How to mow grass with an electric trimmer

How to mow with a trimmer with a knife

Have you ever wondered? How to mow with a trimmer. No? But this is an interesting question. Let’s explore.

Grass trimmer is the most universal tool you’ve ever had at your disposal. Powerful grass trimmers, popularly called brushcutters, can not only level the edges of your lawn. They can be equipped with metal blades to remove weeds, reeds, bushes and even small trees.

Since powerful grass trimmers cut larger and tougher plants than conventional electric grass trimmers or curved shaft grass trimmers. Handling and safety precautions will be as special.

So, how to mow correctly and safely with a trimmer:

Protective equipment for working with brushcutter (trimmer)

Tip: This article does not substitute for the instructions in the Instruction and Safety Manual. Always read the product manual before use and follow safety procedures.

To work safely with a brushcutter (trimmer), you will need:

  • Helmet;
  • Headphones;
  • Eye protection (mesh shield or goggles, or better to use both);
  • Long sturdy pants (shins are in close proximity to the knife or fishing line, so must be protected);
  • Safety boots with non-slip soles, preferably with a steel toe;
  • Soft gloves (to protect and absorb vibration);

Cutting grass

The purpose of the trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer bobbin)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, curbs, around trees, posts, bushes, between stumps and other obstacles.
  • To mow lawn grass in places inaccessible to a lawn mower.
  • To selectively cut through thinned grass and weeds before mowing a garden in hay.
  • To trim weeds in a bed between plants.
  • To sift potato foliage in the vegetable garden before digging it up.
  • To clear away grass and weeds completely, for example, from paths.
  • To sweep (creates an air vortex from the large revolutions of the grass trimmer’s line).


The trimmer head (mowing head or grass trimmer reel) has a high output when mowing grass, t.к. It is lighter for its metal blade and has a larger cutting diameter of 45 cm, compared to 25 cm for the hay blade.

Varieties of tool

Three versions of garden trimmers are available for sale. electric, battery-powered and petrol-powered. Mains models plugged into an outlet are less common, as they have minimal autonomy due to their tethering to the power grid. Also, in terms of economy, it’s not the best grass trimmer to cut the grass. The electric unit can justify itself only in work on areas adjacent to the house, if there is a possibility of wiring extension cords to connect the cable.

Potential for churning flying rocks puts windows at risk in homes and on cars. Shields around the trimmer head are in place to reduce flying debris and protect the operator. no one removes the shields after the modified grass trimmer is no longer under warranty or can be used safely.

When refueling, make sure the engine is stopped and the grass trimmer is set on a flat, level surface. preferably not a grass trimmer. A grass trimmer should never stay on the grass for long periods of time. Refill with the proper system to avoid leakage or overfilling.

Gasoline modifications have always been considered a direct competitor to electric models. They provide high power, virtually limitless movement, and can even handle the cutting of shrubs. But, the gasoline grass trimmer for mowing the grass is also characterized by high weight, noisy operation, strong vibrations, exhaust emissions and high cost. Cordless versions are also not tied to a power source, but lose out to gasoline trimmers in terms of power.

Be sure to use the appropriate string weight as specified in the owner’s manual. A grass trimmer string that’s too thick for the engine can cause damage. Some grass trimmers can accept a trimming blade, but never use a blade on a trimmer that is not designed to use trimming blades. Accessories that are not designed for a particular grass trimmer can create excessive vibration, engine wear, or binding. This can lead to motor voltage, possible component failure and potential damage to the operator.

Types and construction of trimmers

Depending on the power source for the engine, grass trimmers are divided into gasoline and electric. The first type is equipped with a tank for fuel and lubrication, the second is powered by electricity or a battery.

The design of the gasoline grass trimmer

All elements of the machine are fixed on a long metal bar. At its upper end is a tank for gasoline, an internal combustion engine and a starter to start it. At the lower end is a spindle, which rotates counterclockwise. On it sits a spool of fishing line or sharp knives (disk with teeth) of steel or plastic. Inside the shaft, which is a hollow tube, there is a rigid or flexible shaft that carries the rotation from the motor to the tool.

As a side note! If the boom is straight, it has a rigid shaft that connects to the gearbox above the spindle and transmits torque to it from the drive. If the boom is bent, there is no gearbox and a flexible shaft is used.

