How to remake ignition on a power tiller

The ignition device on the Agro power tiller

The ignition system of a power tiller is an important element of an agricultural machine. Its task is to create a spark to ignite the fuel.

From time to time it is necessary to repair the ignition of the power block due to incorrect operation or wear of the main parts of the unit. The breakdown must be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent wear and tear on other parts and systems.

How to set the ignition on your power tiller?

You may need to adjust the ignition, if you have to repeatedly yank the starter rope or the engine does not start immediately, but with a delay.

You need to do the following:

  • The spark plug has an angle on it. The body is pressed firmly against the cylinder head, the element is turned to the other side of the hole on the cylinder head;
  • Turn the crankshaft. You need to pull the starter rope a couple of times. When pulling the cable, you should see a blue spark that leaps between the electrodes;
  • If there is no spark, check the clearance from the flywheel magnetic shoe to the starter. Optimal distance of 0.1 mm.

So, it doesn’t take more than half an hour to install the ignition. If you do this simple procedure correctly and in time, you can prevent the wear and tear of other parts and systems on your power tiller under high loads.

What to do if there is no spark on the power tiller?

Causes of ignition system malfunctions in most cases are related to the spark plugs. Often the spark plug becomes oversaturated from an overabundance of engine oil. Once on the workpiece, it prevents spark formation.

When the spark is gone, you need to act as follows:

  • The spark plug is unscrewed with a special key. The element is turned and carefully removed, also the o-ring must be unscrewed;
  • If the spark plug is too dry, it is an indication that fuel is not being supplied to the engine cylinder;
  • If the spark plug is too wet, it indicates too much engine oil. Wipe the spark plug and dry the cylinder. To this end, the starter rope is tightened;
  • If there is a hard fouling on the plug, you can use gasoline and coarse sandpaper to clean it.

This manipulation can be done on a diesel power tiller and on gasoline models. It is important to do everything as carefully as possible without damaging the part.

Magneto for a power tiller

The magneto on a single-axle tractor is similar in principle to the ignition coil. responsible for the appearance of the spark.

You can check the magneto of a power harvester as follows:

  • Remove the cap from the top of the plug and put a nail in it. All manipulation should be done as carefully as possible, so that after rechecking the candle can be reassembled in place;
  • The nail is placed seven millimeters from the machine’s cylinder;
  • The spark plug is returned to its standard position and the engine of the power tiller is started;
  • Spark must form during the start. It will be strong, with a blue tint. If the spark differs in parameters, it indicates that the problem is not eliminated.

When checking the magneto, it is important to follow these rules:

  • the spark plug is not fully unscrewed. This can provoke a loss of compression, the flywheel will rotate much faster;
  • this method is ineffective if an electronic ignition system is installed. Problems can also arise with the key nodes of the system;
  • The distance between the nail in the cap of the spark plug and the cylinder varies and depends on the specific design of the unit.

How to check the ignition coil on a power tiller?

The ignition coil of the motorcycle block contributes to the appearance of the spark that ignites the fuel. The scheme presented allows you to get acquainted with the principle of its formation. Ignition can be non-contact (first photo) or contact (second photo) depending on the operating principle.

The coil is first inspected. There can be cracks, dents and other mechanical damages. If the design of the coil is intact, you need to look for another cause of the malfunction.

The following problems may occur:

  • The resistance of the coil is measured. In this case, you need to have an idea of the key parameters at which this resistance occurs;
  • the device for determining the spark is used. The cost of such a device is quite high;
  • spark plug is used. It is unscrewed and placed on the cylinder. Next, you should yank the starter rope and watch for sparks.

The listed ways are worth using, if it is impossible to ask for qualified help. During work, it is important to ensure that you do not get an electric shock.

Perform the repair is quite possible with their own hands, following simple tips. To facilitate the work, you can view a video instruction.

For power tillers of such brands as Neva, Ural, Agro, Zubr, Salyut, Mole, Kaskad, MTZ and Honda the tuning actions are completely identical.

Video herunterladen, kostenlos anschauen

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No spark: how to fix the problem

All elements in the ignition system must be serviceable to ignite. The most common problem is considered to be a lack of spark. Among the various options, there are two of the most common. fouling has occurred, or the spark plug is not serviceable.

There may be several reasons for the lack of spark

The first action is to unscrew the spark plug. After that it needs to be inspected, including the side and center electrodes. If there is fouling, then, in addition to cleaning, it is necessary to check the entire fuel system of the motoblock. Also a common mistake is the use of unsuitable fuel and oil, which leads to fouling and plugging.

