How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with an electric machine

Tips and tricks on how to sharpen a chainsaw at home

It is permissible to use a file for sharpening, but one must understand that such an operation of the saw will require certain skills from the master and, of course, patience. To sharpen each tooth, you need to have flat and round files on hand. To sharpen a tooth, without using additional equipment, it is necessary to maintain the basic sharpening slope. Only 2-3 passes with a file are enough for sharpening, then there is no point in inventing some kind of equipment for fixing the tooth in a certain position. To sharpen the upper edge, the file must be held at the required angle during operation. The restoration of working capacity begins with preparation, namely, from the working edges, it is necessary to remove all nicks.

If everything is clear with the corners of the teeth with straight parts of the structure, then the edge located on the side and its working slope cause certain difficulties. To edit them, you must use a file with a round section or a small file. The sharpening of these tooth elements is performed at the required angle.

Application of special machines

It is not always possible to use a hand tool with a template. For example, if the cutting edge touches the ground during operation, there is a possibility of its deformation. In this situation, a special machine is used. There are two types of machine:

  • Mechanical.
  • Electric.

The machine tool has a design that looks like a bow saw, but with a round file. The machine can be used to align the length indicator of all edges, to restore the correct geometry. The considered machine has a complex system for setting processing parameters. Sharpening is carried out in about 2-3 movements, after which the machine is installed in a new place.

HOW TO sharpen a chainsaw chain with electric sharpener in 6 minutes

The electric machine is easy to use. A special system of settings allows you to correctly position the workpiece surface, as well as bring the disc with high accuracy. Some models have an automatic vise clamping system when the disc is lowered. The cost of the electrical version is slightly higher, but this significantly increases productivity, you can achieve the most accurate result.

How to sharpen your own chainsaw teeth for less than 40

STIHL saw chain sharpening guide in PDF format

Do-it-yourself chainsaw sharpening

The use of chainsaws allows you to change the size and shape of wood and other materials. The cutting element of the chainsaw is the chain, which moves at high speed during operation. There are blades on the chain, the geometry of which ensures fast cutting. Over time, the chain becomes dull and the teeth need to be sharpened. Sharpening the chain is a procedure that you can perform yourself, since it is no more difficult than sharpening another cutting tool. The only conditions for sharpening can be called the use of a special design. This is due to the fact that the created tooth has an unusual geometry: it consists of two cutting edges, the angle is created using the lateral and upper planes. The particular difficulty of sharpening is that the upper surface has an angle relative to the mowing line of the chain movement, which must be maintained with great accuracy.

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When to do the work?

With intensive use of the chainsaw, sharpening is carried out quite often, often several times in one day. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the meeting of the chain with the ground significantly speeds up the process. Therefore, chainsaws must be used in such a way as to exclude the possibility of contact between the chain and the ground. After several contacts, the chips will be very fine, and the chain will go deep into the material slightly.When considering this issue, it can be noted: the more often you have to sharpen the chainsaw chain, the less metal layer is removed. Also, if you sharpen often, then the service life of the cutting element of the chainsaw will increase significantly. The main condition can be called the correct execution of the work, if you do it yourself. The procedure can be performed correctly only if there is a special machine. Significant feed force can be called a sign that the cutting element of a hand-held chainsaw has become dull. Correct sharpening of the chains determines a significant decrease in the feed force indicator, that is, the chainsaws enter easily with a slight pressure. Another sign of the need for sharpening chains can be called the receipt of very small chips. Carrying out the sharpening of the chainsaw when these signs appear is mandatory. Sharpening of chains is carried out in order to reduce a lot of stress in the body, to reduce the cyclic load indicator, fuel consumption. Also, if you do not sharpen the teeth of the chains on time, there is a possibility of increased wear of all components, as a result of which there is a reduction in the service life of the manual chainsaw.