In the middle of the rod there is a handle-holder, which can be D-shaped or bifurcated, similar to a bicycle handlebar. Asymmetrical folding handles (like Husqarna brushcutters) are very handy. Buttons and levers for trimmer control are on the handle or boom. The motor, control elements and spool/disc are connected by a flexible cord. The boom comes in one-piece, collapsible, and telescopic models. The length of the last two types can be changed to adjust to the individual’s height. Some models have belt loop mounts for lap belts. The disc or spool (bobbin) is covered with a shield to protect the person mowing the grass.

Cutting tool. a spool, inside which is wound a line for trimmer (cord, string) with a diameter of 2-3 mm. Some models have a surplus line for the trimmer, and it automatically slides out of the bobbin when it lightly hits a hard surface. Other trimmers have a length of cord inserted in the spool and the excess length is cut off against the sharp edge of the guard.

In addition to the fishing line, some brushcutters come standard with a disc with sharp toothed edges. The shape of the teeth varies. To cut down branches and bushes use a blade attachment or a cutter similar to a circular saw blade.

Just a side note! To some models of trimmers you can buy other attachments: a brush, chain saw, soil cultivator.

Operating a gasoline trimmer

On the drive there is a rotary knob that pushes back or covers the air damper. It’s used to start the engine faster, to warm it up when it’s cold outside, for example. Other regulators are located on the handle-holder or boom of the device:

  • Gas trigger. controls the carburetor choke to change the amount of fuel flowing into the actuator;
  • Stop button. designed to break the ignition circuit, stops the engine;
  • A button to prevent unintentional pulling of the throttle trigger. located under the stop button;
  • Stopper for locking the throttle trigger. without it during the long work of the brushcutter starter lever will have to constantly hold a finger.

Design of an electric grass trimmer

Generally speaking, electric trimmers are similar to lawnmowers: a motor, a handle and a cutting element are attached to the pole.

Side note! Grass trimmer’s electric motor can be at the top, on the end of the boom, or at the bottom, above the cutting mechanism cover. In the second case, there is no gearbox.

Power must be plugged in, so an extension cord is needed when mowing large areas. Whereas the radius of operation of a cordless electric mower does not depend on the length of the wire, but the batteries need to be charged and replaced in time.

Electric trimmers use an on/off button instead of a starter. On them, unlike gasoline counterparts, you can not adjust the number of spindle speed, so the control buttons on the device is much less.

Please note! Both types of trimmers have a cutting width of 22 to 42 cm with a fishing line. And when using discs or knives this parameter is directly related to the diameter of the mowing head.

Choosing the right mowing head

In addition to their product, the manufacturer usually provides several cutters (usually 3).

  • For working with soft grass, a trimmer line wrapped around a drum is used as a cutting element. With a speed of 9000 rpm, even large lawns can be mowed quickly.
  • For weeds and bushes you may use one of the metal blades, which have a different number of teeth.
  • For mowing thick undergrowth, reeds, young bushes the disc with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Corn, dry weeds with thick stems can be mowed with three- and four-blade cutters.
  • To swath the cuttings into windrows a blade with 8 blades is used and a special comb is mounted on the brushcutter.

And now more about how to install the cutter. The place where you attach the cutter is called the gearbox. You first have to secure the shaped washer with the hexagon socket wrench.

Then place the blade, aligning the holes in it with the protrusion of the washer. After that you need to install the upper shaped washer on the shaft and tighten everything with the nut.

Here you should pay attention to the fact that the thread on the shaft is left, so screw the nut (and screw the mowing head) should be counterclockwise.

The wrench, also included in the delivery set, can be used to tighten the nut as far as it will go. Cutter can be replaced by doing everything in reverse order.

Safety tips

Before you start, it is a good idea to make sure that you have your safety gear on. For the most part, working with a grass trimmer is safe, but there is always the possibility that the machine will start throwing debris. At the very least, wear safety glasses and closed clothing. Long pants and thick gloves are just right. Before you start, it is a good idea to inspect the grass trimmer to make sure it is in good working order.

