How To Start The Trimmer Correctly

How to properly cut grass with a garden trimmer

Working with a lawn mower is quite simple if you know the basic principles and get a little good at it. Here are some tips to help you achieve good results and keep your lawn tidy:

  • If you need to cut tall grass or weeds with a sturdy stem, mow in double strokes. Cut off the top of the stems first, move the bias from right to left, and then mow the rest, moving in the opposite direction.
  • If it is necessary to process a large area, you need to divide the area into squares, starting the movement on the outer sides and gradually moving towards the center.
  • Work on slopes is carried out according to the following algorithm: start at the bottom, mowing the grass with parallel lines and gradually going up. The grass will fall down onto the already mown area, and not interfere with work.
  • To mow plants around any obstacle, the Trimmer protection must be considered. Move around the obstacle by gently guiding the tool around it.
  • We always install only high-quality attachments on the petrol trimmer. When working with fishing line or knives of poor quality, the grass may NOT be cut, but uprooted. The lawn will quickly deteriorate.
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How to cut the grass with knives

The blades (disc) perform well when working with tough grass or bushes, but there are some safety rules you should follow. Here are the main points to remember when using knives:

  • The blades are suitable for cutting tough grass, young trees or bushes.
  • The more difficult the task, the larger the diameter of the disc with knives should be.
  • We install only discs on the trimmer, the dimensions of which correspond to the capabilities of the tool. Otherwise, the trimmer may break.
  • If the tool is turned on, it can only mow, but not replace the consumable, Lubricate or inspect the Trimmer.
  • Select discs based on the information on it and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • DO NOT sharpen the knives yourself, this may damage the part.

How To Start The Trimmer Correctly

Why The Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

If the Trimmer fails to start or it stalls immediately, you need to check the ignition by removing the spark plug. A dry candle means that the problem lies in the system responsible for the fuel supply. A wet plug indicates a malfunction of the ignition system. If carbon is visible on the candle, you need to clean it or replace it.

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Clogged air filter can be another prerequisite. If it is contaminated with oil, it must be cleaned, washed and dried.

Why the lawn mower stalls?

Depending on at what point the trimmer stalls, the reasons may be different.

Running in a new trimmer

If you just bought a tool, you need to run it in. To do this, allow the engine to warm up slightly at idle. During this, adjust the position of the air damper so that the working part of the day does not rotate. When the trimmer warms up, you need to open the air supply to full, press the throttle lever about 1/2 and hold it for about 1-2 minutes. After that, the trimmer should run idle for 2-5 minutes. Switching between medium and idle turns 3-5 times. After that, you need to let the trimmer work for 5 minutes in idle mode, then turn off the engine and let the tool rest for 15-20 minutes.

After the lawn mower has cooled down, you need to do it all over again. The only difference. Turns the trimmer on hot with the air damper open. Try not to hold the gas for very long, as the parts of the tool have NOT completely worn down yet. Also, do not idle for a long time, as the engine may overheat.

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In general, the gasoline streamer should be rolled in until the fuel tank runs out of fuel. After that, it is considered that the initial run-in is completed and the tool is ready for use. Remember Monitor the temperature of the motor and gearbox to prevent overheating. Full break-in is considered to be the development of 5 tanks of the fuel mixture. During this period, it is best not to use the trimmer in difficult conditions. It is worth taking breaks during running in to prevent the engine from overheating. This will extend the life of the tool.

Instructions and rules for working with a lawn mower

Garden trimmer. A very useful piece of equipment for anyone with a site of their own. Garden trimmers are also called lawn mowers. They are gasoline and electric. Caring for electric grass trimmers is very simple, but gasoline owners need to know a lot of nuances. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to start the trimmer, break it in, and also how to properly mow the grass with it.

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