Attachments for the motor-block Neva with his hands

Adapter for power tiller Neva. types and how to make it with your own hands

Caring for agricultural land is an incredible physical labor, so without the means of small-scale mechanization can not do. Thanks to power tillers can greatly simplify any agricultural work, because the versatility of the device is really striking. In addition to plowing, hilling, lawn care, transportation of goods and work in the winter, the above mentioned unit can perform the function of the means of transportation. This is only possible thanks to a special adapter for the Neva power tiller.

It lets you sit back and do your usual tasks in even more comfort. A steering adapter is considered the best choice, because it can both be purchased and made with your own hands. Often the drawings describe in detail all the features of assembling an adapter to the Neva motoblock with their own hands.

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Necessary in the farm attachments can include:

  • tillage. plows, cutters, rippers;
  • For the care of the crops. the hubs;
  • Rake;
  • snow shovels;
  • Planters, planters.

Rake for power tillers

Homemade rakes for power tillers are used for making hay for the livestock on a small farm. They are made with their own hands from narrow metal pipes and rods. To get a solid construction, the parts are assembled by welding.

Rake-homemade rakes are folded for easy transportation.

You can design your own rake and make the working width as you wish. Adjustable swath height. The rake bars are made for collecting hay or grass clippings on the plot. In the second case, both the width of the structure and the size of the tines can be reduced.

Homemade goosefoot tillers for power tillers

The power tillers “goose-feet” help to loosen soil deeply, to break up large clods of earth.

This device is a one-piece welded construction, so it is stronger and more durable than conventional tillers for power tillers. This power tiller effectively processes hard soil for potato seeding. They also help plow up snow.

The quality of plowing depends on the degree of sharpening of the self-made cutters. The earth becomes lush, rises by 5-10 cm, if the edges of the rake are sharp. They shred large and small roots, destroy harmful bugs and wireworms, saturate the soil with oxygen.

Homemade “goose feet” for a standard entry mount should be made with a diameter of 52 cm, the grip. 1.25 m, the number of beams. 30 pieces. Each beam is bolted to a reel.

A homemade plough

A homemade plough for plowing is easy to make, even for someone with minimal experience in working with metal. Cutters are used to loosen the soil already in use. The plough is used to till virgin and compacted, hard soil. It has a greater margin of safety. The plow is expensive, not every cottager can buy it, but you can try to make it with your own hands.

You will need a 4-5 mm thick plate and a pipe with the same wall thickness. The machine is mounted on a frame. The main element of the device is a sharpened plate, it must be cut with an angle grinder in the shape of the moldboard. The plough blade has the shape of an elongated flat trapezium. Secure the pipe and assemble the entire structure. It is attached to the power tiller with a coupling.

Reverse plow

This design is a little more complicated. A rounded feather is attached to the top of the machine. Not only does it plow the land, but it also dumps the cut material. when cultivating virgin land, this is often necessary. The complex structure of the turnover plow requires its manufacture by a professional craftsman, who can calculate the exact parameters of each part.

One of the varieties of such design is the Zykov plough. To assemble your own hands will need a stand, with which it is attached to the tiller, plow body with ploughshare, board for the stop and a curved blade for overturning layers. The mouldboard is made of a tube of 50 cm in diameter.

Shovel plow

You can use a power tiller to level land plots for building outbuildings. It cleans sidewalks and walkways from dirt and snow drifts like a bulldozer. For making a self-made mouldboard one must take a metal sheet of 2 mm in thickness. For strength, plates of thicker metal are welded vertically inside the mouldboard, preventing the rear wall of the moldboard from buckling. You still need the bottom part of the shovel, it is lined with tin, so the bottom would not get stuck in the ground or snow. The bottom of the shovel is placed at a right angle to the lower base.

DIY for the motor block with your own hands can be made from waste materials.

