How To Replace The Line In The Huter Trimmer

How to replace line in any trimmer

How to replace line in any trimmers
So, first unscrew the nozzle. This should be done by rotating the drum to the right. Here we have in our hands a drum with the remains of an old fishing line. We open it. Most often, the lid closes with latches, which can be opened with a screwdriver, threading it into the holes and pressing lightly. Or you need to squeeze the latch and turn the cover towards the arrow. In this case, the lid itself must be held, because reels with automatic line feed have a spring that, when straightened, can throw out all the inner parts of the drum. Gently pulling out the reel, removing scraps of line from it.

Now you need to take 5 meters of new line and fold it in half (to find the middle). In the middle part of the reel there is a notch (in some designs. a hole), for which we need to hook our line. There is also an arrow on the spool showing the direction of winding. An important detail. if the reel has two compartments, then one half of the line should be wound in one direction, and the other in the other. When finishing winding, you need to leave 15-20 cm of line free. There are also two notches on the top ring of the coil, through which you need to pass these free ends. We coped with the winding itself.

The last step in the line replacement process is to assemble the drum. First you need to install the spring and washers in their place. Then, holding the reel with one hand, with the other you need to thread the ends of the line into the corresponding holes on the sides of the nozzle. Then place the reel in its place, tightening the line and being careful NOT to dislodge the spring. When all the internal elements of the nozzle take their places, you can close the drum with a lid. You just need to make some effort to ensure that the latches fall into place. Voila! The mowing head is ready for use!
When choosing a fishing line for your motor scythe (gasoline or electric), you should dwell on some points, in which we will tell you in detail.

Line diameter.
The engine power determines which maximum line diameter can be used for a given braid. For example, the manufacturer of an electric trimmer with a power of up to 1 kW recommends using a line of ø2 mm, and at values ​​of about 500 W. only ø1.5 mm. Also, the manufacturer of any heavy duty curved bar trimmer recommends using a ø2mm line.
A gasoline engine is more durable than an electric engine, so you can install thicker line there, which means stronger line, which allows you to cut more grass and work longer.
On grass cutters with a straight bar, you can select the line according to the following simple algorithm: a diameter in a millimeter corresponds to an engine volume in tens of cubic centimeters. For example, for a Husqvarna 128R lawn mower with an engine capacity of about 25 cm3, use a line of ø2.5 ± 0.2 mm. For more powerful brushcutters with volumes of more than 40 cm3, only the geometric dimensions of the outlet openings of the mowing head. no more than 4 mm.
So, a thin fishing line (about 1.5 mm) cuts well cultivated lawn grass, and a thick one (for example, mm) successfully destroys Burian and even young shrubs.

Line shape.
The simplest and cheapest to manufacture is a round line. However, the requirements of ergonomics and environmental protection limit its use. due to its physical properties, it creates an unacceptably high level of noise (which is comparable to the noise of the engine itself). This is the classic Husqvarna or Oregon RoundLine or Chipmaster.
To reduce the noise produced by the line, it is given a special shape. they make it spiral like Oregon DuoLine Plus (noise reduction by 15 dB) or with special transverse grooves like Husqvarna Whisper (-8 dB).
Following the school laws of physics, the “working” part of the line in the mowing process is only the end surface, not the side surface. However, to increase the “sharpness” of the line, i.E. To increase efficiency, the cross section is changed from round to faceted: star, square or square with teeth. Oregon StarLine, Nylsaw or Flexiblade.
For example, according to the calculations of experts, the Oregon Nylsaw line, due to its square profile, is 27% “sharper” than its round counterpart, which clearly affects the increase in cutting speed.

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How to replace the line in any channel trimmer O T V E R T K A: DIY channel

How to remove or tuck the line into the trimmer

In order to wind the line, it will take about 10-15 minutes. What is a trimmer coil? Plastic body with a cassette inside, on which there is a special hook for easy winding of the fishing line.

Almost all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, this is a central screw-button, when pressed, it becomes possible to stretch the line of the required length. The photo below shows a few examples of different trimmer spools.

The bobbins of the trimmers, the motor of which is located in the ground itself, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the coil on the sides, which must be wrung out, otherwise the whine replacement is not different from other cassettes.

The principle of correct winding of the fishing line is similar in all of the above cases, therefore, for example, consider the standard version with two tendrils.

