What oil to fill in an electric saw

fill, electric

Refined vegetable oil

One-time use is allowed, provided that it is completely depleted with subsequent flushing of the system. It is not recommended to use vegetable oil if the lubrication system covers not only the chain, but also the engine cylinders.


Comes with a saw or is sold with a chain oil label. His specialization is manifested in the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of insuring the oil from the chain during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made from plant components and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (made by saw manufacturers) and third-party ones. What kind of oil to pour into the chain saw is not important, since they are about the same in properties, except that brand names are more expensive.

Please note that plant-based grease can settle on the chain and in the lubrication system. To eliminate such residues, flush the system with the following types of oil.

Lubrication function

It is much easier to determine which oil to use for your electric saw if you know what it does. The chain lubrication ensures the smooth running of the chain, which directly affects the efficiency of the saw. Lack of lubrication is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • Increased engine load. As a result, its overheating and accelerated wear.
  • Increased workload on the employee. The deterioration of the direct functionality of the saw leads to the fact that the user needs to put more effort into sawing any object.
  • Accelerated chain wear. Lack of lubrication also speeds up the process of erasing the chain teeth, promotes oxidation and other negative factors.
  • Increased risk of incidents. This point is a direct consequence of the previous one, as a worn chain can break, come off and otherwise make you nervous.

How is lubrication made?

Modern models of electric saws have a special blower mechanism that starts when the saw is started. Its task is to provide a portioned supply of oil to the chain from a special tank. Accordingly, the oil is poured into the tank.

Older or cheaper models may not have a forced mechanism at all. In this case, oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or a special oiler.

The type of system (forced or manual) does not really affect which oil to use to lubricate the saw chain.

Oil selection

Consider what kind of oil to pour into the saw:

Engine and transmission oil

This option (with the exception of mineral types) can be used in the absence of specialized oils.

What kind of oil to pour into the electric saw

The efficiency of a chain saw largely depends on how easily and freely the chain moves. To improve this indicator, a lubricant is used. In addition, the chain saw engine itself requires oil, if it is gasoline.

fill, electric

Waste engine oil

An extreme option, when there is not even a vegetable at hand. Due to the high contamination of the used oil, the lubrication system quickly clogs up, which impairs its performance. In addition, the appearance of your saw can change beyond recognition.

What kind of oil should be poured into an electric saw

For most electric saw owners, it is not a big secret that the oil used to lubricate the chainsaw is one of the main consumables. However, at the same time, not everyone pays due attention to the quality of the lubricant. And it is completely in vain, since the term of its further operation will depend on how well this product will lubricate the working surface of the chain. Therefore, before pouring oil into the saw, you need to pay attention to its technical characteristics.

General recommendations for choosing a lubricant for an electric saw

When choosing an oil for lubricating an electric saw, each of the users asks the question, which of the options is more profitable and acceptable. a special oil for chain mechanisms or ordinary machine oil? If you listen to the experts, then, of course, the first option is preferable, since the chain lubrication oil was specially developed taking into account the technical characteristics of the electric saw.

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The technical characteristics mean a certain temperature regime and friction of the working parts of the lubrication mechanism.

Although conventional engine oil is cheaper than special oil, it must be taken into account that it serves a completely different purpose and cannot guarantee moderate wear on working parts. So you can win a little in price now, but then you will have to overpay for the repair of prematurely worn mechanisms.

Many experts recommend using a brand of special oil with the letter N to lubricate the electric saw. It is slightly more expensive, but guarantees a long and trouble-free operation of the chain. Its main advantages include:

  • excellent biodegradability;
  • increased adhesive capabilities;
  • presence in the composition of special additives that protect against premature wear.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly increase the life of your electric saw chain. However, the final choice of lubricant is always up to the user.

Consequences of insufficient or excess lubrication on the chain

Certain parameters must be respected for each mechanism whose operating mode is associated with lubrication based on machine oil. This applies primarily to the amount of oil required for its normal operation. Such problems can arise if there is not enough oil:

  • overheating of the circuit;
  • premature bluntness of cutting teeth;
  • seized or broken chain;
  • additional time spent on cutting;
  • increased wear of the sprocket;
  • tire failure.

