Single-axle forza tractor with pto

Model “Green Field MB-900

This single axle tractor is considered multifunctional. With its help, you can engage in plowing, cultivation and hilling of the soil. Additionally, equipment for digging up root crops is installed. The engine is three-stroke. over, its capacity is only 4 liters. from. Unit length. 1390 mm.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 3 liters. The engine displacement is 196 cubic meters. see Minimum trench depth. 15 cm. Maximum equipment can be set at 30 cm. Reverse is available in this model. The cultivator’s working width reaches 120 mm. Startup type. manual. There are two speeds forward and backward. one. The total weight of the walk-behind tractor is 70 kg. The model costs 80,000 rubles.

Features of choice

It is best to purchase universal models. Engines should be selected with four strokes. In this case, the power of the device should be within nine horsepower. A good single-axle PTO tractor has a fuel tank of at least seven liters. In general, this will be enough to work in the field for a long time and not be distracted. The clutch of the device must be double-disc.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the gearbox. Usually manufacturers install a gear version. The number of gears depends on the type of clutch. Basically there are four forward speeds and three. back. The total mass of the walk-behind tractor should not exceed 130 kg. In this case, the device can be used comfortably. The average length of the walk-behind tractor is around 1800 mm. In this case, the height is 1000 mm, and the width. 500 mm.

single-axle tractor “Zubr

This option is well suited for summer cottages. It has a single-cylinder engine. In this case, the power of the device is 9 liters. from. Used fuel grade AI-92. The tank of this walk-behind tractor has a capacity of five liters. The manufacturers have installed a double-disc clutch. Four speeds are provided forwards, and backward. three. The total weight of the unit. 129 kg. It is pleasant to use the walk-behind tractor. He rarely gets stuck in the ground and does not sink. The power take-off shaft of the Zubr walk-behind tractor is particularly durable. This model costs about 130,000 rubles on the market.

Overview of the device “Gepard-395

This model differs from the previous one in greater power. This figure is at around 9.5 liters. from. In this case, the working volume of the device. 277 cc see Fuel tank capacity. 7 p. The gear reducer is installed. The dimensions of this walk-behind tractor are quite compact. The unit weighs 129 kg. Additionally, it should be noted that it has a high-quality grip. This model will cost 125,000 rubles.

Overview of the device “Bertolini BCS-720

the single-axle tractor with PTO BCS-720 is well suited for loosening the soil. Of the features, its noiselessness can be distinguished. At the same time, harmful emissions into the atmosphere are minimal. The handles are ergonomic. It is comfortable to use a single-axle tractor in hard-to-reach places. His passability is excellent.

For a quick change of attachments, the Fit system is provided. Engine power is 7 hp. from. In this case, the drive is gear. You can move forward in two gears. The cultivation width in this model is 60 cm. The assembled unit weighs 90 kg. The model is in great demand. The cost of a walk-behind tractor on the market is 95,000 rubles.

Model “Pubert Mah-65

A uniaxial tractor with a power take-off shaft “Pubert Mah-65” is usually used in the fields as a cultivator. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.8 liters. Forward and backward there is one gear each. Each cutter has 4 knives. Their rotation speed reaches 120 rpm. Cultivation coverage. 85 cm. Engine power is 6 hp. from.

The clutch in this model is provided with a belt (with a reverse). A chain-type gearbox is installed. The steering wheel is elliptical, it is controlled quite comfortably, the handles are completely rubberized. This single-axle tractor weighs 55 kg. It will cost 130,000 rubles.

Overview of the unit “Ugra T-700

A single-axle tractor with a power take-off shaft “Ugra T-700” is equipped with a powerful four-stroke engine. The transmission is chain type, while the torque is transmitted up to 100%. The weight of this model is light, so the maneuverability is good. This single-axle tractor is most often used in conjunction with cultivators. The motor resource of the device is high. An air filter is installed in the oil chamber.

