Kit For Converting A Tiller Into A Mini Tractor

Mini tractor. DIY kits

We will quickly and efficiently produce a kit for self-alteration of an 8-12 hp tiller. Into a full-fledged mini tractor, a rear lifting mechanism, a kit for converting a rotary tiller, a set of hydraulics and a front lifting mechanism for a rotary scythe or blade shovel.

Kit for self-alteration of the tiller 8. 12 hp into a full-fledged mini tractor:

Frame with engine mount;
2. Footrests with pedals;
3. Brake cylinder with tubes;
4. Steering column with rods assembly;
5. Front beam assembled with hub and brake discs;
6. Drive belt;
7. Rear fenders;
8. Mount under the seat.

Front wheels and seat are not included in the package and can be supplied for an additional fee

Kit weight 90 kg

Set price. 9000 UAH.

Rear three-point linkage with manual lifting mechanism

Mechanical lifting lever (with bearings)
2. Bottom mount of the hitch;
3. Upper lifting mechanism with fastening (on bearings)
4. Central adjustment screw of the hinge;
5. Side rods. 2 pcs;
6. Rod longitudinal lifting of the hitch;
7. Chain for adjusting the hinge. 2 pcs;
8. Trailing eyelet.

Set price. 3500 UAH.

Conversion kit for active cutter

Extended cutter shaft;
2. Mount for hitch;
3. Small asterisk for gdp;
4. Big sprocket on the cutter shaft;
6. Cutter hatch cover;
7.Drive chain.

Set price. 2000 UAH.

Front beam for a mini tractor from a tiller The front beam is made of a profile pipe 60×40,
the hubs are taken from a VAZ car with calipers and disc brakes. The hubs turn on a pivot system, on two bearings, which makes it easier to control the mini tractor. The steering wheel turns very easily.

Price:. 3900 UAH.

Front lifting mechanism for a mini tractor front lifting mechanism for a rotary mower or shovel blade.

Price:. 1900 UAH.

Rear three-point hitch on bushings for factory tractors ZUBR, DW, GARDEN SCOUT. Fighter, Forte, KENTAVR, etc. Rear hitch for the ZUBR, DW, Forte motorcycle tractor.

Do-it-yourself tractor from a tiller: Step-by-step instructions

Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

Each land owner who uses a tiller for its processing agrees that the mechanization of most of the land work greatly facilitates and simplifies them, significantly increasing the efficiency of land use. However, everyone who does this or that work for many hours every day with the help of a tiller knows that this involves quite serious physical activity. Of course, it would be much easier to work with your own tractor, but not many land owners can afford it.

over, the owner of small and medium-sized plots is NOT profitable. But the idea of ​​converting your own tiller into a mini-tractor looks very attractive. The result of such a “transformation” of a mini-tractor with an engine from a tiller Not only makes the purchase of a ready-made mini-tractor irrelevant, but also significantly saves the strength of its owner when performing all work on the land. It is noteworthy that the implementation of this task is so difficult.

Use your old tiller to build a tractor

Tiller’s choice

Almost any tiller can be successfully converted into a mini-tractor. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the discrepancy between the initial device and certain criteria will NOT allow the resulting unit to effectively and efficiently cope with its tasks. For example, if the engine power is low, it may not have enough draft force to endure Not only the standard load when working with attachments, but also an additional one. in the form of additional structures and operator’s body weight that were not initially taken into account. Therefore, when choosing a unit for conversion, it is important to consider its characteristics:

  • The capacity must correspond to the area of ​​the site and the planned loads on the unit;
  • Type of fuel. it is best to be guided by the criterion of practicality, therefore, diesel fuel will be optimal for a mini-tractor, due to the economy of its consumption over large areas;
  • The massiveness should be sufficient for the device to cope well with hard ground. Unlike a tiller, on the ease of which its maneuverability depends, in this case, a low mass will serve as a disadvantage;
  • Cost is an important criterion, given that one of the goals of the refurbishment is precisely to save money. Therefore, if a new tiller is chosen for re-equipment, it is better to choose an inexpensive domestic model with a high-quality and powerful engine.

