Can roller blinds be cut

Preparing for washing

If the second cleaning option (general cleaning) is chosen, then before washing the roller blinds, the canvas must be removed. This will require:

  • Remove the roll from the holder, being careful not to apply excessive force.
  • Remove the plugs located on the side of the structure.
  • Pull out the gears starting from the opposite end of the chain.
  • Move the cornice to the side and remove the canvas.

If the roller shutter is attached with adhesive tape, then the structure must be pry off with a sharp knife, taking care not to damage the plastic. In this case, it is recommended to hold the cornice with one hand. Remaining glue can be removed with rubbing alcohol.

How to wash roller blinds

If necessary, roller blinds can be washed without removing. In this case, wet wipes, rags or sponges are required. It is recommended to clean it using warm (but not hot) water. After moistening a napkin (rag), you need to walk along the canvas from top to bottom, washing away dirt from the surface of the curtains. After the procedure, it is necessary to wait until the roller blinds are completely dry and only then roll up the material.

How to wash roller blinds.

Washing method

There are two ways to clean roller blinds at home. The first is used to remove minor contaminants. In difficult cases, a more thorough cleaning of the blinds will be required. For this, both specialized products (AOS, Fairey, Progress and others) with a neutral pH are used, as well as washing powder (without bleaching ingredients), soap or dishwashing detergent. Next, you need to wash the roller blinds according to the following algorithm:

  • Fill the bathroom with water so that it completely covers the canvas, and add detergent.
  • Unfold part of the blade and clean with a sponge (brush with soft bristles). The procedure should be carried out delicately, without pressing on the material..
  • Collapse the cleared part and expand the new one, repeating the described steps.
  • Rinse the unfolded canvas under the shower. This stage can be completed only after the foam ceases to stand out from the curtain (otherwise stains will remain on the material).

At the end of the wash, the roller blinds must be dried. It is prohibited to clean the blinds using products containing abrasive or aggressive substances, as well as chlorine. Do not use conditioner to remove stains..

Can roller blinds be washed

As already noted, it is forbidden to wash roller blinds in a typewriter. This is due to two circumstances. Such blinds are impregnated with a special compound with antistatic properties, which is washed off after prolonged contact with water. If you wash the roller blind in a typewriter, after the first procedure, this layer will be erased, and the product will lose its original properties. Because of this, dirt and dust will constantly accumulate on the surface of the blinds..

Part of the roller blind is made using plastic fibers. The latter do not tolerate mechanical stress and bending. A machine-washed curtain, which contains such fibers, will lose its original appearance. These blinds will have to be thrown away..

The method of removing contaminants must be selected taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are given for a particular type of roller blind. Some of these products are recommended to be cleaned with chemicals, others only tolerate dry cleaning..

How to properly remove roller blinds.

How to dry properly

As with washing, roller blinds can be dried in two ways. The first will require:

  • Hang the canvas over the bathroom on a wide basis (it is forbidden to use a rope or fishing line, as kinks will appear) and wait until all the water has drained.
  • Spread the fabric backing on a flat surface.
  • Place the roller blind on top of the absorbent backing, gently straightening the folds.
  • Wait until it is completely dry and roll the canvas.

In the second case, it is also necessary to hang the canvas in the bathroom, waiting until the water stops flowing. Then the curtain must be twisted into a roll, set in place and deployed. After that, open a window or start forced ventilation. This allows moisture to evaporate faster. In this case, the formation of strong air currents must not be allowed, due to which the roller blind will twist..

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How to wash roller blinds

In order to preserve the original appearance of the curtains, it is important not only to choose the right thing with which to wash the roller blinds, but also to observe the following prohibitions:

  • Bend the blinds while cleaning. Also, the product does not tolerate excessive pressure..
  • Use common stain removers, detergents and detergents. It is not recommended to use universal compounds that are suitable for all types of fabric..
  • Iron the blinds. High temperature treatment evaporates special impregnation.
  • Re-moisten roller blinds. This will wash out the impregnation.
  • Use scouring pads with hard bristles.

