On Stihl 180 which chain how many links

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Which chain goes to the STIHL 180

In those moments when there is no instruction manual for the chainsaw at hand, and it is impossible to install the marking of its cutting headset on its own, information tables come to the rescue, designed not only to simplify the life of the owners of gasoline-powered tools, but also to save them from possible oversights that can be made by choosing unsuitable dimensions of the tire or the chain belt itself.

Since the 180th STIHL is our most popular chainsaw, a great variety of chains are produced for it. Among this variety, there are also frankly unusable products and quite decent analogues.

The original chain from STIHL 50 links with a pitch of 3/8 on 07/11/2019 at retail costs 550 rubles.

Main characteristics

Among the additional functionality, one can single out automatic chain lubrication, blocking of the power button, and the presence of a lubricant reservoir with a capacity of 0.26 liters. When choosing a chainsaw, you should definitely pay attention to additional functions, namely: a compensator, a chain lubrication system, and an anti-vibration system. All these additions are available in the described model.

Spare parts for the STIHL-180 chainsaw may not have to be received, because the tool will not be affected by excessive load, because it is intended for domestic use. Users note that the unit is easy to use. The fuel tank is made of translucent plastic and is also spacious. This greatly simplifies the control of the fuel level from the inside. For the safety of the master, an inertial chain brake is foreseen. How much oil to pour in 25 ml of oil per liter of a STIHL 180 chainsaw? If you want to reduce fatigue in the process of carrying out work, then it is worth choosing such a specific tool, because it has an anti-vibration system.

stihl, which, chain, many

STIHL Saw Chain Selection


One of the most common questions about the chain for the 180th Calm is: “Chain for the STIHL 180 chainsaw. how many links?” We asked, we answer))

  • 14 “(35 cm) bar. 50 links.
  • Bar 16 “(40 cm). 55 links.
stihl, which, chain, many

Sharpening saw chains

Chainsaw Sthil MS 180 chain: types, sharpening, tension

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3/8 ″ P Picco Super (PS) 1.3mm

The Picco Super is the first chain in the world to have a chisel tooth, according to the manufacturer. Designed by STIHL specifically for forestry professionals. Easy penetration, comfortable vibration and smooth running. It features a clean cutting surface, which is important for those who are engaged in woodcarving with a chainsaw. Execution options:

  • 3/8 in P Picco Super, 1.3 mm (44)
  • 3/8 ” P Picco Super, 1.3mm (50)
  • 3/8 in P Picco Super 1.3 mm (55).

Can be used with both professional, semi-professional and household chainsaws.

Which rip saw chain to use

From users of chainsaws, the question often comes: which chain is suitable for rip sawing and are there chains specially designed for this purpose.

At the moment, there are no chains specially designed for sawing a tree trunk along, and most likely will not appear, since any saw chain can be used for these purposes. The difference between a conventional headset, from a longitudinal one is the sharpening angle.

With the help of a straightening machine, you can make a special one from an ordinary headset. to facilitate a longitudinal cut. You can find information on how exactly this is done on our website.

STIHL Chains at a Glance: Marking, Purpose

All STIHL chains are marked so that they can be identified and identified for which chainsaw models and types of work they are intended.

Figure out what size chain you need without stampings on the bar. Chainsaw Chains 101

The name of the chain model must indicate its length (number of links), pitch and width. The type is also indicated. Type is an internal corporate designation, thanks to which the company’s specialists can determine the type and shape of the cutting tooth, the dimensions of the link and connecting elements. The designation can be complete, or it can be abbreviated in capital letters, for example, the Picco Micro 3 chain, will be abbreviated as PM3.

An ordinary user, in principle, does not need such information, since in order to choose the right headset, it is enough to know the characteristics of the chainsaw, the planned volume and types of work.

For the convenience of choosing, the STIHL website has an electronic consultant who automatically generates a list of chains suitable for a specific model of chainsaw.

The service is convenient and straightforward, but it has one big drawback, you can select chains only for STIHL chainsaws. If you have another chainsaw, then you will have to search by characteristics and name, which is not very convenient, since the list of models is quite large.

Below we offer you to watch a short but interesting and informative video about STIHL chains, their production process and quality control.

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Now let’s look at specific models of STIHL chains, their marking, characteristics and purpose.

