Cordless variable speed angle grinder 125

Angle Grinder. Bison AB-125-42.

cordless, variable, speed, angle, grinder

High-tech replacement for mains-powered angle grinder up to 1200 W.

Two powerful 4Ah batteries and 6A fast charging eliminate downtime.

With less weight than that of a network analogue, this model has maximum mobility, much more convenient ergonomics, has all the auxiliary and protective systems.

Which, together with a brushless motor with a long service life, makes this model a much more profitable choice to purchase.

For cleaning, grinding and cutting metals, processing concrete and stone when installing appropriate grinding, cutting, diamond wheels

Single battery platform 20V MAX LITHIUM PRO for multiple tools

The Brushless brushless motor has a number of advantages over a conventional brush motor:

Li-Ion Pro battery for more efficiency:

Two 4 Ah batteries included for non-stop operation

All possible electronic systems for the best quality of work:

Reliable protection of the main components from dust:

Blade guard with instant adjustment of the position by a convenient lever in one movement

A deflector diffuser in the airflow system contributes to the temperature stability of the main components

Battery control board with Z-control technology provides:

-overheating, deep discharge and overload protection,

-balancing the cells to fully charge each one individually

Smart Smart Charger with Ultra:

Low noise level due to helical bevel gear reducer

Head swivel in 90 ° increments allows you to customize the product for cutting

Easy activation with a button located equally convenient for right-handers and left-handers

Different material flanges prevent over-tightening of the disc during operation

Proprietary 2-position auxiliary handle

Convenient bag for storage and carrying

Cordless Angle Grinder AB-125-42

Battery angle grinder, BL-motor, 2 batteries AB-125-42 “PROFESSIONAL” series

Bison. Angle Grinder. AB-125-42. Photo gallery.

angle grinder Zubr AB-125-42: The cost is 199,700 rubles.

angle grinder Zubr AB-125-42: The price indicated by the manufacturer on the official website on 2021-04-05.

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Cordless angle grinder (angle grinder) Makita

Need to cut, sand, or sand wood, plastic, or hard materials such as metal, concrete and stone? In this case, it is simply impossible to do without an angle grinder. an angle grinder, which is often called an angle grinder. This electric tool is used in many fields of activity, but the main field of application is in the construction industry. Often you have to work in places where it is impossible to get access to centralized power supply. In such cases, a cordless angle grinder will come to the rescue, and it is best if it is a tool of the world famous corporation from the Land of the Rising Sun. Makita.

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Makita cordless angle grinder: get the best!

The cordless angle grinder of the Makita brand can be conditionally classified into two main groups: a professional tool and an angle grinder designed for household needs. Let’s dwell on the main parameters that can be used to characterize angle grinders.

We can supply Makita cordless angle grinders in a complete set. That is, the tool usually comes with two batteries, a charger, a clamping nut, a handle and a grinding wheel. In addition, many models are sold with a carrying case that makes the angle grinder easy to transport and keeps it safe.

For professional use, a powerful enough Makita cordless angle grinder with speed control is suitable. The speed adjustment function is needed:

  • in order to use discs of different diameters (by installing a disc with a smaller diameter, it is recommended to increase the number of revolutions);
  • in order to increase the efficiency of the tooling, because if the disc is already being erased, then it needs a higher speed indicator;
  • in order to carry out cleaning and grinding, because low speed is required to carry out these operations, otherwise the material will start to burn.

Many people are interested in the price of a battery-powered angle grinder. Note that it depends on what the technical characteristics of the instrument are. Since our company acts as an official dealer of the Makita concern, and we practice work under direct contracts with the manufacturer, our are lower than those of our competitors.

Bosch angle grinder 125 mm with speed control

All Bosch angle grinders, from household to professional, are synonymous with quality and reliability. With their help, you can carry out such work as cutting and grinding, cleaning seams, polishing, etc. Thanks to the large number of attachments, you can work with almost any material. Bosch angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed is designed for domestic needs, but it will perfectly cope with more complex work.

Advantages of Bosch grinders

Today the brand represents a wide range of angle grinders and regardless of the model, the quality of the tool remains unchanged. angle grinders of this brand have many advantages, but there are several that are especially important:

    Safety. Despite the fact that the angle grinder is considered the most traumatic, it is a pleasure to work with Bosch equipment, since all models meet all safety standards. The protective covers are easily rearranged, the discs are changed without the use of additional tools, the clutch does not allow the disc to loop. Smooth start and emergency brake add comfort when operating the tool.

High reliability in operation, as well as a long pre-repair period increase the popularity of all angle grinders. Regardless of whether you bought household appliances or professional equipment, production processes will always be under control.

Use of advanced technologies. The Bosch brand is constantly evolving, introducing innovative features into its tools that make the operator’s job easier, simpler and safer. These include stabilization and speed control, low vibration, rear handle rotation, mechanical clutch, and more. dr.

  • Comfort during operation. It is important that the operator does not feel tired and uncomfortable when using the technique. Ergonomic design, vibration damping and quick-locking nut to relieve operator stress during operation.
  • Bosch GWS 7-115 E for infrequent use

    The compact device is not able to withstand a serious load due to its low power. He is assigned the role of a positional executor of repair operations in a small volume. The machine is designed with a flat head gearbox, so it easily penetrates into tight spaces. Speed ​​control helps to avoid incorrect load distribution. The body is wrapped with one hand, which allows you to control the entire workflow.

