How to assemble a cultivator correctly on a single axle tractor

Cultivator advantages

Despite its many advantages, the excessive versatility of a power tiller is not necessary for every dacha user. And the rather impressive weight sometimes complicates the operation of the device in the performance of daily tasks. That’s why many garden plot owners prefer a simplified version in the form of a cultivator. Such a solution is characterized by affordable cost and low power consumption.

Most machines are much smaller than motorcycles. Instead of the wheels, which are provided in the classic version, here there are special cutters, which can loosen and grind the ground while moving. They are the main working element of the cultivator. Unfortunately it is not possible to use additional equipment, working on the power plant of this device. This is due to the lack of an appropriate drive.

Among the possible “equipment” only “passive” tools such as:

Cultivator weight does not exceed 50 kg, but there are many powerful models weighing up to 20 kg on the market. Due to these characteristics, the machine is very easy to hold by hand, and the fuel consumption remains at a minimum level. By the way, some products are equipped with an electric motor.

Assembly of the cutters on the Brait single axle tractor. Cutters on a single-axle tractor

Such equipment as a tiller is essential for any power tiller, because with its help it is possible to carry out most of the work associated with tillage. Basically, the tiller comes with the unit, but in cases where you need to change the width and depth of processing, you should buy the equipment separately.

Additional power tillers allow you to increase the functionality of your power tiller and make it easier to work with it. Experts recommend having several pairs of cutters in your arsenal.

What cutters are better for a power tiller??

Such “blades” for tillage can be divided into two large groups. Each of them has its own features and is suitable for a certain type of work.

A sabre-shaped power tiller for your power tiller

The most popular and versatile models, which are effective in carrying out various earthworks. These models use an optimal shape of blades, for the manufacture of which the manufacturers choose high quality durable steel.

Models have a collapsible design, so their installation and maintenance is as simple as possible.

Goose feet

These models appeared on the market comparatively recently. With their help any virgin soil can be cultivated, and they are also effective for the cultivation of hard and difficult soils.

Such models, unlike saber milling machines, are made of carbon steel, which in terms of strength is slightly inferior to.

Homemade tillers for the power tiller

Producers offer various versions of tillers for power tillers. You can use one set of cutters or buy two different types of devices, changing them depending on the soil processing conditions.

Some craftsmen prefer to use homemade products, which, if properly assembled, will be no worse than the factory ones.

The main advantage of independent creation of a tiller is that it can be adjusted to the specific features of the plot.

How to assemble the cutters correctly on a single axle tractor?

Assembling the cutter with your own hands should be done as correctly as possible. And here it is especially important to make sure that the active part cuts into the ground during work. To do this, it is initially recommended to study the drawings, and then already proceed to the manufacture of equipment.

The following tools are required to create the cutters:

Assembly does not take more than an hour, but here it is important to install the blades in such a way that they do not interfere with rotations.

This design is very reliable and can withstand quite high loads.

to install the cutters on a single-axle tractor

to mount the cutters on a single-axle tractor, use special wooden trestle, which should be about 50 cm high. the machine should be supported on a coulter and tilted by 45 degrees. then the wheels are removed from it and the cutters are put on. special plates are installed on the outer ends on both sides, which make the unit run smoother and more steadily.

Do you need to sharpen tillers on a single axle tractor?

A tiller is an important component of any tiller. Self-made properly assembled tillers can be used on any modern power tillers, in particular on the Neva MB 1 and MB 2, MTZ and others. Such designs will aid in tillage and make agricultural tasks easier.

Sabre milling machine and how to assemble it

Before assembling the cutters on a single axle tractor, it is necessary to understand the concept of a power tiller well. It is a welded frame made of pipes with a diameter of at least 23 mm with a fuel tank and engine mounted on it. They are fixed on the frame with brackets. The engine is also called a power pack. It is equipped with a gearbox and a clutch. Each brand of cultivator has its own power unit with different capacity.

The tiller is most often sabre-shaped. This scheme is the most popular these days, that’s why it is called the standard one. Sabre-shaped blades have proven their effectiveness over many years of use on a wide variety of soils. By mounting these blades to a single-axle tractor, a multitude of operations can be carried out. Strength of blades made of carbon steel is very high. The cutters are of collapsible design. Each blade is thermally hardened by high-frequency currents during the manufacturing process.

