Quality hammer drill for home how to choose

How to choose a high-quality and inexpensive rotary hammer

A puncher is a necessary tool in the household, especially if you are starting repairs, building a house and your hobby is in one way or another connected with making holes in walls and other solid materials

But if you want to have your own tool at home, then before buying, be sure to read our tips on how to choose a high-quality and inexpensive hammer drill.

How to choose a high-quality and inexpensive rotary hammer

Quality, these days, is a relative concept. It all depends on how often you are going to use it and with what effort. For example, if you plan to work with a hammer drill every day for at least a couple of hours, then in this case you need a professional model that can withstand such loads, but it cannot be cheap.

If you are going to use tools from time to time, then, in principle, a puncher of any brand will suit you and there is no point in overpaying for a brand.

In the “home” case, when choosing a punch, you should focus on:

  • light. up to 4 kg,
  • medium. up to 8 kg,
  • heavy. over 8 kg.
  • from 0.4 to 0.8 kW. suitable for household repairs, easily drill holes for dowels and chip off tiles, you can hang shelves, fix plasterboard walls, mount plumbing.
  • up to 1.0 kW. they have increased endurance and enhanced destructive effect, punch holes for pipes, prepare grooves for electrical wiring, dismantle old floor coverings, are suitable for repairmen, decorators, laying pipes and electrical wiring.
  • up to 2.0 kW. capable of chipping concrete, making holes with crowns over 10 cm, drilling stone, suitable for professionals in overhaul, dismantling, laying communications.
  • network models are convenient for indoor use,
  • rechargeable. for outdoor work.

How to choose a good home puncher

Today, branded models are produced by domestic manufacturers and many popular foreign companies. At the same time, the correct independent choice of a perforator often puts amateur craftsmen in a rather difficult position.

In addition to the price of the device and power indicators, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the drive, operating modes and other important parameters.

The weight of the working tool is presented in three main categories. Models up to 3 kg are light and easy to use, but they can solve a limited range of tasks. The devices in the middle weight category (from 3 to 5 kg) have universal functionality, and the highly specialized ones include heavy professional punchers.


By the type of power supply, network models are distinguished, characterized by the optimal combination of price and performance indicators, as well as battery devices that are mobile, but need periodic charging. In this case, the drill, bit and peaks can be fixed in the “SDS” (under the liner) and “SDS-max” (rigging with a base) option. Rotation of the chuck with a drill is carried out at a speed of 600 to one and a half thousand revolutions per minute.

How to choose a quality and inexpensive rotary hammer for your home

Working hours

Modern rotary hammers work in the mode of standard and hammer drilling, as well as chiselling. Each model contains a rational solution and excludes the presence of component parts designed to perform operations unclaimed by consumers.


Depending on the design characteristics, the hammer drill is supplied with certain accessories and has the functions necessary in each specific case:

  • a persistent handle that changes position and makes work as comfortable and completely safe as possible;
  • depth gauge limiter to prevent excessive immersion of the working drill;
  • a set based on working tools in the form of peaks, drills and bits, thereby increasing the functionality of the device;
  • replaceable or additional (keyless, key type) chuck, which is supplied with a special adapter;
  • control electronics, easily controlling the speed and frequency of impact work;
  • a safety clutch that quickly stops work in the event of a jammed operating drill;
  • reverse, trigger lock and a system of illumination of the work area to increase the accuracy of the perforation performed.

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Drive unit

The tool can be equipped with a vertical and horizontal electric drive. In the first case, the gearbox and the motor are cooled very efficiently, which provides the tool with a certain margin of endurance. With a horizontal arrangement of the electric drive, there is an increased convenience of working with such a tool.

Dust cleaning capability

The durability of the device is ensured by a passive or forced dust extraction system. The basic configuration is characterized by the presence of the first option, and in some models a preventive dust removal system is installed. The indicators of the power consumed by the device are necessarily taken into account when performing work, if there is no stable electrical supply of the tool.

quality, hammer, drill, home, choose

Naturally, a significant number of functions makes the device more expensive, but it is possible to perform work with such a device comfortably and easily. At the same time, there is absolutely no reason to overpay for functionality that is not needed. For household needs, it is enough to purchase a middle-class rotary hammer that will cope with simple repair work at home.

