How To Start A Petrol Trimmer On A Cold

Petrol Trimmer Won’t Start? Elitech T750 Reasons and Solutions

In general, such a conversation should start with the fact that after buying a garden gasoline tool, it would be better to first familiarize yourself with the instructions attached to it. Then many problems could be avoided. But since this happened, the gasoline trimmer does not start, then you need to look for sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer does not start on the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as we will tell you general recommendations for using such a tool.

You should start with the banal! Let’s figure out how to properly start a gasoline trimmer. It may be that the reason lies precisely here.

First you need to bring the red toggle switch on the trim bar to the “I” position. This means turning on the power. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever to the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (similar to a pipette, located in the carburetor). This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Return the fuel delivery lever to its original position. Finally, pull the starter handle sharply towards you. The trimmer should work. Try it several times if it doesn’t work the first time. If, after such manipulations, the situation has risen and the gasoline trimmer does NOT start, then you should first inspect it yourself before you take it to the service center. There are two main reasons your garden trimmer won’t start:

  • Power circuit breakdown.
  • Sun fuel.
  • Let’s start with the ignition problems. In most cases, it is caused by the need to change the spark plug in the engine. This is done like this:
  • First of all, we have to take care of the safety measures, making sure the trimmer is disabled. We bring the above toggle switch to the “STOP” position.
  • Then we remove the rubber protection from the candle and the wiring terminals. Using a special spark plug wrench, we unscrew the spark plug and replace it.
  • After that, we assemble the device and carry out the above procedure for starting the trimmer.

The second reason garden tools don’t work is because they run out of fuel. On the Elinech T750, the fuel tank is located near the engine, but on most trimmers it is located there. We unscrew the cap from the tank and fill it with gasoline (the most optimal variant is AI-92, it is inexpensive and does NOT clog the carburetor like the AI-76). Do not forget to add special oil for engines to the tank, 50 grams is enough for the gas tank, without it the engine will start to “sneeze” and will quickly become unusable. Then we close the tank with a cap, wipe the trimmer surface and our hands with a dry cloth. We also do the above manipulations to turn on the garden tool.

If the petrol trimmer does not start as before, then it makes sense to have it repaired. And the reason for this decision is simple. if you DO NOT have the appropriate skills, equipment repair is almost impossible.

In order for the tool to serve as long as possible and NOT to have such problems, you should first of all read the instruction manual for the trimmer. Also, pay special attention to the engine running time in the trimmer. take a short break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, properly care for the tool, wipe it after work, grease it with graphite grease. Observing such simple rules, you can significantly increase the service life of the tool and it is quite possible that you do NOT have to look for reasons why the gasoline trimmer does not start.

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Diagnostic features

From a technical point of view, trimmers can be classified as complex devices. Based on this, it is strongly recommended to carefully study the corresponding instructions before using them. However, in practice, many ignore it, often later find themselves in situations where the gasoline trimmer does not start or gains momentum poorly during operation. It should be noted that similar problems can be encountered when acquiring new models of equipment.

The key to effective and prompt repair will, of course, be a competent diagnosis of the device. In the process of troubleshooting, you will have to inspect and test, first of all, key elements. The list of these includes candles, a tank, filter units and fuel system valves. As practice shows, very often malfunctions of these particular elements become a prerequisite for the lawn mower NOT to start. The quality and correctness of the preparation of the fuel mixture deserves special attention, especially when it comes to two-stroke engines. With regard to this parameter, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be strictly followed in order to avoid serious breakdowns and expensive repair work. In the case, for example, with a piston group of internal combustion engines, costs can be up to 70 percent of the cost of new technology.