How to assemble power tillers for power tillers? Each cutter bar consists of 2 units. Each block contains 12 blades. The unit consists of 3 parts. Each unit is made up of 4 legs positioned at right angles (photo). In relation to each other they are positioned at an angle of 30°. Each blade is made of 5 mm thick steel. They are mounted on a stand that is made from 63×40 mm size angle. The other end of the stand is welded to a flange so that 4 blades are joined together. All cutter parts are connected to each other by bolts with washers and flanges. This design is very reliable. It can withstand quite high loads. If you plan to use the cultivator permanently, it is better to install a factory-made cutter.

Some craftsmen have trouble mounting the tiller to a single-axle tractor. That’s why it is recommended that two people do the work. The assembly is generally carried out on a purpose-built wooden trestle with a height of approx. 50 cm. These help you get the job done quicker. The single-axle tractor is carefully supported on the coulter bar and leans at an angle of around 45°. The handlebar is placed under the handlebars. In this position the wheels are taken off the power tiller and the cutters are installed (photo ). On the outer ends on the right and left you need to install the plates on the tillers for the power tiller. They improve the machine’s performance and make it run more steadily and smoothly.

Cultivator with their own hands: making a diagram and a list of necessary equipment

How to make a cultivator with your own hands? The first stage, which requires detailed elaboration and study, is the drawing up of a schematic diagram of the future device and the description of all the stages of its assembly. For the implementation of this part of the construction it is required to make detailed drawings of the device, which should indicate all the dimensions and ratios of the elements of the structure.

You can do this with the help of special computer programs, which allow visualizing the visual model, and set all the necessary parameters, as well as use the traditional way. It is concluded in the drawing of all parts on the millimeter paper, on which you must also indicate all other parameters and aspect ratios. Each of these options is able to fully convey all the necessary information that is required in order to quickly and easily create a homemade cultivator on a single axle tractor.

After the work aimed at creating a visual image of the future device, we proceed to collecting the necessary tools. The list of inventory, which will be needed to carry out the work, looks quite impressive and requires its full compliance. Otherwise, the lack of any tool is fraught with delays in the work and the inability to perform this or that unit of the device. Therefore it is extremely important to prepare in advance all the necessary tools and parts, which will not only significantly save time, but also perform the entire sequence of work most effectively. As for the list of necessary tools, it looks as follows and emphasizes in the best way the variety of planned work and its importance. So, a homemade cultivator and its creation requires the availability of the following tools:

  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • A set of keys;
  • a sledgehammer;
  • angle grinder;
  • metal scissors;
  • tape measure;
  • screwdriver set;
  • hammer;
  • pencil.

The above tools will allow you to create a device with optimal characteristics and do it in the shortest possible time. A separate point should be said about the ways of fastening parts to each other. Today there are only two. Metal bolts and welding are both perfectly reliable methods of securing metal parts. However, it is better to assemble a homemade cultivator on a single axle tractor with bolts, because of the constant vibration that will accompany the operation of the device, welds can quickly deteriorate. The most critical parts of the structure should be fixed with bolts, while auxiliary parts of the system may well be connected by welding.

How to assemble a cultivator on a single axle tractor

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Why you need to upgrade your cultivator

If you use attachments like a dipstick, plow, and the like in your work, a downshift is essential. Because you need more torque at lower speeds. It is necessary to speed up the engine to higher revolutions, because the cultivator is designed to work with only one milling machine and to provide the opportunity to install a variety of attachments it is necessary to make a single-axle tractor from it. To get the reduced gear on the cultivator, it is advisable to install a special reducer on it. Initially, it seems that this complex technical device, can be made only in factory conditions on special equipment.

However, in fact, the redesign of the transmission mechanism, which converts the angular velocity into one or more mechanical gears with your own hands is not a difficult task.