No matter how attractive this or that model of a perforator is in terms of appearance and price, experts do not recommend making hasty conclusions when choosing such a tool. Only as a result of a thorough analysis of the individual needs and potential of the device can one correctly determine the feasibility of investing money in the purchase of a construction tool.

Drill chuck type

The most common are 3 drill attachment systems. If you need a small hammer drill weighing up to 4 kilograms, it is better to choose the model with the SDS plus mounting system. Such a device can make holes with a diameter of no more than 3 centimeters. Usually, this is quite enough for domestic needs, and such perforators are most in demand by buyers.

Professional models, sometimes weighing up to 11 kilograms, are equipped with an SDS max drill attachment system. These devices are quite large in size. However, they are able to punch rather big holes. up to 5.2 centimeters.

quality, hammer, drill, home, choose

Two types of mounting, left SDS Plus, right SDS Max.

Recently, another type of fastening has begun to be used. SDS-top. It is well suited for making holes with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.5 centimeters. This mount is often used in devices manufactured by Bosch.

The following functions can be built into the hammer drill:

  • Drill depth gauge helps you know if the drill has reached the correct mark.
  • The gearshift mechanism comes in handy when you need to switch from drill to drill or vice versa. After all, they must move at different speeds.
  • Reverse rotation of the shaft will help out when the drill gets stuck in any surface.
  • A soft start and a device that protects against overheating will help to avoid troubles promising a breakdown of the device.
  • Stabilization of the shaft speed during fluctuations in the load force is a very useful function.

Manufacturing firm

Now let’s talk a little about manufacturers. The most trusted brands that almost everyone has probably heard of are Bosch and Makita. It is in their direction that you need to direct your gaze when choosing a professional model of a perforator. And for home, in addition to these two companies, you can also advise the following manufacturers WATT, STERN, EINHELL, VT.

And yet: household model or professional?

expensive and powerful professional devices are equipped with many functions. They are reliable and durable. It is easy to distinguish them: as a rule, all manufacturers’ models for professional use are painted in a different color than household ones. And there are corresponding inscriptions on them. But the most important difference between them is the time of continuous work, which in terms of duration is 7.8 hours, that is, the entire working day. However, why at home is a heavy and bulky device for the “pros”? Super tasks, as a rule, do not have to be performed, and for the most ordinary repair or hanging shelves, a middle-class model is quite enough.

Let’s list the optimal characteristics of a hammer drill that you plan to use for home use. With similar parameters, you can easily and quickly drill holes in concrete with a diameter of 1.6 to 2.8 centimeters, as well as perform other types of work.

So, a good hammer drill has the following parameters:

  • Power. from 0.5 to 0.9 kilowatts.
  • Impact force. from 1.2 to 2.2 joules.
  • Operating modes. three (except for drilling, also chiselling and drilling).
  • Shaft speed adjustment.
  • There must be a protective sleeve. it will protect the device from jamming.
  • The drill must be secured with the SDS plus system. no wrenches are required to clamp or unclamp the chuck.

Then see for yourself. hold the tool in your hands, try to make a test hole. If you feel that it will be convenient to work, take it. Of course, the hammer drill should be suitable for your application. Just keep in mind that when performing these tasks, the device must be handled carefully. on this below.

Rotary hammer power

Hammer drills are less powerful than electric drills. This is because drilling is much harder than drilling. Therefore, the punch shaft during operation does not require such a high rotation speed as that of a drill. For devices with different types of cartridges, the power is different. Models with SDS-Plus cartridges consume 400 to 800 watts. Rotary hammers with SDS-Max cartridges have power ranging from 1 to 1.2 kilowatts. As a matter of fact, when choosing this tool, you should not do Accent at power. this is not the most important parameter.

Impact energy

Impact energy is one of the main parameters of the device. Joules are used to measure it. Lightweight models have an impact force of no more than 1–2 joules, while “heavier” punches can hit with a force of 8 to 15 joules. The greater the impact energy, the larger the hole diameter can be obtained. When this value is small enough, the device does not work more efficiently than an impact drill. In this case, he will not punch a hole, but drill it. As a result, its equipment will wear out extremely quickly, and you will not have to dream of high performance.

You should be aware that a value of this parameter exceeding 10 joules will lead to a rapid failure of your instrument. Indeed, under such high loads, its refractory inserts will collapse in a very short period of time.