Instructions on how to use the gas grass trimmer to learn how to start the tool

Before you start the tool, you must first purchase the tool. How to get the brush, let’s look at in detail. First, place the tool on a flat surface so that the disc mounted on the shaft will not catch on anything. After that, we start the engine of the hedge trimmer:

  • First, fuel must be introduced into the starting system. To do this, press the primer 4-5 times (the soft hemisphere on the carburetor)
  • Next, set the carburetor switch to “OFF” mode. This switch is responsible for opening and closing the choke. Turning the switch to “OFF” mode allows you to enrich the fuel mixture when starting
  • There is a knob on the handle next to the gas pedal. It is responsible for turning the ignition on and off. Switch the ignition switch to mode “1” before starting.
  • Now you can start. To do this, hold the tool with one hand and pull the starter knob sharply with the other. If the tilt motor does not start the first time, do not be discouraged. Attempts to start should be made before starting the engine. Usually this should be done 2-3 repetitions.
  • If after 5 repetitions the engine does not start, you must repeat the fuel intake with the first layer, and start again.
  • Once the engine starts, the throttle switch should be set to the “ON” position. This means that the fuel/air mixture is entering the cylinder.
  • Allow the tool to idle for 15-30 seconds until the engine warms up, after which you can begin mowing the grass.

The above instructions for starting the engine and trimmers are suitable for cold start. If the tool pauses during operation, there is no need to close the throttle when restarting a cold engine. You just have to turn on the ignition and pull the starter handle.

How to mow the grass properly in the countryside

Today we will talk about the first garden power tool from the big set, which I got in the country house. cordless trimmer Greenworks with brushless motor.

Fight back the weeds and get our site and surroundings in order. Let’s go!

So you have the Greenworks GD40BC cordless grass trimmer, the battery charger, and two 40 volt, 4 Ah batteries. All of these components are sold separately, t.к. the charger and batteries are universal for all power tools in this series, so there is no need to buy them again if you already have them.

This grass trimmer model refers to semi-professional equipment. It’s not an amateur mower, but it’s not continuous use for 8 hours a day either. In essence, the golden mean for efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability. Weight of the grass trimmer complete with the “big” 4 Ah battery is about 7 kilograms.

The heart of every power tool is its motor. Here it is a high-performance brushless motor from the DigiPro series. At its peak, it can deliver up to 1kW! The great advantage of the brushless motors over the classic brush motors is fully electronic control with power regulation (it increases automatically when the load increases), no rubbing parts (brushes), higher torque, and quiet operation without vibration.

It is powered by rechargeable batteries made from a collection of 18650 batteries. The battery has 20 batteries connected in series and in parallel (2×10). Total battery capacity of 4 Ah, its weight is 1.3 kg. There are also batteries with half their capacity, 2 Ah in this series, they are also compatible with the tools in this series, but in the case of the trimmer you have to adjust the weighting for batteries with different capacity.

And this is what the battery looks like mounted on the charger. Voltage is 40 volts, charging current is 2.2 A. It is a low-power charger, so the time to charge a 4 Ah battery is 120 minutes, and to charge a 2 Ah battery takes about 1 hour. By the way, the series of tools Greenworks 80 and 82 volt uses a more powerful charger with forced cooling (this reduces the charging time by more than 2 times). But in practice it is not critical at all (besides, the charger without forced cooling does not make noise). The charger itself can be hung on the wall, in this form it will be much more convenient to use. The battery that is installed for charging is secured with a latch.

And now the controls. The start button has a lock against accidental pressing, the force on the locking spring is ideal. you can not accidentally turn on the grass trimmer, but also keep constantly pressing the lock button is not stressful. Next to the handle, there is a three-segment operation indicator, on/off button and high-rpm selection button (10,000 rpm). Red light informs you when the battery is low.

The D-handle has a comfortable grip and there is a thigh support bar, which is quite rare for trimmers (left). It is needed in order to reduce the weight of the grass trimmer on your shoulder. By the way, the D-handle is connected to the shaft through a rubber damper that seems to reduce the vibration, which in fact the brushless motors do not have. The shoulder strap has an articulated joint that can be moved along the boom. this is necessary to properly adjust the weight balance for the operator. The attachment is secured with a screw. The bar can be disconnected for storage and the grass trimmer will take up half the space.

A grass trimmer set up properly for the operator looks like this.

The cutting head has a working diameter of 360 millimeters and is equipped with a semi-automatic line feed. With each start of the grass trimmer line trimmer extends about 2 mm, and a light tapping on the ground with the head (during the stop) you can pull the trimmer line to a longer length.

The line diameter used is 2 mm. This trimmer line enables effective mowing even of very thick bushes. A round trimmer line is factory installed, but a square trimmer line with sharp edges can be installed for improved performance. Steel trimmer blade for shrub trimmers is also included. It is designed for clearing the territory from the overgrowths of small bushes, which the flexible line for trimmer can’t cope with. The iron disc rotating at 10,000 rpm is a very dangerous thing.

Eye protection must be worn when working with the trimmer! And you can’t be within 10 meters of the operator without eye protection. The grass trimmer is easy to use in dense thickets as well as in flat areas. Here I hold the grass trimmer with my left hand by the bar, which is designed to rest on my hip, in some situations this may be more comfortable than the D-handle.

Particular attention should be paid to the gearbox, located on the shaft of the grass trimmer. It uses a gear mechanism for transmitting torque to the trimmer head, located at an angle to the axis of the electric motor. And the bourgeoisie has interchangeable nozzles. I’ve seen a hedge trimmer and a blower and something. So it is a standardized universal joint shaft. On some budget models of trimmers make a bent boom, in which the drive rope not only deteriorates quickly, but also adds vibration during work. It’s very interesting to see how the engine power automatically increases when the load increases (in thickets). The peak power of the electric motor is almost 1 kW, but of course at this power it works sporadically. A full charge was enough for me to work for 1 hour mowing thickets on the property, along the road and in the area bordering the forest. And even after that, the battery had one charge division out of four possible. If the area to be trimmed is larger, there is always a spare battery to continue to use while the first one is charging. So you can work virtually non-stop, but do not forget that the engine needs a break, too.

By the way, there are a few secrets that will allow you to work more efficiently with the trimmer. For example, to mow grass wound up on a shaft, high thickets need to mow in two passes.

How to properly mow the grass with a trimmer with a fishing line?

Practical garden tools are increasingly popular. With the acquisition of a new helper are inevitable questions, how to correctly mow grass with a trimmer with a fishing line. To begin with, it is a great addition to the existing lawnmower. It can be trusted with large areas, and the finishing work will produce a grass trimmer with a fishing line. Let’s clarify, the line for the trimmer is designed to cut weeds and delicate branches. For rougher work, models equipped with metal blades or a chain are used.

Safety precautions during work

The technique of working with a string trimmer and a disc has some differences. So, the line for the trimmer cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is engaged. As a result, the stems are not cut, and the grass is winded on the cord, which overloads the engine. That is why it is necessary to choose the optimal speed of mowing. In addition, when mowing high and hard grass, the line for the trimmer is consumed faster than when mowing the lawn.

There are several simple recommendations, following which will make mowing more effective and efficient.

  • Garden paths, flowerbeds and edges of lawns are easily trimmed with a bottom-mounted trimmer. The plane of rotation of the coil of such a device can be positioned perpendicular to the ground.
  • Dense thickets, large weeds, bushes should be mowed with discs or special attachments.
  • When cleaning large areas the device should be tilted to the left, in the direction of swinging.
  • To mow around flower beds, shrubs, and other objects, turn the grass trimmer head with the hood towards them. In this way it is possible to mow the objects themselves and not to damage them.

Remember that the spool or disc must not touch the ground and any obstacles other than grass and twigs that need to be cut.

Safety precautions when working with brushcutters is to comply with the following requirements.

  • Do not use grass trimmers in rain or in humid conditions.
  • People and animals must keep at least 15 meters away from the working device: grass clippings, small debris and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and can injure people.
  • The grass trimmer operator should wear heavy clothing that completely covers his or her arms and legs.
  • You must wear protective glasses, gloves, headgear, closed shoes, special headphones or earplugs.
  • The wire of a power trimmer for grass should be behind the mower.

So, the use of handheld grass trimmers allows you to maintain order in a small area. A mower is especially handy over large areas. Grass trimmer is also useful for haymaking and landscaping: small grass clippings can mulch strawberries and other useful plants. You can see how to mow with this tool in the video.

grass, electric, trimmer

Unlike a disc, a cord trimmer is safer, but not always the best way to mow. As they say, it is worth choosing a cutting mechanism for the peculiarities of your area of work or to use complex systems, where you can operate both the disk and the cord for the trimmer, if necessary, setting the first, then the second.