First you need to confirm with the basic operating parameters of the power plant. The technical documentation indicates the number of revolutions of the crankshaft. This is the basic value, which is necessary to carry out the calculations when converting a cultivator into a single-axle tractor. To create a reduction gearbox on a cultivator, you will need tools and materials such as:

  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • sandpaper and drill bits;
  • ruler;
  • vise;
  • hammer;
  • metal sheet with a thickness of about 5 mm;
  • tube for securing bearings.

Interchangeable equipment types

Depending on the tasks of cultivation the cultivators are equipped with different tools. The most common are:

  • Tines. There are:
      chisel tines. allow digging out the ground to a depth of 15 cm.;
  • Lancet ploskrezhuschie (ploskrezy). destroy weeds, and also work the soil for 4-6cm, allow you not to raise the wet bottom layer to the surface;
  • Universal lancets. designed for inter-row or full tillage (tillage up to 14 cm). Such tines perfectly crush the soil, cut weeds, partially lift wet soil layers to the surface;
  • Single-sided planter blades (serrated, razor-shaped). excellent for dealing with weeds.

Cultivator tines: a. wing-shoulder, b. universal, c. rigid ripper, d. spring ripper

Fodder knives. they loosen row-spacing, embed fertilizers into the soil (up to 16 cm);

Needle discs. break up soil crust and kill the weeds (up to 4 cm working depth)., shifting the soil by 1-2 cm);

  • Harrow-cutters are designed to create furrows for irrigation (up to 20 cm);
  • okuchenniki. cut ridges (up to 25 cm), destroy weeds between the rows, as well as backfill weeds, processing depth okuchennikami to 16 cm.

All attached to the legs, which can be connected to the frame in different ways.

And this article tells about making a potato harvester with their own hands.

Skidder for power tiller: how to make a homemade cultivator and assemble a ripper with your own hands, step-by-step instructions and drawings

Cultivator is necessary for you, if you want to get rid of heavy mechanical work on your land plot. Ease of use, versatility, compact size and low price. all these advantages make this cultivator indispensable for a small household or a country house.


With the help of a cultivator you can easily and quickly treat a small area of land, treat hard-to-reach places (alpine hills, land near a fence and others). Cultivators are widely available in garden equipment stores.

Cultivator can be self-made from simple materials.

Varieties of tillers for power tillers

Structurally, a soil tiller is a set of tillage blades placed on a rotating axis. Such unit consists of two parts, which are installed on the drive shafts of wheels on both sides of the power unit. Thanks to such an arrangement, a single-axle tractor is able to move independently during cultivation.

It is also possible to distinguish the type of power tillers with attached power tillers, the rotary motion of which is ensured by the PTO shaft. The module is located behind the power unit and does not participate in the movement. MTZ, Neva, Proab, Sich, Agro power tillers are produced in various modifications, with and without PTO.

There is practically no difference in the manufacture of both mounted and conventional cutters. But the PTO-driven module with a double-sided angled reduction unit is available as an option for the power tiller with independent rotation.

Active (sabre-shaped)

The blade assemblies on these cutters consist of four cutting elements spaced 90˚ apart. There may be 2, 3 or more such units on one side of the drive. The number and width of blades depends on the weight and power of the power tiller.

The blades are curved bands of high-strength alloy steel. For self-made with the presence of heat treatment with the subsequent hardening is well-proven spring steel 50ХГФА type. Blades curve in alternating directions.

Active tiller design allows cultivation of areas with stones and roots without risk of blade breakage. But it is reasonable to use this type of equipment on light cultivated soils.

“Goose Feet

Cutting elements of such cutters are made in the form of a triangle made of solid steel, located at the end of the stand. This arrangement is the reason for the extravagant name.

As with active power tillers, the width and number of blades depend on the weight and power of the power tiller. Number of cutting elements arranged on a circumference in the blade unit, from 4 and more. Increasing the number of blades implies a higher quality of shredding, but the power of the power unit will need increased.

These types of tillers are designed for tillage of heavy soils and virgin lands. The presence of branched root systems in the soil leads to frequent clogging of the module.

Both tillage machines have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a variant for self-made, you must take into account the structure of soils, the required degree of crushing the soil, the layout and power of the power unit, the complexity and method of manufacture.