If you need a hammer drill for drilling small holes for dowels and anchor bolts, then see compact models of devices with an impact energy of 1.2 J:

If, in addition to drilling holes for a dowel, it is necessary to perform: chipping, cutting out socket boxes, drilling large-diameter holes, choose medium-power devices with an impact energy of 5.8 J:

If a hammer drill is necessary for dismantling walls and punching passages, then look at powerful devices with the SDS MAX system and an impact energy of 10 J or more:

An impact drill and hammer drill are not the same thing

Some people mistakenly believe that a hammer drill works the same way as a hammer drill. But this is not so. although such a drill is called a “hammer drill”, the principle of operation of these two electric tools is strikingly different. Yes, they both punch holes, but the blows have different strengths, as well as different origins.

The hammer drill works as a punch through the gearing of two wheels called ratchets. At a certain pressure on the drill, an oscillatory movement of its axis occurs, which allows the hole to be made. But the performance cannot be high, and the blows are rather weak. Therefore, hard concrete, for example, cannot be pierced with such a drill.

But the hammer drill is just intended for drilling stone, brick and concrete. It also allows you to transfer force to the working edge of a lance, blade or drill, allowing these tools to work with maximum efficiency.

The hammer drill uses an electromechanical or electro-pneumatic type mechanism as the main structural element. Thanks to it, an impact force is created that is sufficient to punch through concrete or stone. In this case, the master does not need to press hard on the handle of the puncher. Some models have a mechanical percussion mechanism similar to that of a drill, but it is less durable than an electromagnetic or pneumatic mechanism.

The piston and the mechanism of the pneumatic impact system, as a rule, are equipped with L-shaped rock drills.

The mechanism of the “drunken” bearing type, which, while rotating, forces the firing pin to hit, such a mechanism is equipped with narrow perforators.

So, if you compare the mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms, you can see that the latter greatly facilitates work on a hard surface. When using a mechanical percussion device, three times more force is required than when using a pneumatic device. When choosing a hammer drill for home, it is better to pay attention to more modern models, and safely forget about mechanical ones.

Very often, for many homeowners, the process of processing concrete bases is relevant. For example, to make a high-quality hole in such a building material, you will definitely need a special tool called a puncher. With this unit, you can process any concrete layer quickly and efficiently. Therefore, for many people, the following question is considered very relevant: how to choose a hammer drill for use in ordinary home conditions?

To drill a hole in a concrete base, a hammer drill is required. With the help of it, you will do the work much faster and better.

Each professional in the construction business has his own, personal approach when buying this unit.

However, there are general principles as well. Based on them, any homeowner will be able to choose a very high-quality and reliable tool for himself. Before choosing a hammer drill, you must clearly define the type and volume of work for which you purchase this unit. All the main factors that must be taken into account when choosing the optimal and very high-quality tool for processing concrete structures will be described below.

The essence of the punch and the main modes of its functionality

The basis of this tool is a drilling mechanism that carries out axial and longitudinal types of impacts on a concrete base. This mechanism is produced by rotating movements of the hammer drill. In practice, this unit is very often equated with an impact drill. Although, in fact, there is a rather big difference between these tools. The impact function of the hammer drill is pneumatically driven, and the drill is mechanically driven. Therefore, using the first tool, you can make any holes in a brick or concrete base much faster and better than using the second unit.

A hammer drill with 2 modes of operation is optimal. It combines both drilling and hammering.

Depending on the modes of functionality, any rotary hammer can be attributed to one of the following types. one-, two- and three-mode tools. The first type of unit is considered a rather highly specialized device with a simplified design. Most experts believe that this type of hammer drill will not be able to meet all home repair needs. The main functional mechanism in this model is drilling with a hammer mode.

The optimal and popular type is a rotary hammer with 2 operating modes. Its main advantage is the high-quality combination of hammer and conventional drilling mechanisms. The three-mode hammer drill, which includes the maximum functional set, is also considered reliable. For wood, metal, concrete and brickwork, simple hammer drilling or hammer drilling can be used, while simple hammer drilling works very well for removing tile materials. To choose the most optimal and high-quality perforator, you must definitely pay attention to the presence of the above functional modes in it.

Rotary hammer technical features

When buying a hammer drill, be sure to pay attention to the power.

In order to choose the right hammer drill for your home, you need to take into account such parameters as power and impact force. All other things being equal, it is always more profitable to purchase the unit that has the highest possible level of the above indicators. These 2 parameters can be disproportionate. it all depends on the design features of this tool. An important element in the technical characteristics of such a unit as a perforator is the presence of a conventional or keyless chuck in it.