In order to avoid heavy contamination, it is recommended to clean the blinds every 2-3 weeks in summer. In winter, this procedure can be carried out less often..

Users apply 2 cleaning methods. The first will require a wet wipe or vacuum cleaner. In this case, the canvas does not need to be removed from the mount. For the second option, you will need to dismantle the blinds.

How to remove stains

If spots are found during examination, then a school eraser helps to cope with such contamination. The latter need to wipe problem areas. You can wash off greasy stains with:

  • Turpentine or gasoline. In these liquids, you need to moisten a rag and wipe off traces of dirt, and then rinse with water.
  • Laundry soap. The latter should be rubbed with fat and left for 10-15 minutes, after which – wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Salt or starch. which help get rid of the stains left by vegetable oil. Loose products should be applied to the problem area and left for 20 minutes. Then the salt (starch) should be shaken off and wiped with a cloth moistened with alcohol solution.
  • Dishwashing detergents. These cleansers remove greasy wax marks.

Undiluted dish gel helps to wash roller blinds in the kitchen from traces of grease. For difficult stains, it is recommended to use specialized stain removers. But before you wash the roller shutters, you need to apply a small amount of the product on an inconspicuous part of the canvas and follow the reaction.

If chewing gum remains on the surface of the roller blind, then to remove the latter, it is enough to attach a piece of ice.

Dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

If the fabric curtain looks clean and needs to be treated preventively, you don’t even need to use water. Dry processing is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the roller blinds are unfolded to their full length and straightened so that there are no folds;
  • a nozzle is put on the vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning smooth surfaces and furniture;
  • the device is turned on at the lowest power and for several minutes

roller, blinds

If the roller blind has only managed to collect a little dust on itself, vacuum cleaning will bring a good result. It is recommended to carry out it once every 2-3 months, in which case the blinds will have to be washed much less often..

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How to wash a roller blind at home in a washing machine

Although roller blinds are not only synthetic, but also with high m of natural fibers, it is strictly forbidden to wash them in an automatic machine. Even the most gentle washing mode will damage the impregnation of the roller shutters, crumple them and lead to deformation..

Processing is carried out exclusively by hand, otherwise the products after washing will only have to be thrown away.

Can roller blinds be washed

Roller blinds for windows can be made of natural and artificial materials. Most often, when creating them, they use:

  • linen, cotton and satin;
  • polyester;
  • polyvinyl chloride and fiberglass.

Rollers made of pure natural materials are rare. Usually linen and cotton are blended with polyester to increase the durability and reflective properties of curtains. The fabric is coated on top with a special impregnation with an antistatic and dirt-repellent effect.

It is possible to wash fabric roller blinds at home, products, subject to the rules, safely tolerate contact with water and mild detergents. But the curtains are very sensitive to heavy wetting and mechanical stress, they can easily deform. Therefore, they cannot be washed in an automatic machine; if they get dirty, they do it by hand washing or gentle damp cleaning..

How to wash roller blinds by hand

If the blinds on the window are very dirty, or there are greasy spots on them, you can wash the blinds by hand. It is recommended to use this method of cleaning only in extreme cases, the delicate fabric may suffer if you wash it too often..

Before washing, you must first remove the curtain from the window. They do it like this:

    if the curtain rod with the roller is fixed on self-tapping screws, you need to turn them out of the window, remove the plugs from the sides of the fastening, remove the gears on both sides, and then remove the rolled-up canvas from the tube;

How to Cut Down a Roller Shade

From the roller shutter, rolled into a roll, it is necessary to remove the lower bar, which acts as a weighting agent.

