Tarpan cultivator engine oil change

Tarpan≫ unit design and operating principle

The high-quality Honda, Champion and Zongshen engines assembly ensures high performance of the machines.

Advantages of cultivators:

  • Efficient worm gear.
  • The engine is cooled by an air filter and the carburetor lasts longer.
  • Attachments are provided.
  • All steering wheel controls.
  • Height adjustable steering wheel.
  • Rubber-coated handles are convenient to change the angle or turn the cultivator.
  • Clutch is quicker thanks to reliable spark plugs.
  • Cultivator separation into 2 parts is convenient for transportation in the trunk of a car.

Cultivator Tarpan review of models, characteristics, operation,

Tarpan cultivator is a domestic product. The apparatuses are manufactured by Tulamashzavod, a diversified enterprise that produces military and civilian products, including small-scale mechanization and road-building equipment. Technical capabilities of the plant allow to perform a full range of works on metal-working and protective coating, and numerous subsidiary enterprises make the plant almost fully independent from third-party organizations.

Motor cultivators Tarpan are known not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. the machines are supplied to the CIS countries, as well as to neighboring and far abroad.

Now we will consider the features of design of Tula-made power tillers and cultivators, will give recommendations on how to choose the model, based on technical characteristics, the needs of owners of summer cottages and farms.

Model range of Tarpan motocultivators. Features of operation and service, video reviews and recalls

Motor cultivators Tarpan are produced in Russia by “Tulamashzavod” company that also produces different civil and military equipment: snow blowers, lawn mowers, power plants, motor pumps, diesel generators, laser tools, peorators and other equipment.

For 20 years of Tarpan presence in the market the power tillers have gained the status of a reliable equipment. Thanks to high-quality of assembly, solid construction, equipped with economical engines, these units are very popular not only in Russia, but also in CIS countries. Modern production is equipped with the latest equipment, innovative technologies.

Tarpan cultivators are designed for various agro-technical works at summer cottage, homestead plots, in the garden on an area of 5-20 acres. Due to the use of additional attachments possibilities of agricultural machines are significantly expanded: transportation of cargo, mowing of grass, making beds and furrows for planting crops, row hoeing, weeding.

The mounted equipment

Tarpan power tillers with Briggs and Stratton engines can support a wide range of attachments.


Tarpan power tillers come with a set of cutters, which are made of quality self-sharpening metal. They are capable of working for long periods of time. Cutters are installed in place of standard pneumatic wheels.

Замена масла в культиваторе Тарпан

Another option for attachments are active tillers. They are installed behind the power tiller. Thereby giving the machine extra balance, stability and safety, as an active tiller is virtually impossible to damage.

Cutters can only process prepared ground. When working on hard rock, they can’t go into the ground and skip over the ground. For virgin lands it is still better to work the surface with plows and then with milling machines.

Tarpan Plough Plough PN-1-20MB

The first ones break up the ground, while the second ones shred.

Mowers and rakes

Tarpan power tillers support work with a rotary mower. It cuts the grass with rotating blades. Rotary mowers help in keeping lawns or park areas tidy.

Rotary mower Zarya Rotary mower Patriot KKR-4

Mowed weeds can be gathered for making hay for the winter with a rake that is hooked up to the unit and collected.

Potato digger and potato planter

To facilitate the work with potatoes, the Tarpan power tiller and potato planter can be put to work.

The most popular version of the potato digger is the screen. Its active knife plunges into the ground for about 20 cm, picks up the soil layer together with the fruit, and then breaks the soil layer and leaves only tubers on the surface.

Turf rakes

This attachment is used to till between the rows of crops. While working, they do not just dump soil on the bushes, but also perform weeding.

Single row rotary cultivator alt=”Potato cultivator” width=”146″ height=”150″ /Potato cultivator

Snow blowers and a blade shovel

During the winter season in our country there are abundant snowfalls, and snow removal at dachas or in the countryside requires a lot of physical effort. Tarpan power tillers can help in these works.

A feature of Tulamashzavod machinery is the ability to start even at subzero temperatures.

Snow blowers are a special attachment that picks up a layer of snow and throws the snow at a distance of about 6 meters.

Blade shovels are used for clearing of snow at yard territory.

