Do-it-yourself adjustment of the carburetor of the partner 350 chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw

This is the most frequently performed self-service maintenance procedure for your chainsaw and is worth learning. It is similar to adjusting the carburetors of most chainsaws and is described in sufficient detail in the proposed video:

It is important to complete it by adjusting the idle screw to keep the chain stationary when operating in this mode. If the chain does not stop at the lowest steady speed, this indicates that the clutch needs to be repaired and it is unsafe to use such a saw.

Chainsaw Partner 350 S. features, troubleshooting, operating instructions

One of the most popular household chainsaws in Russia is the 350th model of the Partner saw. This can be explained by a number of advantages of this model.

The most important qualities of such saws, which characterize them on the positive side:

  • compactness and light weight with sufficient power;
  • relatively affordable price;
  • durability;
  • excellent repair facilities.

Saw Partner 350 overview

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  • power 1.52 kW;
  • working volume 36 cm3;
  • idle speed 3000 rpm;
  • the maximum recommended speed is 13000 rpm;
  • saw bar length 40 cm;
  • chain pitch 3/8 “.

The use of saw bars with a length of 45 cm is allowed, but for this length the saw is still rather weak.

The saw is equipped with a hand chain brake, an easy start system, a primer for pumping fuel, a carburetor air damper regulator, chrome-plated cylinder walls and a cyclotron air preparation system. It is assembled quite qualitatively and, yielding in class to more eminent classmates from Husqvarna and Shtil, surpasses in its consumer characteristics almost all other chainsaws of the household segment.

Chainsaw Partner 350: malfunctions and their elimination

One of the main features of this saw, its users note the durability of operation with a minimum number of failures. And yet they do happen. To determine why the saw stopped working, you need to make elementary diagnostics.

If the saw does not start, then:

  • there is no spark on the candle;
  • no fuel is supplied;
  • no air coming in.

First, check for the presence of a spark: by unscrewing the spark plug, connecting it to the high-voltage wire and placing it on the cylinder, pull the starter. If there is a spark, then clean and adjust the spark plug gap (0.5. 0.65 mm). If it is not there, then you need to change: either the flywheel or the coil (magneto). In addition, the candle itself may fail or the high-voltage wire may break.

The next step is to check the fuel supply. To do this, disconnect the feed hose from the carburetor and check for its presence. Absence may mean that the fuel filter or supply system is clogged. And the carburetor itself may become clogged.

If you do not have experience in repairing and cleaning it, entrust this work to specialists.

If the air supply deteriorates, the saw should start, but it will not work well. Remove and wash the air filter. Put it back in place only after it is completely dry.

If the saw starts well, runs at idle speed and stalls when gas is applied, the muffler is most likely clogged. Take off, disassemble, wash, put back and work on.

Easily do it yourself, you can also change the bar and chain, carburetor, starter, oil pump, ignition and clutch.

And you will be quite capable of replacing the torn starter cable after watching this video:

We recommend that you entrust more complex chainsaw repairs related to replacing the cylinder-piston group or crankshaft with specialists, although if you are familiar with two-stroke engines, then this work will not be difficult for you, and spare parts for Partner chainsaws are not in short supply in Russia.

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We advise you to regularly monitor the health of the safety group: brake and chain catcher. Remember that the saw must be thoroughly cleaned of small chips. It can not only clog the technological holes in the oil pump and other places, but also interfere with the operation of the brake.

Operating instructions for partner 350

In this manual, you will find not only a detailed description of the saw, but also the basic techniques of working with the tool. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that this chainsaw can operate on AI95 or AI92 gasoline with the addition of oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 1:50.

Partner chainsaws. features

Many sources claim that it was this Swedish company that produced the first serial household chainsaws in Europe. And it happened in 1949.

It is generally accepted that these are good Chinese saws, and this is partly true. most of the Partner chainsaws sold in our market are assembled in China, which is honestly written on their nameplates. But besides China, the saws of this brand are also produced in America, Italy, Norway and England, and they can also be purchased in Russia.

For more than 10 years, this brand has been owned by the Husqvarna concern, one of the leading manufacturers in this segment, which affects not only the design features of the saw, but also the widest network of service centers that can quickly and efficiently service it.

Few people know, but for the first time the chainsaw chain brake and the handle heating system were applied precisely on Partner chainsaws, so you should not underestimate them.

There are about 30 modifications of this brand’s chainsaws. From the smallest Partner 340S saw on the market today with 1.44 kW of power at 13,500 rpm to the most powerful Partner 842 with 1.6 kW at 12,000 rpm.

But, perhaps, the 350th model remains the most bought in Russia.

Disadvantages of the saw

On the Russian market, you can find not very high-quality fakes of the Partner 350 chainsaw, which is not only additional evidence of its popularity, but also harms the brand as a whole. And other models of this brand are also popular with summer residents and farmers.

If you are ready to consider Partner 350 as your home tool for sawing thin trees, pruning branches and other not very bulky work, then you should also know the disadvantages, most often called by their owners:

Not a very high-quality vibration damping system, as a result of which the hands get tired quite quickly. But, given that this is a household tool that requires 15 to 20 minutes of rest every 20 to 25 minutes of work, you can put up with this drawback.

