Can I saw metal with a crosscut saw?

Carbide metal discs

Availability of quality processing or construction tools for home use allows you to finish repairs more quickly, or to carry out restoration, construction or restoration work more qualitatively and cheaply. For precise cutting of laminate, plastic, wood in modern conditions it helps to use the cross-cutting saw.

Both professional carpenters and beginners have to cut all kinds of workpieces. All the popular features of this hand-held tool make it easy to appreciate the full quality of operation.

Bosch (PCM series

With power of 1.2 kW provides a cutting depth of 60 mm, vertical angle. 120 degrees,

Powerful 1,6 kW, kerf. 90 mm, angles 65 and 150 degrees,

Makita (LS 1040 series)

Professional tool for 1.7 kW, kerf depth of cut. 67 mm, weight of 11 kg,

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How to choose a crosscut saw blade for metal

This tool appeared on the market relatively recently. Metal disc for mitre saw? Many people, even experienced craftsmen, find it both embarrassing and hard to believe. Not so long ago, steel was only suitable for flame cutting, angle grinder circles and hacksaws. Only wood and plastic materials could be processed at crosscutting machines.

But time does not stand still. Material engineers and toolmakers are constantly working on synthesizing new alloys. Today you can buy a metal cutting disc for mitre saws at any tool store. However, this tool works in harsh conditions and is subject to wear and tear.

Pros and cons of carbide metal cutting discs

It should be noted at once that carbide discs have many advantages over abrasive discs, but the price for equipment and the discs themselves holds back the popularity of their use. Let’s talk about everything one by one!

  • Cutting precision. In order to maintain precision when cutting metal workpieces, a carbide blade on a pendulum saw is one of the best ways to work.
  • Speed of work. You will be surprised at how fast the carbide saw blade cuts.
  • Great durability of the blade. The average blade life is five thousand cuts. Compared with an abrasive disc, it is immortal.
  • No harmful emissions. When working with abrasive, a cloud of small particles is formed in the work area, which negatively affects human health.
  • The metal will not get hot. After you cut the workpiece, you can safely pick it up, it will be cold. The main advantage is that without exposure to temperature, the properties of the metal do not change.
  • Price. Carbide disc costs ten times more than abrasive disc. Metal cutting assembly saw with a Makita lc1230 carbide (pobedite) disc (305 mm). This blade will not pay for itself at home, if used infrequently.
  • Metal loss. Since disc is thicker than abrasive, you should consider that the cutting line for the trimmer will be thick.
  • Fears rusting. If you think about sawing rusty metal, remember that it will wear out the disk faster.

Summing up all of the above, we can say that carbide discs are more professional consumables. They have fewer disadvantages than competitors, but the price makes them unaffordable for domestic use.

Metal hacksaw

When finishing buildings in the process of construction, specialists are helped by the end saw, with which you can cut a sheet of metal. However, the use of power tools is not always appropriate. For a gentle approach, one chooses a hand-held device like a simple and reliable metal hacksaw.

There are special blades designed for cutting soft and non-ferrous metals Source

Cutting aluminum sheets that are not characterized by a large cross section has several disadvantages, namely:

  • Uncomfortable work format, during which the specialist is forced to simultaneously fix the profile and perform movements. Because of this the quality of the product decreases;
  • In the process of cutting the material loses its original shape;
  • manual processing takes longer than machine processing.

Of the benefits of using a hacksaw, the following stand out:

  • the simple principle of operation can be mastered even by an inexperienced technician;
  • The low weight of the product allows the use of manual labor for a long time;
  • Can be used in all situations;
  • Despite the increased time required, aluminum cutting performance is on par with some power tools.

Metal scissors

The tool is comfortable and easy to work with aluminum. Metal sheets are marked in advance.

  • The need for training before finishing cutting metal. Anyone without experience will not be able to cut precisely along the marked lines;
  • Due to the structure of the profile, there is a high probability of deformation of the product or making an uneven cut.