For an electric chain saw, it is recommended to fill the oil tank in the following proportion: one full oil fill to a full gas tank, i.e. 1: 1. In some models, for example, Bosh, the lubrication system works in a fully automatic mode and if there is too much or too little oil on the chain, the saw itself begins to regulate its supply. However, if a malfunction occurs, and the oil starts literally pouring from the chain mechanism, then its excess can lead to the following undesirable consequences:

  • increased oil consumption;
  • excessive contamination of the tool body;
  • wide spray of oil from the chain.

As you can see, an overabundance of lubricant does not lead to critical consequences, but its overexpenditure will certainly hit your Taking into account the fact that the cost of high-quality lubricating oil is quite high, it is better to use it sparingly.

What is chain lubrication on an electric saw for?

Electric saw oil is used as a chain lubricant to reduce frictional forces and reduce heat build-up. As a result, a fast and trouble-free operation of the cutting blade is achieved. Sometimes it happens that at some stages of cutting it is necessary to exert additional efforts to obtain the required cut, and this directly indicates an insufficient amount of lubricant or its not very good quality. In this case, it is recommended to immediately check the oil level in the reservoir or simply lubricate the chain to complete the current work.

Most new models of the electric chain saw have a built-in automatic oil supply system to the surface of the cutting element, and manual lubrication is only necessary for outdated equipment.

Main components of the lubrication system

Typically, oil enters the chain saw chain lubrication system from a special reservoir, where it is periodically poured. From there, it is pushed out by a powerful oil pump, doing this at regular intervals sufficient to consume the previous injection. The main task of the oil mechanism is to prevent the occurrence of such situations when the lubrication on the chain becomes insufficient, and as a result of this, severe overheating of the cutting part may occur due to sharply increased friction forces. As a result, the chain can become dull and fail. Therefore, the oil must be constantly monitored. Typically, a saw’s lubrication system consists of the following components:

  • oil tank for chain lubrication;
  • special oil filter;
  • oil line, which is a small rubber hose that serves to supply oil from the tank;
  • an oil pump that pumps the lubricant from the tank to the cutting mechanism;
  • special gear, with the help of which the power is transferred to the pump from the electric saw motor.

The tire could also be added to this list, since it has special holes for oil supply.

How the chain lubrication system works

As already mentioned, the pump is the main link in the lubrication system. It works as follows. When the engine speed rises, the gear, which is located on the main shaft, starts the pump operation by means of transmission. At this moment, the pressure in the oil supply system rises, and it begins to move in the direction of the tire. This movement ends where the saw casing touches the tire, in the very place where the longitudinal groove is located, to which the oil channel itself is directed when installing the tire. This groove is required to supply lubricant to the tire at any tension level of the chain mechanism, i.e. regardless of the position of the tire when the electric saw is running, the groove will ensure the supply of lubricant to it. The next link in the feed is the chain itself. Its links have their own separate groove or hole through which the material is distributed along the length of the chain.

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Electric saw chain automatic lubrication system

In the case of an increase in engine speed, the lubricant pumping speed also increases. Therefore, it is recommended to pour oil into the saw only when the engine is off.

Many modern models of electric saws, for example, Makita, have built-in pumps with additional skip adjustment, with which you can adjust the amount of lubricant supplied. In older versions of saws, this feature is usually absent. There, the oil supply is carried out in a constant and unchanged mode, or, as in the very first models, the user has to manually lubricate the chain. Those who own outdated copies need to know how to properly lubricate the chain mechanism by hand. It’s not difficult at all:

  • take any old container and fill it with oil;
  • the chain mechanism is gently immersed in this container.

These actions should be carried out periodically as the lubricant on the chain is consumed.

Overview of brands from various manufacturers

There are many attractive offers on the market today from a wide variety of specialty oil manufacturers that can operate at high temperatures while still providing excellent gear lubrication performance. The most popular ones are presented in the following list.

  • Forest Plus has high adhesion characteristics and can be used at ambient temperatures down to.15 ° C. Under certain conditions, the shelf life of the oil is 3 years. Sold in 1-liter and 5-liter packs 5 l 1140 rubles.
  • Bio Plus products are plant-based. It decomposes quickly when released into the soil. The oil can be used at temperatures down to.15 ° C. Packaging. 1 and 5 liter containers.
  • Synth Plus is made on a synthetic base. Withstands increased loads and can be used at particularly low temperatures down to. 25 ° C. Packaging. 1 and 4 liter containers 4l 2970 rubles.
  • Champion adhesive oil is formulated to withstand a wide range of temperatures. It is sold in 3 and 10-liter containers, which is very convenient for use in forestry 10 l 2200 rubles.
  • Husqvarna Vegoil is one of the most economical solutions for electric saw lubrication. According to the manufacturer, the consumption of this material is 40% less than others.

