Cordless angle grinder with speed control 125


Period No costs for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

2 V cordless angle grinder with brushless motor for intensive cutting and grinding with discs up to 125 mm in diameter

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Benefits and Applications

  • Active Torque Control (ATC) prevents uncontrolled rotation of the tool body in the event of a blade jam, reducing one of the most common safety hazards
  • Brushless motor. up to three times longer service life (no brushes to replace)
  • Fast disc brake and circuit breaker for extra operational safety
  • Balanced design and low weight for greater versatility and less operator fatigue
  • Higher productivity and battery capacity compared to other angle grinders
  • Finishing work
  • Dismantling work
  • Cutting and grinding steel and other metals
  • Deburring and polishing metal
  • Cutting and grinding mineral materials

Bosch Cordless Angle Grinder

Rated speed 19.500 min1 Disc 76 x 10 mm Battery 10.8 V / 12 V Li-ion Weight 0.7 kg

Rated speed 11.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2 kg

Rated speed 9.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2.1 kg

Rated speed 10.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V / Li-ion Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 10.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V / Li-ion, 4 Ah Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 9.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2 kg

Nominal speed 9800 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2.2 kg

Rated speed 19.500 min1 Disc 76 x 10 mm Battery 12 V / 3 Ah Li-ion Weight 0.7 kg

Rated speed 3400.9800 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 9.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2 kg

Rated speed 3400.9800 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 11.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V, 4 Ah Weight 2 kg

Rated speed 10.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V / 4.0 Ah Li-ion Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 9.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V, 5 Ah Weight 2 kg

Rated speed 9.000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V / 5 Ah Weight 2.8 kg

Rated speed 4500/6000 / 9,000 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V / 5 Ah Weight 2.8 kg

Rated speed 3400.9800 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V, 8 Ah Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 3400.9800 min1 Disc diameter 125 mm Battery 18 V Weight 2.3 kg

Rated speed 19,500 min1 Disc diameter 76 mm Battery 10.8 V / 2.5 Ah Li-ion Weight 0.9 kg

Rated speed 19,500 min1 Disc diameter 76 mm Battery 10.8 V / 2.5 Ah Li-ion Weight 0.9 kg

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angle grinder

Small one-hand angle grinder 125mm Titan BSUM7125

The soft start function is implemented in the same way on all tools?

Not. And the speed of reaching the operating mode and the user experience are different. In the Flex L 3406 VRG, the rig unwinds in 1.5 seconds and is very soft. The Makita GA9040RF01 jerk, though small, is felt. And for Fiolent MSHU 1-20-230 acceleration occurs without jerking, but in two stages.

One-handed models.

Professional, such as Makita GA5030 or AEG WS10-125, household, such as BauMaster AG-90122X or Dnipro-M MShK-980 differ from other tools. They have a short body: 250-280 mm; light weight: 1.5-2 kg; electric motor power: from 700 to 1000 watts, and girth: 175-190 mm Small diameter of the main handle, only 55-60 mm, with a taper at the end, allows you to hold the small 125 mm one-hand angle grinder even for a worker with a medium palm and short fingers.

A strong grip is reinforced with ribs on the non-slip plastic of the body, like in the Einhell TE-AG 125/750 or with rubber pads, like in the Vitals-Master Ls 1272HL. To turn on without the help and interception with the second hand, the wide Start button is installed on the side and slider type, like in Stanley STGS9125. It does not need to be groped, it is always in the area of ​​the thumb and thus the angle grinder can be operated even with a glove. To increase passive safety on small one-handed grinders, keys are installed with a shift force above average, like Dnipro-M MShK-800.

This tool is useful for short cuts and localized grinding. For example, in a confined space under the bottom of a car, in the engine compartment, in an overhead position or standing on a ladder when the worker has difficulty reaching the object even with an outstretched hand. Working with wire brushes with one hand is inconvenient, since heavy equipment has a greater moment of inertia and skidding.

angle grinder Metabo

angle grinder Metabo. productive, efficient and highly reliable professional-grade angle grinders designed for efficient work under heavy loads.

cordless, angle, grinder, speed, control

Today, the Metabo company is one of the world leaders in the production of grinders and supplies its angle grinders to enterprises and craftsmen working in various sectors of the economy. from small workshops and private craftsmen to large industrial enterprises and construction companies. Metabo angle grinder can be found on the shipyards of Mayrea in Germany, on the construction of famous skyscrapers and islands in the United Arab Emirates, on construction sites in the USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world.

What makes Metabo angle grinders so popular?

