What metal assembly saw to choose

The Ultimate Guide To Metal Cutting Saws. From Hobby to Pro!

Discs of this category are notable for high cost. They are designed for cutting different kinds of metals, steels and alloys. May have some design features, depending on hardness of processed material.

Bosch Expert for Steel 2608643060

The cutting elements of the Bosch Expert disc are made of special Microteq metal with added carbide grit. They are not afraid of chipping, resistant to high mechanical stress.

High-tech MTCG teeth with triple construction guarantee a long blade life. Anti-vibration openings minimize noise level during operation and increase sawing comfort.

Fitting tool diameter 25.4 millimeters, thickness 2.2 mm. Proteqtion coating protects the surface from excessive friction and corrosion.

  • tough material with a protective coating;
  • reinforced teeth;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • reduced vibration during operation;
  • long service life.

Bosch Expert for Steel is designed for making a clean cut with a crosscut tool. The reliable choice for professional use.

Keos WMB250.80

Made of quality tool steel, low friction and quick wear. Robust welding seam between tooth and casing increases blade life. Computer-assisted balancing and machine sanding guarantees a straight cut and safe operation.

metal, assembly

250 mm saw blade diameter and 2.8 mm thickness. Teeth are alternately trapezoid sharpened for improved operation. Specially designed damping slots provide additional comfort for extended use.

Keos WMB250 Blade.80 Used for cutting aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. The modern solution for precise work with soft alloys.

Makita Specialized B-29387

Manufactured in a special alloy with wear protection additives and a reinforcing tip grill. Provides high durability and long blade life.

metal, assembly

Fitting diameter 30 millimeters, kerf width 1.7 mm. Further highlights are the chip-resistant and smooth-cutting shape of the FTG cutting elements.

The Makita Specialized B-29387 is used for fast, clean cutting, such as steel pipes or rods.

CMT 226.048.09M

Cutting elements are made of micro-grain tungsten carbide that provides high strength and resistance to quick wear. The blade does not heat up the workpiece during sawing.

Maximum recommended rotation speed is 2800 rpm, wheel diameter is 235 millimeters. Specially treated blade surfaces for extra durability.

CMT 226 disc.048.09M is used with circular saws for working steel, cast iron, iron, sheet metal, etc.

Zubr Master 36916-200-30-60

Manufactured from quality carbon steel, resistant to heavy loads and friction. BK8 cutters are not subject to deformation, are not afraid of chipping and hold the sharpening for a long time.

The disc has a seating diameter of 30 millimeters and a recommended RPM limit of 7,000. For extra reliability, the teeth are automatically ground on three sides. And special compensating slots minimize internal stress.

Zubr Master 36916-200-30-60 is suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals at home.

Top 10 best metal assembly saws: rating 2019-2020 and the main parameters of the choice of customer reviews

Since the metal is very strong, not every saw can handle it.

The pendulum saw is popular because it does its job effectively, and it does not matter if you bought it in the store, or it is homemade. If the price of a suitable saw does not suit you, you can make the tool yourself.

To assemble the saw with their own hands is not difficult: in the article you will learn about its main functions and how to make it.