Specifications MS 180-14

This equipment belongs to the household class, the manufacturer indicates the purpose of the tool, which should be used in the garden criteria. The power of the unit is 1500 watts, the working volume is equivalent to 31.8 cc. Home page »how many links are there in the chainsaw, in the STIHL 180 chainsaw. The chain contains 50 links, and the thickness and pitch of the chain are 1.3 mm and 3/8″, respectively. The products are guaranteed for one year after purchase, and the weight of the tool It is 5.7 kilograms. You can use this equipment for cutting small trees, bushes, thinning groves, as well as fast preparation of firewood. Home craftsmen with success use units for other types of work. Inside there is a two-stroke internal combustion engine, the manufacturer supplied the equipment with an IntelliCarb carburetor which is equipped with a compensator.

3/8 ″ P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1.1mm

A distinctive feature is the narrowest cut possible. Abbreviation PMM3. It is recommended for entry-level chainsaws as well as pole and brush cutters. Has three versions:

  • 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1.1mm (39);
  • 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1.1mm (44);
  • 3/8 ″ P Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3), 1.1mm (50).

Can be used on STIHL chainsaws MC 170, 180, 211, 230. Belongs to the comfort class, since it has minimal vibration and recoil.

Important: a chain with a width of 1.1 mm must be used with an appropriate bar, otherwise, it will dangle in the seat, which will lead to rapid wear of both the headset itself and the guide bar.

Buy chains for the STIHL MS180 chainsaw:

Refueling system, fuel

For fast filling of instruments without overfilling. For STIHL combi canisters, STIHL petrol cans max. up to 5 liters. Used on tanks with a hole larger than 23.5 mm.

Execution options

Recommended manufacturer’s price as of 09/01/2019. The manufacturer’s recommended price is not included in the promotions.

STIHL ElastoStart

As a result of the compression pressure when starting two-stroke engines, jerky forces are generated, which stress the muscles and joints. The ElastoStart starter significantly reduces these harmful effects. The damping element in the handle of the ElastoStart starter alternately absorbs and then releases energy according to the compression process, and thus the starting occurs evenly, without jerks.

Some equipment elements are presented in more detail in the section Product and application technology.

The range of products and information given may differ depending on the export version. Possible constructive and technological modifications of the tool and equipment, as well as price changes.

3/8 ″ Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) 1.6mm

This is a special STIHL chain for rescue operations, in our country it was nicknamed “Supertooth”. Due to the victorious soldering on the cutting edge of the tooth, it can cut wood with nails, glass, brick and other building materials. Where the most challenging conditions and the usual chain will be helpless, Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) will do everything as quickly as possible.

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It has a length of 72 teeth, it is not available in other versions, it is recommended for use on saws for rescue operations, for example, STIHL MS 461 R with a power of 4.4 kW. The price of Rapid Duro recommended by the manufacturer from 9060 rubles.

All the that we announced in the article are taken from the official website of the company.

We invite you to watch the video showing the comparison test of STIHL saw chains. The video is in English, but it shows that a concrete insert is poured into the trunk of the tree on which the cutting speed test is carried out. A regular headset cannot cope even with three cuts, while a special headset makes more than 10 cuts and remains operational.

Quick chain tensioning system (B)

STIHL’s proprietary quick chain tensioning system (B) makes tensioning the saw chain child’s play. You just need to loosen the chain sprocket cover fastening nut, and with the help of the adjusting wheel, easily and quickly tension the chain. No tool required.

Chain types suitable for STIHL MS 180:

STIHL Picco Micro Mini Comfort 3 Chain (PMMC3)

This chain from the manufacturer STIHL features reduced vibration. For a thin groove. Groove thickness 1.1.

STIHL Picco Micro Comfort 3 Chain (PMC3)

The most common chain for the Sthil (STIHL) MS 180 chainsaw. Low vibration, good performance make it versatile.

STIHL Picco Duro Chain (PD3)

This chain features carbide links and a low profile. Built to withstand harsh conditions. 4 times longer between sharpening and much longer service life compared to standard chains.

Manual chain sharpener

How to use files and tools for manual chain sharpening read here: Chainsaw chain sharpening file. Sharpening devices. Watch the chain sharpening video

Watch a video on sharpening chains with an electric machine

Description chainsaw brand MS 180-14

In order not to have to receive spare parts for the STIHL 180 chainsaw, you need to use the tool with the greatest care, following the annotation provided by the manufacturer. The aforementioned equipment variant has a 14-inch tire and a lower price tag. The manufacturer advises using this equipment for construction with the introduction of sawn timber, also for harvesting firewood.