After successful dismantling, you can start washing roller blinds on plastic windows. The algorithm looks like this:

  • plug the drain in the bathtub and collect a sufficient amount of warm water at 40 ° C;
  • the selected detergent without chlorine and other aggressive substances is dissolved in water, there should not be a lot of soap, the solution is used with a weak concentration;
  • the selected detergent or powder is thoroughly mixed by hand, no sediment should remain in the water, even small undissolved particles will damage the blinds;
  • unfolded roller shutters are lowered into soapy water and straightened to the maximum length, trying to avoid creases and folds, and then cleaned with a sponge or brush.

It is recommended to wash roller blinds day-night only with a soft sponge or cloth made of natural material. You shouldn’t even take a soft bristled brush – “double” curtains are made of too sensitive fabric. The roller shutters can be washed for several minutes only with a sponge, with the most careful movements, without aggressive pressing and friction.

When the curtains have been completely processed, they must be thoroughly rinsed. To do this, you can draw clean water into the bath several times. But it is more convenient to wash off the soap solution from the shower head, this will allow you to clean the blinds faster and better..

It is recommended to wash the blinds at home as quickly as possible. Long contact with water damages the impregnation of products, due to which they lose their performance properties..

How to wash roller blinds at home

There are 3 cleaning methods for fabric roller shutters – dry processing, wet washing and hand washing in a basin. Which method to choose depends on how dirty the curtains are..

How to clean roller blinds without removing

Removing blinds from a window can be difficult, so it is best to clean them without dismantling. If you wash the roller blinds regularly and avoid heavy contamination, then you will not have to wash them in a basin for the first couple of years after purchase..

Wet cleaning

If the roller blind is noticeably dirty and has lost its color brightness, it is not necessary to wash it immediately, but it is possible to wet it. For this you need:

  • pour warm water not hotter than 40 ° C into a small basin;
  • unfold the fabric roller blind to its full length;
  • moisten a microfiber cloth or soft sponge in water;
  • without pressure and effort, wipe the product several times along the entire length.

Since stains from dirt will appear on the fabric during processing, it is very important to rinse the fabric several times until it is completely clean..

The damp curtain is left unfolded until it dries, and then rolled back to its normal state.

How to clean roller blinds

Most window blinds have a special impregnation that prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the fabric fibers. All dirt remains in the upper layer of curtains, and it is this that must be carefully cleaned during cleaning so as not to damage the impregnation itself.

It is not customary to wash blinds using strong alkaline and acidic agents. Fluids with a neutral composition are best suited:

  • dishwashing detergents – AOC, Fairey and others;
  • liquid soap;
  • laundry soap solution.

Color and its influence on the interior

Beautiful, stylish curtains “require” voluminous draperies, height, width, and therefore take a significant place in the interior. The fabric surface of the curtains sometimes exceeds the surface of open walls, and the color of the curtains becomes dominant.

It is worth choosing the color of the curtains based on the general color scheme of the room. The color palette is selected in combination with the color of the ceiling, floor, walls, furniture. The illumination of the room in the daytime and in the evening affects the choice of color, the location of the windows relative to the cardinal points – south, north, west, east.

The northern windows are decorated with curtains of warm, soft shades – beige, light brown, sand. South windows “accept” blue, turquoise, light green well, neutralizing bright sunlight.

Influence on the size of the room

It is important to remember that the color gamut can visually reduce the space as well as increase it. When choosing dark colors, the space decreases, and when choosing pastel, light colors, it visually increases

The color of the curtains should stand out against the background of the main color of the decoration of the room, it should be either lighter or darker than the color of the walls.

The location of the pattern can also affect the size of the room. In particular, horizontal drawings tend to expand the room, and vertical ones will help create the effect of high ceilings..

When choosing silk for curtains, you should think about caring for them in advance. Natural silk curtains cannot be washed, they should only be cleaned by yourself or with a dry cleaning service. In addition, silk tends to fade and additional lining is required for such curtains. The same rule should be followed for velvet..

