Bosch gs 10 vacuum cleaner how to remove the wire

Instruction manual: Bosch GS 10 BGS1U1805

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Typical vacuum cleaner breakdowns

The main reasons vacuum cleaners stop functioning correctly are wear and tear, improper use and power failures. The table below contains the most frequent defects and the signs how to identify them.

The problem is Signs Cause
Weakening or failure of the dust suction function A buzzing noise that wasn’t there before Overfilled waste bag or container, plugged hose or device interior, deformed gasket or seal, no airtight connection between the hose and housing, worn o-rings, misalignment of the brush roll
Motor stopping Burning odor and subsequent shutdown of unit Wear and tear, improper use, or power failure
No power Vacuum does not turn on Cord or connection to housing faulty, internal wiring damaged, activation of protection mode because of overheating, motor failure
Charging problem Fast-discharging battery Loss of capacity due to defects in material or workmanship, power supply interruption
Cord jam Cord is stuck in one position Winding drum malfunction (most often the spring is deformed) or autoscroll mechanism
Dust collector indicator malfunction The indicator does not reflect the fullness of the bag Stalling of piston system, damage to indicator spring

If the model has an aquafilter or pump and it is them that have failed, it will be easy to diagnose such a problem, because the liquid will stop flowing.

It is also worth noting that the most modern Bosch models have an automatic fault diagnosis mechanism. They will “tell” you what the problem is if any part of the appliance is missing its functionality.

How does a cordless vacuum cleaner clean?? Bosch Readyyy’s battle with debris

Granted: four types of flooring. Plus a variety of debris in an extremely large amount for normal cleaning. The Bosch Readyy upright cordless vacuum cleaner in 2-in-1 format (with removable handheld module). The goal is to get clean without problems, without pumping. Let’s go!

If you believe the marketers, the cordless vacuum cleaner is the panacea from all “trash” woes. It’s efficient, convenient and, importantly for many, fashionable. Well, beautiful words are great, but what is the situation in reality?? That is what we have found out during our test. Let’s start with a close acquaintance with our hero.

Пылесос Bosch GS10/ Громко работает/Разбираем/Чистим

We have tested the Bosch Readyyy BBH21622 cordless stick vacuum cleaner 2-in-1

Meet the Bosch Readyyy

One meets the clothes. We have tested a vacuum cleaner in metallic brown with silver inserts. The impression from the design is positive. the Germans succeeded to make it beautiful and restrained. Very much in their style: modern, minimalist, cute. We also have other colors available: blue and fuchsia.

It’s a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. In normal mode. vacuum as usual. But if it is necessary you can take out of the main case a small handheld vacuum cleaner and clean crumbs, ash and something accidentally spilled from any surface.

The detachable handheld unit of the Bosch Readyyy vacuum cleaner

The filtration system here has many levels. several filters in the dust container (preliminary and for fine dust), all of them removable and washable. Plus a fixed outlet filter.

The dust canister capacity is 0.3 liters. Not much, but for normal “keeping clean” format cleaning, it’s usually enough.

The Bosch Readyyy has a 0.3L vacuum bag and a number of removable, washable filters

The main brush head is a turbo brush: it has a rotating element with bristles that help you “brush” debris, hair, and hair out of carpets. And on a smooth floor, a scrub brush like this helps debris get right to the intake opening. The nozzle has an articulated connection to the body. this adds maneuverability when cleaning, and therefore convenience.

According to the manufacturer it is very easy to clean the brush. here is the Easy Clean technology: you just take the rotating part out of the brush head, and then put it back in after cleaning.

The turbo brush of the Bosch Readyyy vacuum cleaner: it helps to pick up the trash and is easy to clean

Maximum running time 32 minutes. You should agree that it takes more than half an hour to vacuum a large area. For sure, a one-, two-, or even three-bedroom apartment. Vacuum cleaner has light indicator of battery charge level. Power modes. two (switch on top, right on the handle). The battery can be fully charged in 16 hours and is detachable: easy to change when it is depleted.

Removable Bosch Readyyy vacuum cleaner battery

How we tested it

You take different garbage: scraps of paper, different cereals, peas, some sugar, mix it all up and dump it on the floor. During the cleaning process, dust and sand were added to the “man-made” debris accumulated in the various floor coverings used during the test.

  • Fix the quality of cleaning different floor coverings. does it work well everywhere;
  • assess the ease of use of the vacuum cleaner: during cleaning, during cleaning;
  • measure the noise level during work. we don’t want a loud vacuum cleaner in the house, we want a quiet one.

Floor coverings in the test used four: three carpet with a pile of different length and structure, and one smooth (tile). Fully charged the battery, scattered the debris and started cleaning.