To remove the spool with the fishing line, it is necessary to Unscrew, located in the center, the screw, but Note that the thread is left there, so it will have to be turned clockwise, this was done on purpose so that during operation It does not open under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and remove the spool onto which the fishing line is directly wound.

Having measured the required length and folded in half, you need to tuck the fishing line into the spool.We bring out, in total, its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixing).

After that, it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order, threading the ends of the cord into two corresponding holes.

If in doubt or it is not entirely clear how to load the line on the trimmer, we recommend that you look at: how to properly wind the line into the lawn mower.

In this, step by step, the instructor will open the trimmer head, measure the required amount of line, usually from two to four meters, and demonstrate assembly and installation on the trimmer.

The first way

Line bent in half

The prepared segment (in this case, it is 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one segment should be 15-20 cm longer, and inserted into a special slot located on the dividing wall.

The line is inserted into the slot

In a certain direction earlier, the fishing line is wound. This is done in an interference fit, the line is neatly distributed. In this case, you need to wind a segment that is longer in the section that is closer to the button.

There are designs that do not provide for dividing the coil into two sections. This does NOT change anything, the line is wound in a similar way. You just need to make sure that the segments do not overlap with each other.

The first should end that segment, which is located at the bottom of the coil, i.E. The one closest to the fixing holes.

This tip fits into the corresponding hole in diameter. The line is securely fixed.

The line is securely fixed

A long segment is wound another half turn. There he is similarly fixed. In this case, the segment crosses another section of the coil.

A long segment is wound another half turn

The fixed ends of the coiled line are inserted into the holes of the trimmer spool body.

The fixed ends of the coiled line are inserted into the holes of the trimmer spool body

The coil is attached to the body. The ends of the fishing line are pulled with effort so that the fishing line, fixed earlier in the holes of the reel, pops out from there. It is easily identified by the characteristic sound (click).

The ends of the line pull up with effort

Button spool snaps into trimmer spool housing.

Button spool snaps into trimmer spool housing

The line was changed successfully. In this case, you need to set it back to the trimmer and you can start Mowing the grass.

It should be repeated, it is not necessary to remove the spool from the trimmer. this was done for clarity of the process of replacing the fishing line. You can disassemble the spool in place, wind it on the spool and put it back.

Line replacement completed successfully

The tip so that they do not hit the trimmer cover can and should be trimmed.

Testimonial: The Huter trimmer head is one of the serious foundations of Huter trimmers.

The Huter ETH-1200 Semi-Automatic Trimmer Line Head comes with a reeled round line 2mm thick and 5m long.
Head weight 320g.
The head has a bobbin with a fishing line and two metal holes through which the ends of this fishing line are brought out, which carry out mowing of the grass with a rapid rotation of the trimmer head.
Designed for Huter Get-1200SL Electric Trimmers.

When mowing grass, the ends of the line are worn out and their length is reduced.
Consequently, the radius of the mowing becomes smaller.
You can restore the length of the ends of the line by lightly hitting the ground with the button located in the center of the head, while the trimmer head is gaining momentum.
After that, the two ends of the line will be fed, the excess of which will be cut off when you rotate the trimmer knife.

Sooner or later, either one of the cutting ends breaks off into the fishing line at the root and you need to refill it, or the line ends and you need to wind a new one.

In short, it becomes necessary to remove the head cover and pull the line spool out of the body.
This is where the fun begins.
A similar situation is described in Ivan Andreevich Krylov’s fable “monkey and glasses” 🙂

The fact is that the Huter trimmer head has a unique design.
I have NOT met such a company.
Opening it to recharge the line is not for the faint of heart.

There is no description of how to do this.
The inscription on the reverse side of the head body in English “press to open” did not help.
Pressed, tried to turn the body in both directions.
Nothing helped.

As time passed, I certainly forgot this unique experience.
It was already inconvenient to bow to Antonin again.
I had to turn on the brain and deal with the problem in detail and in detail.
The Internet suggested a way to uproot the trimmer head cover.
Which did NOT suit at all.

From the found I understood the head device.
It turned out that the lid is held by four holders that are fixed in the body slots and is fixed with a latch.
Having wrung it out with an appropriate flat-blade screwdriver and returned the case clockwise, you can easily remove the cover and pull out the bobbin with the rest of the line.

Line threading is standard and is described in detail in the trimmer description.
Also not easy, but you can figure it out.

When using the head for a long time, a little earth, grass residues and all kinds of dirt are stuffed into it.
For the good of the case, I cleaned out the dirt from the body and the outside of the head.

