A branch chopper for your power tiller with your own hands

Choosing a shredder for the tiller

It is not uncommon to find a lot of wood scraps and twigs in the yard. In this case, the best option would be to use a branch chopper for a power tiller. This method of disposal will save time and effort.

The design of any branch chipper for a single-axle tractor is almost identical. Any shredder consists of the following elements:

  • steel frame;
  • main drive (electric motor or gasoline engine of a motor block);
  • cutting mechanism;
  • Main gear (usually belt-driven);
  • protective cover;
  • hopper for raw material feeding;
  • receiving bin for shavings.

Different models of branch chippers differ in the type of the main drive of the power unit and the type of cutting mechanism. The other parts only differ in size.

The principle of operation of the attachment on a single-axle tractor for shredding branches is very simple and understandable for everyone. the motor drives the shaft with the chopping system mounted on it (directly or with a belt). The raw material (branches, grass, etc.) is fed into the receiving hopper.n), which is processed by knives or gears. Once the process is complete, you get shredded material that can be used in the garden or on the property, such as mulching the soil. This principle of operation can be compared to a meat grinder.

Mulching is an agricultural practice, which consists of placing a protective layer of material (organic or artificial) on the soil surface, preventing excessive weed growth and drying out.

To produce a shredder of branches with your own hands, you need to learn all their varieties. Depending on the volume of material to be processed, a design with the required capacity must be selected. Make no mistake about the choice in the design of the blades.

During assembly, some of the knots are made with my own hands. Standardized parts can be purchased or used from end-of-life machines. An excellent option is considered the use of the devices that have served their own term. These include a washing machine, an angle grinder, or a mini-tractor.

The important scheme of any branch chopper consists of nodes:

The garden chopper is put on wheels. This makes it easy to move within the dacha.

During the working period of the motor, the torque, through a chain or belt, is applied to the shaft. The knives on these shafts regrind the branches, which are fed through a suction box. Shredded wood is produced, which is placed in the compost pit. The working principle resembles that of a meat grinder.

branch, chopper, your, power

Heavy duty industrial sets for cutting branches are available in a variety of capacities. This is not necessary in the conditions of the site outside the city. Due to this, for domestic needs small sized wind chippers are made with their own hands.

The essential structure of all types of wind chippers is the same. They differ only in motor power and variety of knives.

Not all are gasoline-powered, others are electric. The first is more powerful, is engaged in shredding large branches. Independent of power supply. Has more mobility. The electric motor is weaker and the working distance depends on the cable length. But it is mobile thanks to its own lightness.

  • 1. Electric motor up to 1.5 kW. Capable of shredding branches up to 2 cm in diameter. For the most part, processing is carried out in small areas.
  • 2. 3. 4 kW. Can handle up to 4 cm of wood. Used in a small garden or cottage.
  • 3. 6 kW or more. Works in large farms. Trunks 10 to 15 cm in diameter can be trimmed.

Generally, a 4 kW motor is installed on the handmade machine. There is no point in installing more than that, because it will consume a lot of electric power. To do the work of shredding twigs in the countryside will not require such expenses.

Motor revolutions are not important. The blade shaft has a residual rotation speed of 1,500 rpm. It is changed by the diameters of pulleys.

The torque is transmitted by a chain, a belt, or by mounting the cutting tool directly on the motor shaft.

Depending on the cutting tool, wind chippers are divided:

  • 1. Twin-shaft type. This is a powerful machine that can shred large branches. Several knives are mounted on the shafts. The degree of wood shredding depends on their number.
  • 2. Installation with a cutting disk. If the motor power can be from 3 kW, the knife is fixed specifically to its shaft. For the weaker units, the transmission link is used.
  • 3. With circular saws from circular saws. Refers to the most common designs.

Whichever type of device, the frame is roughly of a similar design. It is welded from pipes and angles accordingly with the tips:

  • 1. The height of the blade is chosen based on the height of a person. To put the branches comfortably in the hopper.
  • 2. For structural stability, the width of the material must be at least 500 mm. Length does not matter, it is considered a free value.
  • 3. For stiffness, between the uprights, crossbars are welded.
  • 4. For the convenience of movement, the wheels are mounted on the bottom.

The size of the frame is coordinated with the parameters of the motor. It must not protrude beyond its dimensions.

To make such a machine, a drawing is made. It helps in manufacturing the construction.

Selected related materials and tools:

  • motor;
  • 10 mm thick metal plates. 2 pcs.;
  • gears. 2 pcs;
  • pulley. 2 pcs;
  • shaft. 2 pcs;
  • bearings. 5 pcs;
  • blades;
  • metal for the body;
  • metal pipe;
  • open-end wrenches,
  • peerator;
  • inverter machine.

The frame is made in a simple order. If you intend to install 4 blades, take a square billet and on 2 sides of the shafts to fit into the bearing. For 3 blades you need a round bar, in which you make the cuts for them. Drills holes are made in the blanks.

The blades are applied to them. The fastening points are marked out. Drill holes and thread them.

Cylinder is made up of 2 walls, 4 pins and a shell with a protective function. To create the walls 10 mm thick metal is used. Two holes are drilled in each of them for the bearings.

On the shafts the bearings are mounted and the knives are fixed. Pulley is fastened to the shaft with a keyway. The keyway is shaped by means of a torch. The complete machine is assembled on the frame: motor with pulley and drum. Pulleys are connected to each other by a belt drive.

The receiver is made. To form the keyway, 4 sheets of metal are cut out in a trapezoidal shape. They are welded as a box. It is placed on the bolts in front of the drum hole.

A drawing is made for the disc shredder.

Tools and materials are used to make it:

It is better to buy manufacturing knives, because they contain tool steel, hardened to 66 Rockwell units. To make them by your own forces, you need a leaf spring, from which a necessary length of the billet is cut off. First of all, it is heated in the furnace, flattened, hardened and tempered. Then it is sharpened at an angle of 35-45 degrees. Holes are drilled in the body and the blades are ready to be installed.

As an option, a pipe is used as a support for the unit. A cube is formed at the top, where all the parts of the mechanism are fixed, and the wheels are made at the bottom.

We take the metal and cut a disc with the diameter of 400 mm. Holes are drilled into it for the shaft and the fixing holes for the knives. Then the disk is put on the shaft and the whole assembly is fixed to the motor.

Development of the receiving compartment is carried out in the same manner as for a twin-shaft machine.

This type of construction is the most common. The purchase of 20-25 circular saws with hard-alloy tips is performed. This value can be increased. The knives are mounted on a shaft. 20mm diameter washers are put in between. The length of the cutting surface is 80 mm.

Do not place the cutting tool close to the shaft, as the thickness of the teeth is greater than the base. Washers make up for this.

Before mounting the blades, the thread on the shaft must be cut. Then the nuts are fastened on both sides.

The frame is formed in the usual way. The bearings are put on the shaft and attached to the crossbars of the frame.

The motor is mounted, the chain is tensioned and the receiving hopper is placed.

In order to make a shredder of branches, you can use home devices that have served their own term. After a small modification you can put them to a new purpose: to make a grain crusher or a branch chopper.

The main component in these devices is considered to be the motor. If it is in good condition, it only needs to be supplemented with some details.

  • 1. The vessel is selected.
  • 2. A hole is made at the bottom.
  • 3. The axle of the angle grinder passes through it.
  • 4. A knife is placed on top of the.
  • 5. The tool is securely fastened.

During rotation, the knife must not touch the walls of the container. The branches are poured in the middle and the angle grinder turns on the lowest speed.

To produce a shredder from a washing machine, the following steps are necessary:

  • 1. The activator is removed from the car.
  • 2. A knife is placed on the motor shaft. its size is smaller than the diameter inside the tank.
  • 3. At the side, from the bottom, a hole is made through which the shredded branches will be poured.
  • 4. To the hole is attached the outlet casing.

Such a machine acts on the principle of a coffee grinder. The main thing is that the knife should not touch the walls of the machine.

To make a shredder from a power tiller, you will need tools and materials:

  • minitractor;
  • knives;
  • shaft;
  • bearing;
  • channel;
  • sheet type material;
  • electric planer;
  • inverter machine;
  • hammer;
  • Angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • wrench set.

The base is formed from a channel. On it is placed the shaft from the electric planer, the knife and the pulley. The power unit supplies torque to the pulley and shaft through a belt drive.

All structural elements are put on the minitractor.

Making a shredder of branches with your own hands gives great savings. Factory models are expensive. At home, the following tools are used for this purpose. Even if you have to buy some assemblies or give them to the manufacturer, it will still not be very expensive to buy the product.

Branch chopper for power tiller

Every dacha and gardener likes to keep his plot always clean, and to make it convenient and easier to keep order, the dacha farmer needs a shredder of branches. A branch chopper, also known as a woodchopper, for the tiller is a specialized, functional attachment for processing grass and branches. Shredded branches, processed into sawdust, is also a good fertilizer for your garden.

Features of homemade models

Any shredder (both homemade and purchased) should be composed of several basic components

  • A steel frame on which all the components are fixed;
  • electric or gasoline engine;
  • of the cutting mechanism;
  • protective cover;
  • main gear.

In addition, you can not do without a pair of containers: the first will be loaded with the processed garbage, and the second. the storage of the resulting chips. Homemade models differ in the cutting mechanism, and the other elements are the same (only with different sizes). Chopping of branches can be carried out with 20 or 30 circular saws, which are equipped with hard-alloy teeth. Then it can be a combination of sharpened carbon steel knives mounted on a shaft. The trash will be placed at a right angle and chopped by the knives, which are present from 2 to 6 pieces.

Another type of shredder is the disk chipper, where branches are put at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. In this case the blades are mounted on a steel disc fixed on a shaft. The more complex variations have two shafts that rotate synchronously. The blades meet at one point and crush the branches. The wood in this case should be stacked at right angles. Circular saws are recommended for making miniature wood chips from waste quickly and easily. A machine similar to a jointer is relevant for processing thin branches to obtain a coarser fraction. Finally, a disc chipper is suitable for chopping branches that are more than 5 centimeters in diameter.

How to make a shredder of branches with your own hands

Shredder of branches, or woodchopper, is called a specialized practical attachment for finishing grass vegetation and branches. Recycled material is a good fertilizer for the garden.

Buying a shredder should be perfectly considered, because the cost of such equipment is not at all small.

Indicators for selecting a shredder of twigs for a power tiller:

  • Type of motor. It comes in electric and gasoline;
  • The power of the wood chipper is especially important;
  • Diameter of the funnel;
  • Type of crushing system;
  • Processing methods of garden waste;
  • Weight of the equipment;
  • The practicality of the attachment.

Electric brush chippers on a minitractor are less noisy than gasoline ones, and they are also easy to operate. However, their work is affected by voltage fluctuations in the network, and the largest diameter of branches, which they can process, is 45 mm. Gasoline wood chippers stand out from the first more power, which allows them to process virtually any waste.

Shredder to power tiller: features and types

Such a useful shredder qualitatively shreds branches, logs and even grass, processing the material into a nutritious fertilizer for the soil. Using the resulting fine particles, you can “shake up” the soil or protect it from weeds by covering the surface with a thin layer of.

True gardeners surely know what mulching is. So, with a shredder on a single-axle tractor, you can create an excellent mulch that preserves moisture in the ground and does not allow any pests and diseases to penetrate the roots of plants.

When choosing a wind chipper, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

As for the type distribution of shredders, they have different knife systems: milling or disc. The first looks more like a gear. It has an extra ruggedness due to the solid-steel manufacturing method.

Such a shredder for power tillers can process branches up to 45 mm in diameter. Many models of this plan are equipped with another useful function: self-retracting. That is, the user only needs to place the material correctly, and then the system will do all the operations itself.

Important point: leaves, grass and other greenery is better to shred on the disc device, because the milling unit will not always be able to qualitatively shred such soft objects.

The rotary shredder/shredder for the power tiller has two appropriately shaped steel cutters. The knives are shaft-driven, so all feed materials are shredded quickly.

Such a system is relevant for freshly cut branches, leaves, grass, weeds and other relatively soft plants. Dry wood will also be crushed, but there is a high probability of rapid blunting of the knives. The resulting fine debris is quickly transformed into a useful fertilizer.

Wood chipper DIY!

There are also wood chippers according to the type of engine: gasoline or electric. The former are considered to be extremely powerful, and they easily process any type of trash. But it is necessary to work with such devices only with protective headphones, because they are quite noisy.

Electric shredders are less powerful, easy to maintain and absolutely silent. But for all that, they are very sensitive to surges in the network and can abruptly stop functioning.

These gardening attachments are often attached to the front of the machine. Professional models are complemented by pneumatic wheels with treads, chain devices, steel bodies and special cleavers. On the market you can find shredders for “technical assistants” Neva, Kentavr, Patriot, etc. п.

Today, many private sector owners have managed to become owners of chippers, so they are happy to share the peculiarities of operation, tell you tips and reveal the specifics of caring for the attachment with the following videos.

Chipper on a single axle tractor

Surely every gardener likes to have a clean and well-groomed area. To get the desired result it is not uncommon to use power tillers and different attachments. This machine is good not only for land cultivation, but also for carrying out a great variety of tasks.

One of the many functions of the machine is shredding branches. Naturally, you can perform such operations only with a special attachment to the tiller.

Preparing to work

The first step is to prepare the drawing and purchase the necessary parts.

Next we will consider the working shafts. There are variants with one or two shafts. Depends on what you need it for and how much throughput you need. Naturally the simpler the better. Consider a variant with one working shaft.

branch, chopper, your, power

The optimum choice would be a disc with four cutting elements. The blade is positioned vertically.

If this option does not suit you, you can install a package of circular saws. The drawing will look as follows:

All necessary parts and materials are available on the market, so it is not too difficult to buy.