Test results

Cleaning quality. The cleaner gets an A-minus on this parameter. Why minus? We explain: on the whole, we have no complaints about how it cleans up the garbage. No problems on medium-length pile, short pile and smooth floor. The vacuum cleaner coped, even in spite of the proposed extremely large amount of garbage. in real life situations such “garbage” situations occur very rarely.

Playback speed increased by 2 times

Bosch Readyyy cordless vacuum cleaner. test piece. Coverage with medium pile.

On a long and not dense yarn pile it was a little more difficult. for cleaning such an obviously have to spend more time and effort: the trash “falls” inside the coverage and it has to be carefully brushed out from there with a turbo brush. In the end, the vacuum cleaner still coped, minus only for the additional time and effort that the user will have to spend.

Playback speed increased by 2 times

The Bosch Readyyy cordless vacuum cleaner. test piece. Cleaning not dense yarn lint

The air filtration system. We’ll mention it separately. Often, in order to increase battery life, manufacturers sacrifice the quality of filters. saving the energy used to overcome their airflow. Because of it you can see the dust deposit on the outlet filter even outside, and also obvious dust emission through the filters at the moment of vacuum cleaner turning on (hello allergy sufferers)!).

But Bosch Readyyy has no such problems. Germans have optimized the time of work with the power of air flow and filters, resulting in a quality result: the vacuum cleaner copes with air purification: no plaque on the outlet filter and the terrible dust “sneezing. It is clean, as they say.

The Bosch Readyyy vacuum cleaner’s filtration system effectively cuts through debris and cleans the air

Ease of use. No problems here. everything is quite well thought out and functional. It has a vertical parking. no need to lean the vacuum cleaner against the wall during storage or pauses in cleaning. Not heavy to clean. it weighs 3kg.

The rotating part of the main nozzle is really easy to take out and put back in. we liked it. The nozzle itself also behaved well: the trash is not scattered (this sometimes happens with turbo-brushes), but, as expected, contributed to its fall into the dust canister. There are no problems with maneuverability and cleaning around the furniture.

The turbo brush coped well, even on a smooth floor did not scatter debris, and it was a lot

The controls on the handle are nice and clear: you move the slider, and you change the power. It might be possible to add a soft rubber insertion to the handle to make it more comfortable for your hand.

The power is easy to change. the switch on the handle, on top of the vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the filters. First of all, even before cleaning, the user is protected from a frequent nuisance with vacuum cleaners of this kind. the debris does not spill back out of the container: There is a special anti-return valve in the air duct. Seemingly trivial. But some vacuum cleaners do not.

It was nice that when you take out the dust canister from the vacuum cleaner, the filter continues to be securely locked in it, blocking the dust (it does not fly around) and it is easy to remove for cleaning and emptying the container and put it back. The filter itself is multi-component and, as already mentioned, washable.

Noise level. No problem either. The manufacturer informed us in preparation for the test that the noise of the vacuum cleaner is no more than 80 dB. We checked it using a household noise meter (possible error: ±3 dB) and by maximally soundproofing the test room (as much as possible in usual, not lab conditions).

The noise meter is placed at a distance of about half a meter from the vacuum cleaner. about the same distance from the motor (even more) are the user’s hearing organs during cleaning. I am very happy with the result: about 70 dB at maximum power and less than 60 dB at the first level.

Recorded that the Bosch Readyyy cordless vacuum cleaner is quieter than the maximum noise level declared by the manufacturer

We liked the fact that the sound of the vacuum cleaner’s motor can be called “noble”. Even at maximum level there are no “hysterical” notes: a deep, powerful sound, not annoying. This point is rarely paid attention to, but, in our opinion, it is also a convenience: a comfortable feeling from using the vacuum cleaner, rather than a desire to turn it off as soon as possible.


Bosch Readyyy is an upright cordless vacuum cleaner that can handle even quite complex tasks in the context of cleaning. Our test with a lot of garbage proved it. In general, it is designed for daily cleaning. it is easy and convenient to keep the house clean. Removable handheld module with a slotted nozzle expands its capabilities: you can vacuum not only the floor but also other surfaces, car interior.

The Bosch Readyyy wireless vacuum cleaner didn’t let you down. it passed all the tests

The Bosch Readyyy doesn’t disappoint, and it confirms the benefits of cordless cleaning. It’s the vacuum cleaner for those who want to clean quickly, efficiently and in a modern, unplugged way. No obstacles for cleaning. It’s all about you, the vacuum cleaner and the cleanliness.

Appearance and equipment

All vacuum cleaner models in this Bosch range have a modern design. The black base of the case made of impact-resistant plastic, contrast color of the top (in the assortment line presented models of blue, purple and white colors), transparent dust canister, also made of firm polymeric material thanks to this vacuum cleaner looks impressive, but remains practical and ergonomic.