There are special shears for aluminum, but they are not suitable for cutting profiles, you should give preference to the classic version Source

Laser and electronic equipment

In rare cases, a crosscut saw with a broach has electronic elements. However, there are models that are characterized by the presence of electronic regulation of the rotation speed. Thanks to this there is a great opportunity to control the work process.

In today’s world, many manufacturers strive for perfection and innovation, so they are increasingly introducing the most daring and expensive ideas. For example, laser aiming in the saw. this is an optional, but very useful and expensive option.

The laser is used to draw a clear line for the trimmer’s kerf. This feature is especially necessary for inexperienced craftsmen.

Face saws ranking

Before buying, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rating of the best manufacturers of such equipment:

  • Einhell. German brand, distinguished by the excellent quality of assembly and materials. The best mitre saw he has. Einhell TC-SM2131 Dual. High-precision model with sawing heads tilted to both sides. Complemented by a chip bag, a laser module, an elaborate scale of rulers.

Additionally for safe and comfortable work

All crosscut saws are generally divided into two segments: domestic and professional models. Depending on the power and diameter of the saw blade, they are designed for wood, metal, plastic and other materials. Today electrical equipment stores offer not only trimmer saws of a classical sample, but also combined variants combining the functions of a trimmer and a saw. Of course, the combined variant can not become a full replacement for a specialized sawing machine. Nevertheless, many craftsmen purchase this equipment if they value quality and speed in their work.

Choosing a crosscut saw by brand

It is believed that some of the best manufacturers are Metabo and Makita. Bosch and Hitachi as well as Enkor and DeWALT have a circle of fans. As is clear, this list can go on and on. Let’s look at some examples.

The vast majority of reputable companies give the opportunity to expand the work table already in the basic equipment. But sometimes, if you have to work with a larger workpiece, you may need to use additional support. The Makita LF 1000, for example, has a folding stand that makes it easy to work.

A crosscutting saw is considered a reliable one if it has an aluminum or magnesium frame. Thanks to the use of these metals, not only is the tool strong and durable, but it is also mobile, simply because it becomes lightweight. For example, the Bosch GCM 10 has a weight of 15 kg.

Hitachi C12LCH model comes with a unique system of digital indication of table rotation angles and cutting head tilt, as a result, sawing becomes a high-precision process and preparatory work time is reduced, which is important in production conditions.

Supporters of domestic products appreciate the Zubr power tool. the crosscut saws are covered by a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Before buying a tool decide what you need it for, how often you will use it and if you are ready to sacrifice mobility and lightness in favor of power and more features of a professional tool. If you have any questions about how to choose a crosscut saw, please contact our store manager. Look at the features of models, compare and make the right choice.

How to cut a profile with a coping saw

Carpenters know that when making skirting boards and mouldings it is necessary to angle and slant the workpiece. This work has to be done with extreme precision, because it’s all about making the connection to the mitre A coping saw can easily perform this task. It has no problem machining profiles, including wide parts.

The same work can be done with a stationary circular saw, but this requires special skill. With a crosscut saw everything is much easier and more convenient. But the tool has to be accurate. That’s why it is better to buy a crosscut saw from a reputable manufacturer. By the way, you can save money when buying, if you choose a model without a variable tilt disk. When you cut a profile in the mounting angle position you can do without this function.

Now let’s pay attention to the disk, the roughness and the quality of cuts depend on it. For sawing wooden profiles you should use discs with tungsten carbide tips, the front angle of the teeth should be from 5 to.5 degrees. If the disc is not of the highest quality, even an excellent tool will not save the case. Believe me, an expensive blade is worth its money. In addition to wood, they saw plastic and aluminum. Blades with special tooth configurations designed for these materials are available in stores.

The next step is up to the master. The mitre saw is secured to the workbench with clamps. For long profiles two supports can be made and placed on either side of the tool. In case of frequent work of this kind it is reasonable to equip the workshop with a special table, the tabletop of which would be at the same level as the crosscut saw table. You can find both special workbenches and a variety of devices for cutting profiles on sale. But good results can be obtained by the use of self-made backstops and table extensions.