To make a homemade shovel you will need a metal saw, a drill, and a welding machine. You can use a 200-liter steel barrel as the material. It should be cut into 3 parts along its height and welded together the two outer parts. The barrel metal is thick enough for a strong device.

Potato planter

Very popular and indispensable equipment for the garden is a homemade potato planting machine. It has an expander for tubers with a hole at the bottom and discs for burying them in the ground. The rear wheel on the inside must be covered with a plate to prevent the planting material from getting under the wheel of the power tiller. The entire structure is mounted on a steel frame. The depth of its attachment is adjustable.

The hopper can be made of plywood or galvanized thin sheet. The wooden box can be painted with waterproof paint. To prevent damage to the tubers, the interior of the hopper is lined with rubber.

The planter is made of a metal pipe 10 cm in diameter to which the furrow former is fitted. its height, and thus the depth of the furrow, is adjusted by the vertical movement of the construction.

furrows are furrowed by the discs facing in opposite directions at an angle. They are driven by bearings. The width of the row is changed by loosening the bolts of the stepladders and sliding the discs. To prevent the planter’s wheels from leaving marks on the ground, the soil can be loosened with a paddock welded to the frame.

The seat of the homemade planter for the power tiller is attached to the metal frame of the base.

The disc coulter

With improvised materials you can assemble with your own hands a convenient device for dipping planted rows of vegetable crops. The main elements of the homemade hitch will be two metal lids from pots or disks of the same size. They are at least 50 cm in diameter. The edges of caps or metal discs must be sharpened like milling cutters. These are the main parts of the tool. Flat covers are rounded inward with a hammer.

The discs that collect the soil in a swath around the stalks of potatoes or other crops are mounted on a metal frame. To the bottom of it is welded small wheels for support. The disc rods need to be fixed movably, so that the angle of the working surfaces can be adjusted.

Snow removal equipment for Neva power tillers

Snow clearing equipment for power tiller Neva has long been an indispensable helper in domestic conditions. Since the land requires not only summer cultivation, but also care in the winter time. You can of course remove snow with an old-fashioned shovel, but the physical effort involved in this case is enormous. That’s why people have invented equipment that would help in this. It was known even in the Soviet times.

One of the best power tillers from those times is considered the Neva. This company does not stand still and is constantly evolving, so that it retains its leading position on the market today.

Large number of compatible attachments is considered a distinctive feature. One of them is the snow blower SMB “Neva”.

Hand Laminate & Vacuum Bag a Simple Carbon Fibre Part (inc. Vacuum Cleaner method!)

The design of the snow blower “Neva”:

All construction is metal. On the front is a special bucket that rakes the snow. A special screw mechanism then directs it into the chute for drainage.

attachments, motor-block, neva, hands

The auger is an axle with serrated elements. These elements make the snow looser and easier to throw.

Just to clean the snow, and occasionally can apply the blade for power tiller, but it certainly can not be compared to the snow blower

Adjusting the direction of ejection of snow through the chute man can make in manual mode. It allows you to direct the thrown snow in the right direction.

The bottom of the bucket is equipped with plastic skids. This makes it smoother and easier to move the snowplow.

To see how easy it is, take a look at

Technical data

The snow blower for the Neva power tiller is small in size.

  • Its length is 79 cm, width is 73 cm, and height is 78 cm.
  • With these dimensions, it weighs 55 kg.
  • It can process a 70 cm layer of snow in a single pass.
  • The snow blower is functional at snow levels up to 20 cm.
  • The snow plow attachment on the Neva single axle tractor can throw snow at a distance of up to 8 meters.
  • Snow removal with the Neva power tiller and snow blade is performed at a speed of 4 km/h.

Getting ready to make a homemade machine

To make a homemade agricultural machinery skilled tradesmen use improvised materials and end-of-life nodes mini appliances. So, the basis for a motorcycle block is often a chainsaw, scooter or moped, and when you want to get a powerful and more functional unit outdated model of motorcycle (Voskhod, Yava, Minsk).