Using a special oil to lubricate the chain mechanism of the electric saw will ensure its smooth operation for a long time. This will allow work to be carried out quickly, efficiently and with a high level of safety, which ultimately will lead to significant savings in repair and maintenance of the entire tool.

Electric saw oil. a guarantee of its correct operation

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that oil for chain saws is hardly the most important consumable component for this category of power tools. After all, a high-quality lubricating product not only simplifies the operation process, facilitating the contact of the cutting blade with materials of different hardness and density, but also significantly increases its production resource by at least several years. Therefore, the question of which oil to pour into the electric saw to lubricate the chain is one of the central ones that each user must decide for himself, deciding to acquire a household assistant in the form of an electric hawk. We will talk about all the features of this seemingly difficult process further.

How To Add Oil To An Electric Chainsaw

Tips for choosing oil

The fact that oil should be poured into an electric saw is understandable. But another moment, which one, can also be taken by surprise. The whole variety of existing types of grease can be divided into several types:

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special, adapted specifically for electric saws. in its composition it contains adhesive additives, which serve for better adhesion of the liquid with the blade itself and do not allow it to drain instantly.

new environmentally friendly formulations made only from safe vegetable raw materials.

motor and transmission oils. can also be used as a lubricant for certain models, which is regulated by the instructions for them. However, mineral oil should be avoided. In addition to the lubricating effect, engine oil can also be used to remove residues of “biological” lubricant, which not only clogs the oil system, but can also provoke serious breakdowns.

Incredibly, many craftsmen have learned to use waste engine oil and even regular table sunflower oil for chain lubrication. This way out of the situation, although it is economical, since it allows you to reuse the resource, but it carries with it many threats to the cutting working mechanisms. So, used car oil can clog the oil filter and pump, which is generally threatened by the prospect of going to a landfill. This increases the load on the motor, often leading to overheating and damage. Vegetable oil is generally a risky option that categorically cannot be used for pouring into an oil tank. As a last resort, when acceptable, use to lubricate the outside of the chain. Of the options offered, the special oil is the best. Experienced experts advise purchasing grease from the same company as the saw itself, but the price of such a product can be overstated by several orders of magnitude compared to universal chain grease, which is a serious competitor to expensive and not always available branded counterparts.

Features of the lubrication process

Oil for lubricating the chain of an electric saw is necessary so that the cutting blade performs the tasks assigned to it as quickly and efficiently as possible. And the fact that at a certain stage of operation it is necessary to make great efforts to make the cut is one of the main indicators of the need to either check the oil level (if possible), or manually lubricate the chain. Modern electric saws most often have a built-in system for auto-pumping oil into the chain and bar area, therefore the second option with manual chain lubrication is used only for outdated primitive designs.

Most often, the oil for the electric chain saw comes from a special tank, where it needs to be filled periodically. Already directly from it with the help of an oil pump. a separate component of the oil supply, by converting the rotational movement of the gear to a translational rod, the chain receives oil in the volume necessary for normal functioning. It is also very easy to monitor its level thanks to the transparent window of the container filled with oil for a convenient indication of its remainder.

Unlike new modifications of electric saws, older ones do not have such a constructive possibility. But this defect can be eliminated. To do this, take a container (you can use an ordinary household bucket) and fill it with oil, into which the chain mechanism is simply immersed before operation. Such actions need to be done often, since part of the oil will go not only to lubricate the canvas, but also simply go to waste with sawdust.

Oil supply system. nuances of care and maintenance

The oil injection part of the electric saw design, like the one-piece unit, needs to comply with all the requirements prescribed by each manufacturer individually for a specific series and its modification.

Often, during the use of an electric hacker, you can encounter a problem when oil does not flow to the chain of an electric saw, which can significantly affect the state of working elements rubbing against each other. This may be due to several reasons, such as:

  • failure of the oil pump and its gear;
  • clogged passages in the oil filter through which grease flows;
  • a hole in the tire is clogged;
  • depressurization of the oil tank itself.

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As you can see, there can be a lot of versions due to which oil is not supplied to the electric saw chain, which you can figure out on your own, but it is much better to resort to the help of experienced specialists.