Furniture fabrics look beautiful on the windows, if the overall interior of the room allows it, but for curtains made of furniture fabric, you need to install a reinforced cornice.

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Linen curtains made with the addition of lavsan are perfect for any kitchen. This fabric looks shiny and feels light..

Transparent fabrics will help to create the final image of the window, tulle can complement the curtains. Fabrics such as Turkish chiffon, organza or guipure work well for tulle..

Do-it-yourself roller blinds from wallpaper

As a temporary measure (for example, for repairs or for a summer residence), the fabric for sewing can be replaced with wallpaper. Conveniently, the remnants of the rolls that were used to paste over the walls or ceiling are excellent for this purpose..

Basic requirements for wallpaper for roller blinds:

  • for the pleated version, only paper ones are suitable;
  • for rolled or “Roman” with large folds, you can use vinyl or non-woven;
  • any type of wallpaper should be relatively light – heavy embossed, textured, with stone chips, and so on, options will simply break off at the attachment points;
  • it is advisable to choose wallpaper with a neutral appearance of the reverse side.

In addition to the wallpaper itself, you will need:

  • wooden or plastic strip for fastening plus brackets or other mounting option for it;
  • stapler;
  • double sided tape;
  • scissors or knife for cutting;
  • cord or tape for folding.

Important: you cannot use eyelets or rings to pass the cord in the wallpaper, so you will have to fix it on the top bar and pass it through the holes directly made in the roll (for pleated pleats).

The simplest manufacturing option:

  • the cut of the required length and width is folded like an accordion;
  • the upper part is fixed to the bar using double-sided tape and / or a stapler;
  • the lower part is tucked in and fixed with double-sided tape (you can insert an additional light bar as a weighting and position lock);
  • the cord / tape is attached to the mounting plate and passed through the holes in the folds of the roll. You can run the cord through one row of holes in the middle – in this case, the assembly looks like a fan – or through two, which results in a more traditional folding option..
  • fix the mounting plate to the window.

Important: pleating will look neater if the back of the roll is lined before folding.

A master class will help you figure out how to make roller blinds yourself (with your own hands). Here is an option with twisting into a roll on a metal tube.


Tips from an experienced seamstress

After the curtain tape has been leveled, seamstresses recommend folding a few centimeters on the inside of the curtain. If you need to sew the braid to the organza, then here you need to remember that, in general, its width is greater than the height of the ceiling. It is better not to cut off excess fabric, but just bend it.

It is advisable to iron this bend well. But this must be done through cheesecloth. Then you can sew the ribbon to the organza.

Wrap the tape inward by 2 centimeters and fix it with a needle. After that, the top line is executed. To do this, it is necessary to indent from the edge of the curtain belt by 2 centimeters. It is advisable to remember that the tape should not protrude from the upper edge of the canvas.

After sewing the top stitching, there is no need to cut off the remaining piece of tape. It must be laid out on the surface and fixed together with the material using pins used by seamstresses..

Attention! In this case, the step between the pins should be about 25 centimeters. This is needed to complete a new line.

If you do not plant the material in advance, then it will be quite difficult to complete such a line..

Thin curtains are very often used by tents or entrance doors, they are sewn into a zipper, they protect the room from mosquitoes.

If the curtain crumbles heavily, then the hem can be treated with a trim or satin ribbon. The folds themselves can be decorated with metal buttons or sequins, they look good on dense materials.

Large curtains can be folded like a theater curtain during performances. But this requires more than four laces..

For those new to tailoring, it is recommended that you visit the sewing sites. There you can find master classes on how to sew curtains on a ribbon yourself or how to choose the right material for them. There you can ask for advice from experienced craftswomen, as well as share your successes..

It is advisable to wash curtains manually. If you need to wash in a machine, then a special mesh bag is used for this. In this case, it is better to set the delicate mode, and the powders should only be liquid. Organza, tulle, veil and other lightweight materials should only be ironed through gauze. Otherwise, yellow spots may remain on the products. Also during ironing, it is necessary to spray the curtain with water from time to time..