The head is assembled easily.
It is necessary:
– thread the ends of the line into the corresponding holes in the body:

In the photo, among other things, the spool shows slots for attaching fishing line sizes from 1.6 to 2.6 mm.
For Huter Get-1200S electric trimmers, a 2mm line is recommended, which is securely attached to the 2.4mm line slot.

– align the holders with the corresponding slots in the housing cover,
– by simply pressing the back of the body with the bobbin and line inserted,
– latch the cover latch latches,
– will return the case counterclockwise.

I got a lot of satisfaction after I finally managed to remove the head cover 🙂
The feeling of victory over the rebellious and hostile Nature 🙂
Like the taming of Klodt’s horses on the Anichkov bridge in St. Petersburg.

Whether or not to buy such a trimmer head?
Only if there is a desire to wrestle with her when replacing the line.
In addition, this head weighs 15g higher than that of Patriot trimmers.
How important it is. I do not know.

Plastics are ordinary, I have not yet crumbled.
But, people complain about its fragility. In case of careless strikes into the ground, it can crumble.

In fact, the thread in the head is standard left M10x1.25 LH.
Accordingly, a head for a line with a diameter of 2mm can be used with a standard head with the same thread, for example, from a Patriot trimmer.

There are enough offers at different from different manufacturers on the market.
Here are the most democratic in the completely outrageous for automatic heads.
You can choose the most suitable for you.

Preparing for replacement

We disassemble the trimmer spool

For clarity, the mowing head (spool) was removed from the lawn mower. To replace the fishing line, it is not necessary to remove it, everything is done locally. It does NOT take long.

We disassemble the trimmer spool. it rests on the latch-latches. Remove the cover by pressing on the latches. If you do not have enough effort with your hands, then use a screwdriver.

The spool consists of the following:

  • Spring case
  • Cover with locking latch
  • Reel with button

The principle of operation is as follows. By pressing the button, the spool presses on the spring and comes out of the locking grooves in the spool cap. By holding the reel in this state, you can twist it by adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the body spring returns the coil to its original fixed state.

Disassembled trimmer spool

On the bottom of the reel there are several holes for different diameters of the lines. They may differ from trimmer manufacturer. In some cases (as here) they are signed, in others there is.

These holes are needed to fix the line when replacing it. After winding on the grandmother’s fishing line, the ends of the latter are inserted into them. This is necessary so that the scaffold does NOT unwind when the coil is installed in the trimmer body. In other words, it makes it easier to change the line.

Holes for fixing the line

There are models without specifying the diameter of consumables. Then, in order to find out what the maximum diameter of the scaffold can be used, it is tried on along the holes for the outlet of the fishing line from the trimmer spool body (see Figure below).

Fitting on the holes of the line output

The reel has two line sections separated by a baffle. They may not exist. They are needed only to distinguish and facilitate the winding of consumables.

Two sections for line

First, they are determined with the required length of the loess. The latter is wound into one of the sections of the coil so that it does not go beyond its limits. In this case, 3 mm was wound, the length turned out to be about 2 meters. Those. For two sections you need a 4-meter segment. this is for the 1st method. For the second method, you need two segments of 2 meters each.

Determining the required line length

Now you need to figure out which way you need to wind it. To do this, many trimmer manufacturers apply special designations to the spools, such as in the figure below.

Special designation on the reel

If such designations were not found, then you need to Pay attention to the spool body. There is necessarily an arrow that indicates the movement of the mowing head. The line is wound in the opposite direction.

Bobbin case designation

How to change the line for a trimmer hatter 1000 Replacing the line in a trimmer: 2 easy ways

In this manual, we will walk through the entire replacement process step by step. Going forward, there are two ways to line the trimmer spool. There are fundamental differences. the difference lies in the fact that in the first case one line will be refueled, folded in half, and in the second there will be two such lines.

How to wind the line around the trimmer cutter head or lawn mowers. How to wind line around the trimmer cutter head or lawn mowers

Changing the line in the trimmer: 2 easy ways

How To Replace The Line In The Huter Trimmer

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How to change the line to the trimmer and which one is better to choose

Since we considered the choice of a trimmer in a previous article, today we will tell you how to properly fill the trimmer with a fishing line, and which one is better to choose Based on the working conditions.

After you bought a trimmer and began to actively use it, sooner or later the question of replacing the fishing line will arise, since this is the most wearing out element in the tool, intensive use of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.