The basic configuration of the model includes such items as:

  • A telescopic tube made of a durable metal alloy. Т.е. is 2 tubes, when assembled 1 of them is hidden in the other, when unfolded they increase the range by 1.5 m or even a little more. Tube length can be adjusted to the user’s height if necessary. The part that locks well into position.
  • Classic floor/mop brush with mode switch.
  • Brush nozzle.
  • The nozzle for upholstered furniture.

Cleaner has an automatic cord rewind function. The cord length varies from model to model, but the standard length of this line is 7-8 m, which provides enough range for cleaning a city apartment.

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The bottom line is this. Vacuumed with the handle, stopped, took the vacuum out of the handle and vacuumed a little. I put the vacuum cleaner in the handle and it won’t.

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Replacing the gear in a vacuum cleaner more than a year ago Bosch BCH6ATH18 vacuum cleaners

The turbo brush drive gear has worn down the rim and is now slipping off the guide and toothed belt. What is the part number of this one?

Your vacuum cleaner has lost suction power: 5 ways to fix it with your own hands

Often when cleaning, the vacuum cleaner starts to suck up poorly, and loses its ability to pick up debris. Usually the problem is easy to fix by cleaning the filter. But if the lack of traction is due to a serious failure, the device will have to be disassembled. What exactly to do if the vacuum cleaner does not suck well, we will tell in this article.

Valid for all popular brands and models of vacuum cleaners: Ariete, Dyson, Bork, Bosch, Bissell, Electrolux, Gorenje, Hoover, Karcher DS, WD; Kirby, LG Kompressor, Storm Extra, Storm Extra; Miele, Panasonic, Philips, Rowenta, Samsung Air Track, Scarlett, STIHL, Supra, Tefal, Thomas Twin, UNIT, Vitek, Zanussi, Zelmer Clarris, Solaris Twix, Solaris Twix; Agressor, Ural and others, including electric and vacuum cleaners with aquafilter.

What to check first

Some of the problems that can cause a machine to malfunction can be corrected by the owner himself or herself, without calling in a technician.

Is the outlet working?

First of all, check that the electrical outlet is working:

  • Plug in another appliance and see if it works. The best way is to turn on a small light or a desk lamp. if the socket is working, the lamp will immediately light up.
  • Try plugging it into another outlet and see if it works there.

Is the bag overfilled?

Quite often the vacuum cleaner does not turn on because the waste bin is full. When the whole bag is clogged, air gets through more easily and suction power drops. The load on the electric motor increases, eventually it will overheat, shut down or fail.

In modern models, an indicator is installed, which signals a filled bag. If there is no such “red light”, listen to the sound of the motor: when it works for wear and tear, you can hear a growing hum. Often the unit begins to “stink”.

If you don’t catch the bag overfilling in time, the motor will overheat. Electronics or thermostat can track this moment and shut off the motor itself. then just empty the bag and let the machine cool down. If there are no sensors, the motor will burn out and the machine will have to be repaired.

Whether large objects have fallen into the hose

Debris stuck in the hose can cause the suction power to drop, leading to overheating and motor damage. Usually it is caused by large objects (rags, children’s toys), which got inside the hose or telescopic tube and could not move into the dust canister. But sometimes small objects get stuck. a toothpick, for example, gets stuck across the duct, picks up other debris and forms a plug.

The hose, like the dust canister, must be cleaned, but it is much harder to do.

Whether the motor protection filter is clogged

The motor protection filter, located just behind the garbage bag, is subjected to regular contamination. Fine dust particles seep through the dust canister and settle on the filter: as a result, air passage is obstructed and the motor is warm again.

It is enough to clean the filter once every 5 to 6 weeks.

Has the cable or plug become jammed?

The vacuum cleaner’s cord is constantly in motion when you’re cleaning. the cord gets caught on corners, under furniture, the unit itself often moves over it. All this has a negative impact on cable integrity.

  • Check the cable. Sometimes the damage can be identified by a torn insulation, but often the metal cores are damaged on the inside and the insulation is not suspicious. Open the housing and look for the place where the cord connects to the circuit board. Plug in the cable, take a multimeter and measure the voltage at the point of connection. If there is no current, the problem is either in the cord or in the plug.
  • Replace the plug or parts of the plug. If the plug is collapsible. open it and look for burned contacts or other defects. Unbreakable plug simply cut off the cord and replace with a new one.

If the other plug did not give a positive result, then the final cause is in the cord. replace the whole.

How long has the appliance been running

If the vacuum cleaner stalls, check how long the appliance has been running before. It is possible that it simply overheated after a long period of cleaning and the electronics shut off the motor to cool it down. Wait some time (at least 20-30 minutes) and your helper will be ready to work again.

Is there an odor of burning

If you can smell something burning while cleaning, the armature or stator coil is probably burned out. In this case you can not do without a qualified repair. you will have to replace the burnt part, and in some cases the entire motor.

Sometimes it is suggested that the armature and stator windings be rewound, we recommend that you look at the economic feasibility. often than not, a complete new unit will be less expensive.