Lawn mower or grass trimmer which is better

What is better to choose: trimmer for grass or lawn mower?

A well-tended lawn or a neat lawn always looks beautiful and attracts attention. However, the question of how to mow the grass on the dacha or plot, often ask themselves the owners. On today’s market, grass trimmers and lawnmowers are available for this purpose. You should know what they are best used for, and what the differences are.

Many people call grass trimmers a smaller version of lawnmowers. This somewhat corresponds to reality, but there are also differences. For example, trimmers can be used to work in hard-to-reach areas, as well as to tidy up flowers and bushes. We can distinguish 2 types of trimmers:

  • Gasoline models are in high demand, as they are much more mobile due to the fact that they are not tied to the power supply;
  • electric, which operate only from the mains.

Each of them is equipped not only with a comfortable handle, but also with a shoulder strap.

These units can quite often be found in the suburban areas, and this is not surprising, because they have a number of advantages.

  • Not to mention the maneuverability of the tool.
  • With it, you can treat vegetation almost anywhere. Benches, flowerbeds and boulders are not an obstacle.
  • In addition, compared to mowers, they are much smaller in size, respectively, it is easier to bring them to another part of the site.
  • Grass trimmers are functional, as they can be used to cut not only low grass, but also high grass. They can cope even with weeds and young growth, if the power allows it, as well as the presence of a special knife. This task is not available to lawnmowers.
  • Owners of trimmers can afford to work with any terrain.
  • And we should also say about the compactness. The device does not require a lot of storage space, and in the work is convenient and often has a small weight.

However, it should be noted and the disadvantages.

lawn, mower, grass, trimmer
  • The load on the user turns out to be quite large, after all, a person holds the grass trimmer in his hands. Hands and back will get tired, especially when working for a long time.
  • You will have to independently monitor the height of the mowed grass, which can make the lawn not too flat.
  • There is no device for collecting the mowed grass, as with some models of lawnmowers, so you will have to clean it yourself.

By maneuverability

Of course, the lawnmower wins in performance, but the grass trimmer leads in maneuverability. The design of the tool is more compact (the diameter of the cutting part is up to 30 cm), which allows you to easily cope with mowing in hard-to-reach places and pay almost no attention to the unevenness of the processed area. Plus, when you encounter a rock, fence or flower bed, the grass trimmer easily makes a neat edging.

The only advantage of a lawnmower in this comparison is an even mowing height. To achieve the same effect with a trimmer is extremely difficult, so if there are no serious obstacles and site imperfections, then this unit will perfectly cope with its task and will outplay the “competitor”.

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Grass trimmer: A powered grass trimmer

lawnmower. this name also characterizes the device very well: practically it is a grass mower, only with a rapidly rotating line (or knife) instead of a blade. The trimmer is easy to work on any surface. the topography does not matter. You can mow at ground level. the height of the grass depends on how you hold the mower.

Of course, such a device is much more compact than a clumsy cart, it is easier to store. They are ideal for fighting weeds. if you come to the site once a month, always see dense weeds and want something to do with them, a lawn mower cart is likely to be powerless. It will just crush the grass with its front end, and as a result, the blade won’t be able to work effectively. A grass trimmer, on the other hand, will easily mow even thick stems. By the way it is cheaper than a “cart”. Our tip: do not buy models with less than 300 watts of power. Even in the under-5000 price range, you can find a powerful grass trimmer from a trusted brand: the 450-watt Makita UR3000, for example.

But there are two problems. First of all, the grass trimmer needs to be carried. For older people, this can be a daunting task in large fields. Secondly, a lawnmower just cuts the grass. after mowing it needs to be collected by hand with a rake. Lawn mowers are much more practical: they put the grass into a special container and sometimes you have to empty it.


Compact Low price Ability to work on difficult terrain Easy to mow around fences and trees

lawn, mower, grass, trimmer

What to consider before choosing a tool?

Each of these tools is designed for a specific task, so when used properly, the efficiency is several orders of magnitude higher. A lawn trimmer can be used to trim dense weeds, and it might even do the job somehow, but the result of such use will be a sharp decline in its life span and a rapid breakdown.

the grass trimmer can be used for mowing lawns, but it is impossible to achieve the same smooth and beautiful surface as after using a lawn mower, because of the way it affects the grass and the peculiarities of operating such equipment.

So for the right choice, determine exactly what you need to do with such a tool. If you need to mow thickets of wild grass or weeds, choose a grass trimmer. If you need to maintain the lawn, improving its appearance and adjusting the height of the grass, then take a lawn mower.

To some extent, the purchase of a wheel trimmer for grass can be a compromise, but because it cuts vegetation with a fishing line, the surface of the lawn will always be less neat and beautiful than after mowing with a lawnmower.

What is the best choice for dacha: lawn mower or grass trimmer

Choosing a device for your own dacha on the differences is quite simple. It is enough to assess the size and topography of the site. If the terrain is uneven, and lawns are very small and located mostly under trees, it is better to prefer a hand trimmer for the grass.

For large plots with spacious lawns, it is more common to buy a lawn mower. It saves time, effort and helps to achieve perfect results. If the terrain on a large plot is heterogeneous, it makes sense to buy both pieces of equipment at once. Then both lawns and corners by walls and fences will always look neat.

