How to stop the timer in a Bosch oven

Instructions on how to set the time on the oven

Once the oven is installed and plugged in, the control panel lights up, usually with flashing numbers or a clock icon. Some models involve setting the time of day, others do not require it.

To set the exact time, you need to use a special knob or button in the case of the electronic panel. After setting the correct time, press the time icon and go to setting the minutes. After adjusting the exact time, press the clock icon. That’s it, the time is set.

As a rule, the time is set either by using the buttons or a special rotary knob. After the time is set and fixed, you need to wait a few seconds.

Sometimes emergencies happen when the power supply is cut off: in such a case, the programmer doesn’t remember the previously set parameters, and you have to repeat the procedure after the power has been turned on. Otherwise the oven simply won’t start, this is a prerequisite for starting the appliance.

  • Turn off the fuse in the fuse box.
  • Put a dishcloth on the bottom of the cold oven to avoid rusting
  • Unscrew the glass cover by turning it to the left.
  • Put a new light bulb of the same type.
  • Put the glass pouring cover back on.
  • Take out the dish towel and put it back on
  • Thermoglass. Cookware for the microwave can also be used in the oven.
  • Ceramic. Ceramic cookware has permeable walls.
  • Cast iron. Durable, high quality cookware.
  • Steel. Lightweight, convenient, sturdy, unpretentious.

Bosch oven how to set the time

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After the first connection or after an interruption in the

The indicator will flash a © symbol and three zeros. Setting the time of day

The function knob must be in the off position.

The indicator will show 12.00 hours, and the symbol


Use the or button to set

After a few seconds the new time setting will be accepted.

Press the Clock© button twice and change

Set with the or button

You can turn off the time of day display. In this case the time of day will be displayed

Change the basic setting. See. The “Base settings” chapter.

It happens that after buying a new dream oven everything goes fine, but suddenly there is an unexpected problem. the oven does not turn on! Don’t get upset just yet, it does not mean that you have purchased a defective product. The fact that the newest generation of ovens do not start until you set the clock on the display.

Don’t panic if the oven won’t start; it may just be time to set the clock

Panic early if the oven won’t turn on, you may just need to set the clock

  • Use the function selector switch to set the heating mode.
  • Use the temperature knob to set the temperature or grill mode.
  • Press the “Clock” button 0.
  • Set the cooking time using the @ or A keys.
  • Press the “Clock” button 0 until the “End” y symbol flashes.

The reason The reason for the misting is the temperature difference and the fact that there is most probably high humidity in the kitchen. If the glass looks normal during operation, there is no problem.

  • Press the knob repeatedly until the and symbol flashes on the display.
  • Press ” ” and “-” buttons to set time.
  • Press the button again until the following two digits flash on the display.
  • Press the “” and “-” buttons to adjust the minutes.
  • Press the button again

Notes: To reset, turn off the oven by turning the selector knob to ” “. A buzzer will sound and the display will indicate the end of the program. Turn the selector knob to choose another mode,” or turn it to ” to turn off the oven.

Press the Timer button on the control panel. Press the numeric keypad to set the desired time. for example, press 5 to set the timer after 5 minutes.

My Frigidaire electric oven won’t shut off

  • Enter the cooking time from the front of the oven.
  • Press the Keep Warm button on the front display.
  • Do nothing for 25 seconds.
  • Listen for the sound of the blower so that it turns off.
  • Press the Cancel button to turn off the oven timer and the oven if you have set a longer cooking time than necessary and want to change it.

Now the universal tips on how to set the time on the oven. First you have to install it and plug it in. You will see the display light up and either the numbers or a clock icon flash.

And then proceed as follows:

  • Use the button (if electronic display) or the knob to set the clock.
  • Press the clock icon.
  • Now set the minutes.
  • Once again press the clock icon.

Normally, the clock on the oven is set by the ” ” and “. ” buttons, or there is a special knob that you can turn. Once you have set the time, wait a minute.

If there’s a power failure, the oven’s brains will forget the time you set. You’ll need to set it again. Or the appliance just won’t turn on.

The oven switches off automatically

Ovens and ovens with auto-switch-off function just recently started hitting the shelves in our stores. I often see people in stores not paying attention to this important function. Now I would like to tell you how important the automatic oven off function is.

Let’s start with the theory. There are many kinds of automatic switch-off, but in Russia the most common are: the temperature switch-off and the timer switch-off.

First of all let’s start with timed oven shutdown. In turn the timer switch also comes in several kinds.