Before proceeding to the assembly of a motor-block or tiller look through the topical video on the Internet, find the necessary information in magazines and other publications. Then prepare the tool and material, develop sketches and a drawing, which visually depict all the functioning bodies of self-made, including power and running gear, control systems and aggregates. The drawing below shows what a one-wheeled motocultivator looks like.

Fig.1. Design of a homemade motocultivator

attachments, motor-block, neva, hands

1 power unit cultivator; 2 metal protective casing; 3 fuel tank; 4 coil ignition; 5 switchboard; 6 stud, fixing the slope of the hitch; 7 bolt M-16; 8 axle for mounting the hitch; 9 hinged plow; 10 bracket; 11 frame; 12 handles; wheel with grubby arms.

It is worthwhile to make a kinematic diagram of self-made, reflecting in it the order of interaction between working mechanisms and showing how the transmission is organized.

attachments, motor-block, neva, hands

To make a light motocultivator or a heavier single-axle tractor, the following tool is used:

The material for the self-made machine is high-strength channel bars, steel plates and pipes.

A self-made frame for a power tiller or cultivator is welded, but at the same time it is very strong, as all the components of the self-made machine will be attached to it afterwards. To build the frame, iron pipes or channels are used.

Sometimes to assemble homemade single axle tractor or motocultivator it is necessary to improve motorcycle frame or its revision.

Rice.2. Remodeled frame from a motorcycle

1 steering wheel; 2 instrument panel holder; 3 platform for battery installation; 4 channel (spar); 5 sump; 6 frame; 7 chain tensioner; 8 chain tensioner stop; 9 strut; 10 subframe mounting bracket; 11 bracket, connecting cultivator with adapter or trailer; 12- crossbar.

From the previous design cut off the front fork and other elements, so they do not interfere with the installation of attachments to the future cultivator. At the back, a self-made mechanism for coupling the motocultivator with equipment, a trailed cart is attached by welding. How to properly make a self-made hitch, you should see in the video.

About the device of the power block

Below you will learn what single axle tractor is better to choose.To understand better, what is the principle of making a homemade tractor and its accessories, it is necessary to examine in detail the structure of the tractor as a means of small-scale mechanization. So, this unit includes several main working nodes:


As the main driving force in the design of power tillers a standard internal combustion engine is used. Depending on the type and brand of power tiller, such as Caiman Vario, Patriot Ural, Texas, Pro Arab, Crosser, VIKING, Forza, the engine used may be different:

  • Gasoline 4-stroke engine. This engine is used for the machines belonging to the light and medium class.
  • Diesel 4-stroke engine. Motors of this kind are used on heavy and powerful power tillers designed to work on the most difficult terrain.

For more information on how a diesel engine works, see

Of course, there are also complete 2-stroke engines, but they are used in fairly old models of motor blocks, significantly inferior to the 4-stroke in power traction. However, most consumers get exactly 4-stroke engines that run on gasoline. They are made up of the following systems

  • The system that is responsible for the fuel supply. Is made up of a fuel tank, carburetor, air filter, and fuel hose.
  • Lubrication system that performs the process of lubricating the parts that rub against each other.
  • The starter, which provides crankshaft cranking.
  • A cooling system that removes heat from the cylinder block of the motor by means of an air stream.
  • The ignition system, which produces a spark on the spark plug.
  • Gas distribution system, which ensures the flow of fuel-air mixture into the engine cylinder, and is also responsible for the output of exhaust gases.

It is important that the engine is sold already with all the main working systems, which greatly facilitates the process of homemade motorblock.


The main function of the transmission is to transmit torque from the motor to the wheel base, and to regulate the speeds and change the movement of the machine. Its design includes several working units: gearbox, clutch, gearbox and differential (there are not all models).

The transmission can be of several types:

Basically, the classic type of pinion transmission is used on heavy power tillers, and it consists of conical and cylindrical gears.

Other types of transmissions are used in light and medium-sized types of power tillers. Regardless of the type of transmission, there is a PTO. PTO shaft, which transmits the torque to the working units of the machine.

As for the clutch, it can be different:

  • As a V-belt drive. The essence of the process is the clutch lever, which tightens or loosens the belt than transmits, or stops the transmission of torque from the motor to the gearbox.
  • Single-disc or multi-disc clutch of dry or wet type.
  • Conical clutch.

In the majority of quality power tillers Sadko, Don, Huter, Pro, LANDER, Champion, Carver the second type of clutch is used, which is characterized by the highest reliability.


The running gear includes not only the wheel base itself, but also the frame structure, to which these wheels are attached, and where the main working units of the power tiller are located.

The more modern models of the power tiller have a change in the distance between a pair of wheels, which allows you to adjust the size of the track of the power tiller.

Today there are two types of wheels. pneumatic and metal with grousers.

Basic control elements

The tiller arm on the tiller head is used to control the speed and direction of the machine. Among the controls are:

In the design of the power tiller there is no seat for a man (as in the power tiller Salyut), so the control itself is made by the man himself.

Planting and seeding

3.1. Potato planter. This attachment consists of a container on wheels, a furrow former and a planter. During operation, the potatoes are moved into the furrow at regular intervals and the planter covers them with soil.

3.2. Seeders. work according to the principle described above. The design of the planter depends on the size of seeds and the method of their planting. Tomatoes, watermelons, garlic, onions, carrots, etc. are planted with this attachment.д.

3.3. Dominator with seed drill. This type of vertical planter is designed to create a lawn. The Dominator does all three jobs at once: loosens the soil with its vertical blades, sows the seed, levels and compacts the surface of the future lawn with a roller. Connected by a coupling mechanism.

Equipment for the Neva

On the current market presents a wide range of suspended equipment for power tiller Neva. It can be designed specifically for this model of unit, or all-weather. There is always a variant as the use of self-made overhead equipment for power tillers. In this case, without assistance from others to develop a drawing of the suspended equipment (if the master has sufficient skill), you can make the inventory, normally meets certain requirements.

Included with the Neva motoblock is a pair of tillage machines, and the rest of the suspension equipment is purchased separately.

Using a very suitable for planting potatoes hanging apparatus potato planting machine, you can finish planting work much faster, thereby freeing up a lot of time for more exciting things.

Such an outboard for a Neva power tiller, such as an arrowhead, will help in caring for root crops, allowing all the work to be carried out very well. It is designed as a single-row or double-row. Similar harnesses can also be homemade.

The weeder also makes life easier for the horticulturist. With this hanging device there is no need to manually remove weeds between the rows of cultivated plants. After a couple of seasons of operation with a power tiller with such attachments growth of weeds is significantly minimized.

Mixed with the motor-block Neva MB 2 and such an outboard equipment as a potato harvester. With its help it is possible to remove the collection of most root crops without damaging them as using a shovel. If you watch a video about the work of the Neva power tiller and its suspension equipment, you can see the process of harvesting root crops.

Soil implements are also part of the outboard for the power tiller. They ennoble the machine passability and give it more power to work on soft, sticky soil. This outboard equipment on the single-axle tractor Neva has the most than affordable cost, and it is better not to refuse to buy it.

The necessary outfit for the motor-block Neva MB will be a cart for transporting goods. In this case, in addition to helping in vegetable work, the machine will be a means of transport. If you want, using the drawing of the outboard for a power tiller, you can make a cart with your own hands.

The Neva 2 single axle tractor is also compatible with the rest of the lawnmower attachments. Using it, you can not only make grass for drying hay, but also arrange the lawn.

Using the suspension equipment on the single-axle tractor Neva, it turns into a very all-purpose device. To reduce costs, you can find drawings of suspension equipment and create it without assistance from others. If you have no desire to make it, you can buy spare parts.