Required tools

Regardless of which model of agricultural implement is chosen, the general principles and the set of tools for Converting a trailer into a mini tractor are the same. There is also a ready-made kit available on the market to make this task easy. It includes everything you need as well. In general, you need the following items and materials to be available at the time of assembly:

  • Angle grinder with discs;
  • Drill, set of drills;
  • Welding machine;
  • Set of tools (wrenches, screwdrivers)
  • Fasteners, bolts, nuts;
  • Channels, metal pipes;
  • Metal sheets and profiles;
  • Two additional wheels;
  • Hitch with operator’s seat;
  • Steering gear, pedals;
  • Tiller himself.


The experience of the owners shows that the mini-tractor from the Agros Tiller is not worse than from other similar units, but there is one feature that should be paid special attention to. The standard one in the configuration of this device has insufficient fracture strength. As a result, the mini-tractor, built from the Tiller Agros, works as well as any other, but the load on the axle shafts may be higher than they can withstand. Therefore, in order to avoid damage during conversion, this unit should be additionally reinforced. Users note that the use of modernized wheel gearboxes (for example, UAZ, LuAZ) helps to successfully cope with this stage of assembly. Their use corrects the gear ratio, due to which the traction resource increases.

Before starting the conversion, you should decide where the motor will be located: in the front or rear of a homemade tractor. The rear position of the engine in this case will reduce the load on the base here, which requires amplification. this will make it possible to do without amplification. Before getting started, you need to make sure and double-check that you have all the necessary basic parts. Take care of the steering systems, braking systems, an additional pair of wheels (you can take ordinary car wheels) and the hydraulic system in advance. The presence of the latter is important to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the device in aggregation with attachments.


Even before you begin to complete the necessary set of tools and materials, you should take care of the drawings. Today, there are many schemes on the Internet that allow you to successfully assemble a mini-tractor from a tiller with your own hands and of the required size. Study the drawing carefully and proceed sequentially in accordance with the assembly diagram.

How to make a tractor from a tiller with your own hands

To assemble a convenient and efficient machine, you need three things:

  • The most complete and accurate understanding of the areas of application of the future mechanism;
  • Drawings and assembly instructions;
  • A set of parts and tools for converting a tiller into a mini-tractor.

Since the basis for the implementation of the idea of ​​converting a mini-tractor from a tiller is the tiller itself, the first step in making a homemade mini-tractor is the choice of a primary unit. Some users alter the existing equipment on the farm, others buy a new one specifically for THESE purposes. However, you can go the third way. to purchase a tiller, we assume in advance that in the future there may be a desire to convert it into a mini-tractor. In any case, the question arises as to which technique is suitable for this.

In this, we will consider how to make a tractor from a tiller:

Step-by-step instructions for rework

Thinking over the assembly project, it makes sense when using ready-made drawings to take into account your own requests for equipment. Perhaps, some design features will have to be adjusted in accordance with current needs. If you have experience in assembling such devices, it is best to develop a drawing yourself or based on those available on the Internet. However, the lack of experience does NOT interfere with successfully coping with the assembly, using someone else’s already proven experience. The very same scheme of work is a step-by-step process of assembling SEPARATE parts of the tractor and then assembling them into a finished unit:

  • Assembling the frame and body. The frame is made of rolled metal materials. corners, profiles, pipes. Ideally, the weight of the parts used and the strength of the structure should be correlated: the heavier the frame, the better the adhesion of the machine to the ground, however, the weight of the entire structure should be acceptable for the traction resource of the motor. Parts of the frame are welded, bolted connection is provided for fastening elements. Provide for the manufacture of a tow bar in the rear, it will be needed to connect the trailer. It is also possible to attach attachments to the front of the tractor. As for the body, its availability depends entirely on the wishes of the owner. This detail is not obligatory, but with it the car has a more attractive appearance and, moreover, the body protects both the components hidden under it and the operator himself from dirt. It is best to assemble the body from stainless steel.

After assembly, it is necessary to check the operation of all systems and run-in without fail. before transferring the tractor to full performance.

Kit For Converting A Tiller Into A Mini Tractor