Sharpening on the machine

If grinding work is performed quite often, then it is necessary to use special equipment and technological equipment (templates). Using a template on this type of device allows you to get this job done much faster. A small-sized wooden block can act as such a device. This type of template should be able to sharpen at two angles. Sharpening can be done using a small diameter grinding wheel or an emery belt that can be mounted in place of the belt drive.

Machines of this type, masters, can be made independently, taking the drive from a foot sewing machine as the basis for the design. Using a belt drive and a template, it is permissible to process one, and then another cutting edge.


The file can be used to carry out the work in question. A file is used to remove the required metal layer from the surface. For this case, a special set was created:

  • Round file with an unusual holder.
  • Flat file required for adjusting the depth limit.
  • Hook.
  • Special template.

The round file holder is created along with scribing lines that are used to position the tool correctly. The plate itself, during operation, comes into contact with the depth gauge and the surface of the blades, and the file goes around and removes the metal layer. The use of a special holder with a file allows you to ensure the correct fit of the tools to the work surface. It is worth using only the file that is designed to perform this kind of work.

The rules for carrying out work include:

  • The same number of movements should be done.
  • It is necessary to control the force of pressure on the surface during its processing.
  • The template, which is used together with the file, allows you to observe important sharpening values.

At different lengths, there is an uneven course and the formation of cracks in the material. If the length indicator is not the same at the time of the start of processing, then all cutting teeth are sawn off according to the indicator of the smallest of them.

What you need to sharpen a saw at home?

The chain is also sharpened at home. There are two options for performing this work. The first method involves using a file. The second method involves the use of a machine.

Removing the chain from the chainsaw

Each saw model may have its own characteristics when dismantling the saw. Before starting this operation, you must carefully read the instruction manual.

How to properly sharpen a chainsaw chain with a file

Templates and patterns must be fixed on the area to be treated. They will give the right direction to the file, making the process easier. When all the preparatory work has been done, you can proceed directly to sharpening the chain.

According to the rules, it is necessary to sharpen the teeth in one direction, then in the other. Work begins with light clicks with a file in the direction away from you, the pressure gradually increases. Reverse file movement. without pressing. The circular tool must be continuously rotated along its axis. The chain is sharpened by movements from the inside of the tooth to the outside. In this case, the file must be located parallel to a special mark on the chain, which is applied by the manufacturer to indicate the standard sharpening angle.

The sharpened tooth should be located approximately in the middle of the tire, this is necessary for ease of work. In the process of processing, you need to move the chain along the tire, not forgetting to set the brake to the working position every time.

The angle of inclination of the tool should be right, and the angle of sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw horizontally. sharp, while its changes are allowed in the range from 10º to 30º. The smallest tooth in the row should be taken as a basis. Turn the tire over and do the same job for the teeth that go in the opposite direction. The disadvantage of this sharpening method is the high time consumption.

Sharpening the chain with a file

You can insert a round file with a broken handle into the chuck of an electric drill or screwdriver. You will get a very convenient mechanized sharpening device.

Sharpening the chain with a drill and file

Hand-operated machines

There are devices designed for sharpening, but without an electric drive. These are manual saw chain straighteners. A regular file is used as a sharpening tool. The machine is attached directly to the rail. Special stop that holds the sharpened tooth. The sharpening angle can be adjusted.

The photo shows a stationary machine in which the grinding disc rotates with a handle through a gearbox. The saw chain itself is clamped in a machine vice. The machine has a base that can be screwed to the table.

Manual Chain Saw Sharpening Machine

A machine for sharpening chainsaw chains: selection criteria, design features, technical and operational characteristics of equipment, the principle of operation of manual and automatic devices, an overview of popular models of sharpening installations.

Chainsaw chain sharpening frequency

The decision to sharpen saw chains is not made according to the calendar, but according to the assessment of its performance. First of all, you should inspect the sawdust. If they look like fine dust, then the chain needs sharpening. Otherwise, the engine may overheat, which will lead to the formation of scoring on the cylinder. A dull saw has increased vibration and a difficult entry of the headset into each new cut, which significantly reduces the productivity of sawing work.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain on a machine

Sharpening a chain on a lathe is much faster and more accurate than with your hands. There are many different electric sharpeners on the market. Household units are compact, operate on a 220 V network. Abrasive wheels are easily replaced on them, they can be easily rebuilt to different chain parameters: tooth pitch, upper edge thickness, sharpening angle. All machined cutting edges are the same. The process is going fast.

