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Review of the Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 garden shredder

In connection with recent laws relating to the prohibition of making fires, and burning branches and garbage, I finally decided to buy a garden shredder. Since we live in the city, albeit in a private home, plots are small and difficult to maintain standards for separation from trees, buildings and structures. There is a barrel for burning small amounts of garden debris. But what to do with the pile of branches after pruning fruit trees, or branches from a tree that has fallen during a strong wind? That’s where the shredder comes in.

During the search I found out that there are three types of garden shredders:

  • Knives. 2 or 3 knives are fixed on the disc, when rotating they chop a branch. There is a version with one big, double-sided blade. Replacement blades are not too expensive. from 200. to 1000, depending on the model and company. There are also shredders which have in addition to the main knives additional knives directed at an angle from the plane. This allows you to shred not only branches, but also plant debris.
  • Milling cutters are good for shredding thick branches. The principle is that the wood is “bitten” by a gear with sharpened edges. But there’s a minus: the price is very high, consumables are very expensive, and it’s impossible to sharpen a mill at home. And, as I understand it, mostly out of order in the first place is not the cutter, and the stop, between which the branch is clamped to be cut by the blade of the cutter. So, this stop is very difficult to find and replace later. Chips from such a shredder is obtained in the form of large chopped pieces.
  • Turbine. in this model there are many knives and, rotating, they draw the branch and at the same time shred.

They are similar to knives in terms of chips produced, but differ in capacity and output. Can process thicker branches. But again, it is harder to sharpen and more expensive to replace.

I chose a shredder based on several criteria:

  • Cost. I planned to buy the most simple, inexpensive, in the hope that it would not immediately break. After studying the reviews and information on the Internet, I realized that the leaders in smartness and quality of shredding are Bosch and VIKING. But the price is the same.
  • Type of chips. While our garden is still young, very thick branches are not present, mostly up to 3 cm. But the chips from them should be small, so it was possible to sprinkle them on the road and in the compost and mulch plants. This fraction is given by knife shredders and turbine ones. The Turbine one did not fit into our budget, so I chose the knife one.

And so, at the moment of choice and search I was smiling luck, in one of the stores was a discount on garden shredder Bosh Rapid AXT 2000 more than 50%. Of course, I couldn’t get past it. There were doubts “in what trick”, but when bought, checked the work while no nagging complaints, production. Hungary.

I registered my shredder on the official Bosch website and they extended the warranty to 3 years. I will share my impressions of the machine. Maybe this will help someone with the choice.

Sold in a box like this.

Weight of the car with the package. 13.4 kg. The assembled shredder weighs 11 kg. That was also one of the advantages of its choice. it is not hard to move around the site.

Power it has not much, compared to other models. only 2000 watts. But that’s enough.

Judging by the reviews, this brush is sensitive to voltage, so if you plan to use it on a site with an extension cord from 30 m. And more, it is desirable to take a power strip 2×1, 5, I had only 2×1, tried it out. it works, the cord is not warm. Still, I will need to buy a thicker one over time. There is no cord on the shredder body, only a plug for it, so an appropriate extension cord is needed.

The wheels are plastic. There is a handle to move the machine on the site.

There is also a place to store the key in case you need to unscrew and flip the knife.

If the chopper gets clogged or a stick gets stuck, it can be opened and cleaned.

There’s a special screw for that, as it’s jokingly called “patience screw”. It takes quite a long time to unscrew, it is a producer’s idea, for safety’s sake, while you unscrew the screw to remove the hood, the rotation of the blades stops. And with the screw unscrewed, the engine does not start, to make it work this screw should be screwed in completely and thus close the contact.

The knife of this unit is double sided, if it gets blunt on one side you can turn it and keep working. Again, according to reviews, this knife is not made of hardened iron, so the edge is easily crumpled. Do not turn it over so as not to affect the factory alignment. But craftsmen craftsmen do tinker with slightly dulled blades. The only thing to do is to be careful, t.к. one side of the edge is laser hardened, sharpening removes only the obvious jagged edges.