Often, trimmer owners have to deal with situations when the specified mixture is of high quality, the carburetor is in good working order and configured, and the device still does NOT show signs of life when trying to start the engine. In such cases, you should check the condition of the candle. The following steps will troubleshoot the problem:

  • Unscrew the candle;
  • Wipe and dry the part (annealing is undesirable)
  • Remove fuel and dry the candle channel for 30-40 minutes; such actions will avoid flooding the candle with the next launch attempt;
  • Completely eliminate traces of carbon deposits with the introduction of a file or sandpaper;
  • Set the appropriate clearance;
  • Put the candle in place.

If the candle turns out to be working and the Landing socket is completely dry, and the scythe engine does not start, then the threads should be moistened with gasoline. It is worth remembering that, regardless of the quality of the spark that is emitted, initially there is simply nothing to ignite in a completely dry chamber. When faced with the fact that the spark is NOT coming, it is worth paying attention to checking the contact between the high voltage wiring and the spark plugs. If this connection turns out to be of good quality, then it will be necessary to check the performance of the ignition system control unit. In such cases, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without the services of a qualified specialist.

The next step in diagnosing a gasoline streamer will be to check the condition of the filters. Often, the lawn mower will not start well or will NOT start at all on a cold one due to a clogged air filter. You can identify this malfunction by excluding it from the system. If after that the braid starts up, then you will have to clean or change this element. Experienced users strongly recommend periodically blowing the air filter to maximize its useful life.

The described tool may also fail to start due to problems with the supply of gasoline caused by a dirty fuel filter. To quickly and effectively eliminate such a breakdown, you just need to replace the filter element with a new one. It is important to remember that the suction inlet must be equipped with a filter, as provided by all instructions. Failure to follow these rules and recommendations may result in costly piston repairs. In the process of diagnosing and searching for the source of problems with starting the mower, attention should be paid to the breathers, which are responsible for stabilizing the pressure equalization in the fuel tank. In addition, it is necessary to check the cleanliness of the exhaust duct and the muffler mesh. As a rule, such problems are most often encountered when troubleshooting old models.

Main reasons

As practice shows, gasoline trimmers stop starting or function normally after winter, that is, long-term seasonal storage. Before attempting to run the tool again, thorough diagnostics should be performed to determine the source of the problem. At the moment, there are several Most common causes of malfunction.

  • Initially, it is necessary to check the quality of the fuel. Saving in such cases can have extremely negative consequences. Experienced lawn mower owners and experts advise preparing a mixture, the volume of which will correspond to the upcoming work, since its surplus quickly loses its qualities.
  • Trimmers of such famous brands as, for example, Husgvarna, Makita, Stihl, are very sensitive to the fuel used. It is about the quality of the fuel and the octane number. Providing suitable operating conditions and extending the service life of equipment will allow refueling with high-quality gasoline.
  • At the moment of starting the internal combustion engine, the lawn mower may stall due to the fact that it floods the spark plug. Often in such situations you have to deal with the need to adjust the carburetor. It is worth noting that similar problems arise when the braid stops running hot.
  • Sometimes the tool cannot be started, although the plug is wet, which in turn indicates that the fuel mixture has entered the combustion chamber. As a rule, this is one of the symptoms that there is no spark. The reasons may be the lack of normal contact between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire, or drying out of the threaded connection in the spark plug channel.
  • If there are no problems with the spark, and the spark plug itself remains dry, then most often this indicates that gasoline is NOT being pumped. There may be several reasons for this situation. We are talking, in particular, about the condition of the fuel filter and carburetor.
  • The internal combustion engine of the streamer does not start or immediately after starting it stops working, which may be due to clogging of the air filter, which prevents the normal supply of air necessary to enrich the mixture.

Gasoline trimmer won’t start: causes and remedies

Given the specifics of using gasoline trimmers, their owners often have to deal with certain problems. One of the common troubles is that the lawn mower won’t start or might not pick up speed. For the fastest and most effective elimination of such a problem, you should have an idea of ​​the main causes of possible malfunctions.