Drying such fabrics is prohibited near heating appliances or in direct sunlight. It can become brittle and dry..

Zip up curtain

The curtain tape will help you to easily give the curtains an original and beautiful look. Its plus is that it will not be difficult to sew it even for a needlewoman without experience. It helps to complete the design of the window in the form of numerous folds..

Types of curtains by density

  • light translucent curtain fabric;
  • chintz and linen curtains;
  • heavy dense curtains;
  • lined curtains;
  • curtains with insert.

The density of the curtain determines its sun- and heat-shielding properties. To give the room a feeling of light, openness, light translucent curtains made of nylon, cotton or linen are used. Such curtains are magnificently draped in classic interiors, in interiors in the style of “Provence”, rural, on the contrary, they use shortened, straightened “stretched” options.

Light chintz or linen curtains shade the room slightly from sunlight, but completely retain natural light. Such curtains will be appropriate in the nursery, in the kitchen, in the hall with a balcony, in the interior of a light ethnic or rural style..

A type of heavy curtains are curtains on a lining, it improves the decorative and functional properties of curtains and protects the seamy side of expensive curtains from fading, improves the quality of the drapery, makes the curtain heavier, gives it solidity, enhances the heat-shielding properties.

The lining is made of cotton or synthetic fabrics in color with the main fabric or in contrast, as a decoration. For example, a combination of green, olive taffeta with milky white is often used. When assembling, draping, the lining becomes visible, it sets off the main fabric, emphasizes its shine, depth of tone.

Finding the right style and model

Now it is very important to choose the right style, and to embody the idea of ​​future curtains on fabric. The classic version is thick curtains combined with a weightless tulle

However, you can use a combination of even more different fibers. For example, in modern English interiors, three manufactories are often used – two main and one as a decor. With all this, remember that the more you use all kinds of canvases, the more carefully you need to think over the design. The multi-colored palette is one of the most difficult and incomprehensible for sewing curtains with your own hands, so a beginner needlewoman may have slight design difficulties. As for the color palette, here you need to take into account some tricks that will help create a bright and modern style in the room..

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It is more correct to use a rich and monochromatic base with a simple and uncomplicated style, because the motley fabric will immediately add color and juiciness to the room, a photo of this

Restrained tones should be combined with a more refined and original model. Folds will help dilute the gray and boring look of the curtains. They can be both large and small, across the entire width or in some parts of the curtains. Also very popular and elegant decorative elements for curtains are: lambrequins, lapels, ties and all kinds of tie-backs.

The curtains can also be decorated with hand-made products: bows, ribbons or other aesthetic chips, which can be changed, removed at any time or added to the design of the room with new products.

How to wash curtains?

If dry cleaning no longer saves the day, then the blinds need to be washed. Most roller blinds are made from 100% polyester. It is a durable synthetic material, but it has its weak points. Therefore, it must be handled with care, and the use of aggressive cleaning agents is left for other coatings. It is best to take the curtains to a dry cleaner – this way you will get guaranteed cleanliness and will not spoil the finish. If this option does not suit you, then proceed to self-wash..

You need to wash roller blinds as follows.

  • The procedure is most conveniently performed in the bathroom..
  • Remove the blade from the lifting mechanism.
  • Lay out the curtain fabric in the bathroom so that the fabric does not wrinkle or form creases.
  • Dilute the detergent in any container. It must have a neutral pH so that the effect on the impregnation is minimal. If using powder, make sure the grains are completely dissolved..
  • Soak a sponge in a solution of detergent and lightly apply to the curtain fabric. No need to be zealous and rub the surface hard.
  • Rinse off the detergent and rinse the fabric well under the shower.

If the fabric is not rinsed well enough, residual detergent can damage the fabric. When burned out in the sun, ugly spots and stains will appear on the curtain.