The essence of the first kind is for the cook to set the time after which the oven will turn off. I want to note right away that this kind of timer is very uncomfortable for those who are just learning the world of cooking or often experiment in the kitchen, as often amateur chefs do not know exactly after what time will be ready their dishes, and so the timer can turn off the oven before the dish is cooked.

The second type of timer shutoff requires a little more human involvement. The essence of such a timer is that you make every interval of time what you want to do. or action, otherwise the oven will turn off automatically. A great advantage of this type of protection is that it forces you to check whether the dish is ready more often.

Generally speaking, timer switches are the most common methods of protecting your food and your apartments. Such switches do not greatly affect the final price and do their job well.

The next type of automatic oven shutdown. temperature, I’ll tell you a little more about it. As you probably figured out from the name switching off will be based on temperature, but it’s not that simple, going deeper into the theory temperature timer switches off the oven as soon as the walls of the oven heats to a certain temperature (for example, the walls of the most powerful professional ovens can be heated to 200 degrees). When buying an oven with such a timer, you should pay attention to where the temperature sensors are installed, which transmit data to the switch.

In this picture you can see the location of the sensor. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the thermostat sensor may be located behind the walls of the oven or in the oven cavity.

Very often, oven manufacturers save on temperature sensors and install only one sensor on the back of the oven. I agree that it is very important not to overheat the back of the oven, but it is just as important to control the temperature of the side walls.As people often install the stove close to the kitchen set, leaving no space. With this proximity the walls of the kitchen set often heated and thus deformed, which obviously affects the aesthetic component, as well as increase the likelihood of fires. I therefore recommend that you pay attention to such ovens, where sensors are installed on all walls. I agree that the price of such an oven will be significantly higher. But the most important advantage of such ovens is safety, because if at least one wall heats up to the limit temperature the oven will instantly turn off.

In this article I have told you about the kinds of protection for your oven, of course all my reasoning is entirely my own opinion, and you should think with your head first.

I have been using a Bosch electric oven for over a year now. And now I decided to share my opinion.

When my husband and I were choosing an oven, it was the Bosch that caught our attention immediately. And that’s because half of the oven shelves have sliding rails.

Bosch electric oven has two heating elements. bottom and top, you can also turn on convection mode or grill. I had a feeling of magic after the usual old gas stove)

Programs and temperature is set by two rotary knobs. When the oven is not in use, they can be recessed into the body of the appliance.

Each knob has a different function. one for temperature, one for program. You can set the oven Bosch so that works one or more heating elements, grill, fan worked. The temperature is adjustable within a large range. up to 230 degrees. Also has a self-cleaning mode.

Self-cleaning is a pretty weird thing. Because I have to wash the oven insides before turning it on. If this is not done, then in some places (where there is no special coating) stains will remain forever. preserved by high temperature.

Pretty large touch screen glows red. It displays the time or countdown timer. I use the timer almost every time I cook. Very convenient, and you won’t forget about the pie in the oven. Now I can not even think of a single time when I would not have turned it on.

The light in the oven is always on, if the Bosch oven is working. Turns the light off when the timer goes off or when you turn off the program. Handy thing. you can always see what the dish is doing there.

In any case, at the end of the cooking time, the oven is cooled, and forcibly. the fan starts working. This is something to get used to, because in the beginning of work with this technique, I could not understand whether the device is off or the program “froze”. Of course, there were no hang-ups, but it was strange to hear a strange sound from the off oven.

By the way, the door doesn’t get hot while the oven is running, t.е. Not dangerous for small children (unless, of course, they try to open it).

There is also a child lock system. I don’t understand her at all. As soon as you turn on the lock, the cabinet will not heat: it can not be turned on, but the program already running stops. When my daughter was smaller, she didn’t pay attention to the oven at all until you turned it on. Then why the lock? The more so, it does not go off when you set the time or set the timer. Т.е. Even with the lock on, if you accidentally touch the touch screen with your body, you can throw off the time or accidentally set the timer.

On the whole the Bosch oven is very good quality and easy to use. It only takes a lot of energy to heat up. Then, when you only need electricity to maintain the temperature, the appliance uses very little electricity. 200 watts, if I’m not mistaken. It’s about 10 times less than an electric kettle.

The color of my oven has a white frosted. No marks or grease marks (if any) are noticeable on it. And it’s very easy to clean the whole thing.

It comes with two trays (one enameled, the second aluminum pizza tray), as well as the grid.

All in all, I am very happy! And I also have a Bosch hob. They look great together!