Ways to eliminate breakage

It is no secret that the best and most effective repair method is to prevent possible malfunctions. As already noted, one of the key points is how well the gasoline-oil mixture is prepared. Its components must be gasoline not lower than AI-92 and high quality engine oil. The proportions for which the mixture is prepared are indicated in the manufacturer’s manual included with any gasoline trimmer. As a rule, oil is added to gasoline using an ordinary medical syringe. Similarly, it is easiest to observe the Corresponding proportions.

Quite often, if problems arise with starting the lawn mowers, the owners of the tool try to carry out repairs with their own hands. With the necessary knowledge and skills, this approach will significantly reduce operating costs. First of all, it is worth checking the fuel system and, in particular, the filter element. If a clogged filter is found, the easiest way is to replace it with a new one. If the air filter has become the source of problems, then you can get out of a difficult situation even during operation with little time. You will need to do the following:

  • Remove the filter element;
  • Directly in working conditions, you can wash the filter with the gasoline used
  • When using the scythe at home or at a summer cottage, they use water and simple detergents for cleaning;
  • After washing, the part is thoroughly rinsed and dried;
  • A completely dry filter should be lubricated with engine oil;
  • Remove excess lubricant by squeezing the filter element with your hands
  • The cleaned part is put in place and the plastic cover is fixed with screws.

If the described actions did NOT provide a positive result, then the next step would be to adjust the idle speed using the appropriate carburetor screw. This topic is devoted to many publications ands posted on the vast world wide web. There are several steps you can take when trying to resolve the Issues in question.

  • The trimmer is placed on the side so that the “air” is on top. This will allow the fuel mixture to flow to the bottom of the carburetor. Often, attempts to start the internal combustion engine are successful if you first dismantle the mentioned part and literally send a couple of drops of gasoline directly to the carburetor itself.
  • If, after all the described actions, the scythe did not work, then attention should be paid to the state of the candle and, in particular, the presence of a spark. In parallel, all fuel is completely removed from the combustion chamber.
  • Often, lawn mowers’ owners find themselves in situations when the fuel and air filters are clean, the candles are in good order, the fuel mixture is fresh and of high quality, but the GIS does not show signs of life. In such cases, experienced specialists recommend using a universal and proven method of launching many years of practice. It is necessary to move the air damper to the closed position and pull the starter handle once. After that, the damper opens and the engine is started 2-3 times. In the vast majority of cases, the result is positive.

The spark plug can be flooded with fuel during the start of the trimmer ICE. Even with a high-quality mixture and a good spark, starting the device is unlikely to work. The most effective way out is to remove the candle and dry it. In parallel, you can check this spare part for operability, if any faults are detected, replace it. This procedure includes a number of simple steps, namely:

  • Drown out the device and wait for the power unit to cool completely;
  • Disconnect the wire;
  • Remove the candle itself;
  • Inspect the dismantled part;
  • Make sure there is a gap (0.6 mm);
  • Screw in a new, working plug and tighten it.

In practice, many repair work associated with the fact that the scythe has stopped starting up and which sooner or later you have to deal with during the operation of a household lawn mower, it is quite possible to cope on your own. But in case of serious malfunctions, it would be most rational to contact a specialized service. However, the key factor in such cases will be the ratio of the cost of repairs to the price of a new trimmer.

Recommendations for use

The stability of the operation of any lawn mowers and the absence of problems with starting the power unit of such devices directly depend on the conditions in which the tool is used and the quality of maintenance. And we are talking about the following basic rules:

  • In the process of work, it is necessary to pay special attention to the cooling system and other elements; it is strongly recommended to timely and efficiently clean the channels located on the body of the scythe and the ribs of the starter;
  • In the process of processing various elements, solvents, gasoline, kerosene and other effective means can be used;
  • These works should be carried out after the power unit has completely cooled down;
  • It is necessary to fully comply with all the rules specified in the relevant instructions drawn up by the developers of the described tool, which will avoid overloads in the engine warm-up, which in turn is the most common prerequisite for serious breakdowns;
  • All remaining fuel in the internal combustion engine should be completely drained before long breaks in the operation of the streamer; it should be borne in mind that the gasoline-oil mixture decomposes rather quickly into the so-called heavy fractions, which inevitably clog the carburetor;
  • After removing the fuel, it is required to start the engine and let it run on XX until it stalls itself; in this way, the remaining mixture will be completely removed from the internal combustion engine.