The cutting tool must be positioned vertically. The disc is fastened with the spindle nut, which does not need to be tightened. After you have checked that the saw is securely mounted on the workbench, fasten the workpiece. Parts for the connection on the bevel are obtained by bevel cuts in different directions. The saw blade of the mitre saw is turned by 45°. to the right, saw the workpiece, then do the same, but with a 45-degree turn to the left. This produces internal and external connection details. Now cut off parts of the right length, and you will make a great skirting board or cornice.

Features of products with a broach

Variants with the broaching function are professional equipment, differing from the domestic varieties. They are convenient for cutting long boards and pipes. The design of such devices is equipped with two slats, located parallel to each other. The cutting disk is mounted on the slats themselves, it slides freely along them and has particularly fine teeth. This is not coincidental, because the smaller the teeth and the greater the number of teeth, the lower the level of stress on each of them.

Saws with a broach are characterized by a solid workpiece width. This type is heavier than other varieties. Speed of rotation of some modifications can exceed 3000 rpm. Sometimes the model can be equipped with electronic adjustment of the saw blade rotation speed. These units allow you to get a smooth and fast cut.

The presence of a broaching mechanism turns an ordinary saw into a user-friendly machine. Most often such designs are used for cutting wide and long wood.


There are different attachments that are used to equip trimming saws for metal. Their purpose, depending on the type of equipment, is to facilitate the operator’s work and ensure its quality, as well as safety. For example, in addition to the rotary table design that allows you to reach a given degree, models may have a table with two sides of the cutting angle.

Dust collectors can be either bags or hoses resembling industrial vacuum cleaners. They reliably protect the operator from metal dust, which can penetrate into the respiratory tract. The product may also have a protective cover and a light for the working area. Those who are particularly careful when selecting a trimmer for metal can choose a version with a limited cutting depth.

In addition, the unit may have the option of adjusting the speed of rotation. Also the speed can be infinitely increased when switching on. That’s handy and prevents the disc from jamming right at the start of the cut. Other units can be equipped with automatic shutdown in case of jamming.

DeWALT D28720

In terms of performance, this is the opposite of the previous tool, as the power is already 2300 watts. Saw blade size has been increased accordingly. up to 355 mm. At the same time the high-powered electric motor did not compromise the ergonomic qualities of the machine. Quick change of tools, easy access to brushes even at home and easy physical handling. all these features make the metal facing machine “DeWALT D28720” very comfortable to use. Reviews also emphasize the comfortable sawing with vertical positioning of the working equipment. In this mode it is possible to cut thick workpieces with little physical effort on the part of the operator.

Model “AEG 355

The tool is designed for cutting high-carbon and steel alloys. The power is also 2300 W, and the diameter of the cutting blade is 355 mm. Cutting can be performed both at right and 45-degree angles. Features of the model include quick-release clamps, triangular directional profiles, and a massive protective hood. But the AEG 355 mitre saw for metal lacks additional features. In particular, the now obligatory high-speed support and the soft start are missing. Spark arrestor, special compartment for fasteners and wrenches. According to users, the saw provides a stable cut, high precision and productivity.

Material-dependent sawing speed

In this respect, there is the following pattern:

  • for soft wood it is recommended to use a speed of 50-90 m/s;
  • Cutting hard rock occurs at a speed of 50-80 m/s;
  • Sawing exotic wood. at 50-85 m/s;
  • for Fiberboard panels the speed is 30-60 m/s;
  • for laminate panels. 40-60 m/s;
  • for simple carpentry work and particleboard panels, 60-80 m/s.

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to take into account that wood saw blades have different sizes and tooth shapes, and they can be used at different working speeds.