First and foremost, legendary reliability. Equipped with a Metabo Marathon motor, large air intakes, a well-thought-out ventilation system and an excellent, in terms of reliability and durability, gear, Metabo angle grinders show exceptional survivability under any load. It is worth noting separately the high quality of steel from which the gears of the reducer are made.

Safety is a very important factor when working with angle grinders. Realizing this, Metabo engineers, when developing grinders, pay special attention to security systems. As a result, Metabo angle grinders are equipped with safety systems such as the Metabo S-Automatic mechanical or electronic release clutch, soft start and current limiting, Metabo QuickProtect switch and Metabo ProtectSafe system.

It should be noted separately and the anti-vibration system, which not only ensures comfortable work during long-term operation, but also significantly increases the safety of working with the tool. The anti-vibration handle Metabo VibraTech, the system of automatic balancing of the Metabo Autobalance disc are responsible for reducing the vibration load on the user. Metabo two-hand angle grinders are equipped with a shock absorption system that is installed in the rear handle.

Cordless Brushless Angle Grinder from banggood [unbox/review/first test] 125mm disc conversion

No matter which Metabo angle grinder you choose. a compact, lightweight one-handed machine for cutting metal profiles, roughing and grinding work, deburring weld seams and trimming tiles, or the heavy Metabo two-hand angle grinder for complex metalwork, concrete work, cutting solid materials and sanding hard materials, you can be sure of the high quality, reliability and safety of your tool.

Top 5 Best Variable Speed Grinders in 2021 Reviews

angle grinder Metabo. the best choice of professionals.

Universal angle grinders

Angle grinders with speed control are considered universal. Ideal for cutting, grinding and polishing any material.

Angle grinders with variable speed and soft start are mainly used when polishing stone or wood surfaces is required. This is due to the peculiarities of the structure of these materials, the processing of which at high speeds is undesirable, since it leads to surface destruction and rapid wear of the nozzles.

Household angle grinder Makita GA5030

angle grinder “Makita” with speed control is considered one of the best models of household angle grinders. Her Makita GA5030 is lightweight, which does not exceed 1.8 kg, which is an advantage of this tool compared to other similar models in this price category.

angle grinder with speed control: an overview of the best models

An angle grinder, which is popularly called an angle grinder, is a versatile tool with which you can perform a whole range of works: cutting, grinding, cleaning metal, wood, stone and other materials. This tool has found its way into industry. It is ideal for both professional renovation work and household chores.

Now on the market there are a large number of different models of Bulgarian women, intended for home or professional use. The latest angle grinders with adjustable speed are equipped with special attachments of any size, are characterized by the presence of escapement safety devices and additional functions. With all the variety of models and sizes of the angle grinder, they have a common task, which is to make the work process as easy as possible for a person and save time.

Hitachi G13SS

The ergonomic shape of the model, the presence of an adjustable handle in its design, which allows it to be installed from any side, the ease of replacing carbon brushes are advantages for Hitachi G13SS that many users have already appreciated.

The best grinder manufacturers

Domestic and foreign firms are engaged in the production of angle grinders. High results were achieved by the German manufacturer Bosch, the Japanese Hitachi and Makita. They mainly produce models for professional use: angle grinders with variable speed, power exceeding 1200 W, and various disc diameters. Angle grinders make it possible to perform any kind of complex work. Using special diamond discs, you can cut concrete and stone, prepare walls for wire. Additional side handle provides control of the powerful power tool during operation.

Which angle grinder to choose? Household and professional tools

When buying an angle grinder, you should consider indicators such as rotational speed, power, the availability of additional functions and the size of the discs.

Angle grinders are indispensable in everyday life. These are ordinary angle grinders, which are compact in size and demanding on the operating mode. After 10-15 minutes of work, the owner of an ordinary grinder is forced to take a break in order to prevent it from overheating. Household angle grinders are not designed for daily use. Their technical performance is much lower than that of professional devices that can be used for a long time without fear of overheating. In addition, professional angle grinders are equipped with brass inserts and a metal body. This is due to the fact that they have to be used in extreme conditions: laying pipelines, excavation, etc. Such an environment requires a tool that is as protected as possible from dust and moisture.

How to choose the right disk size?

For angle grinders, discs with a diameter of 115 to 230 mm are intended. The working part is the part that protrudes outside the body of the apparatus. The attachments tend to wear off during use. Discs with a diameter of 115 mm wear out quickly and are suitable for cutting products with a thickness of no more than 3 cm. over, this diameter is not suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. For such operations, discs 180-230 mm are better suited.