Wheels, grousers and tracks

As standard the Tarpan single axle tractor has pneumatic wheels with a wide tread. They go deep into the ground and provide smooth running of the machine.

tarpan, cultivator, engine, change

In order to improve traction on the surface, metallic grousers can be installed. It is a special steel rim with welded plates that go into the ground while driving and improves the passability of the Tarpan power tiller.

Crawler modules are installed for riding the tiller in the winter. They increase the area of contact with the surface, and improve control when driving on ice or snow.


Cultivators Tarpan have a low weight, so to make it easier to work with them, you need to increase the weight of the machine. One of the options for solving this problem is the installation of weights. They are made in the form of pancakes and hung on the wheel axle.


Tarpan power tillers can be used for cargo transportation thanks to trailers. The most popular are tipping trailers, which are able to unload cargo by simply lifting from the front.


The main problem with power tillers is that they have to move while standing, which causes fatigue. To facilitate this process, you can install a special attachment with a seat. an adapter.

tarpan, cultivator, engine, change

Tarpan engine oil change

The first Tarpan motocultivators rolled off the production line of Tula machine-building plant in 1991. Initially they were equipped with low-power domestic engines, which are notable for their low output, and therefore did not arouse much interest.

The manufacturer has decided to continue the development and modernization of the Tarpan cultivator, and already in 1997 new units with the American BriggsStratton or Champion four-stroke gasoline engines, worthy of agricultural workers’ attention, appeared.

Almost at once the “Tarpan” interested the public and the power tiller was appreciated. But the development did not stop there, the manufacturer decided to install one more powerful four-stroke engine, this time it was the Japanese Honda brand.

Engine options

We found that the following four-stroke single-cylinder engines are installed on the machines: Champion, BriggsStratton and Honda.

  • American Champion engine has a capacity of 5.5 liters. с. and can provide a cultivator output of 0,06 hectare/hour.
  • Motor cultivators “Tarpan” with BriggsStratton engine also have 5,5-6 liters of power. с. (depending on the model) and output 0,06 ha / h.
  • Units with a Honda engine are more reliable, their power reaches 5.5 hp. с.

Design features of the units

Motor-cultivator Tarpan in the old configuration is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline motor brand BriggsStratton Quantum, produced in America, although every year the manufacturer produces more and more models with Japanese motors Honda. The power of the American engine is 6 liters. с., and Japanese. 5.5 liters. с. Each of the engines is equipped with an air cooling system, which allows you to repair the carburetor much less frequently than in the case of cultivators of other brands. This is due to the fact that air enters not only the engine for cooling, but also in the carburetor, enriching the fuel mixture. This process has a positive effect on the longevity of the carburetor.

A worm type gearbox feeds the engine speed to the tillers, which are equipped with a depth control mechanism. At the lowest setting, the tiller can be lowered to a depth of 20 cm. Working width between 35 and 100 cm. For transport on the field the tool is equipped with two wheels.

The controls are on a height-adjustable handlebar. Handles are rubber coated and are comfortable enough to grip. Steering boom tilt can be adjusted to change or swivel the machine.

Spare parts


Can be used with the following models: 03, 04, 07. The part itself is made up of the bases and mouldboards that are adjusted by means of a beam with holes.

Hiller should be used with a share or a harrow.

Only they all come together to create the desired pulling force. Can be installed in place of the depth control. It’s not always easy for a beginner gardener to tell the difference between a classic mower and a plow, but they are significantly different: a mower is a symmetrical machine that is equipped with two wing-shoulders.

Weed whacker

During operation, these wings are able to spread the soil on the sides. right and left, depending on the course. The plow cannot be called a symmetrical plow. It is equipped with a single mouldboard and only pushes the soil to the left or right.

Tarpan” cultivator contains a lot of useful information on the choice of equipment, its care and all the necessary parts. There are models where the wings are replaced by two spherical discs. These ridgers are called disk ridgers. They lift the soil well and perfectly clear the plot of weeds.

Soil hooks

Model 260×80 is used for “Tarpan 03, 04″, and 400×170 or 500×170 is used for the model “07-01.

The grousers or wheels, made of metal with hooks, are used to improve the grip of the device on the ground.