As we have already written, a lawn mower with a fishing line comes in automatic, semi-automatic and manual. In the first case, the cutting element is “thrown out” by itself after each new start of the machine. This is very convenient, but not economical enough, for example, if your area is irregularly shaped, and contains corners, jagged edges, and at a long transition to each of such areas the mechanism must be turned off and on again.

grass, electric, trimmer

It is important for the operator to understand that the length of the ends of the fishing line, which he sees in front of him in the extended state. this is exactly the diameter that will mow the device. You can read about how to thread the line into the reel in one of our articles, but the most important thing to remember is that the length of the line ends should be optimal for proper mowing.

How to mow with a chain saw? This should be done so that it will last you as long as possible:

  • Keep the spool 10 cm above the ground;
  • When working with tall grass, mow at the top of the grass, and then near the stalk to prevent it from winding up on the machine
  • lead the machine in the same direction as the spool rotates;
  • Lawn grass, especially near walls and garden décor is better to mow with the ends of the line, so as not to overload the engine;
  • give the machine a break every 15 minutes.

You’ll find any answers to your questions about mowers in this section of the site, but we’re also happy to offer lawn mower parts among our other range of gasoline tools.

Ideally, tall grass can be mowed with a powerful trimmer with a thick line. But, agree, the land where the weeds grow. not always smooth, often landowners on the plots there are bushes and all kinds of debris, stones. In order not to ruin the expensive equipment. it is better to mow in two steps.

In a situation when you have to make hay and you are more or less familiar with the condition of the ground. then it is easier to predict your work. Any grass mowing technology can cope with high growth. even in overgrown fields. The main thing is not to hurry and competently approach the process, as we demonstrate in the practical video.

  • Do not overload the machine;
  • If the grass gets tangled, turn the machine off immediately
  • Do not mow wet grass, not even with a gasoline trimmer.

Buy a reel for grass trimmer, knives and disks. you can always at us, in store KosiKosa.

Why you should not mow trimmer wet grass

There are also indirect reasons why you should not mow wet from the dew or rain the grass on the lawn. These include:

The most common way to break a brushcutter is to mow damp vegetation? The answer is not complicated. It is removed because of a short circuit when water gets into the power compartment. In addition, even if our client remains perfectly sealed, there is a big chance that the engine can not withstand the heavy load created by the flexible shaft of the grass trimmer. And the shaft itself can turn. Such loads in most cases appear from sticking of damp grass on blades of grass on a spindle, where they are fixed.

We trimmers with gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, because of the huge loads, increases the degree of wear of the main nodes and units. Here we note the early failure of the piston pair, well, and in addition the other moving parts. In most cases, the piston pair burns out due to overheating of the engine. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by the wet grass when mowing.

If you mow wet grass with a gasoline trimmer, let it idle for 30 seconds without load to overheat the motor. That way you get rid of excessive heat and save the piston pair.

Lawn mowing basics

Owners of neglected lawns wonder if it’s a good idea to mow tall grass with a lawnmower. Judging by the reviews, a quality gasoline wheeled unit with a roomy hopper for collecting mowed greenery can cope with such a task in a few runs. But it’s a nuisance job: loud noise and noxious emissions.

Trimmers mow lawns in a neglected state is significantly faster, but after completing this work need to collect the cut greenery with a rake.

The upshot is that lawnmower owners should not allow lawns to grow too tall.

grass, electric, trimmer

The question is also often asked, is it possible to mow wet grass with a petrol lawnmower? The rules state: it is not recommended to work with a mower in the rain or after watering, because such mowing is of poor quality, and there is a risk to get on the muddy soil ugly stripes

In addition, there are other rules to follow when mowing the lawn.

  • A hot summer day is not a good time to cut grass. Fresh cuts quickly dry out, yellowing the lawn.
  • It is recommended to mow the lawn in the morning or evening in dry weather, a day after rain or watering, when the soil and grass are dry.
  • Make sure the mower blade is sharpened. Working with blunt blade blades causes trouble in the form of crushed leaves and uprooting grass.
  • Before you start mowing, you need to rake to collect fallen leaves, tree branches and other debris, level out the earth mounds resulting from the activity of earthworms, ants and other insects.
  • Determine the cutting direction so that it’s at an angle to the preceding one. Otherwise, the lawn will look like a washboard.
  • When mowing, keep parallel tracks and do not leave any narrow strips of grass under the wheels.