Many experts believe that the second type of tool is best suited for use in the home. By using the keyless chuck, you can change the drill very easily without using any additional keys. Before you buy a hammer drill for your home, experts recommend determining the weight of this unit. The tool, which is considered to be quite light, has a maximum power of 730 watts. As a rule, its weight does not exceed 3.5-4 kg. The average rock drill has a higher power rating. from 800 to 1600 watts. Such a tool weighs approximately 9 kg. The heavy type of hammer drill has a similar indicator, but its power level exceeds 1600-1700 W.

Tool maintenance and repair

Be sure to change the lubricant in the rotary hammer every six months.

Before buying a hammer drill, experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with some additional factors for servicing this unit. This tool is produced according to a rather complex technological algorithm, so it must be used very carefully and accurately. It is recommended that you do some preventive maintenance on this unit every six months. First of all, you should regularly check the condition of the hammer drill at the nearest repair service and periodically change the special working lubricant in the device. This will allow you to prevent any problems that may arise while using your tool. However, it is very common for many homeowners to self-service their rock drill. For such repairs, the following materials may be needed:

Diagram of the device of the components of the perforator.

  • removable cartridges;
  • barrel lock;
  • bushings;
  • special grease;
  • varnish;
  • hammers;
  • staples;
  • set of elastic bands.

For high-quality service of perforators, you need to have the following tools available:

  • a hammer;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • pliers;
  • set of wrenches;
  • vice;
  • soldering set.

Most experts believe that it is possible to completely repair all the breakdowns in the hammer drill only with the help of qualified specialists. Therefore, we recommend that you always carefully analyze any problems with the instrument. If you cannot fix them yourself, then you should definitely contact the repair service. Any wear of parts of this unit always directly depends on the number of loads on it.

Additional functions and cost of the tool

Any hammer drill for the home can be equipped with additional functional elements that greatly expand the possibilities of using this unit. Tools with such parameters provide better and more reliable results when carrying out various repair work. For example, any hammer drill that has a built-in reverse mode can be used as a conventional electric screwdriver. The soft start option plays an important role. If present, any fluctuations of a chaotic type are prevented when the unit is turned on.

The safety element built into the hammer drill is very helpful against overheating and engine wear. A small stopper on the switch can prevent prolonged pressing of this button. The most expensive and high-quality models of rock drills are usually equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism. The housing in such tools is very often all-metal and completely insulated, and the engine of the unit can be practically silent.

Rotary hammer for home and work

For use in a private house, it will be enough to purchase a medium-sized tool. Experts categorically do not recommend buying a very powerful and dimensional puncher for this purpose. The main thing is that the purchased unit is of sufficient quality and meets all your requirements. A tool with advanced functionality and a strong power level is best suited for professional purposes. A general positive criterion when choosing a hammer drill for home and work is the presence in the delivery set of the main set of all drills.

Each potential buyer of this tool must independently assess all potential needs for construction or repairs that he needs to satisfy with the help of the unit. Based on this criterion, you should choose the most optimal version of the perforator. In practice, very often there are situations when expensive and powerful rock drills are unsuitable for the job. The most important thing is that the unit you have chosen fully and efficiently cope with all the tasks assigned to it.

Rules for working with a puncher

Work When working with a puncher, you must adhere to certain rules.

  • Pressure on the working tool is prohibited. The force on the hammer drill can destroy the drill.
  • You should not strive to do all the work in one go. After each hole, the drill must be cleaned.
  • The gearbox must always be lubricated. You also need to watch the anthers.
  • Tool equipment should be selected depending on the type of work. It is also necessary to take into account the specifics of the instrument. So, in some rotary hammers, replacement is done quickly, in others. using an adapter.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the instrument does not overheat. You should also protect it from mechanical damage. When choosing a hammer drill, it is better to take one with a gear case made of aluminum.
  • The hammer drill generates dangerous vibrations during operation. Therefore, in order to reduce it, special inserts are installed in the tool. However, during the work process, it makes sense to use thick rubber gloves.
  • A hammer drill is not a bump stop, although it has the corresponding functions. Therefore, you should not use it too often as a hammering tool.
  • The pressure on the tool will not increase its power and performance.

Rotary hammer types

Types Perforators have their own classification, therefore, you need to understand it.