Particular attention should be paid to preparing the instrument for long-term seasonal storage. This should be done to minimize the risk of problems with starting the engine. Young training includes the following manipulations:

  • Completely disassemble the trimmer;
  • Thoroughly rinse and clean all elements to which there is access;
  • Inspect the parts of the lawn mowers in order to identify defects (mechanical damage found in this case should be eliminated)
  • Pour engine oil into the gearbox;
  • Carry out high-quality cleaning from the clogged air filter element;
  • Having the Appropriate knowledge and practical skills, it is possible to perform partial disassembly of the power plant, followed by purging and lubrication of the moving elements;
  • Wrap the assembled gasoline braid with a pre-oiled rag.

In addition to everything already listed, it is necessary to lubricate the piston group. This algorithm provides for the following simple manipulations:

  • Remove the candle;
  • Transfer the piston to top dead center (TDC) using the starter
  • Pour a small amount of engine oil into the cylinder;
  • Crankshaft cranked several times.

Regardless of the cost and brand of equipment, you should clearly follow all the requirements of the relevant instructions and adhere to the recommendations of developers and experienced specialists. Today, detailed information regarding the correct use of such equipment can be easily found on many specialized sites and forums.

Next, see how to determine and eliminate the reason why the gasoline trimmer does not start.

And again the carburetor.

Even if your trimmer will NOT start even after such bullying, you cannot do without disassembling the carburetor. It may very well be that the falling needle in it is to blame. In any case, disassembling and flushing this capricious mechanism will certainly not interfere.

In general, when the trimmer starts to be capricious and stalls, it is advisable to carry out full prevention: completely change the fuel mixture, try a different oil, and also change the spark plug without fail. Practice shows that in many cases cheap low-quality candles are to blame.

We’ve covered the most common reasons why the trimmer won’t start. If the matter is in something more “exotic”, you cannot avoid going to the service center. You will probably find smaller and more obvious breakdowns yourself.

Breather cleaning

Often, the engine of branded trim models stalls as a result of a clogged breather. The main task of the specified component is to equalize the pressure in the fuel tank. In case of contamination of the unit, a vacuum is formed here, which significantly complicates the supply of fuel. The problem can be eliminated by cleaning the breather with a regular sewing needle.

How to prevent sudden breakage during trimmer operation?

In order for the unit to always be in a functional state, it is worth following a few simple rules:

  • Conducts a timely, regular technical inspection of the main mechanical components of the device.
  • Fill the trimmer with only fresh fuel, the quality and origin of which is beyond doubt.
  • Check after each use of the tool, whether oxides and carbon deposits have formed on the surface of the ignition system elements.
  • Avoid heavy load on the trimmer during work.

In order for the unit to remain in working order, it is necessary to properly prepare it for storage in the winter. First of all, you should completely disassemble the instrument, and then flush and clean the constituent elements. It is also important to inspect functional blocks for damage, if necessary, eliminating deformation of parts, all kinds of distortions, gusts of materials.

Troubleshooting strategy

Where to start troubleshooting if the trimmer won’t start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth inspecting the following components of the unit:

  • Fuel tank;
  • Spark plug;
  • Fuel and air filter;
  • Outlet channel;
  • Breather.

It is the breakdown of the above locations that most often leads to the fact that the trimmer does not start well. Let’s look at how to eliminate such troubles.

The main thing. Fuel mixture!

In this case, the remnants of plastic dissolved in an aggressive environment create such terrible things in the combustion chamber that you will definitely not be able to do without completely sorting out the mechanism. But you will certainly remember forever how to properly store fuel.

