficiently for many years without compromising productivity. Only the bearings can wear out in them. At the same time, manufacturers do not strive to introduce this type of electric motors everywhere due to a significant drawback. Their rather large mass is combined with a relatively low power.

Miter saw with a broach Uralmash PT 2900 / 255-2: Asynchronous motor

The two-kilowatt asynchronous type reaches 20 kg. Moving it on the pendulum console will be quite problematic. Also, powering with a current of normal frequency does not allow the rotation to be exceeded more than 2850 rpm.

Brush motors are more acceptable in terms of the ratio of power and external parameters. Approximately equal mass with an asynchronous analog gives torque several times more efficient. In operating mode, the electric motor is capable of rotating at a frequency of up to 10 thousand rpm. Stabilization of revolutions and control system is much simpler.

The disadvantages of collector motors include:

  • significant noise during operation;
  • the importance of periodic maintenance;
  • need to change the brushes on the collectors in a timely manner.

You need to know that most modern miter saws are equipped with collector motors.

The brushless version relies on modern semiconductor technology. It is the optimal balance between the two previous versions. In the international classification, such motors are designated by the word “Brushless”.

Instead of traditional brushes, valve motors are equipped with an electronic unit. It has low resistance and high switching speed of the power valves. Positive factors are high efficiency, low noise level, long-term operation without maintenance.

Manufacturers offer equipment with a capacity ranging from 0.8 to 2.5 kW. For homework or small production, 1.6-1.8 kW is enough.

The permissible speed is 3200-6000 rpm. The higher the value, the cleaner the sawn-off surface. For 260 mm discs, it is advisable to take a trimming with 2800 rpm.

Elitech (PT 1625 series)

Power 1.6 kW, cut. 90 mm, angles 65 and 150 degrees,

The need for application

The popular hand-held miter saw for wood is used to form the desired ends of the workpieces in the process of cross-cutting a bar perpendicular to the fibers. This is its main difference from a large or small conventional manual circular, which is most often used for longitudinal dissolution of blanks.

Installed powerful electric motors significantly expand the capabilities of this equipment. A miter saw for sheet metal, pipes, plastic or composite materials appears. In such raw materials, transverse or longitudinal operations differ little and relate to a greater extent not to the texture of the material, but to its structural features or the shape of the workpiece.

The Metabo miter saw is characterized by a simple design, which includes: base, saw blade, motor and handle with start button

A circular miter saw is used in different cases due to the convenience of feeding the workpiece. The name of the equipment itself, including the word “trimming” is only a historically entrenched name, however, it does not fully reflect the rich Spectra of possible operations performed.

Miter saws are capable of cutting not only perpendicularly, but also at the angle required by the user. For this reason, this equipment is sometimes referred to as an electric angle miter box. Models of the latest generations provide processing not only in the horizontal plane, but also at different slopes or vertically. It is even possible to cut grooves if necessary.

With a miter saw, you can cut material diagonally with high cutting accuracy

Based on the wide possibilities, such equipment can be found in different places:

  • at a carpentry enterprise;
  • in the manufacture of furniture;
  • at construction sites;
  • in repair shops, etc.

As you can see from the presented photos, the machine fits easily into any home workshop or garage. Oftentimes, an electric miter saw turns out to be practically indispensable in the manufacture of window frames, the manufacture of door frames, during the laying of floors and other finishing work.

Rating of the best miter saws for the home workshop

It is worth choosing from the time-tested brands:

Machine capabilities and design features

You can understand how wood trimming works even with the usual examination of its image. The cantilever saw can be lowered to the work table with many different rulers, measured scales and graduations, where the workpiece should be attached.

DIY miter saw table

An electric motor provides rotation to the main tool in the form of a heavy-duty steel saw blade. The force from the motor is transmitted through the connecting gear included in the functional block, there is also a handle with a switch.

The working unit is mounted on a bed, which has a flat platform for fixing the workpiece. At the base there is a turntable that rotates while adjusting the desired angle. The system is supplemented with an emphasis.

Most of the premium models from popular catalogs are made using aluminum or magnesium alloys, which provide not only a reliable base, but also a high degree of mobility with a low weight.

The functional unit is securely fixed to the base base through a spring-loaded hinge. Sometimes the swing arm is called a pendulum, and because of this, some users refer to the miter saws as “pendulum”.

The presence of the hinge allows you to move the working unit. To make a cut, you need to move the lever to the lowest position by starting the saw blade teeth in a rigidly fixed workpiece. Technological grooves in the beds help to provide a through-cut. This scheme is the most popular for most models of such machines.