Which drill is better with a straight or barrel hammer?

How to choose a peorator with a vertical or horizontal motor

Structurally, the tools differ in the location of the engine. They are easy to distinguish. L-shaped rotary hammers are called vertical (barrel hammers), and elongated devices are called horizontal, straight, or pistol hammers. Home craftsmen often find it difficult to choose: which peorator for which repair task is better. straight or barrel? Let’s see the differences between the machines.

The appearance of these tools resembles a drill because of the horizontal position of the motor, as in the Makita HR2470 model. Since the motor is installed in the drill axis, the torque is transmitted directly to it. This, on the one hand, allows a good speed for drilling operations, on the other hand, it limits the impact force. This device is more suitable for home use, because it is easy to hold, compact, and the rotational speed of the tool is sufficient for most simple operations. Many craftsmen choose this type of tool because of such advantages:

The disadvantages noted by users are the weak impact force and low power. In addition, you should always keep an eye on the heating of the housing. Gun devices, such as the Sparky BPR 280CE, do not cool the motor well enough, so frequent breaks are required in order not to overheat the motor.

These devices are usually considered semi-professional, because their power is low and they can not cope with the demolition of structures. The most often used pistol models, such as Bosch GBH 2-28, are used for installing chipboard boards, piercing walls, and other small household tasks.

BORT BHD-900 4168₽

The technologies implemented in the BORT BHD-900 horizontal pistol make it possible to carry out relatively low-cost finishing work indoors without stressing the wall material. This argument proves to be true:

And if you exclude the contact of the working drill bit with the reinforcement (e.g. with a hidden wiring scanner), then the potential of the BORT BHD-900 model is enough to drill through interior reinforced concrete slabs.

Despite its claimed impressive performance, this tool is not designed to work with drill bits, not without impact, much less with percussion. In domestic conditions, the same spacers are drilled with a small-diameter drill in a circle, after which the resulting sieve is broken with a chisel.

Weight (kg) 3.2
Drill bit retention option SDS
Working modes Drilling with and without hammer, chiseling
Impact force, J 3.5
Impact frequency at xx, beats per minute 4700
Shaft speed at xx, rpm 900
Power consumption, W 900
Drilling in wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/30
Add. Function Safety clutch, electronic speed control, reverse
Development Origin / Of. Production Germany / China
Price, 4168

Barrel or straight torch?

Peorator. tool for drilling holes in various materials, light chiselling work. The tool can be used for repair and construction tasks and dismantling.

The principle of operation is simple. High energy impact is generated pneumatically, through the reciprocating motion of the piston and hammer in the impact mechanism cylinder.

Thus, in the peorator it is possible to use one of three functions: rotation (for drilling operations), impact (chiselling) or rotation with impact (drilling).

Depending on the operating principle and the tasks to be performed, the position of the motor also changes. There are two types: horizontal (pistol type) and vertical (barrel type).

That is why it is important to understand the difference between the drum peorator and the direct peorator and how to choose the appropriate variant. Let’s try to understand it.

Why are the names Barrel and Straight??

The name comes from appearance: the location of the motor makes adjustments in the design of the tool.

Vertical (barreled). In this case the motor is placed perpendicular to the drill axis in the central part of the body.

Horizontal (pistol type). In this type of peorator the engine is located in the drill axis, which makes the model similar in design to the pistol configuration.

Pros and cons of horizontal (pistol grip) geared motor

The horizontal (pistol grip) peorator has the following advantages and disadvantages.

  • low weight. This makes it convenient to use, allows you to perform even overhead work without problems.
  • Due to the design is suitable for operation in narrow openings.
  • Easy servicing, repair.
  • The cost of such peorators is lower.

This model is ideal for installing drywall, wood boards, boards and rails, as well as facade work.

So when answering the question of which peorator is better: vertical or horizontal, you should determine the range of work.

The horizontal model is ideal for domestic use, uncomplicated and short work.

Features of the vertical (barrel) peorator

  • Greater power, higher energy, and therefore higher performance. Will be able to work with various tools, carry out the dismantling of walls and foundations.
  • intensive cooling system, which will allow you to use them in extreme conditions.
  • Parts and assemblies with higher wear resistance, thanks to which the tool will have a longer service life.

Thus, barrel (vertical) peorator is suitable for professional complex tasks.

This tool can be used, in addition to work with wooden structures, plasterboard, for drilling and dismantling of reinforced concrete, stone structures.

Therefore, if you wonder what peorator to choose: barrel or straight, you should decide on the range of planned works.

For professional tasks, the drum-mounted submachine gun is the recommended solution. If, however, the tool is purchased for occasional work, such as simple home repairs, a direct torch will do.

One of the important moments that you should pay attention to when buying a peorator is the manufacturer.

Our Internet-shop offers products from the official representative of TM Machtz. Why Machtz? The tools of this brand are of the highest quality and reliability, as evidenced by the many positive user reviews and the manufacturer’s 24-month warranty.

A tool that lasts a long time and completely fulfills its purpose. You can choose from a wide range of tools from the professional line, as well as for domestic use. On our website you can read tips, reviews, watch videos.

Choose from both barrel-type and straight (pistol-type) peorators. Mächtz MRH-1250S DFR peorator with a detachable DFR quick-action chuck, power 1250 W and impact energy 3,8 J allows you to easily perform not only dismantling operations, but also drilling work in different materials.

Mächtz MRH-1920B drum hammer drill, with 1920 W power, 7,8 Joules impact energy, improved anti-vibration system allows you to use it for longer periods without interruption for “changing hands”, and the RPM control makes it easy to work in different materials.

Drilling with impact

Unique mode, which also allows to work with the following materials:

Barrel drill can drill a sufficiently accurate hole designed for fasteners with no problem. This mode is most often used for home works. Home, use drills of different sizes, which are designed specifically for drilling with impact.

Also drum peorator works in a drilling mode, which is similar to the use of an ordinary drill. The difference will consist only in the features of the drill, which is used with the device.

To summarize: the drum peorator is ideal for demolition work. The device works well with hard materials only.

Types of torches to look out for

In order to extend their functionality, manufacturers produce three types of peorators:

  • Household or amateur. great for home
  • Semi-professional. good not only for home, but also for construction and repair work
  • Professional. these models are not designed for home use. They are used exclusively for construction and repair work in large volumes

The third option of peorators for the home is immediately eliminated, so we will choose between amateur and semi-professional. In order to make the right decision, let’s find out what their differences are.

Household models have low weight, which is associated with the use of plastic components in the design. It is convenient to work with such devices at home, since they are lightweight and have small dimensions. For drilling holes in the concrete wall of the house in order to hang a picture or a shelf, the household model is enough. Its main advantage is that it is inexpensive. In addition, the power tool has three operating modes:

Different operating modes let you use this home-type plow for drilling metal, wood, and other materials, as well as using the tool for mixing and kneading loose mixtures. The weight of household units does not exceed 2-3 kg.

which, drill, better, straight

Semi-professional models are used not only in everyday life, but also in construction and repair work. The weight of such units does not exceed 5-6 kg. Externally, semi-professional models of devices are similar to domestic, but the main difference is in the “filling” or technical filling. If for the production of domestic models low-quality components are used, the semi-professional models are made with high-quality components. This allows you to use semi-professional peorators to perform any amount of work.

A peorator for professional use is designed for construction applications. Its weight ranges from 5 kg and more. The more power, the more weight of the unit. Such a unit can drill a hole in concrete, reinforced concrete and stone. Such machines are used by workers with muscles in production, and it does not make sense to buy a heavy peorator for home.

Proceeding from the kinds of peorators, which are divided into classes, one can make a relevant conclusion about what kind of peorator to choose for your home. If the work is planned to be carried out only within the apartment, then household models are enough. For drilling concrete within the yard of a private home, it is better to use semi-professional units.

What is considered to be the normal impact force of a peorator?

The following can be said about the impact force on peorators, that it is one of the main parameters, which is in close correlation with the power. The impact force is the amount of energy with which the auger plunges into the drilled surface. To measure the impact energy of the gator, such a value as Joule is used. To be able to drill a hole in the concrete or split a wall, you need to use a peorator of sufficient power and impact force. Peorators are classified according to their impact force:

  • From one to three joules. these are household peorators. These parameters are quite enough to perform work within an apartment
  • Four to eight joules are semi-professional units that are used for work around the house
  • Over 8 joules. these are professional units, the impact energy of which reaches 27 joules

Before you buy a peorator, which can be done in the online store Cylinder, it is necessary to clarify the impact energy value of the power tool. After all, it is this value that determines the ability to perform drilling work.

Pros and cons of the pistol peorator

In the pistol (horizontal) type, the motor is located parallel to the axis of impact. Horizontal drills are used to work on narrow grooves because they are longer and narrower, due to which they resemble a gun.

Such a tool is more suitable for home temporary use. However, it can be used in 3 modes: drilling, drilling with impact and impact mode. In drilling mode, the peorator is similar to a drill used on softer materials such as wood. In drilling mode, the drill motor performs a circular and translational motion simultaneously. It is designed for harder materials. No rotary motion in impact mode, turning the tool into a jackhammer.

  • comfortable and very light;
  • powerful booster motor;
  • Cheaper than vertical models;
  • ergonomic D-handle is made for better handling and comfort.
  • quite lightweight, which makes it suitable only for light tasks and projects
  • slower in reverse mode;
  • Overheats when working on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

Pros and cons of the barrel hammer

In barrel (vertical) gorators, the motor is perpendicular to the axis of impact. The vertical type has a good cooling system of the motor and power. Most professional rotary gears are vertical.

This kind of peorator makes a strong impact, so you can do more work in less time. For professional use, a convenient and easy replacement of bits is available, and its multifunctional selector allows as effortless switching between the modes of drilling, only a hammer or peorator.

Barrel type is capable of any task, including simply fixing objects or breaking huge chunks of thick materials.

  • durability, it has a sufficient durability when chiseling;
  • because of its high torque it can functionally be used as a mixer;
  • capable of making holes of large diameters in hard surfaces;
  • percussion capabilities suitable for wall removal;
  • Effective drilling in the vertical direction.

The only disadvantages are the heavy weight and high cost when comparing the vertical type to the horizontal type.

Working with the breaker in the impact mode that you can do

There is one more mode left on the gator. it is a chipping hammer. its working principle is that the chuck on the peorator does not rotate. This is done by reciprocating motions, which allow you to chisel, punch, slot, destroy concrete surfaces. To do this, the toggle switch on the tool should be switched to chisel mode, where the hammer is drawn. over, in this mode you have to use the corresponding types of nozzles. spade, shovel, chisel, etc.п., which depends on the technological objectives set. You do not have to apply pressure to the surface you want to work on. The only thing you need to do is to point the tool in the right direction and hold the tool firmly in your hand.

It is not recommended to work with the accelerator in a percussive mode for a long time, unless it is a professional unit. If you plan to frequently use the unit for chiseling concrete, then it is better to buy a chipping hammer.

This is interesting! You can buy the appropriate accessories for the torch with which you can work in all modes in the “Cylinder” online store. Cylinder also offers various accessories and spare parts as well as power tools.

How to work properly with a tool tips for novice masters

Knowing how to work with the machine in different modes is not enough to prevent serious injuries. There are a number of criteria that must be considered in order to prevent serious injury and damage:

  • Wear personal protective equipment. You can buy such products in the online store Cylinder. Work must be carried out wearing gloves, goggles, earplugs. In addition, you must also use special work overalls, as well as boots with a metal toe. This is done to prevent injury not only from the power tool itself, but also from parts of the work surface
  • No pressure should be applied to the tool when it is used for chiseling or drilling with a hammer. Many experienced professionals initially get used to using the tool incorrectly, and then teach newcomers how to use the torches in this way. Not only do you need to know how to use it correctly, but also understand how it works. The principle is that the impact occurs due to a special mechanism that acts on the nozzle, which is fixed in the chuck of the torch. Pressure on the tool only when using it during drilling metal and wood, and when processing concrete, you only need to hold it firmly and guide it
  • Eliminate idle tool wear and tear. After all, parts wear out during idle operation. While this is not critical for gears, it’s much harder with an impact tool. If the peorator works idly, there is wear and tear on the mechanisms that are responsible for creating the impact movements. As a result, the impact energy is reduced and the tool parts are worn out
  • If the need arises to drill a hole in porous and soft materials, such as foam concrete, then it is recommended to switch on the drilling mode without impact. Impact drilling causes the material, which is already fragile, to break
  • When drilling in high-strength concrete, it is recommended to use coolants that prevent the nozzle from overheating to extremely high temperatures
  • Regularly apply grease to the shank design of the bits used. There are special kinds of lubricants for this purpose, but even if you do not have any, it is better to treat the shank with solidol or lithol than to use a drill with no additional lubricants
  • Let the tool and bit periodically rest and cool down
  • Do not use drills or other types of nozzles that are dull and have worn working parts. This increases the load on the tool, as well as reduces its productivity

Depending on the purpose of the tool, household or professional, you should control the time of work with rest. If it is a professional unit, you can work with it continuously for up to 1 hour, but then you need to take a break for 10-15 minutes until it cools down. With domestic machines, it is much more difficult. They are not designed for continuous operation, so every 10-15 minutes of work should be replaced by pauses of at least 10 minutes. In addition, household peorators are not designed for constant use, that is, if you plan to make repairs in the house or apartment, it is better to use semi-professional models. Household ones are designed for drilling a hole in concrete, to hang a shelf, a painting, to install furniture, etc.п.


Pobeda P-20-620

Inexpensive but good mid-range implements with horizontally mounted motor. Ideal for electrical installations. Drilling depth limiter included. Safety coupling protects the operator if the tool jams in the material.


Easy-to-use tool for occasional DIY jobs around the house. Only 500 watts of power, but enough for your home use. High drill performance is achieved due to its high impact rate (7500 bpm).

Kolner KRH 520H

The Kolner KRH 520 H peorator is available for very little money, although its reliability is not inferior to expensive competitors. With this device it is possible to carry out drilling with impact, the power of which reaches 3900 beats per minute. The list of parts includes carbon brushes, an additional handle, a drilling limiter, a key chuck.


Makita DHR263Z 0

This model attracts with its high power and portability. Makita DHR263Z allows you to drill with a hammer and chisel away from power lines. Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are also a good thing: The DeWALT DCH273P2P has. This means work can be continued for several hours without having to recharge the battery. Drill bits, chisels and all kinds of other accessories can be attached via SDS-Plus chuck.


  • brushless motor
  • shock cutoff feature
  • Excellent balance
  • Fits perfectly in your hand
  • high-capacity battery

Portable model with reliable 400 W brushless motor and rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. The 2.1 Joule impact energy tool works with drills, picks and chisels with SDS-Plus shanks. It provides the ability to perform chiseling, drilling, drilling with impact, making holes in concrete, stone, metal, wood materials.

Bosch GBH 3-28 DRE

  • low weight
  • high power
  • numerous settings
  • comfortable and spacious carrying case
  • 3 years warranty
  • handle with vibration protection
which, drill, better, straight

Suitable for electricians. lightweight, handy tool, chuck change in 5 seconds, vibration-protected handle, swivel cable clamp, reverse and other features that make this model popular with both professionals and beginners. The L-shaped design of the accelerator helps to ensure equal weight distribution.

Set of additional features

You should also not forget about the additional functions. Usually their presence increases the price of the tool. But some of them are really useful, and sometimes necessary.

  • Reverse mode. Optional, but recommended functionality. This makes it easier to remove the drill bit by simply turning it backwards. But do not overuse reverse, because the mechanism wears out quickly.
  • Anti-jamming protection. Useful function for high-powered torches. Prevents injury to the eyes and burns out the motor windings.
  • Soft start. Eliminates jerks and risks associated with sudden device starts.
  • Speed Switching. Allows you to adjust the speed of the chuck (spindle), as well as select the optimal speed of impact.
  • Speed stabilization. Helps maintain a stable spindle speed regardless of load.
  • Stop button. Locks button so you don’t have to use it to keep your finger on the trigger during drilling or tapping.
  • Anti-vibration. A useful feature for professional-level gurus. It minimizes muscle and health damage from prolonged work.
  • Stopper. This way, the penetration depth of the tool into the surface can be determined and adjusted.
  • Dust collector. Makes it easier to clean the work site. Usually consists of a special nozzle to which you attach the hose from the vacuum cleaner.

Think about what extra options you really need. This is the benchmark for your choice of tool.

Optimal settings for domestic and professional torches

If you need a peorator for home use, look for the following parameters:

  • power of 600 to 900 W;
  • impact force of 1.2-3 Joules;
  • 3 operating modes;
  • impact speed 5000 beats/min;
  • turnover adjustment;
  • Rotation speed of 1100 rpm and higher;
  • clutch to prevent jamming;
  • quick-action chuck;
  • interchangeable chucks in the kit;
  • trigger lock button;
  • ergonomic handle with anti-slip coating;
  • reversing function.

This is the form of the household peorator will be the most convenient and practical.

As for the professional category, it is better to rely on the following values:

  • impact rate 1000-5000 beats/min;
  • Speed of rotation 750-1100 rpm;
  • impact force 8-17 J;
  • power 1250-1500 W;
  • weight 7-10 kg;
  • concrete drill diameter 45-80 mm;
  • protection against jamming;
  • anti-vibration protection.

Knowing all these nuances, it will be easier and simpler to choose the best variant of a peorator. Both for professional and home use.

Do you have a peorator?? What type? How often you use it? What were you buying it for?? Are you satisfied with your choice??