Among gasoline engines, 92 and 80 gasoline may be used. The main thing is to use good quality and the right oil.

A number of power tillers are not oil-intensive, but seasonal oil should be used for all-season work. For example, 4TD STANDARD SAE 30 for summer and 4TD ULTRA SAE 5W-30 for winter.

Important! in case of fouling, the whole fuel system is checked for leaks and disturbance of fuel hoses.

The spark plug for your power tiller should also be in the category of quality and recommended for this model. Information on the most appropriate options can be found in the instruction manual.

Step by step variant of actions in case of absence of spark:

  • unscrew it and clean it;
  • heating is used for a complete cleaning, after which all the soot from the dried fuel is scraped off;
  • put the tip on the upper part of the plug;
  • the spark plug is brought to the motor body, taking into account the distance to the electrode of 1 mm;
  • the second hand is needed to start the engine.

If there is no spark, it will be necessary to adjust the distance between the side and center electrodes. The thin blade should fit snugly between the two. If it is necessary to move the electrode, it is necessary to tap gently on the backside of the spark plug until it blends. The spark plug is also checked after that.

Important! The spark plugs should be changed regularly, especially for starts after idle time or at high levels of operation. The standard spark plug change is done every three months.

If the spark plug is serviceable, the lack of spark may be due to the ignition coil on the motorcycle block, the magneto, or faulty wiring.

It is necessary to take into account that initially it is the spark plug that is checked, and then the other mechanisms and elements of the system are inspected and adjusted. To check the spark plugs for proper function or alignment of the ignition, use only plugs that are in good condition and in good working condition.

Why is there no spark on a Cascade power tiller?

If there is no spark, the whole electronic ignition circuit of the Cascade must be checked. The single axle tractor itself is among those versions of machinery that require ignition adjustment.

Why there is no spark on a power tiller may depend on various factors. For this reason, it will be necessary to adjust the entire ignition system in stages.

It is required to tune the ignition system when it fails

How to set the ignition

Before setting the ignition on the power tiller, it will be necessary to check the functionality of all other systems. Among power tillers there are different variants, but the very adjustment of the ignition on a power tiller is made according to the standard plan.

It is possible to adjust the system on a Cascade power tiller step by step:

  • the operation of the flywheel is checked during the period before the contact opening, which is made in the inner part of the magneto;
  • the distance between the parts called anvil and hammer is measured;
  • The flywheel is turned to piston compression;
  • at the upper point, the flywheel is rotated again until the overrunning clutch engages. A one-time knocking sound, similar to a click, will inform you of the actuation;
  • the handwheel is turned anticlockwise until the two markings converge. One of them is located on the body;
  • the distance between the contact parts is adjusted. The minimum for the Cascade is regulated in the form of a 0.25 mm gap, and the maximum is 0.35 mm;
  • the built-in cam is fastened with the special screw above.

Operating procedure

So, you have decided to convert the single-axle tractor Agro in a mini tractor. First you need to create a drawing or find a suitable one on the internet. Without a blueprint you may have difficulty in the actual work process.

ignition, power, tiller

Before you begin the process, you must also decide how you will use your new tractor. If you only need it for agricultural work, then you should opt for the solid frame design. If you do want to ride the unit, choose a broken frame.

You also need to think about where you want the motor, at the front or at the back. Of course, if you place it in the front, maneuverability will be better, but it will increase the pressure on the front wheels, and the transmission will be problematic.

The process of creating a mini-tractor takes several stages:

  • First you need to weld the frame. For this you will need profiles and steel plates or pipes. It is on this body that the other parts will be installed. The heavier the frame, the better will be the traction of the equipment with the ground. If you will be transporting loads, therefore, you will be installing a trailer. A towbar must be mounted to the rear of the frame;
  • Next, you need to create the undercarriage. You can buy hubs with brakes for the front wheels. The front wheels need to be attached like this:
  • the wheel hubs are attached to the metal tube;
  • a hole is drilled in the frame through which you need to attach the hubs to the front frame;
  • steering rods are mounted through a worm gear;
  • the steering column is mounted;
  • the rear axle is mounted. This should be done on the bearings pressed into the bushings;
  • a pulley is mounted on this axle, serving as a torque transmitter for the engine;
  • the wheels are mounted.
  • after that mount the engine. As mentioned above, it can be located either in the front of the structure, or in the rear.

In the network there are many interesting developments of the mini-tractor. For more comfortable operation, you can install a sunshade, paint the machine, install headlights and clearance lights. All this will make your car more attractive, and on the road. noticeable and safe.