A lightweight launch system is provided. On the AI-92, the engine works perfectly. The operator panel can be easily adjusted. The saber cutters are quite high quality. A system with a reinforced opener is provided for attaching suspended equipment. This single-axle tractor costs about 120,000 rubles on the market.

“Neva TT-30” with pneumatic wheels

The maneuverability of this unit is good. At the same time, he feels comfortable in hard-to-reach areas. The pneumatic wheels of the walk-behind tractor have a unique tread. All this makes it possible to significantly increase the permeability of the device. The gearbox is of high quality. The speeds change quickly.

It should also be noted that there is an air filter in the oil chamber. The number of revolutions can be 4000 per minute. This is maximum. The engine is four-stroke. There are two forward gears. Conical clutch. There is a reverse in this model. The price for a single-axle tractor with a power take-off shaft “Neva TT-30” fluctuates around 161,000 rubles.

Main PTO functions

First of all, you need to know that the power take-off shaft is a device for transferring engine energy to the moving elements of the tool or mechanisms working in conjunction with the walk-behind tractor. In machines, in most cases, the drive mechanism of the agricultural implement is connected to the power take-off shaft using a splined sleeve. This connection method significantly increases the reliability of mechanisms and increases their service life.

Most of the entire range of units is equipped with a shaft that is installed at the rear of the walk-behind tractor. But sometimes there are agricultural machines equipped with a PTO located on the front side of the unit.

Let’s list the tasks that the power take-off shaft performs.

  • Launching and functioning of attachment mechanisms. It is worth noting that equipment units can be driven both directly and using belt drives, gearboxes or cardan shafts. The degree of load on the mechanism changes from the connection principle.
  • Sometimes the PTO shaft can be useful for trailer hydraulic systems. In this case, the shaft acts directly on the hydraulic pump. But for such functions, the PTO is rarely needed, because summer residents very rarely use tools with hydraulic systems.

The ability to implement the described tasks made motoblocks with a power take-off shaft very popular among owners of large summer cottages.

How to choose a single axle tractor?

Before purchasing the unit, it is necessary to focus on the set of operations that a single-axle tractor will have to perform. You should not buy the most expensive modifications of units that have a full set of functions in their arsenal. Not every model will be able to cope with the task.

For example, in large areas with a dense soil composition, the best option would be to buy a heavy unit, while in a small dacha a light class walk-behind tractor will be enough.

And also, when choosing, it is necessary to decide on the type of fuel on which the agricultural machine will work. Units with a gasoline engine are quieter, lightweight and easy to maintain. Diesel walk-behind tractors are noisier, but they take up with their high power. The downside of a diesel engine is its high price.

It should be borne in mind that additional attachments can often be provided by another manufacturer. In this case, an adapter is required to connect the implement to the purchased walk-behind tractor. This can lead to unit malfunction or problems in the performance of the work.

On the market today, the range of motoblocks is quite diverse. Models of such companies as Husqvarna, Profi, Hyundai are in great demand. In our country and neighboring countries such machines as “Belarus”, “Neva”, “Salyut-100” are presented. Of course, you should not discount the Chinese companies Forte and Wiema, because their products are also quite in demand.

John Deere 2030 Splitting the Tractor on the Second Split

If we compare foreign models with domestic counterparts, we can see that their cost is not always justified by reliability and ease of use. In addition, imported models will require expensive consumables and experienced technicians to carry out maintenance. Both are very difficult to find.

Domestic firms are focused on ease of use, low cost. The decisive factor is the ability to repair the walk-behind tractor on your own.

Profi 1900

Motoblocks were specially developed by German manufacturers for agricultural operations in areas with heavy soil and poor maneuverability. Thanks to its power of 14 horsepower, this machine is able to provide easy working conditions where significant efforts must be made with a conventional walk-behind tractor. For evening work, these models are equipped with a headlight.