Chainsaw chain sharpening templates and accessories

It is much easier to work with greater confidence to get the right result, if the master has provided himself with a set of accessories, which includes a template. It maintains the correct values ​​for all sharpening angles of the tooth. The angle of the leading edge is recorded in the instructions, usually its value is 65º. 80º. The value of the clearance angle of the upper blade can only be estimated from the template. Its value should be in the range from 50º to 60º.

The clearance angle of the saw decreases with increasing wood hardness. The optimal value for longitudinal cutting is considered to be the value of the angle 10º… 12º, and 25º… 30º. for cross cutting.

Saw tooth configuration template

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain at home with a file

A tool with an exceptionally round section will help to properly sharpen the chainsaw chain with a file. File parameters are determined by the dimensions of the saw itself. It is important to know the pitch of the teeth. One round sharpener is not enough. For sharpening and dressing chains, two types of tools are used. The first is a file with a circular cross-section with a diameter corresponding to the diameter of the rounding of the working edge of the saw tooth. A flat file is required to cut the depth gauge on the guide tooth.

Sharpening can be done manually using a round file with a working diameter of 4 5.5 mm. It is extremely important to position the tool correctly in relation to the tooth being sharpened. The upper edge of the working part of the file is approximately one fifth higher than the upper edge of the workpiece. The tool is held perpendicular to the chain axis at an angle of 25º… 30º to the upper edge of the tooth.

For sharpening saw chains of household tools, round files with a diameter of 4 and 4.8 mm are used, since they have a small tooth. For professional models, use more powerful chains with a larger tooth. Therefore, files with a diameter of 5.2 and 5.5 mm are needed.

You will need a flat file to sharpen the limiter, and a hook that removes the resulting sawdust to clean the work area. There are also special holders on the market, on which the mowing line is graduated with the direction of movement of the file relative to the axis of the chain. The holder can be mounted on top of the tooth, resting on its upper edge. Since its height is adapted to a certain chain pitch, this device should be selected in relation to chainsaws of specific models and brands. The minimum required set in order to obtain the correct angle of sharpening the chain by hand is shown in the photo.

A set of sharpening tools and accessories

Manual sharpening saves material resources, allows you to work in the field. First, place the instrument on a level surface. If the work is done in the forest, trimming a large diameter log is a good choice. Next, you need to inspect the saw chain for any defects, it can be cracks, completely broken off teeth. After inspection, you need to set the brake in working condition, thereby blocking the movement along the chain bar, which must be tightened during sharpening with a file.

Features of sharpening saw chains

The saw chain is a set of cutting teeth of a complex configuration interconnected by means of hinges. When processing the chain, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and uniformity of sharpening of all teeth, maintain the correct angle of the cutting edge, and maintain the desired tooth configuration. To solve these problems, there are several ways of sharpening, as well as many different tools and devices.

The saw must be sharpened on time, otherwise you can get a lot of trouble. a decrease in productivity, a deterioration in the quality of a cut, accelerated wear of the mechanism, even injury.

Electric chainsaw chain sharpener

The main part of the machine is an electric motor, on the shaft of which a sharpening disc is installed. The controls are located on its handle. There is a clamp for securing the machine to the chain. The spring clamp provides adjustment of the pressing force on the sharpened element. Differentiated clamping provides for the self-centering of the product in the machine. For the safety of work, there is a folding safety guard.

Electric saw chain sharpener

A saw chain is installed in a special guide mounted on a turntable. The retainer holds the sharpened tooth, to which an electric emery is installed at a given angle. The operator turns on the engine and controls the immersion of the disc