There are special “ears” on the sides to hook the handles of a large bag. This bag used to come with the shredder, but is now purchased separately. But a bag from Ashan or a bag from “Lenta” will do as well.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Electric Shredder (0600853500)

Good day to all! I decided to share my experiences from my purchase, or rather from the use of the shredder Bosch AXT Rapid 2000. This device I bought myself in the fall of 2015, when it was time to prune the trees in the garden. Because of the large number of branches the option of burning them did not give much joy. It’s a real hassle. After reviewing all the options for such equipment, reading reviews and counting the money I settled on this model as the best option for me in terms of performance and price, including bonuses.Unfortunately, I could not after the purchase sd. Show full

You can buy the Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Electric Shredder (0600853500) online store with delivery or pick it up at your nearest ONLINE TRADE outlet.RU.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Electric Shredder (0600853500)

Fast and powerful, the AXT Rapid 2000 shredder has durable, precision laser-cut blades for high shredding performance. Featuring the highest torque Bosch Powerdrive high-speed motor in its class, this mobile shredder has a quick-loading hopper, a practical plunger that makes filling easier, and its output reaches 80 kg/h.


Equipment of the electric shredder Electric Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 (0600853500) depends on the specific delivery and can be changed by the supplier without prior notice!

Technical specifications of the goods can be different from those specified on the site, please specify the specifications of the goods at the time of purchase and payment. All information on the website about the goods is for reference only and is not a public offer in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code We ask you to check the availability of the desired functions and features when buying.

Electric shredder Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 2 kW. reviews of owners

Before you buy Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 2 kW Shredder, you want to read real reviews about it from owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read reviews of real customers about the device, find out all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own a shredder electric Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 2 kW, then share your opinion, leave your review. Each submitted comment is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about the electric shredder electric Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 2 kW. Manufacturer: Bosch.

Yuri Prokhorov

Pros: Shreds both twigs and haulm universal

Cons: When shredding the tops it gets clogged quicker, you have to open and clean

Oleg Yurin

Review: It’s great, but it does not shred thin branches

Yuri Nikolaev

Review: Doesn’t shred grass, gets clogged. Stops dry twigs. Works only selectively. The thing is useless.

Andrey Berestovoy

Pros: Brand quality, lightweight, mobile, smartly designed, powerful blade, easy to operate, possibility to buy a spare blade. Possibility to shred branches as well as shred haulm.

Disadvantages: Small branches (under 7 mm in diameter) rather tears than shreds or skips and quickly clogs. A bit noisy. The branches need to be prepared more thoroughly in advance than, for example, for the Makita UD2500

Review: It’s a great helper for the garden. It works great if you don’t stuff it with stuff the manufacturer does not allow, as well as dry twigs. The most beautiful fraction is obtained from branches with a diameter of 15-25 mm. I can not help but notice that in 3 years the shredder has increased in price by 2! times. I guess there is a demand and the greed ceiling has not been reached.

Sergey Chikarevsky


Cons: After 10 minutes of work stopped working, the reason was in the idiot switch, who designed this system. was clearly under some substances. Had to disassemble and reassemble several times, the plastic that presses another plastic that presses some button wouldn’t go in place. The system is too flimsy.

Roman Snitsarenko

Review: dry branches not so good. dissatisfied

Yury Baranov

Review: Fully satisfied with this shredder. Lightweight, maneuverable, low noise. Shreds garden debris well. Performs its task 100%

Anastasia P.

Pros: Powerful, moderately noisy. Handles branches, both dry and fresh, with ease.

Review: I’ve been looking at and monitoring the of garden shredders for a long time. went up and it was decided to buy at least some kind of mulch. This shredder at the time of purchase was a very good deal. Only cost 6092. Delivery in two days. Unpacked on camera (was expecting a catch) All intact. Works perfectly. Easily chops down branches. It does not require any special labor. I recommend for purchase.

Vladimir Zelenskiy

Disadvantages: Thick branches (as thick as one and a half or two fingers) does not take, in any case, this is clearly not the standard size for it. Thin ones don’t chew all the way through. Works slowly. The frame with wheels could be made collapsible, for compactness during transportation (the obvious decision).

Review: There was a lot of enthusiasm (buy it, we’ll do mulch), but in reality it turned out to be absolutely useless household item. I bought it for cutting down branches (there are a lot of trees on the property), but it did not solve the problem, as a result we work according to the old scheme. The thick ones are sawn for firewood, and the small ones are broken by hands for kindling. I don’t know, maybe it’s convenient to shred the grass for compost, but the branches are clearly not his profile.

Vladimir B.

Pros: Good shredder, chops easily the trunks of sunflowers, corn, twigs and other debris, wide entrance opening, no need to chop branches

Review: I have wanted a machine like this for a long time

Gorynych Zmey

Pros: Small, lightweight. At first, it shredded branches up to 3.5 cm bravely.

Disadvantages: No bag for mulch included (solved by the bag from Lenta), Flimsy magnetic mechanism to protect from overheating. Breaks. The grass is better not to recycle. Does not do a good job. No cord of my own. It has a fork on the casing. The price now just kills. I bought it for half the price.

Review: I used it for three years, 2-3 times a year. Grinds branches and small trunks of cut down trees on the property. This year turned it on, it worked, but after about 5 seconds the rpm dropped. Hardly spins. There is no longer any need to shred. Must be repaired. I went on the Internet to read what can be wrong with this machine, and found that it breaks quite often.

I can’t exactly recommend buying it for 18,000. Not worth the money.

Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 instruction manual

No more talking about shredding.

Switch machine off and pull the plug out of the socket.

Unscrew all safety locking knob

of knives. Remove compacted shredded material with a wooden spatula or plastic tool. Also clean outlet tube

The hardness of the shredded material depends on the species, age, and moisture content.

Optimal results are achieved by shredding fresh twigs after a short period of time after cutting.

Soft garden waste is best shredded in small portions in the wet.

Clogging can be prevented by intermediate feeding of branches for shredding.

Switch off the tool and remove the mains plug from the mains socket.

Note: In order to ensure a long service life and reliability, carry out the following maintenance work at regular intervals.

bosch, rapid, 2000, does, start

Check the tool regularly for visible defects, such as loose or damaged blades, loose connections and worn or damaged parts.

Check guards and safety devices for damage and proper installation. Perform any necessary maintenance or repair work before use.

If the power cord needs to be replaced, contact the manufacturer, an authorized manufacturer’s service shop or a qualified technician to avoid danger.

If in spite of meticulous manufacturing and testing, a garden tool should ever break down, it must be repaired by an authorized Bosch garden tool service.

In all inquiries and spare parts orders, please always indicate the 10-digit part number indicated on the rating plate of the power tool.

Switch off the power tool and remove the mains plug from the mains socket.

Knife has a cutting blade on both edges.

If one edge is blunt, you can flip the blade over and use the other edge. Replace the blade when both edges are blunt.

To change, remove or turn the blade, proceed as follows

Wear gardening gloves (not included) when doing this. Turn the knife over

Review on Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Electric Shredder (0600853500)

Good afternoon, all! I decided to share my impressions of my purchase, or rather from the use of the shredder Bosch AXT Rapid 2000. I bought this device in the fall of 2015, when it was time to trim the trees in the garden. Because of the large number of branches the option of burning them was not very happy. It’s a pain in the ass. After reviewing all the options for such equipment, after reading reviews and counting the money I settled on this model as the best option for me in terms of performance and price, including bonuses.

Unfortunately, after the purchase I could not take pictures of the packaging, but in this regard, everything is in the best traditions of the company: a large cardboard box of green color, inside which the machine itself, wheels, shovel for pushing through the branches, instructions. I do not have any complaints about the quality of plastic, assembly and packaging.

Well now let’s move on to the description of the shredder in details and the peculiarities of its operation. So, pictures of Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 after a season of use.

The device is made in two colors: black and green, marking in the form of an inscription on a transparent film glued to the body. Two red spots are prominent. The hose is a push button and a paddle for pushing in branches and leaves. The device stands on a metal arch-support, to which two large plastic wheels are attached. Combined with a comfortable handle we get excellent transport performance. The Bosch is really easy and comfortable to drive on the site.

On the controls. On the back is a large red spring-loaded power button, which has three positions. first. off, second. Normal operation and a third. starting. Т.е. To turn the unit on, turn the switch to the second position, nothing happens, then turn it all the way. the engine starts and the switch returns to the middle position by spring action. I like it: The designer took care of emergency situations: in case of great “stress”, the automation switches off the motor and the switch is reset to “Off.