Leakage of oil from the chain lubrication system, which, however, suffers from most chainsaws equipped with it, including the more eminent relative of Partner chainsaws. Husqvarna. (Link)

Lack of visual control of the oil level, which is not very convenient in operation, and operating the saw without lubrication will lead to rapid stretching, overheating and wear of the chain.

Of course, you can use this saw to cut down a tree up to 30. 35 centimeters thick, but its main purpose is to work on the site. Therefore, we offer you the most objective video review of this model:

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HOW TO- Husqvarna 340 345 346xp 350 351 353 carburetor replacement

The need for adjustment

The need to regulate the carburetor of the Partner-350 gasoline saw is quite rare. The most common problems that arise are associated with engine wear or improper fuel supply. To determine the moment when the need to adjust the mechanism arises, there are several signs. One of them is that the engine stalls immediately after it has been started. In other cases, it is not possible to start it at all. Such problems are caused by an excess of oxygen or a lack of fuel. A malfunction can occur with an increase in fuel consumption, as a result of which the volume of exhaust gases increases. The reason for this process is the oversaturation of the fuel mixture with fuel.


Owners of the Partner-350 chainsaw can adjust the carburetor on their own, without seeking professional help. Of course, in this case, you should adequately assess your capabilities and skills. If you are confident in your abilities, you can start disassembling in accordance with the recommendations indicated above. Then you can start making adjustments and further adjustments. In some models of the “Partner” chainsaw, a single screw is installed, but most often their number is three. They must be distinguished. The manufacturer has designated each of them with their own letter, which helps to understand the purpose of each element. The screw marked with the letter H is for adjusting the high speed. The screw marked with the letter L is used when adjusting the low speed. The idle speed adjustment is carried out with the screw marked T. On models with one screw, only this element is available.

How to adjust the carburetor of the “Partner 350” chainsaw

When performing construction and repair work in the country, it is impossible to do without the use of a gasoline saw. The same can be said for garden maintenance. In the event of a failure of this tool, all work will stall, so it is very important to be able to independently find and eliminate faults. With some experience, you can independently adjust the carburetor. Although this procedure is quite complicated, if desired, anyone can learn how to perform it.

Additional recommendations

After purchasing the Partner-350 chainsaw, you can adjust the carburetor while using it. Before starting this work, it should be noted that the factory settings are optimal. Using the screws described above, you can adjust the operation of the engine in special cases when extraordinary external circumstances require it, for example, individual climatic conditions. When adjusting, use the screws marked with the letters H and L. To reduce the speed, turn them counterclockwise. To increase the speed, turn the screws in the opposite direction.

The required sequence of use of the screws is of great importance. It looks like this: L. H. T. If difficulties arise during the regulation process, it is advisable to seek professional help in a timely manner, since an incorrect setting can cause engine damage.

Ignition adjustment

Owners of the Partner-350 petrol saw often have to adjust the ignition. When starting the equipment for the first time, it is necessary to check the idle speed. To do this, turn the screw clockwise, which is responsible for adjusting the idle speed. After it rests, you should turn it four and a half turns in the opposite direction. In the event that, after performing these manipulations, the engine operates without rotating the chain, it can be concluded that there are no problems. Otherwise, you need to contact the service center for help, since using a chainsaw in this condition can be dangerous.


Before proceeding with the regulation of the carburetor of the Partner-350 gasoline saw, it is necessary to study the design of the unit in all details. Since it is used almost unchanged in many models, the recommendations below are relevant for the vast majority of them.

When removing elements, you should be extremely careful when laying them out in the same order in which they were dismantled. This will facilitate the subsequent assembly. The top cover is held in place by three screws that need to be removed. After that, a layer of foam rubber will become visible, serving as an element of the air filter. To remove the drive rod, you need to get rid of the gas hose. It is impossible to adjust the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw without removing the tip of the cable; this must be done at the next stage. The fuel hose located on the left side of the fitting must be thrown off. After completing all the above procedures, you can disconnect the carburetor and start adjusting it. This mechanism is very complex, for this reason, during the subsequent disassembly, it is necessary to be extremely careful when removing parts. Without this, they are easy to lose due to their small size.

Principle of operation

Owners of a Partner-350 gasoline saw may need to adjust the carburetor while using this equipment. In order to carry out this procedure properly, great attention should be paid to familiarization with the principle of operation of this technical element. As a result of the spraying of fuel in the diffuser by a stream of air, a mixture is formed that is pumped into the cylinder. The more fuel is supplied, the higher the engine speed is. The functioning of the carburetor in the described model of equipment occurs in accordance with the above described scheme. Other models use the same circuit.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner P350S chainsaw

Despite the fact that improper adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner P350S chainsaw can simply disable the tool, many craftsmen try to do this operation on their own, bypassing the service center. It is worth noting that this operation can be calculated as a violation of warranty obligations, therefore, all responsibility for the actions performed falls on the shoulders of the user.

