How to Install a Single Axle Tractor Engine on a Muravy

Fuel system

The power system consists of a fuel tank, carburettor and air filter

The fuel feed is gravity-flow, the feed is controlled by a mechanical fuel valve

The more advanced K-65G carburetor was installed on the latest scooters. In general, the carburetor is very good, at least because it has two systems, facilitating start-up in cold weather: a manual enrichment on the steering wheel and float sinker. All these systems combine to provide reliable starting in all kinds of cold conditions

In order to increase traction at low engine speed a fuel paddle valve has been included in the engine design. Valve installed in the cylinder and stops fuel back flowing out of the crank chamber

Three-way cylinder scavenging. The three-channel purging provides a better filling of the cylinder

The cylinder head has a positive displacer. The displacer is a useless thing on its own, but combined with the three-channel purging and the petal valve it considerably adds traction at low levels

How to make a single-axle tractor with their own hands on the basis of a scooter Muravy?

Today, advances in agricultural technology have reached a high level of development. It’s hard to imagine a modern farmer without a cultivator or power tiller.

There are many varieties of power tillers on sale, but most store ones are designed for small plots. up to 6 acres. There are more powerful units of industrial type, but their price will be much higher. Given that the structure of power tillers is not so complicated, you can make a singleaxle tractor with your own hands.

How to Install a Single Axle Tractor Engine on an Ant-Man

Agricultural machinery used on homestead plots, fields, vegetable gardens and summer cottages, today in fact there is a fairly technologically advanced device. Almost impossible to find a man who is not used a tractor or single-axle cultivator to facilitate labor associated with service on the ground.

Choose a single-axle tractor to your liking and purse or make your own. Often the engine from the unit is used to produce a real scooter, which is also indispensable for farmers, because you always need to move goods over long distances. Let’s see how to make a scooter with a scooter Muravy home engine from scrubber.

Use the engine from the motor block to give life to a new device

Work on the installation of the motor from the scooter ants should begin with bulkhead motor. Then it is recommended to adhere to a certain plan in order to get a high-quality and reliable unit:

  • Making the frame. This is done by welding a sheet of iron and a four-millimeter cross-section pipe. The frame needs to be firmly secured to the engine.
  • Install carburetor, air filter and muffler.

Principle ! To protect the unit from overheating it is necessary to install a cover to cool down.

Review.A scooter Muravy with an engine from a Brait 7 liter scooter.with the 1st part.

In this video, we look at the ants on the engine from the tiller:

Focus! You will have to open and close the carburetor choke manually.

  • Set the wheel at the front of the power tiller, with the correct attachment directly depends on the depth of plowing the soil and ease of operation;
  • We make nozzles from pipes and angles, fix them with a key in special grooves and, so that there was no movement on the axis, we fix using bolts;
  • Determine a grip level of approximately 1-1.3.2 meters, based on the work to be done.

The machine based on the scooter Muravey get a little massive, weighing about 90 kilograms, and a little clumsy. However, special maneuverability in the garden and in the field is not necessary, because there are usually no obstacles that you often need to bypass. But the motor perfectly withstands what remains to do our client loads, even with long and continuous work.

When a homemade Elbow with a motor from the motor block must be moved over a great distance, then you should in the process of manufacture technology to anticipate the possibility of installing the wheels, bolted through, or make an additional stand for transportation in the back of a truck or trailer.

Can also make the wheels smaller and hitch a plow, potato harvester or hoe.

In the garage for a long time was gathering dust with the old Ant. When I looked through a few relevant articles on the web, I decided to adapt the motor from the tiller to it. It was a good assistant in the household, economical and reliable unit. It was much cheaper to build it yourself than to buy a new device.

Restoration and modification of an old cargo scooter | We install a diy cabin and a powerful engine

To combine a single-axle tractor and a Muravy. a good idea that miraculously came to mind. After making the technique, I got a unit, perfectly copes with various agricultural works on my own garden plot. It not only loosens and digs up the soil, but also helps with harvesting and transporting various voluminous cargo. Very pleased with the technique shown.

General recommendations

To make a homemade single-axle tractor from a motorcycle of any model, it is recommended to develop a multi-stage transmission. This gearbox will increase the drive ratio, traction and torque. Gearbox with an adapter is the key element of the design.

The mechanism that tightens the chain is secured to the sliders with studs. The last parts can be made of steel angle. They can be moved easily, making it possible to loosen or tighten the drive chain. To do this, make grooves in the sliders.