The next part. socket. precisely the plug. To be honest, I have never come across such a design: an electric machine has no cord. No. It’s just a plug and socket. So you have to buy an extension cord (if you don’t have it) in order to start working joyfully, because there is no hint of this device in the kit. The “mother” of the extension piece is inserted into the shredder and secured with a spring clip.

Next to the switch there is a big bolt head which fixes the upper plastic cover of the shredder and is a safety device at the same time: without the cover and screwed in the bolt the machine won’t start.

In the upper part of the housing there is a feeding opening covered with red flaps made of soft plastic. They prevent accidental ejection of shredded wood. All safety features are functional and everything is accounted for: Automation, marking, red-colored important elements. But I would recommend using protective goggles and gloves: God protects the well!

Under the hood there is a shredding unit, which is a rotating metal disc with a double-sided blade fixed on it. The knife is sharpened on both sides, so if necessary you can turn it upside down. For this purpose it is necessary to remove the metal cover that is fastened with 6 bolts and unscrew the bolt with an allen key.

I want to say right away that I had to turn the knife in the first season, because it couldn’t bear the load, on the one hand, and on the other hand. The quality of its sharpening left a lot to be desired. It seemed to me that the edge of the blade was too sharp, and that’s why it got jagged very fast. But I have tried to shred everything possible: dry and wet branches, leaves, grass. And I must say that its most optimal application. Damp branches with few leaves. It is hard (and dangerous) to work with dead branches, leaves and grass choke up quickly and you have to stop the work often.

After passing through the cutter, the chopped parts fly out of the bottom hole, and with sufficient acceleration. So in order to keep the cleanliness of the workplace, you have to either put a film or substitute a container of some kind. I adapted a box from an all-in-one printer.

Review: Bosch Rapid 2000 Garden Shredder. High-speed, lightweight and mobile, designed for heavy loads.

Recycles grass and twigs. Wide funnel and handy pusher. Lightweight, mobile. Motor protection against overload and power surges. Bandwidth. 35mm.

Good day!We’re in the middle of tree pruning season and cleaning up our own yard!My first assistant in this business is the Bosch Axt Rapid 2000 garden shredder.

And my today’s review will be on it!

I love this tool because it not only helps to dispose of trimmings from trees and shrubs, but also picks up haulm from cucumbers, tomatoes, and just grass from the garden.I will describe its main characteristics:Power. 2 kWVoltage. 220Voltage. PlasticWeight. 11.5 kgType of motor. electricFeeding. Mains noise level. 105dB Performance. 80 kg/hShredding blade system

Max. branch diameter. 35mm.Cutting speed. 3.6 rpm.

It is equipped with two plastic wheels

It has a convenient foot for stability, the weight is not too heavy, so you don’t have to work hard to roll it out.This mobile shredder has a high-speed motor and laser-treated hardened steel blades

Since the shredder is quite able to cope not only with round branches, but also with grass, it has quite a wide funnel and a handy plastic pusher.

It is better not to work with gloves on, as they can be pulled into the funnel and well if without your hand. This rule of thumb should not be neglected!

Getting started. The shredder itself only has an integrated plug

The extension cord itself can be secured to the hook on the side of the shredder body.

On/off button. very bright, made in the same color scheme as the pusher, located on the left side under the handle.

The branches should be trimmed before crushing, so that there were not strong branches.For example, in a twig like this

we cut off all the side knots and we get a bunch like this

No need to cut to length, unless very thick, then yes. cut.It is even easier to push long twigs into the crusher. My mower pulls branches in by itself, but you still have to guide and push them a bit. Be careful, the machine vibration is transmitted to the branches, and can whip very painful if the branch is long and flexible. But experience with this technique is acquired quickly and soon you are deciding by yourself how to stand, which side to stand on, how close, where to push.

After this pile of freshly cut twigs

turned out this nice mulch.

My helper can also handle a branch like this

The sawdust from such a branch is beautiful

Grapes or roses, the shredder snaps like a seed.There was a bunch of dried out already molasses, and I grinded it.