Attached specifications:

  • motoblock weight. 178 kg;
  • power. 14 liters. from. (in some models up to 18 liters. from.);
  • captured processing width. 80-100 cm;
  • plowing depth. 15-30 cm.

In addition, the single-axle tractor is equipped with a cold start mechanism and vibration damping system.

One way or another, it is worth considering the most popular models.

Belarus 09N-01

The model is designed for versatile soil cultivation on an area of ​​up to 5 hectares. The unit is distinguished by unpretentiousness to working conditions and reliability. Thanks to the weight, it provides traction and excellent handling. It belongs to the severe type.

From the above characteristics, it can be noted:

  • unit weight. 176 kg;
  • developed power. 9.38 liters. from.;
  • the capture width is adjustable from 45 to 70 cm;
  • number of gears. 4/2;
  • carrying capacity. 650 kg;
  • speed up to 11 km / h.

Forte 105

It is positioned as a multifunctional unit for performing agrotechnical operations on plots with a total area of ​​up to 1.5 hectares. Used for cultivation, harvesting root crops, sowing seeds and many other tasks. a single-axle tractor is able to withstand high loads for a long time.

Suitable for almost any soil, be it black soil or virgin soil.

Some technical data:

  • the average weight of the unit is 105 kg;
  • power. 7 liters. from.;
  • processed width. 105 cm;
  • processing depth. 35 cm;
  • developed speed. 8 km / h;
  • loading weight. 350 kg.

Agate (Salute) 5P

a single-axle tractor is mainly used for agricultural work on small farms. With optional accessories, this machine can be used as a small tractor.

a single-axle tractor is capable of hilling, plowing, removing snow, mowing hay, planting and harvesting potatoes.

Has a downshift function. When transporting cargo weighing up to 500 kg, it develops a speed of 10 km / h.

  • weight. 78 kg;
  • power. 5 liters. from.;
  • plowing depth 25 cm;
  • adjustable processing width up to 90 cm;
  • the steering column is equipped with two position switches for comfortable control.

Model overview

In order to get some idea about motoblocks with a power take-off shaft, you need to familiarize yourself in more detail with the characteristics and features of some models.

Features and classification of “Forza” motoblocks

Motoblocks “Forza” are fully automated devices equipped with internal combustion engines. Develop power from 6.5 hp. with weight characteristics up to 115 kg.

  • wear-resistant engine part;
  • extensive functionality;
  • ease of operation and maintenance;
  • reliability at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions;
  • maintainability;
  • compatibility with a variety of auxiliary attachments. in addition to the standard cutter, the list of attachments for Forza walk-behind tractors includes:
  • rear / front adapters that turn it into a mini tractor capable of pulling a plow or hiller on itself;
  • carts that allow you to transport goods;
  • lug wheels;
  • potato digger;
  • hinge-mounted snow blower;
  • mower;
  • plow;
  • rake-tedders.

It is not necessary to purchase new ones. Having in the arsenal hinges from the old “Neva” or “Luch”, you can safely install them on these walk-behind tractors.

  • “FZ”. units of medium draft class, the power of which does not exceed 9 hp. Effective on areas up to 1 hectare;
  • “MB”. heavy-duty walk-behind tractors, supplemented with PTO shaft and oil level indicator;
  • “MBD”. diesel cultivators with increased service life and high traction performance (up to 15 hp);
  • “MBN”. differ from the previous groups by the presence of a differential and increased maneuverability;
  • “MBE”. economy class cars, the power and wheelbase of which the consumer has the opportunity to choose according to their needs.

Forza” FZ-01-8,0 F

One of the optimal models for medium-sized land (from 10 acres to 1 ha). Together with attachments, it perfectly copes with the tasks of loosening, forming and hilling beds, mowing hay and clearing the area from snow. Does not require special care, which is important for inexperienced gardeners and summer residents.

