How to put the right tractor primers on a single-axle tractor

Purpose and types of grousers

It is clear that the mounted loops can not add power to the motor of your power tiller in any way. But they will help solve a number of important problems:

By appearance. these are heavy metal studded wheels. There are two types of this equipment. universal and specialized, designed to complete one particular brand of power tillers. It is difficult to say unequivocally which variant is better to choose. Special ones are more functional, they have a higher coefficient of performance. But the universal ones are more practical: they will do you good even when you decide to buy a new brand of power tillers, and they are much easier to sell if they are no longer needed.

Choosing a universal tractor toothed hooks for your power tiller, you just need to correctly select their size. If you choose a special one, you should look for equipment that is fully compatible with the model of your power tiller.

Particulars of choice

For those who purchase universal grousers for a power tiller, it is important only to choose the right size. For those who want to have a toolbox for a specific model of power tiller, it is necessary to approach the question more responsibly.

The most common in mini- farmers is the single-axle tractor Neva, with grototseppov for which is worth starting. Their width is 43 cm and the length of the deepened part is 15 cm, which is quite enough for good mobility of the machine. The same gruntozatsepy are used for power tiller Neva MB. It is worth noting and the fact that it is quite possible to make homemade grotozatsevs for him, regardless of whether the single-axle tractor Neva has the marking MB-1 or MB-2.

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Another common type of power tillers is the Salyut, which also needs to have the same kind of grottozatseli for itself. Grotezatseli are primarily needed to make the machine heavier, in order to increase traction with the ground, and the possibility of using a wider Spectra attachments. The width of the tool is 50 cm, and the deepening part is 20 cm long. When it comes to groundhooks for the Salyut 100 power tiller, the dimensions will be the same.

For a heavy class power tillers trails are not produced, and if necessary the owners make them themselves, using various video instructions. Given this, we can say at once that it is easy enough to make trestle hooks for your own hands and you need only accuracy, time and basic skills of working with metal. Only when a power tiller has good quality hitch hooks it can be called a full-fledged farming machine.

How to make trailing blades for a power tiller with your own hands?

Taking into account the high cost of some models of grottozatsepov, many owners of power tillers prefer to make these devices for agricultural machinery with their own hands. There is nothing strange in it, because by quality, efficiency and durability self-made constructions practically don’t differ from similar ones that are for sale in stores.

Before you make gruntzatsepes your own hands on a single-axle tractor, we advise you to carefully study the drawings. They will give you an idea of how to position and fasten the parts in the construction. The easiest way will be to make grousecuts from automobile discs from cars of the domestic brand VAZ. The order of work, in this case, will be as follows:

  • First, you need to weld one metal plate to the outer surface of the Zhigul discs;
  • Next, start making the tines. To do this, take steel of the right thickness and cut blanks of the right dimensions. The length of the tines varies depending on the class of motoblock. for heavy units fit tines, the length of about 15 cm, for medium. 10, and for light. about 5 cm;
  • Weld the manufactured teeth around the circumference of the rim, observing the distance between them of 15 cm;
  • In more detail about the manufacture of tines for a power tiller the video will tell.

In fact, they are specially shaped and specially designed wheels. They are put on a single-axle tractor for the purpose of cultivating the area against weeds.

The rim of this attachment, also called a skid, is made of metal. All around its circumference at a certain distance are welded hooks. They are made in the form of arrows. These are the parts that provide the best adhesion to the ground. In addition, such attachments also make the tractor heavier by providing it with more stability.

These tools are important for all farm work. No special skills are required for their mounting and operation, so even a beginner can cope with them.

The simplest of hooks

Two identical discs are cut from thinner sheet metal. In the center, you drill a hole for the wheel hub and attach it to the wheel studs. 10 cm deep sawtooth projections are cut along the outer edge. Triangular hooks with cut corners are cut out of thick steel sheet. They are welded strictly perpendicular to the serrated notches.

In spite of their unsightliness, the home-made hitches made this way have a serious advantage. they are heavy enough to provide a firm grip even on a soggy or loose surface. Driving on dirt is out of the question, these wheels are designed only for the field.

Another economical option is to make it from a steel circle Ø15mm. A hand wheel from a gate valve on a main gas line can be used, if you can find a pair of. Hooks are welded to the outer rim and the hub is attached in the center.

For the following construction we need automobile discs. This method of construction for a self-made power tiller is optimal. Standard car wheel hubs are designed, and a complete set of four wheel rims is purchased. On one pair of tires are installed, and the second is needed for heavy soil.

Take a steel corner of 50-60 mm, cut it into pieces, which are slightly wider than the wheels. A 60° triangular sector is sawed out in the middle of one side with an angle grinder.

Angle is heated with a gas burner and bent around the cut. The joining point can be welded to provide extra rigidity. The resulting blanks are welded to the outside of the disk, maintaining an equal distance.