If you take a soft and flexible material (cucumbers, tomatoes, grass or thin twigs with green foliage), you have to push through the pusher.

It’s a good thing. But there are nuances

Bought my parents at the cottage, used seasonally for shredding branches in the spring and velvets and other haulm in the fall. Be careful with the last one, since I did not know how to shove everything in a row, and the blade got blunted. With sharpening in my town.

I’m using it for the second season. Really pissed me off today. That’s why the review. Bought it for 18,000! Not for three rubles! The noise from it, I don’t believe it! On four hundred square meters, what a squeal is there. The neighbors are mad. Well, it’s either smoke or rumble.

I regret that I have not bought earlier

It’s a super thing! Before it appeared, several times a year we used to perform “shamanic dances with tambourines” to dispose of all sorts of dry (and not very) branches from trees and bushes, as well as tall grass and.

High-speed motor, lightweight, low-noise, good-looking design, ears on the sides convenient to put on a bag to collect recycled mulch

Blades that dull quickly, narrow chopped material exit that causes frequent clogging of the passageway, disassembling and cleaning

All good in the shredder handy propeller powerful enough motor but there is one big drawback is the blunt knives as if they were not made of steel but of paper, despite the fact that it is written that the shredder is laser sharpened.

Assembly Work, Shredding. Bosch AXT Rapid 2000 Instructions for Use

The connector of the extension cable must be protected from water splashes and should be made of rubber or have a rubber cover.

The extension cord must be used in conjunction with a strain relief device.

Check the cord regularly for signs of damage and use only if it is in good condition.

If the cord is damaged, it may only be repaired by an authorized Bosch power tool dealer.

After switching off the machine, the blades continue to run for a few seconds after the switch is released. Wait for motor/blades to stop before turning on again.Do not switch the tool off and then on again at very short intervals.

Turn the on/off switch to start the shredder

Start the tool and release the switch. The switch is turned to the “

Important note: If the switch is turned

the tool does not start.

For safety reasons the tool can only be started when the safety handle is screwed all the way

Locking device that cannot be switched on again after an emergency stop

The power tool does not turn on on its own when the mains fail or the overload protection restores operational readiness.

Release the switch when the tool is switched on. The switch rotates to the ” ” position

Important note: If the switch is turned

inward, the tool does not start.

Blade lock protection can cause the tool to stop after a few seconds. After a short pause, the machine can be switched back on again. If it locks again, switch off tool.

Release the safety catch (see “releasing safety catch” on page 31). Release the safety catch) and reactivate the tool.

To collect the shredded material, hook the straps of the shredding bag

Feed material for shredding through hopper.

Long branches protruding upward from the funnel can whip the operator as they are pulled into the tool! Small pieces of shredded material can be ejected forcefully out of the hopper. Always wear eye protection, protective gloves, and hearing protection when operating the tool.

Always feed the material moderately so that it does not clog the hopper

Do not shred soft waste without solid consistency, such as kitchen scraps, but directly compost it.

Make sure that the shredded material can freely fall out of the outlet pipe

The collection bag and shredded material should not obstruct the ventilation slots

Champion SH250

Champion SH250 is one of the most popular shredder models among Russians. The public liked it not only for its low price, but also for its good functionality. So, the unit is equipped with a 2500 watt motor that starts automatically. The blade system is capable of shredding any branch up to 40 mm in diameter. And if you have problems loading it, you can always use the ejector pusher.

The build quality of the device is not the best, which has been repeatedly noted by users in their reviews. The plastic housing does not inspire confidence in its reliability, just like the blade and control unit. Therefore, if you plan to use the shredder on a permanent basis. it is better to consider a more expensive solution.

Makita UD2500

Makita shredder has the most capacious grass catcher on the market, 67 liters. In order to make it most convenient for the user to track the degree of its filling, a special viewing window is provided. Intelligent cutter control system ensures high efficiency during operation.

The device has a very useful function in its arsenal. reverse. It is activated if a branch or other debris gets stuck in the machine and prevents it from working properly. If the situation repeats three times, the machine goes into standby mode so you can remove the jammed item more easily. The disadvantages include the difficulty of installing the basket after removing it.