The Agro single axle tractor does not start

In this case, you need to carefully check whether all the parts are in place, and whether the fixation is strong.

The breakdown can occur due to the stagnation of the equipment after winter or due to fuel problems. For example, outdated or poor quality oil.

There is also the possibility that the diesel engine of the power block does not work due to:

  • If the spark is missing or not strong enough in power, the electrodes and intermediate gap must be adjusted. The standard of adjustment clearance is 0.8 mm.
  • If the compression ratio is low, simply replace the unusable parts.
  • When adjusting the valves, it is important that the intake and exhaust valves fit tightly against the seat.
  • The final point is to clean the muffler.

If the plow is damaged, it is very important to install it correctly afterwards. To adjust the plough, you can do the following, simple operations:

  • Fix the coupling 1 kingpin where the backlash is horizontal and in the ratio of 5-6 degrees;
  • Adjust the plowing depth, the norm is to plow 5-7 cm;
  • then it is necessary to unscrew the adjusting screw so that the plough touches the ground;
  • Then you need to unscrew the screw back until the rear of the hitch is raised by 2.5 cm.

What are the most common problems with the Agro power tiller??

Often the unit suffers from the following problems.

  • If there is an electric starter in the power tiller, the engine will not start because the battery is discharged, or the starter is unusable or the fuse burns out. The problem is solved simply by charging the battery, replacing the starter, and it is also possible to install a new fuse.
  • Further, if the reducer chain is defective (it burst), at which the PTO rotation stops, it is not necessary to redo the switching of the PTO. It is enough to replace the chain and the machine will continue to work.
  • If there is such a problem as a slipping clutch, it is necessary to check the tension of the cable that goes from the control knob to the clutch. It is advised to act according to the instruction manual of the machine.
  • The cause of clutch failure depends on the type of clutch. For example, if your power tiller has a belt drive, if the drive belt is greasy, it can slip and the belt is poorly tensioned or worn. To correct these problems is easy. you need to tighten the belt tighter. If there is a need, you can replace the belt and clean its links.
  • If there is a problem, such as worn gears and an intermediate shaft, it is unfortunately not possible to visually inspect the condition of the gears through the side cover. Therefore, when removing the parts (intermediate shaft and gears) it is worth carefully reviewing them. If there are any defects in the pinion itself or the intermediate shaft is worn (holes where the balls are installed are broken), you must install new elements.

It is also worth mentioning such a nuisance as a broken gas tank cover, which often occurs. Directly when assembling a motoblock with his own hands, the question may arise: how to make a cover for the gas tank? In this case, it is recommended to contact a specialist, because the cover is a necessary element, and its material must be strong and of high quality.

Operating instructions

  • Shift gearbox and PTO into neutral position;
  • Check the amount of oil in the engine and transmission with the dipstick;
  • Fill the tank with fuel;
  • Starting the engine with a kick starter.
  • Starting to drive:
      set the engine to low revs;
    ignition, power, tiller
  • disengage clutch with clutch lever and engage the gear;
  • increase engine rpm by releasing the clutch release lever;
  • The product is starting to move.
  • Sharp release of the clutch actuator, heavy loads on the gearbox lever, change of gearbox modes at high engine rpm. these are the main causes of failures in the power train transmission.

    • Stopping the power tiller:
        reduce engine speed;
    • disengage the clutch with the lever;
    • Shift gearbox into neutral.
    • Stopping the engine:
        pull out the emergency stop cord or close the choke shutter.

    User manual and service manual for power tillers Ural you can find in file-sharing sites on the Internet.


    The Patriot Ural is offered with a single 4-stroke engine. The engine under the Patriot Garden name has a good margin of safety, despite the fact that it is assembled in China.

    The engine supports 92 gasoline and does not need additional lubrication. The Patriot Garden has a displacement of 220 cubic inches and 7.8 horsepower. Single-cylinder machine with a 3.6 liter tank capacity.

    What to do if there is no spark on your power tiller?

    Causes of ignition system malfunctions in most cases are related to the spark plugs. Often the spark plug becomes oversaturated from an overabundance of engine oil. Once on the part, it prevents sparking.

    When the spark is gone, you need to act as follows:

    • The spark plug is unscrewed with a special wrench. The element is turned and gently removed, and the o-ring should also be unscrewed;
    • If the spark plug is too dry, this indicates that fuel is not being supplied to the engine cylinder;
    • If the spark plug is too wet, it is an indication that there is too much engine oil. The candle is wiped and the cylinder is dried. To this end, the starter rope is tightened;
    • If there is hard fouling on the spark plugs, you can use gasoline and coarse sandpaper to clean it.