The parts vary in size and fasteners in terms of their characteristics. are made from square bars, regardless of their diameter, have welded hubs (polyhedrons or round holes of different diameters) or have holes for attaching a hub.

When selecting groundhooks, it is necessary to consider the model of the motoblock, as well as the tasks that are set for them.


Motor cultivator “Tarpan” itself is an agricultural device designed for mechanized plowing of the soil. If you do not buy additional, extending the functionality of the unit equipment, then the plowing will be the end of it all.

Cultivator owners have appreciated the opportunities in many areas of agricultural work, and try if not to buy, then to make their own special attachments.

Lawn mower String mower Rotary mower Spade shovel Universal shovel Shovel Disc coulter Plow Goosefoot Frame with wheels Hitch Snowplow


Can be used as rotary, where the working body is made of blades, or corded (e.g. mower “String”), where the mowing is made of polypropylene string.


Available in standard 275/110 mm sizes, with a Ø25.5 mm hub.


Two pairs of cutters are supplied with the cultivator. However, machine owners often buy additional rotors that are more productive and reliable in the process of work.

The former are included in the delivery set, the latter, which are perfect for ploughing up heavy and hard soils, can be purchased or produced in-house. These rotors are available as four-blade and three-blade. The two discs are either practical or easy to use.


Hiller is an attachment for making ridges, furrows and dibbling plants. A share bar consists of one or two legs with attached mouldboards.

Height adjustment is by means of a special beam with holes for mounting. To protect the plants, special discs are used.

Reversible plough

Ploughing up compact soils is not only possible with a power tiller. Many owners of agricultural machinery for these purposes use a plow, which is attached to the rear of the unit instead of the coulter. Wheels with grousers can be used at the same time as the plough.

The potato digger

No gardener can be proud of this attachment. With the help of the potato digger, harvesting will be much faster and without losses. It plunges into the ground and pushes the potatoes from above onto the surface. Potatoes are not deformed or cut in the process.


The role of the attachment is clear. it connects the attached implements to the cultivator. Available in U-shaped and swivel models. The swivel is more maneuverable and comfortable.

Frame with wheels

Cultivator is transported to the place of work with the help of transport base, after which the frame with wheels is detached.

tarpan, cultivator, engine, change

Shovel blade

The dozer blade is not only suitable for leveling soil. In winter, for example, it can act as a snow blower.


Many Tarpan owners prefer the shovel and dozer blade to the special snow throwing equipment, which throws snow up to 5 meters to the side.

The basis of such a snowplow can be a brush, the same moldboard and shaft with blades. Many craftsmen make such a device with their own hands.

In addition, the instruction manual provides a maintenance schedule and solutions to the most common breakdowns.

If the hard copy of the user manual is lost, you can always find an electronic one on the forums.

First Run-in and Break-in

The Tarpan single axle tractor is delivered to new owners in mothballed condition. In order to start its full operation it is necessary to reactivate it:

  • Flush the spark plug with gasoline;
  • Connect the ignition wire;
  • Assemble the individual assemblies and the unit as a whole;
  • Add oil to the engine and gearbox;
  • Fill fuel.

The manufacturer recommends that you spend the first 12 hours of the machine in running-in mode. During this time, do not load the motor to its maximum capacity. You must use it at one-third of its maximum capacity.

At the end of this mode, you must change the engine oil, because solids will collect in it during this period.


The instruction manual recommends regular maintenance of your Tarpan power tiller:

Perform the following manipulations on a daily basis:

  • Clean and wipe down the single axle tractor;
  • Wipe down the grills and around the muffler;
  • Check visually for oil leaks;
  • Check the fasteners for tightness;
  • Check oil level in gearbox, transmission and engine.

Every 25 hours of operation is recommended:

  • Change oil in case of intensive loading of engine or use at high temperature (it is recommended to use engine oil with 10W-30 classification)
  • Clean the air filter;
  • Adjust the V-belt transmission.


Every owner of a Tarpan power block should know how to repair major malfunctions:

If the engine will not start:

  • The throttle control lever is in the minimum position (you must turn the lever ¼ of its maximum stroke);
  • No fuel supply to carburetor (check availability and prime if necessary);
  • The air filter is clogged (clean it or replace it);
  • Faulty ignition system (clean or replace spark plug, set gap);

If the engine becomes too hot during operation: