Why does the trimmer quickly runs out of line?

You should never store gasoline in a plastic water container. When mixing the fuel mixture a static charge is built up, you can “catch” a spark.

That’s why gas stations do not allow you to fill up gasoline in plastic cans, only in metal cans. Before filling a metal canister with gasoline it is better to put it on the ground, so it removes static from the body.

But there are situations when the simple manipulation of the brushcutter does not help. The engine won’t start anyway. In this case, we check the power and ignition system, following the rule “the motor does not work if there is nothing to burn or nothing to ignite”.

Why do I need to soak the line for the grass trimmer in water??

You have long wanted to own any device to mow the grass around his dacha site, or you just like all kinds of technology? It is not important to know how to extend the life of the lawnmower without interfering with its mechanisms. Because changing the line takes a lot of time and stresses you out. In this article, you’ll learn about the most popular lawnmower myth and understand if you should stick to this advice.

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The most popular myth. that the line for grass trimmer will serve much longer, if you soak it in water. The trimmer is the part that directly mows, that is, where the line rotates. Many people think this is nonsense, because the line is made of polypropylene. This material does not absorb water and does not change when exposed to it. But you don’t have to soak any line, only nylon lines. In case of water, the fishing line will become much more elastic, which means that it can withstand very high loads. In this case it will not tear.

But most experts say that it makes sense. The more so, at the mowing strings factory, they are placed in water, before applying the most surface layer. Soak at least one day before mowing, otherwise the moisture won’t have time to fully affect the line. The quality of the line is also important. If you bought a cheap Chinese line, soaking it probably won’t do any good. The fishing line should be made of good nylon.

But to see for yourself, try a simple experiment. Two lines of the same material will have to cut the grass. But one must be soaked. After mowing, you will see that the soaked line cleared a lot more space than a simple line. So the line has been working longer. It turns out that the myth is true.

Reel types

There are 3 types of the most popular trimmer heads:


A mechanical spool is a plastic or metal disc in which one or more small sections of fishing line are fixed in various ways, which makes it necessary to change the line manually all the time.

Here are the most popular models of such heads:

Semi-automatic (collapsible)

Despite the variety of models and differences in appearance, reels of this type are designed and work according to the same principle.

The base connects the other elements of the trimmer head to the brushcutter or electric mower through the threaded bushing fused into it, so each spool fits only that trimmer, the diameter of the gearbox shaft or the lower motor corresponds to the diameter of the bushing.

There is a spring inside the base that supports the bobbin, pushing the pressure part outward through the removable housing.

There are locks on the bobbin and housing that prevent the former from turning, but when the operator hits the ground with the pressure part, the bobbin is disengaged from the locks of the removable housing and rotates freely.

In a removable body are made holes for the line, and they are located so that the output of the line from the bobbin is noticeably higher, this ensures a reliable fixation of the line in operating condition.

When the operator hits the ground with the pressure part, the bobbin enters the body and all the holes through which the line runs are aligned. The centrifugal force then pulls some of the wound line outward and when the pressure on the pressure piece is relieved the bobbin comes out of the housing and takes up its working position again.

Automatic (non-disassembled)

Regardless of model or manufacturer, all automatic reels are designed and work on the same principle.

Problem: Trimmer Line Feeds Too Fast [Solved]

They consist of the following parts:

A threaded bushing is soldered into the body of the base, and the inner surface has ratchet locks, which allows the bobbin to rotate only in one direction. Inside the bobbin is a through channel designed for fishing line wire. Cap is firmly fitted to the bobbin and curved edges make it easy to rotate it to wind the line.

How to correctly wind the line in a trimmer, and what to do if the line quickly runs out, breaks

grass trimmer is the most common tool used for cutting grass and small bushes. This device features its own simplicity of operation, easy handling during work, and thanks to its low weight even ladies can operate it. It is no secret that for high-quality performance work on mowing grass, requires the correct selection of cutting tools. For the latter, trimmers use special cutting heads (disks, knives), as it is also called trimmer head with a fishing line inside. Nozzles and fishing line. it is an expendable tool, if the knives are an option to sharpen, then when using up the line is required to change it. In this publication we will very carefully tell you how to correctly change the line.

Mowing head for grass is essentially a cylindrical body, which is inserted spool (bobbin) with a tucked in there the line (cord). This design can be installed on both gasoline and electronic trimmer. The heads differ in the method of filling and feeding the filament.

  • Automatic. The filament is fed while the user lowers the engine speed. Although automatic line feed and comfortable, if you make a huge amount of work, these bobbins have one drawback. a large consumption of thread.
  • Automatic. This type of head does not require difficult operations. The principle of their work is arranged so that the cord is extended automatically when the machine is working at full speed. Just bump the head of the grass trimmer on the ground (this removes the cord lock), and the line by centrifugal force is pulled out of the bobbin, then trimmed to a suitable length with a knife placed on the protective cover.
  • Manual. You need to stop the machine to extend the filament, then the line is extended manually.

From the considerations above, automatic bobbins are the best option. Also, note that the coils for the grass trimmer can be a single string (used only for trimming grass) and double string, which are used to mow the highest grass and small, with thin trunks of bushes.

Before proceeding to the process of replacing the filament, users of trimmers need to remove and disassemble the spool. Let’s see how to do it.

Grass trimmer mowing head consists of several parts: cover, spring (not many models), spool with cord and cover.

Attention ! Before proceeding to any action on the maintenance of the electronic unit, it must be disconnected from the mains.

Most trimmers use 4.5 mowing head mounting options.

What to remove the grass trimmer head will need a complete disassembly.

    To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, you need to press the latches (latches) are 2 sides of her.

In this variant the head is screwed on the gear shaft. To remove it, it will be necessary to fix the shaft. For this purpose, in similar trimmers, for example, in devices Huter and Champion, is foreseen hole through which to stick or a narrow screwdriver or an iron bar.

What is needed to remove the bobbin, do 2.4 normal steps.

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Take hold of the head and start turning it clockwise. You should twist in this direction because the thread cut on the shaft is to the left.

Depending on the duration of the project, which model of grass trimmer is used, choose the type, thickness and length of the line. The cross section of the cord you will like from 1.4 to 4 mm. It’s easy to guess that the thicker you tuck the cord, the harder and thicker grass it is able to cut.

As a rule, they use a universal fishing line with a cross section of 4 mm.

To find out what size line is used on your mower, there are 3 methods.

  • Look at the thickness of the filament in the machine manual.
  • Look at the bobbin itself. Here you’ll like more information about the likely cross lengths of fishing line.

The fishing line is wound onto the spool, which is in the mowing head. Therefore first necessary to open it (about this was mentioned above). There are 4.5 methods of winding the filament.

The endless and handiest mowing head for your brushcutter

To correctly find how many meters of fishing line will be needed for a particular spool, you need to wind it on the bobbin in such a way that the coil does not exceed the cross-section of the bobbins. If the line will peek out over the edge of the spool, you can not stick it in the cover. When you have decided on the length of the material, it must be tucked into the bobbin, so do the following.

  • You need to fold the line in half, so that one end of it was longer by 10-15 cm from the other.
  • See that the bobbin is broken into 2.The 4 parts of the center bead, which is the starting point of the charge. Find the groove on it and push the cord bent in half by applying a small amount of force.
  • It is essential to find the direction in which the line is wound on the bobbin. If you look closely, you can find an arrow or inscription on the bobbin, indicating in which direction the line should be wound. There are times when there is no arrow on the bobbin. Under these circumstances, see the arrow painted on the mowing head and wind the cord in the opposite direction.
  • The winding has to be done carefully with the greatest possible tension.
  • If the cord laying will be completed, it will be necessary to fix at first the small end of the line, inserting it into a matching cross-sectional groove on the side of the spool.
  • The second end, the longer one, is attached to the groove on the back of the bobbin.
  • After fixing the line, trim off the ends, leaving an allowance of around 10 cm.
  • Next, set the tucked spool in the mowing head. For this purpose, by alternately inserting and tightening the thread through the outlet holes of the head, place the bobbin in the cover, then, applying the required force, pull the line from the fixing grooves and tighten it.
  • Now of course put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

Some spools have a second method of securing the cord: you can charge 2 pieces of thread, instead of 1, folded in half. The method of changing the line is as follows.

  • In advance of changing or otherwise charging the new thread in the spool, determine how many meters of it will need the method discussed above.
  • One end of the cord bend like a hook.

For Shtil brushcutter there is a very simple and sharp method of changing the fishing line without disassembling the mowing head that you can learn after watching this video.

The cord ends sticking out of the holes in the shroud can be cut to the right length after the piece is installed in the trimmer. There are of course 2 methods of doing this:

  • by turning on the grass trimmer (as it rotates, the ends of the line will cut on the knife fixed to this purpose on the guard);
  • by cutting off the excess ends with scissors in such a way that they do not touch the casing.

The 2nd method is used in the case of a long mowing pass when the cord has to be cut to a wide width and the automatic cutter is not able to shorten it.

If the thread has been charged into the mowing head, but the length of the projecting ends of the cord is insufficient, then before starting the machine they must be lengthened. this applies to the head with manual adjustment. But there are also cases, when using an automatic mowing head, when due to insufficient length of the projecting line ends they are not lengthened by the automat. Here you need to turn off the unit (on an electronic device must necessarily unplug from the socket), manually press the button at the bottom of the part, and pull out a little fishing line. After this procedure, the cord will be able to extend again due to the centrifugal force, if you set the spindle to the highest rpm.

Whatever thickness of line you put, you should keep in mind: not to interrupt the work constantly and not even change the cord, you should avoid areas where the tool touches hard surfaces (boulders, kerbs, thick dry twigs, etc.д.).

Some users of trimmers ask: what can replace the cord, which is used by default in this type of machines? They start to carry out dangerous experiments, installing iron or copper wire, iron ropes or strings, and an ordinary fishing line in the mowing head.

If you replace the line with a wire rope made of metal, the grass trimmer is converted into a dangerous device not only for the user, but also for others. This fact is explained by the fact that in the time of the unit’s work, the metal rope will be triggered evenly, its ends will unravel, and small pieces of wire will fly in different directions with great speed.

Similar happens with the use of metal or copper wire, only with the difference that torn off pieces will be larger, and be cause significant injury.

Choose line for petrol grass trimmer (brushcutter and lawnmower):1.6, 3.2, 3 mm. round, star, square

If you accidentally catch your or someone else’s foot, working with a machine with an iron cord (wire), the strong and deepest tissue cuts, and sometimes amputation of toes for you provided. The manufacturer does not use nylon for such purposes in vain, because it is quite light and strong, and when torn away far away does not fly away can not cause injury.

To use a fishing line in a trimmer instead of a standard one, probably, it is possible, but it will add for you an excessive trouble as it promptly wears out, tears, mows slowly for cutting a rigid grass will not suit. Also, when working, a long period of time is lost in order to change the broken tool at any time.

How to properly wind the fishing line on the spool of a gasoline grass trimmer with your own hands

It is no secret that a regular lawnmower can not be used everywhere. Even very difficult terrain can be trimmed with the trimmer, as opposed to the lid. This is especially true for those tools that have a fishing line instead of a knife as the cutting element.


To remove the grass trimmer head, you will need its complete disassembly.

  • To remove the cover on the inside of the head, you need to press the latches (latches) located on both sides of the head.
  • After removing the cover, you will see the bobbin, which must be removed from the body. Some spools have a spring under the bobbin, which must be carefully removed so as not to lose it in the grass.
  • After removing the bobbin, in the center of the body, you’ll see a screw with a slot for a Phillips or flathead screwdriver. There may be a hexagonal bolt or a “star” attachment.
  • Using a screwdriver, selecting the necessary bit (nozzle), you must unscrew the bolt (counterclockwise).
  • After removing the fasteners, grasp the body of the part and, rocking it in different directions, remove it from the gear shaft.

Bosch F016800431 3.5 mm

A grass trimmer line model that allows you to track your line usage and provides an easy procedure for replacing faulty material.

Good for mowing weeds, tough grass, and wild growth with its high tensile strength. Set contains 10 pieces of heavy-duty line, each 37 centimetres long.

It is a coiled line with a diameter of 3.5 meters, can be used in trimmers with medium and high power gasoline engines.

Best compatibility of this variant with the Bosch AFS 23-37 trimmer. This eliminates any difficulty in setting up and operating the line. The strips are packed in a compact blister for convenient storage.

The package has a tab for hanging, which allows you to store the product at hand, in full view, hanging it on the hook.

  • Line cross-section. 3.5 mm.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Slicing/threading length. available/at 37 cm.
  • Number of pieces. 10 pieces.
  • overall length. 370 cm.
  • Additionally suitable for AFS 23-37.
  • High durability;
  • comfortable to use due to the cut;
  • copes well with its task;
  • slow fraying.

DDE Classic line 2 mm 63 m

Trimmer line made of thermoplastic copolymer, which is produced by one of the leaders, BASF.

The product meets three basic characteristics. It is a round line with the best aerodynamics and prevents unnecessary power consumption of the grass trimmer, because the air resistance is reduced.

Cutting ability is rated high by customers, the line can handle small weeds and a small amount of dead wood.

High ratings and durability of line. Upper part is made of flexible plastic, which stretches well, while the inner part is more rigid, protecting the line from breaking.

The Classic line from DDE has several important advantages.

Polyamide line is not only flexible, but also heat-resistant and withstands active use at high speeds. The line does not bind in the trimmer head and has reduced vibration, resulting in less noise.

  • Line cross section is 2 mm.
  • Sectional shape. round.
  • No cutting/length of line.
  • Number of segments. comes in one coil.
  • Overall length. 63 mm.
  • Optional. sold with handy spool.
  • does not stick and unwinds easily;
  • ratio of length to cost;
  • elastic, does not tear;
  • Handles thick grass stems.

Husqvarna T25 M10 (5784461-01)

A line that is sold together with a semi-automatic head and can be used with trimmers that have a straight shaft and a volume of 25 to 55 cubic centimeters.

This is a reel with a sturdy line wrapped in a plastic casing.

for mowing any kind of grass, even dry grass, but not too much.

Line is fed either manually by the user when the grass trimmer motor is not activated, or automatically when the unit is activated.

In this case, press the button, which is installed on the bottom of the head.

Thanks to the open eyelet the line feed is very easy, it is not sintered in the head and is very economical.

Designed for long life and built to Husqvarna quality standards.

  • Line cross-section. 2.4 mm.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Number of lines. comes in a single coil.
  • Comes with bobbin.
  • easy installation on the grass trimmer
  • Will not tear or chip;
  • easy release of the line;
  • spool made of durable plastic.

Trimmer cords: what they are, how not to make a mistake with the choice?

And these are not empty words, because systematic lawn care requires not only compliance with technological cycles, but also diligence.

Lawn care tools created and brought almost to perfection, along with the need for skillful handling require a quality selection of consumables, the quality of which largely depends on the success of the ideal lawn.

What is the best line for grass trimmer: which one to choose??

Lawn or flower garden care includes not only watering and weeding, but also cutting the grass. Bare earth in a flowerbed or on a summer lawn looks unattractive. An even, soft, green “carpet” is, of course, much better.

But to bring the lawn to this appearance, you need special equipment.

Cord reels: Characteristics

Trimmer head, in fact, and there is a special spool with a line for the grass trimmer. Inside it, on the bobbin, the cord is wound. usually up to 15 m. A string of the right length is pulled out of it if it breaks or is worn out. When a string comes to an end, a new thread is inserted into a bobbin.

According to the type of filament feeding reels are divided into:

  • Manual. To lengthen the string, the device is turned off, and the line is manually pulled out;
  • semi-automatic. activated by a favorite folk trick: you need to knock the mowing head on the ground. The tensioning mechanism is released and the line is lengthened automatically upon impact;
  • automatic. here you need to reduce the speed, and then increase it again to the maximum: the spool will feed the thread when you increase the speed.

Grass trimmer’s line reel is also refilled in different ways. In the fast-charging to refill there is no need to disassemble the spool, in conventional. it is necessary to remove it and wind the cord by hand. The video shows different ways of string replacement.

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What kind of fishing line did not apply all torn as hell, I honestly do not know how to go on. Either they’re “slipping crap” or “counterfeit”. Shit anyway. If anyone knows how and where to find a “contract” system. This is a BIG QUESTION.

2.4. Star. This is if you want to stockpile hay. And for shredding. round.

The shaped ones are more neatly cut. And the round ones are oasked around.

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