How to make a plough with your own hands

Drawing One end of the lath, to which the Fokin plane cutter will be screwed, should be rounded. At the bottom you need to leave 20-25 cm without rounding, as it will be easier to drill holes to fix the pliers. It is recommended to narrow the upper end of the stick, and with the help of a planer it is necessary to round the corners.

It does not matter whether you bought the cutter in a store or made it yourself, it should be treated with sandpaper. In this way, all burrs will be removed, which will prevent small injuries when working with the tool. To impregnate finished cuttings, hot vegetable oil is used. After the oil soaks into the wooden rail, you need to screw the plane. Treating the handle in this way will significantly extend the service life of gardening tools.

When fixing the ploughshare to the stick, it is recommended to put a flat metal washer under the bolt head. Such manipulation also prolongs the service life of the tool.

Ploughshare attachment options to the cutterbar

  • Attachment depends on whether you are working with the right or left hand. It is necessary to put the plough the handle so that its spout looks to the left or right side, depending on the leading hand.
  • A person’s physical ability affects how the tool is attached. The long blade of the rotary mower requires a certain effort during work. First you can try a standard attachment. If you notice that it is difficult to work and you get tired, try reducing the length of the blade. How to shorten it? The plough cutter should be placed on a flat surface, with the handle on top, you will notice that the blade becomes shorter.
  • The tool’s mounting depends on the height of the person. If the growth is small, the blade should be positioned at a large angle, if the growth is high, it is enough to position it perpendicular to the cutter. Two holes spaced a certain distance apart allow you to change the angle of the blade.
  • For a small ploughshare, it is necessary to choose a long handle, so as not to bend low and reduce the load on your back. The Fokin ploughshare is mounted perpendicular to the handle, and the spout is directed to the right side, depending on which hand you work with.

Sharpening the ploughshare

Not all work in the garden and in seedbeds requires perfect sharpening of the plough. For example, if weeds have not yet grown and have not reached a large size, it is better to cut them with a slightly blunted pruning blade, as it collects weeds on itself and pulls them out of the ground without cutting. No extra sharpening needed for leveling the soil.

But it is much easier and more convenient to work with a sharp flat-scraper. To sharpen the tool, use special bars and sharpeners.

Sharpening is carried out on all outer edges. The narrowest part, but often used. the “spout” gets blunted most often, so it is worth paying attention to it in the beginning. The main wide cutting edge should also be sharpened, with its help cut cider plants, weeds and use for loosening seedbeds in the springtime. The inside of the tool is sharpened lightly.

Before sharpening the tool it should be inspected. You can visually determine which side of the ploughshare requires a thorough sharpening.

Attachments for the motor-block Neva with his hands

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Mower on a tractor HAND (single axle tractor Neva MB 3) In this video, I will show you how to work the rotary mower on a tractor single axle, made from scrap metal. The working width of the homemade mower is 45 cm, the cutting height is 3 cm.5 cm. The rotary mower is made for the Neva MB 3 power tiller, it can mow grass of any height, from low to high.

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The potato digger is designed for digging root crops on a country or homestead plot. Aggregating your single-axle tractor vibrating potato digger you greatly facilitate the process of digging out potatoes that previously took a day of your time turned into an hour. In this model of potato harvester manufacturer took into account all the shortcomings of the previously released copies. In accordance with the requests of customers who had previously bought this model, changes in the design of the digger were made. Today Poltava vibrating potato harrow is the most popular model in its class, as evidenced by the search queries in Yandex and Google. The manufacturer’s price, delivery to any region of Ukraine will be a pleasant ending to pokoupku digger.

Characteristics of potato harvester for power tiller:

The simplest homemade potato digger for the fan type power tiller. In this video I show you a handmade potato digger which I have been digging potatoes with for more than 3 years on my site.

Potato harvester is made from improvised materials under the single-axle tractor “Neva”, without the use of a screen. Light, simple, reliable and inexpensive.