    • wired type;
    • power 750 W;
    • works with 115 mm discs;
    • productivity 11000 rpm;
    • speed regulation and stabilization system;
    • smooth start;
    • the spindle is fixed;
    • long cable 4 m;
    • rubberized main handle;
    • additional handle included;
    • weighs 1.55 kg.
    • there is no disc in the package;
    • noisy;
    • the protective cover can only be adjusted with a screwdriver;
    • the handle is not vibration-absorbing;
    • average cost 8200 rubles.

    AEG WS 13-125 XE

    An excellent tool in a compact size. It is moderately priced and powerful. an angle grinder perfectly copes with the tasks set, equally good at sanding surfaces and cutting off materials.

    A feature of the model is a simple replacement of equipment (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the casing, without the use of keys and other additional tools. The handle included in the kit is convenient to use, it does not vibrate and is securely fixed on the body.

    • Good power (1300 W).
    • Low noise level.
    • Comfortable to hold in hand.
    • Easy to change attachments.
    • Fairly heavy (2.4 kg).
    • Heats up quickly at low revs.


    Convenient and inexpensive angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm and adjustable speed. Despite its very small size, it impresses with its power (900 W). The tool is quick and easy to handle the task at hand, be it grinding or cutting materials.

    The ergonomic handle ensures safe working with the angle grinder. The discs can be easily removed and, conversely, fixed on the unit. It provides speed control. The tool does not overheat. The cord length is 2.5 meters.

    ☘️ 800W 100/125mm Cordless Brushless Impact Angle Grinder Variable Speed For Makita Battery DIY Pow

    • Convenient to operate.
    • Good power.
    • Low price.
    • Small size.
    • Flimsy bearings.

    Bort BWS-905-R

    The compact 125 mm angle grinder that attracts attention with its low cost and high power. Light weight (1.8 kg) allows you not to be distracted by fatigue and work for a long time, without rest and respite.

    The model is variable speed, you can install the spindle. The angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for changing discs. On the body there is a button designed to block the inclusion when accidentally pressed.

    • A light weight.
    • Convenient one-handed operation.
    • Low price.
    • Sturdy case.
    • Short network cable.
    • Heats up quickly.

    Bosch GWS 850 CE

    Simple and reliable angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive for its low cost and high performance. It is easy to cope with the processing of any surfaces, cutting various materials. Discs and brushes are easy to remove and install.

    The angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle for even easier and more comfortable operation, and a protective cover to prevent spraying and sparks flying over long distances.

    • Small weight (1.9 kg).
    • Reliability.
    • Compact dimensions.
    • Long cord.
    • No protection against accidental activation.
    • Inconvenient casing attachment.

    ️ 100/125mm Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder Electric Grinding Machine For Makita 1

    How to choose an angle grinder for your home?

    Considering the option of purchasing a grinder, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • power. The amount of work performed, productivity depends on it;
    • the ability to adjust the speed to select the optimal disc speed for each type of work;
    • network cable length;
    • installation of the handle in different positions (two, three) to make it easier to grind or cut the material;
    • the presence of a casing that protects the user from fragments, dust, sparks;
    • the ability to change equipment without using keys;
    • availability of additional functions, for example, blocking accidental pressing of the power button of the tool, anti-vibration system, protection against jammed discs.

    Angle Grinder. Interskol angle grinder-125 / 18VE.

    Up to 200 cuts of 8mm reinforcement on one 4Ah battery charge.

    • 1. Adjustment of revolutions, allowing to work on delicate materials and to carry out work requiring increased accuracy.
    • 2. High energy efficiency, excellent performance, power and reliability thanks to the digital valve brushless drive.
    • 3. Economical use of the battery resource due to the high efficiency of the drive.
    • 4. Li-ion battery packs API allow you to save up to 70% on each next tool when purchasing multiple tools of this platform.
    • 5. All mechanics on ball and roller bearings.
    • 6. Labyrinth protection of the lower spindle bearing.
    • 7. The circle guard is equipped with a keyless mount.
    • 8. Spindle lock for wheel and flats replacement on the spindle.
    • 9. Reducer housing and bottom cover made of aluminum alloy.
    • 10. Helical bevel gear for more even power transmission and noise reduction.
    • 11. Air intake grilles are located as far as possible from the treatment point and are additionally protected with a metal mesh.
    • 12. The charging block allows the battery to be prepared for operation in 1 hour without shortening its service life.
    • 13. Comfortable rubber grip.
    • 14. Additional arm is installed in two positions.


    Professional cordless angle grinder with valve brushless drive is used for cutting and grinding metal or stone materials, processing them with brushes, etc.

    A feature of this model is the ability to adjust the speed, which is necessary for processing delicate materials, such as stainless steel, as well as for performing precise work.

    The cordless angle grinder is equipped with a Li-ion battery pack of the API platform.

    The use of a digital control valve brushless motor made it possible to obtain the energy characteristics of the machine, which significantly exceed the characteristics of not only accumulator machines with a collector drive, but also network analogs, due to a higher efficiency (30% higher).

    This allows you to do more work on a single charge and thus save the battery life.

    Air intake grilles are located at the maximum possible distance from the processing point and are additionally protected by a metal mesh, the front spindle bearing has a labyrinth protection.

    Recommended for professional use.

    Technical characteristics of the angle grinder-125 / 18VE.

    Battery pack type / voltage, V API Li-ion / 18
    Idling speed, rpm 3000-8500
    Spindle thread M14
    Maximum circle size, mm 125x6x22
    Weight, according to the EPTA procedure, kg 2.2

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