Let the water drain and lay the cloth on a horizontal surface to dry. When the fabric is dry, the curtains can be hung on the shaft. If necessary, you can iron the seams of the fabric with the tip of the iron. Ironing itself is not recommended.

How to care for roller blinds?

To make the need to wash roller blinds as rare as possible, follow the recommendations for roller blinds care..

  • Do not hang such curtains in the immediate vicinity of heating sources – a gas stove, heating radiators, heat generators.
  • Blinds are not recommended for use in rooms with high humidity and dirt, high temperatures.
  • Roll up the shade before cleaning the windows. It is better to purchase canvases with a protective tube or cassette. Also, always raise the curtains if you are cooking anything on the stove. This will keep them from excess dirt and cooking grease..
  • Avoid kinks and bends of the blade during operation.
  • You can ventilate the room with the blinds lowered – a draft will rid the fabric of accumulated dust.
  • It is necessary to wash fabric roller shutters only if dry cleaning no longer helps..
  • Only lubricate the blade lifting mechanism with special silicone greases..

Removing stains

If a stain appears on the curtain, you can get rid of it in one of the following ways.

  • Do not rush to dry cleaning. Try rubbing the stain with a regular stationery eraser. Do not rub too hard to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • If the eraser doesn’t work, use a natural stain remover. When buying a product, be sure to find out if it can be applied to polyester (or other material from which your blinds are made). Do not rush to process the fabric right away – first test the effect of the stain remover on an inconspicuous area of ​​the canvas.

Dry cleaning

Dry-clean your blinds before washing them. Thanks to the dirt-repellent impregnation, dust accumulates only on the surface of the canvas, without penetrating deep into the fabric. Therefore, once a week or two, wipe the material with a slightly damp cloth. Do not rub the curtain forcefully, use only soft cloths as a rag.

A vacuum cleaner is used for enhanced cleaning. It is advisable to use a special cloth attachment.

How to wash roller blinds, how to remove stains and not damage the canvas?

Blinds along with vertical blinds and Roman blinds are becoming more and more popular in the design of modern interiors. How to wash roller blinds and properly care for them so that they last a long time?

The canvas can be made from a variety of fabric materials. They have one property in common – the fabric is treated with a special compound that repels dust and dirt. It is clear that washing will not benefit such a coating. Therefore, the roller shutters should be wet processed as rarely as possible..

By the way, roller blinds can be sewn by hand. In this case, you choose the fabric yourself and you can easily pick up a wear-resistant material that can be washed without any special restrictions. You just need to take measures so that the canvas does not deform – use gentle washing and spinning modes, dry in a straightened form, follow the recommendations for ironing.

What not to do?

As we can see, roller blinds are unpretentious in care and washing. It is enough to avoid unwanted actions so that they serve you faithfully for many years..

These are the manipulations that cannot be performed with fabric roller blinds..

  • It is strictly forbidden to wash roller blinds in the washing machine. Such treatment, despite the fact that the curtain is made of fabric, will irreversibly spoil the material. Accordingly, spinning and drying in the machine version is also unacceptable..
  • Use horizontal surfaces when drying. Straighten the material thoroughly, avoid bends and creases of the fabric – if a defect has formed on the canvas, it is almost impossible to fix it.
  • Do not iron the fabric with an iron. If necessary, you can iron the seams using gauze or a special ironing net..
  • Do not use aggressive liquids to remove stains – gasoline, acetone and other solvents.
  • To wash the curtains, do not scrub them too hard, do not use abrasive powders or other harsh cleaners.

So, we found out that it is necessary to wash fabric roller shutters only if absolutely necessary. It is best to take them to a dry cleaner, but you can also wash the linen at home. Use a mild detergent with neutral pH, do not rub the surface with hard sponges, rinse thoroughly at the end of washing. With this treatment, roller blinds will retain their excellent qualities and will serve you for a long time..