It is necessary to remember that all the producers of tools specify the required parameters, so you can easily determine what kind of equipment you need to choose for the planned work. In addition to rotational speed, speed, thickness and other indicators, it should be taken into account that circular saws can be not only manual, so first of all you should determine for what kind of tool is designed a particular disc.

Why it is important to choose the right saw blade?

On the question of how to choose a wood saw blade for a clean cut, it is necessary to consider such parameters as the shape and size of the teeth. Manufacturers offer several models:

Working with mitre saws

Sawing lumber with a trimmer saw greatly increases productivity Source

Trim saws are designed to make precise cuts in any lumber at a given angle (it’s much harder to do with a hacksaw). Mostly, such power tools are needed in enterprises manufacturing and repairing furniture. Nevertheless, the work on the tsortsovochnaya saw is performed by many craftsmen at home and it is not necessarily the carpenters of the highest grade. Such a tool is needed both in everyday life and in industry.

The most popular and functional brands of crosscut saws

The tilt of the saw in the horizontal plane: 60° to the right and 47° to the left, vertically from 0° to 45° Source

Here is a list of the most popular and functional models in demand in Europe and Asia:

  • Makita. All tools from the Japanese company under this brand are considered “one of” or even the best power tools in the world.
  • Metabo. German company engaged in production of quality power tools with long service life.
  • Bosch. Another “German” which is very popular because of its high quality and extended functionality provided by the manufacturer.

Certainly there are other quite good manufacturers, but it’s more a case of “as the chips fall where they may. That is, you can buy a good model, but not be able to repair it. For example, the armature on the hand saw Stark burned out, but it is impossible to find a suitable armature for all parameters (either shorter or longer by several millimeters) on the Internet. you should order it at the factory.

High cutting precision thanks to laser marking and high-quality saw blade Source

All saws for trimming lumber, regardless of the model, are divided not only into manual (portable) and stationary, but also standard and multifunctional. For example, in the top photo you see a German model Bosch PCM 8, which has a laser marking that allows you to cut lumber at a very precise angle, which only is possible for this modification of the tool. Multifunctional truncation saws are much more expensive than standard models, and if you want a well-known brand, you will have to shell out. But it is not a waste of money to work with a good quality truncation saw. such an investment in the result turns out to save money.

Functional features

Work on a stationary type trimmer saw will always be more accurate, because the cutting line for the trimmer is mainly (in newer models) guided by a laser, and the saw blade’s pendulum type feed will not deviate by a millimeter. Of course, an experienced specialist will cut the workpiece at any angle, but a novice craftsman simply can’t do it physically (you need to “stuff” your hand). But still, we need to understand what kind of cut a crosscut saw can make.

Trimming capabilities of the mitre saw:

  • Both the stationary and mobile version of the power tool has the ability to make a cut on the horizontal plane with a change in the angle of the end cut. With handheld models there is no limit to such a turn, while with stationary saws the stand and/or table deviation is set by the manufacturer and specified in the accompanying documentation.
  • Also work on the end saw allows you to change the angle of cut relative to the horizontal plane. This looks different for different models (manual and stationary). That is, the tilt of the support cover or table can be carried out to the left or right by 45 °, and in some cases up to 60 °.

But all these functions depend on the manufacturer: That is, what the factory has put into this or that project is what you can do with this power tool. To be fair, it should be noted that the circular saw blade can not only cut a board or bar at a certain angle, but also cut them along the fibers. For example, a wide and long board can be split into slats of desired width and if it is a hand-held power tool, the length of the board does not matter at all.

The stiffer the workpiece will stand, the more accurate the cutting line for the trimmer will be and the desired angle Source

Consequently, the capabilities of trimmer saws is enough. it changes the cutting angle not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane. The workpiece must be securely clamped to the base of the work table or workbench to produce the desired angles. On modern multifunctional saws there are usually tools for fixation in the form of clamps, but for a manual circular saw you can and should use mobile clamps. As a last resort, you can screw the workpiece to the wooden workbench with self-tapping screws.