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What’s the best choice for the country: a lawn mower or a grass trimmer

Choosing a device for your own dacha by distinction is quite simple. Just look at the size and topography of the lawn. If the terrain is uneven and lawns are very small and mostly under trees, a hand-held grass trimmer might be a better choice.

For large areas with spacious lawns more often buy a lawnmower. It saves time, effort and helps to achieve perfect results. If the terrain on a large plot is heterogeneous, it makes sense to buy both pieces of equipment at once. Then both lawns and corners by walls and fences will always look neat.

How to choose a lawn mower?

A regular trimmer is hard, tedious and time-consuming to mow large lawns. In addition, if the grass is thick, the grass trimmer may not be able to cope. That’s why it’s essential to have the right lawn mower, which is available on the market in many types:

  • Hand-held lawn mower. It is also called a lawn mower. This device works by the power of our muscles, so working with it can be long and tiring. It is true that these types of devices are cheap and do not require too much maintenance. When choosing a manual mower, you should pay attention, first of all, to the working width and the possibility of adjusting the height of the cut;
  • Electric lawn mower. like the grass trimmer of this type, its operation is limited by the cable. Therefore, unless you have a very long extension cord, it can only be used on small lawns. All the advantages and disadvantages of an electric mower are the same as those of electric trimmers;
  • Gasoline lawn mower. definitely more powerful and efficient than manual and electric devices. Easily mow any lawn. It is important to adjust it in terms of motor power and working width. Disadvantages. high price and formation of exhaust fumes.

When deciding on a lawn mower, we should also consider whether to buy a device with or without a drive. We don’t have to push on a working lawnmower. just operate it. This is a handy solution, but a bit cumbersome for lawns with lots of nooks and crannies. In such places, a lightweight and maneuverable grass trimmer will be more effective.

There is, however, another type for professional gardeners and agronomists.

A tractor lawn trimmer is a vehicle equipped with four wheels, a seat and a very economical engine. Very powerful and efficient. But because of the high price, it is only sensible to buy this type for mowing very large lawns (e.g. Golf course, soccer fields, hotel lawns, etc.). д.).

What is a grass trimmer, its advantages and disadvantages

A grass trimmer is a hand-held tool equipped with a motor, a rotating head and a drum or blade mounted on it. The wheeled types are less common. Because of the high speed, the trimmer line in the drum can cut even thick, coarse grass. For the most difficult cases choose models with a knife.

When using the manual type, the owner can independently adjust the height of mowing. But the cutting elements cut or tear off part of the grass, so the grass trimmer should be used in cases where a perfectly flat lawn is not required.

This equipment allows you to work up close to obstacles, like curbs or trees. Grass trimmer works as close to the ground as possible, which wears out the cutting tools, but allows you to get rid of vegetation on the lawn faster.

Grass trimmers are categorized by engine type. Can operate on gasoline, electricity or battery power.

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In the first case, the model is fully autonomous. It has a good power that allows to work with thickets. But it needs to use fuel all the time. Recycled gasoline smells unpleasant, which you should consider before choosing.

The electric type needs access to a power source, and the wire can get in the way. Also it limits the area of work. Cordless grass trimmers are not tied to a specific outlet, but have the least power.

Pros and cons

Such equipment has a number of advantages:

  • The tool is distinguished by its maneuverability.
  • Suitable for working in difficult areas, so you can use the equipment in any area, even near benches and trees.
  • Smaller unit size makes it easier to move around the yard.
  • Good functionality. Grass trimmers allow you to cut both low and high grass. Handle weeds, provided special blades and good motor power.
  • Suitable for use on any terrain.
  • Compact. The device won’t take up much space. Don’t need a separate room for storage.
  • Convenient operation thanks to the lightness of the machine.
  • The equipment must be held in the hands when working, which increases the load on the back. The body will quickly tire, especially with prolonged use.
  • You need to keep an eye on the height of the grass. The lawn may not turn out perfectly smooth.
  • There is no special compartment for collecting clippings, so all the waste will have to be collected by yourself after using the grass trimmer.

What is better to choose a grass trimmer or lawnmower

In order to determine the choice, you need to understand for what specific purposes and conditions the device will be used. For a small area with uneven terrain a grass trimmer is suitable. Due to the small area, the operator will not be very tired when working. For areas larger than 6 acres, it is preferable to choose a lawn trimmer.

Pay attention to the cost of the equipment. Lawnmower will cost more, especially the model with high power and additional features. Grass trimmer is more affordable, even if a special kind is purchased to fight weeds.

Lawn mowers can also have a gasoline or electric type of power supply. in addition to choosing a specific device, it is necessary to determine the type of engine used.

Ideally, have both tools in the arsenal. Lawn mowers are suitable for large areas. But in places where there are flowerbeds, benches, trees, you will have to apply a grass trimmer: a mower will not cope with such areas.

But not everyone can afford both, so the choice should be based on specific conditions. Grass trimmer will be able to work on any terrain, and if the area is uneven, it is better to stop at this method of grass mowing.

If you want to have a perfect, beautiful, even lawn, it is better to buy a lawn mower. It allows you to achieve an area with a more attractive appearance. It is necessary to be guided by the cost of the equipment. This is why you cannot say for sure which tool is better. the pitch must be matched to the specific conditions of the site.