It is more difficult to equip a homemade single axle tractor with the main gearbox. Steel plates are used for its assembly. A bracket is welded to the back of the gearbox, which allows you to equip a mini-tractor with a motorcycle engine with any attached agricultural equipment (plow, cultivator). Gear is dismantled from the agricultural machine.

Motocultivators require locking the wheels. To do this, turn the cylindrical neck of the right axle half. A thread is threaded on its other end. The wheels are dismounted from the electric car. In the rim of each disk cut 16 slots. The plates, welded into the structure, serve as a base for the soil hooks. Crosspieces are welded to it. Homemade single-axle tractor driven by 2 bars from a power tiller. The productivity of the resulting equipment is 3-5 crops per hour. Regular soil is plowed in second gear, while heavy soil is plowed in first gear.

How to install the engine from a motorblock on a scooter Muravy

Replacement of a regular engine T-200 on the scooter “Muravey”, on an internal combustion engine “Lifan” capacity of 11 hp: detailed photos and the description of engine installation.

install, single, axle, tractor, engine, muravy

Cargo scooter is quite necessary equipment for the villager, with its help you can transport various cargo, firewood, building materials, hay and many other things.

The technique is not bad, but the regular power plant in the “Ant” is weak and not characterized by reliability. Therefore, the best option to replace it with a modern, more powerful, economical and practical engine, as an option “Lifan” 11 l.с.

I received an old scooter “Muravey” 1981 issue with the engine T-200, which did not want to start and normally work. I suffered with it, it was decided to replace it with the engine “Lifan”. It was chosen for 11 strong machine with torque of 42 N.m / 2500 rpm.min, which is one and a half times more than the native T-200.


“There was an old Muravi in the garage for several years, gathering dust. After looking through several relevant articles on the Internet, I decided to adapt the motor from the power tiller to it. The result is an excellent farm helper, economical and reliable. And the production with my own hands was much cheaper than if I had bought a new device”.

“To combine a singleaxle tractor and an Ant-Man is a great idea that miraculously came to mind. By making the technique, I got a unit that perfectly copes with all the agricultural work on their homestead plot. It not only loosens and tills the ground, but also helps with harvesting and transporting various heavy loads. I’m very satisfied with the new equipment.

Makes with an ant gearbox

Currently, the development of agricultural machinery has reached a high level of development. It is hard to imagine a modern farmer without a cultivator or power tiller.

There are many varieties of power tillers on sale, but most store ones are designed for small plots. up to 6 acres. There are more powerful units of industrial type, but their price will already be much higher. Taking into account that the structure of motor blocks is not so complicated, you can make a single-axle tractor with their own hands.


We will show how to modify the legendary Soviet scooter “Muravy“, having established on it a four-stroke engine from a motor block ( Lifan 190FD capacity of 15l.с.), as well as a Safari variator instead of the native gearbox. Enjoy the ride!

In this issue: 0:00. introduction 1:12. familiarity with “Ant” and survey of its condition 2:08. history of Tula cargo scooters 2:57. diagnostics of frame and suspension 3:49. engine compartment modification for new engine installation 4:33. motor and variator overview 5:14. disassembly of the front cover 6:05. frame review 6:31. modification of the frame for installation of a variator 6:43. the floor and shaft supports of the variator idler pulley 6:54. variator idler pulley shaft 7:07. installing the motor and variator idler on the frame 7:50. variator belt installation 8:30. defect, repair, adjustment and assembly of the rear gearbox 12:34. Ant’s gearbox reworking with addition of neutral gear 13:37. first engine run 14:36.folding seat 14:44. scooter assembly 15:31. first visit 16:21. driving on the updated “Ant” 18:25. going uphill with a loaded body 19:14. more work to be done 19:58. summarizing 20:18. project budget calculation References: official representative of Lifan Power in Russia

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Moped with an engine from a motorcycle block

Make a lightweight moped with your own hands is possible with the use of an engine from a power tiller. As the basis for a ready-made moped or you can make a frame yourself. In the second case, you need ready-made or homemade parts from motorcycles, mopeds, etc.e fork, wheels, sprockets, chain. Suspension must also be made to avoid the rapid wear and tear of important components. the engine is mounted under the seat. this construction feature has to be taken into account when building the frame.

On the Internet there are many videos with the process of assembling a homemade moped or demonstration of the finished device, one of these