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Can I mow wet grass with an electric trimmer?

Many people wonder whether it is possible to operate the unit in wet weather? Experts do not advise to use an electric grass trimmer on wheels or without them in rain and fog, especially if the motor is located at the bottom. There is a high risk of water ingress, but also models with top mounted are better used in dry weather to reduce the risk of short circuit and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, wet grass adheres more strongly to the cutting part, making it difficult to work.

  • It is necessary to free the area from foreign objects that can damage the trimmer line. stones, glass, wire, garbage piles and other ownerless elements
  • Unplug the power tool and charge the battery tool.
  • Fix the tool on your shoulder or back depending on the type of straps and wrap both hands around the handle.
  • Press the button and start moving, directing the scythe in front of you from right to left.
  • Finish the job by pushing the switch.
  • Dismantle the mower. The best electric grass trimmers for grass take apart and take up little space in the shed or garage.

How to lubricate an electric grass trimmer?

From time to time the instrument needs to be lubricated. Experts advise to do this every 10-15 hours. every 10-15 hours of operation. Here’s how to do it:

  • The electric grass trimmer for the lawn is equipped with a technological hole in the upper part of the body, where the gear block is located. You need to find it.
  • Remove the screw that acts as a plug in the hole.
  • Introduce 1.5 to 2 ml of thick consistency into the cavity.
  • Turn the shaft a few times by hand to make sure it has penetrated all the gear parts. flywheel, starter coil dog and bearings.
  • Before canning the electric grass trimmer for the winter, you should clean and wash the gear gears, remove the old grease and apply new. Taking care of the tool can significantly extend its life.

How to disassemble the electric grass trimmer?

Some owners carry out repairs to the grass trimmer on their own. To do this, they need to disassemble the motor:

  • All self-tapping screws for fastening are located on one side. Having unscrewed them with a screwdriver, you need to separate the halves of the body and expose the “insides”.
  • Subsequently, perform the repair, which needs a powerful electric trimmer for grass. All mechanically damaged elements with traces of high temperatures must be replaced.
  • Fold the two halves again and connect with self-tapping screws.

How to change the line for the trimmer on an electric trimmer?

The design of the grass trimmer head is very similar to the construction of a sewing machine bobbin. To change the line do the following:

  • Remove the cover.
  • Carefully pull out the bobbin.
  • Set aside the spring, if there is one, and unscrew the fixing bolt in the center of the body, moving counterclockwise.
  • It remains to remove the spool from the gearbox shaft and replace it.
  • Those who want to know how to insert the line for the trimmer in the electric grass trimmer, it is worth answering that for this purpose there is a special hole or groove in the bobbin. Inserting the line for the trimmer into it, start winding the string in the opposite direction to that in which the spool rotates during operation.

Faults of electric trimmers

Frequently occurring failures include the following:

  • Break the power line. Even the best electric mower is not immune to this. Any functional check should begin with an analysis of the power supply circuits. Even if you are sure that there is voltage in the socket, it may be about a broken wire of the extension cord.
  • Failure of the motor that has been exposed to high temperatures. Overheating of the “heart” of the tool is the most common cause of mower failure. It is indicated by the appearance of scoring of the cylinder and piston on the side of the exhaust channel, the destruction of the piston ring, color changes. To prevent such unpleasant consequences it is necessary to take breaks in work and timely clean the blade from the remains of grass.
  • Normal idling and stopping under load. The cause may be a clogged air filter. Debris, dust particles and dirt get into it during operation, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Why does the electric grass trimmer heats up??

There may be various causes. Electric small grass trimmer for grass with low power and bottom-mounted motor heats up very quickly, especially if it is exploited mercilessly. As a result, its parts melt and flow, disabling the entire tool. There are many of these “hobbyists” who independently install a thicker line on the scythe for trimmer, install knives, chains, and then are surprised that the device “does not pull”. All of them create an increased load on the motor, which it is not designed for, so you can not avoid overheating and breakage.

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