When you need to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner P350S chainsaw is necessary only if there are obvious problems with the equipment. In the original state after purchase, no adjustment is required. The cause of problems with the carburetor can be temperature changes during storage of the saw or an incorrectly selected fuel mixture. If changing the fuel does not help, and the saw screeches or smoke appears from the exhaust pipe, then adjustment is still necessary. Under ideal conditions, and specifically in a service center, it is much easier to do this for the reason that there is special equipment there, namely carburetor stroke counters and tachometers. If such tools are not at hand, you need to apply all your skills and experience to achieve the desired result.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

The carburetor of the Partner P350S chainsaw is adjusted with just three screws. They are indicated by the corresponding symbols L, H, T. Each of them is responsible for its function. Screw L is for adjusting low rpm, while screw H is for high rpm. The idle speed adjustment screw is designated T. Its basic adjustment can be carried out even with the engine off. So, turning the screw to the right increases the speed, and to the left decreases it. The smaller the adjustment step, the more accurate it is. Therefore, for the basic setting, a step of ¼ of a revolution is used, and for an accurate setting, no more than 1/16. The chain should not rotate when idling. This is exactly what needs to be achieved by adjusting the screw T. But this operation is carried out after adjusting L and H. First, they regulate low speed, then high. They also control power and speed. It should be noted that the most accurate adjustment is made with a warm engine.

Chainsaw body Partner P350S with the cover removed

The carburetor of the Partner P350S chainsaw is adjusted correctly if the engine accelerates immediately after starting.

DIY Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor

Competent tuning of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw will eliminate the occurrence of the above problems. This work begins with disassembly. Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw requires knowledge of information about the design of the working unit.

how to tune a chain saw carb

When disassembling parts for repairing the Partner saw carburetor, it is useful to use the following recommendations:

Partner 351 chainsaw fails,fixed bad starting.

  • When shooting Husqvarna saws with your own hands, you need to be careful as possible. You need to remove each element. It is advisable to lay out the parts in the sequence in which they are removed. This will help make the reassembly process as fast as possible. The unit can be disassembled quickly.
  • The top cover is held in place with three bolts. You will need to carefully disassemble them. There is a foam layer under the removed cover. It performs the air filter option.
  • You will need to remove the filter rod in the saw. To do this, dismantle the gasoline hose.
  • To adjust the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, you need to remove the tip, which is located on the cable. To do this, carefully remove the fuel hose and disconnect the carburetor. Take it off slowly.
  • After completing all the above steps, you can start adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw. Please note that this type of operation is considered quite time consuming. You will need to configure it in stages. The individual elements are small in size. It is important not to lose them during disassembly, adjust.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

Construction and repair activities often require the use of a chainsaw. Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw can be done independently with certain knowledge. The need to implement this process arises infrequently. It often appears when the engine is worn out, errors in the flow of fuel. It is possible to understand that adjustment is required if during operation the motor starts to stall for no reason, extraneous noises appear.

The main features of setting up the Partner chainsaw

The Partner 350 saw, when the carburetor is adjusted correctly, is able to function properly and reliably. At the basic stage of adjustment, it is necessary to tighten the adjusting screws to the maximum. These screws have a special designation. “L” and “H”. They are wrapped slowly up to the required stop. The operation is performed in a clockwise direction. Then, the screws will need to be unscrewed in the reverse order one and a half times.

Further, adjusting the carburetor of Partner 350 equipment with your own hands implies performing the following list of actions:

Features of the device

It is important before starting the work process to timely run in the factory device, to set it up in time.

The main components of a carburetor are:

  • Main part. It is a special tube designed to allow air to pass through. There is a damper with the ability to change the location.
  • Diffuser. This is the narrow area of ​​the tube. It is necessary to speed up the flow of air-type mass.
  • Fuel supply channel. The fuel is stored in a float chamber. From there it goes to the nozzle and then to the spray.
  • Camera. It is similar in shape to a container. Maintains the required amount of fuel.

To set up and repair the saw, we need tools. screws L, H, T, diagram.

Features of re-checking the operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw

A device such as the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is important to additionally test for reliability, at idle speed. Once you have set up the equipment for acceleration and full throttle, it is important to make sure that it is also working properly at idle speed. To do this, you need to fix the device chain in a stationary state.

When you press the accelerator, the saw begins to pick up speed quite quickly. The operating noise of the motor in the saw must be identical to that of a four-stroke unit. If the above points are not observed, you will need to re-configure the settings. Such a problem may arise if the traffic controller does not have the necessary experience. After setting, we install all the elements in the same sequence.

The partner 340s saw carburetor is designed for mixing fuel and air masses. When implementing this process, a strictly established portion is observed. In case of failures in compliance with the required rate, problems arise in the functioning of the motor of the device.

With a lack of the required amount of oxygen, the fuel mixture is poorly saturated. Oversaturation is also undesirable. It leads to serious disruptions. Therefore, it is extremely important to adjust the equipment before starting work. For those who disassemble and set up already on their own, this type of saw adjustment is done quickly.