    These manipulations can be performed on a diesel tractor as well as on gasoline models. It is important to do everything as carefully as possible without damaging it.

    Magneto for power tiller

    Magneto on a single-axle tractor on the principle of work is similar to the ignition coil. is responsible for the appearance of the spark.

    To check the magneto of a motor-block, you can do the following:

    • Remove the cap from the top of the candle and insert a nail. All manipulation should be done as carefully as possible so that the spark plug can be reinstalled after rechecking;
    • The nail is located seven millimeters from the cylinder of the unit;
    • The spark plug is returned to its standard position and the engine of the power tiller is started;
    • A spark should form during start-up. The spark is strong and has a blue tint. If the spark is different in parameters, this indicates that the problem is not eliminated.

    It is important to follow these rules when checking the magneto:

    • The spark plug is not fully unscrewed. This can provoke a loss of compression, the flywheel will rotate much faster;
    • this method is ineffective if an electronic ignition system is installed. Problems can also arise with the key components of the system;
    • The distance between the nail in the spark plug cap and the cylinder varies and depends on the specific design of the unit.

    Replacing the bearings by your own efforts

    If the repair of the generator is made by own forces, the main problems are:

    • How to remove the front bearing of the alternator. often rolled into the body of the front cover, making it difficult to press the new product, as part of the body is destroyed during disassembly;
    • Remove the rear bearing. a puller with the correct dimensions is needed.

    However, if the alternator hums, you must act quickly before the rotor finally jams.

    disassembly of the alternator

    On some cars, the generator can be removed through the hood. On others, such as VAZ 2112, you will need a trestle, pit or hoist. The sequence of disassembly is as follows:

    • disconnecting “-” terminal from battery;
    • loosening of tensioner nut;
    • disassembly of alternator belt;
    • Disconnection of on-board system terminals from disassembled unit;
    • removal of the engine protection;
    • unscrewing the two fastening bolts from the bottom;
    • removing the alternator from underneath.

    After that, the repair continues on a table or in a vise. at this stage, the dimensions of the front and rear bearing of the auto alternator are not yet known to the user if the manual is missing.

    Complete disassembly

    Since you can only check for runout bearing of the alternator after a complete disassembly, it is necessary to follow the sequence of actions:

    • marking. marking with a marker, paint or colored nail polish marks the relative position of the hood, front cover and housing;
    • pulley disassembly. the rotor is carefully blocked with a screwdriver from turning, the pulley is unscrewed with a wrench;
    • Removing the cover. the cover is usually secured by pawls, which must be pivoted open with a screwdriver to remove the part in question;
    • removal of the front cover. remove screws with a screwdriver.

    Under the hood is the voltage regulator, diode bridge, brush retainers, capacitor. Before replacing the bearing check the wear of brushes, the functionality of the diode bridge and voltage relay to increase the next overhaul period.

    note: the armature (rotor) is extracted from the stator winding with the rear bearing mounted on the shaft, the front bearing remains inside the relative cover.

    Before replacing the standard consumables it is necessary to check the bearings:

    • The rear. use your fingers to twist the outer casing, which should not make any unusual noise when rotating, and have no backlash;
    • front. here, on the contrary, the inner rim is rotated and the backlash is controlled by rocking the bearing inside the seating with the fingers.

    Manufacturers amicably recommend replacing the front cover together with the bearing, especially if it is rolled up inside the seating. In practice, to reduce the repair budget, the cover is left for future use, as it costs 150 to 300.

    Front bearing

    If the results of the previous test require replacement of the front bearing of the alternator, the old standard product is removed from the front cover:

    • the bearing can be knocked inward by placing the cap on the bricks with the outside up;
    • either clamp the cover in a vice;
    • or use a special puller.

    If there is a rolling element, this retainer will break irrevocably.

    After the owner has removed the worn-out consumable, a new bearing is mounted inside the front cover:

    • The lid turns upside down on the inside;
    • The seating surface is treated with sealant;
    • put a bushing of matching diameter on the outer ring;
    • light strokes hammer the bearing inside the seating until it stops;
    • Lubricate balls between cages or put grease in special holes.

    how to remove the bearing from the alternator without a puller

    In general after a sink of the engine, the bearings of the generator rustled, my patience was enough for a week. Read the information on the Internet on the replacement, found that the bearings are of 5 types: 201, 202 and 301, 302, 303, 2 types of front and 3 types of rear or vice versa do not remember exactly. I went to Ladue and decided to buy 202 and 302 and they cost 105, I was more worried that they would not fit. Here they are: Came to my friends in the service started to remove. Loosened the upper stud tension of the generator, took off the belt, unscrewed the bolt on the generator, removed his terminals, began to unscrew the lower bolt fastening the generator, but it did not come out resting on the side member, unscrew the generator mount from the block 3 bolts to 15. As a result here is the culprit.