Assembly is repeated on the second disc, do not forget about the same distance between the corners. Now you can quickly change the rubber wheels on the steel hitches, and there will be no problems with the landing place, because the discs are the same.

The wheel rim design can be simplified. To do this, the horizontal part (rim) is cut off, and steel plates are welded on. This option is suitable for frequent change of wheels on a hub of the same type. The rims should be matched to the rims.

Design solution with wheels

The easiest and cheapest way is to make and put the design on the factory rubber wheel, like regular anti-skid chains.

First you need to take a metal sheet and cut a strip from it slightly wider than the profile of the rubber. The tension on the wheel can be made by fastening the strip with two bolts and nuts. The edges all around the circle must be bent to prevent slipping under side loads.

Then you need to take a thicker sheet of steel (3-5 millimeters) and cut transverse strips, which will catch on the ground. They are bent in the middle at an angle of 120 degrees. After that the cross bars are welded to the main part at the same distance. On average 10 to 15 of these should be welded on, depending on the diameter of the wheel. That is why before starting work you should prepare a drawing by yourself or download it from the Internet.

The machine can be made in a few days. If the already existing power tiller has plain metal and smooth wheels, such a device will turn it into a real off-road vehicle.

Tips and recommendations when selecting a prime movers for a power tiller

It is important to choose the right ground hitch for a power tiller, so that it meets all the requirements and can work long enough. Despite the large number of offers on the market, there are a few tips and recommendations that help make the right choice:

  • Heavy metal must be used in production, otherwise you will not be able to loosen the soil properly, as most power tillers do not weigh much;
  • If attachments are used, they should not touch the power tiller itself, it is better to buy models for a particular power tiller;
  • The spikes should be arrow-shaped and should be mounted so that they face the direction of movement;
  • The diameter and width of the rim should correspond to the model to which they will be attached;
  • the possibility of using additional elements would be a good bonus.

These are the main nuances, which should be kept in mind when choosing a particular tractor-tiller. It is better to buy the product in a specialized store, because there you can get comprehensive information support and warranty. For beginners it is especially important to be able to replace the product if it does not fit their power tiller.

In terms of design, these grousers are slightly larger than the ones we have described as a homemade version. Follow the same instructions that we have indicated above, just pick up other sizes of rims. Wheel height for grotozatseks for the Neva motoblock should be 340 mm, and the width of the homemade grotozatsek. 110 mm.

How to choose the grottozatseli for your power tiller

Before you consider how to make trestle hooks for your power tiller with your own hands from automobile disks, you need to consider the order of selection of these devices, and in addition the main purpose of. Why do you need the correct trailing shoes for your power tiller?? These devices allow you to cultivate the arable land before planting, to carry out hilling, and also to plow the soil after the harvest. When selecting these devices, the following parameters should be taken into account:

  • First of all, the choice of grousers for a particular power tiller should be carried out on the basis of the available budget.
  • It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of motocultivator and of the mounted device (length, height and width, and also diameter).
  • Select attachments should be based on the purpose and function of the corresponding power tiller and design elements.
  • It is also important to take into account the type of soil, which is subjected to appropriate treatment with the help of the cultivator.
  • Here we take into account the option of technical equipment (mounted, devices on a rigid hitch or auxiliary device).
  • The area of the land should also be taken into account, and in addition the power of the cultivator used for cultivation.
  • The cost, the manufacturer and the compatibility of the technical equipment are also to be taken into account.

In this video we will look at the tillers for the power tiller:

The Best Trailer for Your Subcompact Tractor

Given all these parameters, you can make a rational choice of a suitable option for purchase, or try to make your own devices from disks, using certain diagrams and drawings, which are freely available online for download. In addition, if necessary, you can make all adjustments yourself if you have the necessary skills, knowledge and motivation.

Important. When buying attachments, it is advisable to take into account that, in general, the model range is made for each motocultivator in a separate order.

The most effective

When selecting the appropriate attachments, models that offer the greatest efficiency are most often taken into account. In practice, this is inherent only for specific types of attachments. Let us consider in more detail on which types of appropriate equipment should stop your choice for full-fledged tillage:

  • Here, multicomponent milling attachments are most often used, which allow you to work the ground in different directions;
  • you can give preference to a plow with a harrow, since this equipment can simultaneously plow, loosen and cultivate the soil;
  • additionally, homemade devices should be highlighted, as they allow you to apply everything you need in one mechanism;
  • the collapsible multifunctional component cutters and plows with harrows are also in demand.

Each case has its own nuances in the appropriate selection of design elements, but an integral part of any type are special weighting elements, which serve to weight the structure when sinking into the ground. Such equipment allows you to evenly plow the soil to the same depth. This arrangement is especially necessary for high cultivators, where the hitch is significantly higher than the working plane.