What oil to fill the gasoline grass trimmer

How much grease to put in four-stroke engines?

Due to the small size of the engine crankcase trimmer for grass holds 80-200 ml of oil, but the exact value is specified in the instruction manual and is often written next to the filler plug.

Check the oil level with the engine off by placing the trimmer on the table and unscrewing the plug with the dipstick.

The marks on the dipstick help assess the amount of oil and therefore a lack of lubrication fluid will be detected immediately.

Rules of Usage

The 4-stroke oil is easy to use. you just fill the reservoir and keep a check on the level. The 2-stroke examples are another matter. They require pre-mixed oil with gasoline, and only then pour into the lawnmower, but in no case add it separately in the gas tank. otherwise the grass trimmer motor will not receive effective lubrication and will break.

When diluting, the proportions must be strictly observed. The mixing ratio is determined by the type of oil, the conditions and the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, for mineral oil is characterized by mixing in the values of 1:25. 1:35, and for synthetic. from 1:50 to 1:80. Must be diluted in a separate container by adding oil to the required amount of fuel. And only after the ingredients are fully mixed, the mixture is poured into the gas tank.

What oil to pour into the grass trimmer gasoline. purpose, requirements, varieties, recommendations for selection, rules of application

The mechanical components of the brushcutter engine are subject to permanent friction forces. The resulting premature wear and tear and subsequent repairs are inevitable. The only way to do this is to use a special lubricant. In gasoline engines of ICE type a special oil is used for this purpose.

Its composition includes a mixture of hydrocarbons and special additives to improve performance. The type of lubricant used depends a great deal on the type of engine. 2-cycle or 4-cycle. as does the type of filling. Thus, oil marked “2T” is designed to be poured by a small additive directly into the gasoline of a grass trimmer with a 2-stroke engine, while its counterpart “4T” is filled into the lawnmower with a 4-stroke engine, but not into the fuel, but into a special compartment. the sump (although there are exceptions, for example, STIHL 4-MIX).

2-stroke chainwheels need extra oil in the fuel Source bigam.ru

The use of properly selected lubricant in gasoline trimmer engines gives the following series of positive effects:

  • Reduces friction between interacting cylinder parts, thereby reducing heating.
  • Prevents corrosion in the longest periods of standstill.
  • Effective removal of particles from the working area due to contact between the moving parts.
  • Significantly extended service life and trouble-free operation.

Not every oil is suitable for filling in this type of machinery. In addition to the fact that it must have a special marking. “for garden equipment”. it must also meet a number of requirements:

  • Increase wear resistance of main components of interacting parts, including in the gearbox.
  • Keeps smoke formation in the exhaust gases as low as possible.
  • Eliminate the effect of early ignition.
  • Mix well when mixed with fuel. even at minimum ambient temperature.
  • Have viscosity and fluidity values corresponding to standards.
  • Have minimal toxicity.

Correctly selected oil is a guarantee of high performance of your trimmer for grass Source carscomfort.ru

Please note! Some useful properties (frost and wear resistance, corrosion resistance) of a certain product are provided by special additives. Range from 5 to 15%. But the use of agents, which include additives, not recommended by the manufacturer. Can lead to carbon buildup or coking of the cylinders and can ruin the engine.

Special features of two and four-stroke engines

The two-stroke motor is similar in principle to the four-stroke engine. the only peculiarity is that the two-stroke engine works in 2 strokes and the four-stroke engine works in 4 strokes. The latter is understood as a downward or upward movement of the piston. Two strokes per revolution of the crankshaft. The stroke of the piston is its movement, during which the energy of the gases created by combustion of fuel is converted into useful work (rotation) of the engine.

Structurally and operationally two-stroke and four-stroke models of internal combustion engines differ from each other by the following criteria.

    2-stroke engines have the higher value of specific and liter capacity (approximately 1.5÷1.8 times).

Specific power is the ratio between the power of the drive unit and its mass. The per-liter capacity is the ratio of horsepower to engine displacement (in liters).

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Absence of a valve timing unit makes two-stroke engines lighter and simpler in terms of design. Filling the cylinder with fuel-air mixture and gas purging occurs during expansion and compression through special holes: the inlet (purge) and outlet.

Husqvarna oils

Lubricants extend engine and indirect parts’ life and provide long, trouble-free operation.

Husqvarna all-season oils are among the best for garden and construction equipment. Protects the engine immediately at startup and instantly lubricates far-flung components. features soft texture, anticorrosive properties, works in a wide temperature range and at high RPM.

The benefits of Husqvarna oils

  • Suitable for use with low-quality gasoline;
  • Contributes to economical fuel consumption
  • thick oil film protects engine from wear and corrosion;
  • Reduces the appearance of carbon deposits on pistons and cylinders;
  • high viscosity makes it easy for the oil to get to moving parts;
  • special additives prevent deposits in the crankcase;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • low volatility, resistant to oxidation processes;
  • environmentally friendly and biodegradable components.

Engine oils for 2 and 4-stroke engines

  • snow blowers;
  • Suitable for any 2-stroke engine. chainsaws and chain saws;
  • lawnmowers;
  • trimmers;
  • blowers;
  • of power tillers;
  • garden tractors, etc.

We have summer oils and universal variants for year-round use.

Husqvarna 1 liter API SG 2-stroke HP Husqvarna oil is the best selling oil in Russia. Its improved formula is adapted for use in harsh Russian latitudes with poor-quality gasoline. Synthetic additives protect the engine from wear, deposits and corrosion, suitable for all appliances with 2-stroke engines.