  • single-mode (drilling);
  • dual-mode (drill with impact);
  • three-mode (crushing function is added).
  • lungs (from 2 to 4 kg);
  • medium (about 5 kg);
  • heavy (over 5 kg).

Thus, depending on the included functions, the widest range of work is available to rotary hammers:

  • drilling in wood, concrete and steel surfaces;
  • wrapping screws, bolts, screws;
  • chip;
  • rammer;
  • chopping work;
  • driving in rods;
  • making holes in ceilings.

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The advantages of rock drills

Benefits Often many beginners are surprised: why do you need a hammer drill, if you can buy a drill for work? It is cheaper, the components for it also cost an order of magnitude less, and it is also compact and familiar. However, not all so simple. There are some subtleties that you need to know before choosing.

The hammer drill is really quite an expensive device. It belongs to the professional tool. But its cost pays off. First of all, it is worth mentioning the quality and durability of a good rock drill. Another undoubted plus is the drilling speed.

The drill will not be able to provide such high speed indicators, because its impact function is just an addition to the main, drilling.

The hammer drill works excellently on concrete, plaster and soft materials. A special chuck ensures reliable operation of the device, while no effort is required from the master. If you need to make a quality repair, then you can’t do without a hammer drill. Of course, ideally, the master should have both a hammer drill and a drill.

Drill or hammer drill

Both the drill and the hammer drill can perform the functions of each other. However, it is inconvenient to work with a hammer drill as with a drill. At the same time, the drill, carrying out the work of the hammer drill, wears out. Therefore, the choice depends on the material with which you have to work.

  • If the work is mainly carried out in concrete and similar materials, then it is preferable to choose a rotary hammer.
  • When working with steel and wood, a drill is better.

If you have to work equally often with all the listed materials, then it is better to have both tools. This will greatly facilitate the process and keep the units in good condition.

Tool characteristics

Characteristics The hammer drill has a number of characteristics that are very important when choosing a tool.

  • Rotation speed regulator. Thanks to this mechanism, you can set the maximum rotational speed of the drill. This makes the work process much easier. You just need to set the speed, and you can start drilling.
  • Power. The power of a tool affects its weight. However, the most powerful rock drill is not always the best. You need to choose such a device only if necessary. The drilling speed depends on this indicator, as well as the thickness of the drill with which to work. The higher the power, the thicker the drill can be and the higher its rotation speed.
  • The ability to turn off the percussion function. If the hammer function can be turned off in the hammer drill, then it can be used instead of a drill.
  • Switch stopper mechanism. The ability to lock the switch makes the work more comfortable and convenient. The master does not have to constantly press the trigger. It relieves tension on hands and fingers.

The difference between rock drill and drill

As already mentioned, many people simply do not see the difference between an impact drill and a hammer drill, and this sometimes becomes the cause of fatal errors. The difference lies in the principle of the tools. With a conventional drill, the effect produced is highly dependent on the strength of the wizard’s pressure on the tool. Do not put pressure on the hammer drill, this can lead to breakage. The hammer drill contains a built-in pneumatic or electromagnetic mechanism that produces impact force.

The hammer drill requires three times less force than an impact drill.

To choose the right puncher, you need to know its difference from a drill and use it for its intended purpose.

How to choose a puncher

Perforators are widely used in construction work, both by professionals and by the apartment owners themselves. Often people do not distinguish a hammer drill from a conventional impact drill, so the question of choosing a tool becomes rather vague. Before choosing a hammer drill, you need to understand a few basic points. One of them is the difference between a hammer drill and a drill. The second is the specifics of the work and the classification of the instrument. In this article we will tell you how to choose the right puncher for the job.

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Which punch to choose for a home craftsman

In addition to the fact that perforators are divided into household and professional, they are also divided according to several parameters, in particular, according to the method of power supply.

This is a rather important criterion, since you need to choose a hammer drill based on where you will work on it and in what conditions.

So, according to the feeding method, all rotary hammers are divided into:

  • Electrical tools. This type of power supply allows you to operate the instrument only when there is an electrical outlet or where an extension cord can reach. The advantage of such rock drills is that they can work continuously and without recharging.
  • Cordless tools. If you have a need to work on the street, or in the country, then you will need a cordless tool, since you will not be dependent on the availability of outlets nearby.