    Remove the voltage regulator (brushes) by unscrewing 2 bolts. Remove the plastic cover from the alternator, we see the diode bridge. It is fastened with 4 screws. Here is a very important moment. 3 bolts that are connected to the terminals of the winding, they have textolitic washer (found out by trial and error on this next), which does not give the winding to close on the mass. Unscrew 4 bolts and remove the diode bridge.

    Next, we put a screwdriver between the paddles and the alternator body and very carefully unscrew the nut securing the pulley. We unscrew 4 screws that connect 2 parts of the housing with each other, pre-spraying everything with water. I personally managed to unscrew only one screw with a regular screwdriver. The others unscrewed with an impact screwdriver. We put 2 marks on both parts of the case not to mix up later, unscrew 4 bolts, now from 2 sides between 2 parts of the case we put screwdrivers and try to open it. It is easier to get the bearing out of the plastic bushing.

    If you removed the back part, put between 2 bricks front part of the alternator with the armature, put the nut on the end, and beat from above to remove the armature from the bearing. The end result should be. We take the same front part, put it on something hard, take a 30 or 32 head, put it on the bearing and beat it as hard as we can

    Adjusting the ignition system of your power tiller

    The ignition system. this is a very important structure that provides a spark in the combustion chamber to ignite the air-fuel mixture. In order not to encounter damage and not to call a master, you need to know how to correctly set the ignition on your power tiller. This can be done in different ways.

    • Thanks to the spark. Do the following steps:
    • turn the crankshaft so that the pulley mark and the mark located at the base of the timing gear coincide. The interrupter slider should be pointing to the high voltage wire of one of the cylinders;
    • loosen the nut that positions the casing of the mechanism that determines the moment of creation of high-voltage pulses;
    • from the cover of the system, which determines the moment of creation of high-voltage impulses, it is necessary to remove the high-voltage wire, which is in the center, and its contact place at a distance of 5 millimeters from the “mass” of the motoblock;
    • now turn on the ignition;
    • the case of the mechanism determining the moment of creation of the aforementioned pulses, you need to turn on the hand of the clock to the mark 200;
    • now slowly turn the housing in the opposite direction;
    • the position of the mechanism should not change, but you will see a spark between the contact located in the center and the “mass”;
    • tighten the breaker nut.
    • With your hearing:
    • start the engine;
    • unscrew the nut that holds the tumbler base slightly;
    • the breaker housing should be slowly turned to two sides;
    • the state of the mechanism, which determines the appearance of high-voltage pulses, should be fixed in the position when the power of the motor will be the steelyest, and the revolutions will be the highest. Listen carefully;
    • turn the breaker housing clockwise;
    • now firmly fasten the tumbler fixing element;
    • Using a stroboscope:
    • warm up the engine of your power harvester to the optimum operating condition;
    • connect the stroboscope power supply to the mains of your machine;
    • the sensor, which is designed to trigger the sound, should be placed on the high-voltage electrical wire of one of the cylinders;
    • dismantle the vacuum-corrector hose and plug it;
    • the light from the stroboscope must point toward the pulley;
    • start the engine. It must operate at idle speed;
    • crank the tumbler housing;
    • create a fastener with the pulley mark pointing to the mark on the cover of the machine;
    • tighten the retaining nut.

    Breakdowns and solutions

    If your single axle tractor stops starting, the ignition system may be the cause. There may be a few reasons:

    To check the spark plug, unscrew it and examine the center and side electrodes. If you find soot on it, it is easy to get rid of it with the help of a gas burner.

    How to Check a Magneto Coil? Just like a candle. You need to put the tip on the spark plug, and bring the lower part to the magneto body. If you turn the flywheel and don’t get a spark, it’s the coil that’s broken.

    Many owners of power tillers are often interested in the question of which spark plug is better? As practice and expert knowledge shows, the one with the shorter heat sinking path is better. Such a part will not overheat and will last much longer.

    As you can see, the ignition system is easy enough to fix. The important thing is to start repairing in time. Also, do not forget to periodically clean the candle of cinders, which will significantly extend its life.