Guide For Mixing 2 Stroke Fuel For 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer

Pay attention! How to distinguish Husqvarna oil from counterfeit:

  • HP two-stroke oil is sold in 1 liter only, price from 799 p.
  • Laser engraved black or yellow on the top of the bottle.
  • On the side there is an oil level indicator stripe with 100 ml notches.
  • The date of manufacture includes not only the day-month-year, but also the time of issue.
  • Instructions on the back are completely in Russian. There is information on certification, precautions, storage conditions, factory and importer in
  • In addition to the logo and barcode there is a part number printed like # 5878085-12.
  • “Made in Sweden” marking, no other official manufacturer.
  • The dial on the bottom of the bottle shows the year in the center of the circle and an arrow points to the month.
  • Inspection ring for opening, engraved H (Husqvarna) logo on lid, with protective aluminum foil underneath.

Husqvarna chain oils

To prevent wear, a special low-viscosity oil is used to lubricate the chain and protect the saw bar. Effective in cold and wet environments. But it can be easily washed off with soap and detergents.

Air filter oil

Soaks up the filter and collects dust particles before they reach the engine, thereby increasing engine life and durability. Removable with soap, biodegradable.

See the full engine oil catalog in our Husqvarna store.

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To buy Husqvarna oil, place your order online or call or if you want to consult with an expert.

Fuel consumption and what it depends on?

Fuel consumption of gasoline lawnmowers is measured in liters per hour, that is, the number of liters of gasoline that the engine consumes during cutting the grass per hour.

This parameter depends on:

The more powerful engine, the more fuel it consumes, because the energy to rotate its shaft is created by combustion of gasoline and the appearance of exhaust gases that pushes the piston, which through the connecting rod rotates the crankshaft of the engine.

the wider the cutting width, the more power the engine needs to put out to cut the grass. Self-propelled drive takes some of the power produced by the engine to move the mower, which means additional power needs to be generated to maintain the same mowing efficiency, leading to increased fuel consumption.

The thicker the grass, the higher the blade load, which means the more energy the engine needs to deliver to maintain mowing efficiency.

The mowing modes are important, because in mulching mode and when the grass catcher box is not emptied in time, the fuel consumption increases.

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Manufacturers sometimes indicate fuel consumption for a particular model, but these figures are averaged and therefore the tolerance is ±30%. This parameter can be determined more accurately by means of a full-scale test, for which exactly 1 liter of gasoline is poured into the tank and mowed until the engine stalls, and then this data is converted into the required (l/h) format.

What is the difference between the 2T and 4T??

Motors have a similar operating principle. The main difference is the amount of movement necessary for the piston to move in the working stroke. This kind of action is called tact. Crankshaft completes a full revolution in two strokes. The stroke of the piston is the movement which converts the gases from the energy released by the combustion of fuel into the useful work of the engine (rotation).

In addition to this, there are differences in specifications and performance. The following can be highlighted

  • The 2T has a higher power density and horsepower per gallon.
  • 4T is more economical (the difference is around 20 30%). The exhaust emission is lower in toxic substances.
  • Feed fuel mixed with atmospheric air into the cylinder and exhaust gases out. The 4T has a variable valve train. No piston stroke in the 2T.
  • 4Ts make less noise.
  • The design of the 2T is much simpler than today’s counterparts.
  • Modified lubrication system and reduced crankshaft speed have had a positive effect on the service life of the 4T units.
  • The 2T picks up speed faster.
  • 2T model is easy to service and maintain.
  • Implementation of oil-fuel mixing.

Which oil to use

Due to design features, the engines require a suitable fluid to be filled. 2021 lubricants are divided into three categories.

  • Mineral. products are made from crude oil by distilling it into fractions. Easy cleaning eliminates foreign particles of the coarse fraction and gives the lowest possible purity and efficiency.
  • Semi-synthetic. oils are based on mineral oil with the addition of artificial additives. Formulated to be better soluble in fuel and contain fewer noncombustible impurities.
  • Synthetic. advanced lubricants are made from man-made components, ensuring ultimate solubility in gasoline, increased fluidity. This formulation provides excellent engine lubrication and contains very little ash components.

Separately, the company’s tolerance should be taken into account. Regardless of the base and manufacturer, the oil can should have a 2T indicator on it, indicating it is intended for two-stroke engines.

Topping up your brushcutter is best done with a 2T oil filler

In order for the mixture to be properly distributed in the fuel system of the unit, a simple instruction must be followed. How to properly fuel a gasoline grass trimmer:

  • Do not put the brushcutter on a horizontal surface with the fuel tank neck up and pour in the correct amount of mix;
  • Don’t pour too much into the grass trimmer. keep track of how much fuel is at the top mark;
  • Do not spill any fuel on the ground or tool casing;
  • Before starting the engine, provide a safe distance to the fuel tanks;
  • If you had old fuel in the tank, empty the tank completely before refueling with new fuel.

Fueling a brushcutter with a two-stroke engine

For filling petrol trimmers of this type it is necessary to follow the already described instruction. It is necessary to maintain a strict oil ratio and not to spill it on the tool body. Take care that the gas tank is not overfilled, because then the engine will work unstable.

Filling brushcutters with a four-stroke engine

The main difference is that grass trimmers with this type of engine are not filled with a mixture of oil. It is necessary to fill separately Ai-92 and motor oil. General rules for filling the tank are similar to those already described above.