What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but the petrol trimmer will not start? It is possible that you just filled the candle with gasoline. In this case, it must be turned out, wiped with a clean cloth and dried. By the way, it will be quite useful to check the candle itself for performance.

Diagnostics of the candle channel

What to do if the used fuel mixture is in good order, but the petrol trimmer still won’t start? The reasons for the failure of the mechanism may lie in the excessive wetting of the candle channel. To diagnose and fix the problem, you must do the following:

How To Start A Petrol Trimmer On A Cold
  • Unscrew the candle. Wipe it thoroughly and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the appropriate plug hole.
  • Clean the old plug if there is carbon deposits on its surface. To cope with the task will allow the use of an ordinary ladies’ nail file or a file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the gap.
  • Assemble the functional block back.
  • Try to start the trimmer.

It is recommended to dry the candle channel for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to calcining its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final damage. What to do if the maintenance of the functional unit was carried out in accordance with the above recommendations, but the trimmer does not start, there is a spark? In this case, it is worth treating the threaded connection with gasoline. The latter does not need to be abundantly impregnated with fuel. It should only be slightly damp. Resorting to such actions should be taken to ensure ignition. After all, no matter how strong the spark the candle gives, there will simply be nothing to ignite in an absolutely dry chamber.

If even in this case the trimmer does not start, it is worth assessing the quality of the contact between the high-voltage wire and the candle. In the absence of a spark (if there is a reliable connection between the indicated elements), the problem is most likely caused by a breakdown of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will have to turn to the services of the wizards who will reinstall the node.

Breather and exhaust port

Often, “gentle” branded lawn mowers will NOT start and stall due to a dirty breather. The main function of this element is to equalize the pressure in the gas tank. When this unit becomes clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank, preventing the supply of fuel. Eliminate the problem by cleaning the breather. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

Normal operation of streamers with internal combustion engines may be impaired due to dirt entering the exhaust duct or clogging of the muffler mesh. There is such a problem on older generation models. The issue can be resolved by traditional cleaning and removal of the anti-spark grid.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why the gasoline trimmer may not start. However, with a serious approach to the task, the malfunctions indicated in the material can be easily eliminated by hand. It is worth seeking help from specialists only in case of critical breakdowns. Ultimately, the cost of self-repair should always be correlated with the cost of servicing the unit in the workshop.

Rules for the operation and storage of lawn mowers

In order for the lawn mower to start well in the future, you need to provide it with good storage and operation conditions:

  • During operation, carefully monitor the cooling system, carefully and in time clean the channels in the housing, as well as the ribs of the starter;
  • If necessary, use solvents, kerosene and other detergents for cleaning;
  • DO NOT clean the tool “hot”. let it cool;
  • Strictly Follow the instructions for the operating mode, otherwise you may overheat the engine;
  • If you do not plan to use the lawn mower in the next month, the fuel mixture must be drained from it, because over time it breaks down into heavy fractions, which will definitely clog the carburetor channels;
  • After draining the fuel, let the trimmer run at idle, until it stalls, this will help completely remove the remaining working mixture.

Before winter storage Proceed as follows:

  • We will completely disassemble the braid, Rinse and clean all the details that you can;
  • Inspect the parts for damage, if necessary, eliminate distortions, tears, bends and any other malfunctions;
  • Fill a sufficient amount of oil into the gearbox and clean the air filter;
  • You can partially disassemble the motor, rinse, blow out and grease all moving parts;
  • In order to lubricate the piston, you need to Unscrew the spark plug, raise the piston to the dead center with the starter, pour a little oil into the spark plug hole and turn the crankshaft a couple of times;
  • If you are storing the lawn mower outside the house, wrap the engine with oiled rags.

Remember, careful adherence to the rules will allow you to forget that the lawn mower does not start well for several seasons.