Also, it is worth considering that some modern models of battery-powered rotary hammers can work without losing power at all. Therefore, the question remains how to choose a cordless rotary hammer for home use.

The only thing you have to get used to and do not forget about recharging the battery.

Based on the fact that most often you will work at home, where there are sockets everywhere, you do not need to buy a cordless tool, you can easily do with a network puncher.

If you still do not know how to choose a good rotary hammer, then an ideal example of a tool that is suitable for both domestic work and for longer is the SDS Yato rotary hammer, model YT-82770.

This is a fairly light hammer drill that will be comfortable to hold in your hand while working. Such a hammer drill weighs only 2 kilograms.

Thanks to its low weight, short body and long-lasting battery, it is ideal for stretch ceilings and serial drilling in concrete.

It is also recommended to buy such a tool not only for household work, but also for installers and electricians.

It should be borne in mind that this Yato rotary hammer is capable of performing as many as three functions, in particular, drilling and hammer drilling, as well as forging.

The Yato rotary hammer also boasts a good battery, for example, with one battery charge, it can easily make close to 60 holes in concrete. It is also recommended to have a second (spare) battery to replace.

In addition, there is a special quick-detachable SDS-plus holder, a 4-stage battery charge indicator and protection against overheating of battery cells.

It is worth considering that for domestic use, you can choose an inexpensive rotary hammer, since infrequent work does not require the most powerful tool.

Which rotary hammer to choose for work: important points

Accordingly, as far as work is concerned, for professional use you need to choose powerful rotary hammers.

For example, even experienced craftsmen are wondering which perforator to choose in terms of power so that the tool can withstand many hours of stress.

That is why, before choosing a hammer drill for work, be sure to pay attention to the power of the tool. One of the most important technical parameters of rock drills is power. And, the more the power of the tool, the more it will weigh. Almost all tools are made according to this principle, so you yourself must choose the right rotary hammer for work, taking into account its weight.

Often, buyers also have questions about how to choose a hammer drill for production, or which hammer to choose for installing air conditioners.

In both cases, it is necessary to take into account all working conditions and individually select a perforator. Since there are many parameters that affect the operation of the punch.

Which hammer drill to choose: useful tips

During any construction or repair work, you cannot do without a hammer drill. And how to choose the right puncher, for the masters, question number one.

Now we will tell you about all the nuances of choosing and even how to choose a hammer drill for home use that will meet all your expectations.

quality, hammer, drill, home, choose

Which rotary hammer to choose barrel or straight

There is another difference worth paying attention to, which affects the work process and productivity. The point is that rock drills are still divided after the location of the engine into straight and barrel rock drills. Now we will help you figure out how they differ from each other and how this affects the work in general.

If we take a closer look at straight perforators, then in appearance they look more like a drill. They are also characterized by a horizontal engine and basically this type of model weighs a little.

The straight type hammer drill works best in tight spaces due to its compact body and weight.

Drum rock drills are classified as medium to heavy rock drills. The body of such perforators is in the form of a cylinder and is located vertically relative to the body, an active anti-vibration system, then working with it is not so comfortable due to the increased amount of vibration.

How to choose the right hammer drill for home: selection criteria

You often ask how to choose a household rotary hammer and what to look for when buying such a tool. First, you need to familiarize yourself with what types and types of rock drills exist in general.

For example, according to the method of use and the recommended loads, perforators are divided into:

  • household;
  • professional.

As for professional tools, they weigh much more and are much more powerful than others. The big and main advantage of professional tools is that they can withstand large and prolonged loads.

In turn, household tools are designed for periodic work.

Rotary hammers Yato: rules of operation

In order for your perforator to last longer and perform the assigned tasks without problems, you need to adhere to the elementary rules for operating the tools.

Among the rules that must be adhered to, it is worth highlighting:

  • Use chucks for their intended purpose and in accordance with the hammer drill. For a specific type and model of rotary hammer, use only cartridges that are designed for that model.
  • Remember to clean and lubricate every time after use.
  • You should not use the hammer drill continuously, it should be allowed to rest every few hours.
  • You cannot use only the shock mode for a long time, it is necessary to alternate the modes if possible.
  • If you notice even the smallest malfunction or breakdown, then first of all you need to contact the service center.

Also, do not forget about your own safety rules while working and take care of yourself. Be sure to work with protective gloves, special clothing and during the work process, focus on the tool. If you do not feel well, then in no case do not start work.