  • chain transmission of revolutions from the gearbox;
  • 4 speeds of movement. two forward and two back;
  • frame and transmission compatible with different engine systems;
  • the ability to stop the engine through the steering bar;
  • ergonomic arrangement of controls;
  • safety due to metal shields that protect the operator’s legs when working with rotating mechanisms;
  • maintainability. spare parts for the single-axle tractor “Forza” are interchangeable with other motoblocks and are affordable;
  • capacious life support units.
  • Power. 8 HP;
  • Passage width. 72-1.2 m;
  • Plowing depth. 30 cm;
  • Weight. 110 kg.

Forza” FZ-01-6.5 F

The design of this cultivator is based on the FZ 168 F2 single-cylinder gasoline engine of our own production. This is quite enough for pre-sowing soil cultivation, digging out root crops, hilling beds or transporting 300 kg of weights. It is also important that, thanks to the universal frame, instead of the standard engine, you can install imported versions from the brands BriggsStratton, Subaru-Robin or Lifan.

  • reinforced gearbox withstand overload;
  • the ability to lock the steering rod;
  • single-lever steering column control;
  • improved clutch mechanism;
  • reliable V-belt transmission, resistant to wear;
  • 4-speed transmission with 2 reverse speeds;
  • large processing width, reaching 120 cm;
  • pneumatic wheels with grousers 4 × 10 s.


FARM SHOW. Single Axle Remote-Controlled Tractor

  • The volume of the cylinder is 196 cm3;
  • Gasoline consumption. 1.4 l / h;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 liters;
  • Weight. 100 kg.

Motoblocks “Forza” with power take-off shaft MB-80

Reliable single-axle gasoline tractor of amateur power level. It is the base model in the Forza line of MB. It can be supplied with imported traction units that double its power (up to 13 hp). With its versatility, it is a fairly small and lightweight device. Thanks to the wide wheels, it works smoothly on black soil and other heavy soil types.

  • 3-speed manual transmission;
  • reversing functionality;
  • wear-resistant belt clutch, which can be serviced by hand;
  • volumetric reservoirs for the life support of the walk-behind tractor;
  • rational energy consumption;
  • increased tire diameter with a rough pattern;
  • built-in tension spring for easy speed setting;
  • push-button stop of the motor in emergency situations.
  • Power. 6.5 hp;
  • Swath of capture. 80 120 cm;
  • Plowing depth. 300 mm;
  • Fuel tank. 3.6 liters;
  • Weight. 80 kg.

single-axle tractor “Forza” FZ-01-9,0FE

The most powerful modification in the line of devices under consideration. Designed for daily use. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the cultivator shows the best performance on plots up to 4 hectares. Adapted for spare parts from cultivators “Cascade” and “Oka”.

  • two-way position of the rudder bar;
  • clutch stopper, supplemented with braces for easy adjustment;
  • a steering rod resistant to mechanical damage, carrying the controls;
  • functioning at the 1st of 4 speeds, which are changed by a toggle switch between the steering knobs;
  • the ability to modify the unit with a stronger motor;
  • protection against injury from cutters;
  • electric starter;
  • headlight for use in the evening.

Performance characteristics:

  • Traction. 6.6 kW;
  • Cultivation width / depth. 1.2 / 0.3 m;
  • Dimensions. 1.5 x 0.61 x 1.15 m;
  • Weight. 115 kg.

Motoblocks “Forza

Forza is a well-known brand specializing in the production of motoblocks and other agricultural units and accessories for them. The homeland of the manufacturer is Russia, namely the UralBenzoTech company located in the city of Perm.

The first single-axle Forza tractor rolled off the assembly line almost a decade ago. Since then, the range of these devices, their technical equipment and functionality have been significantly improved. Only one thing has not changed. the manufacturer’s pricing policy, which continues to make Accent on budget modifications.

All this is the reason for the growing demand for this equipment, which has become a serious competitor to other brands in the domestic market.

Some features of choosing a walk-behind tractor

When buying equipment, pay attention to the country of origin. Usually well-known European manufacturers strive to equip equipment with native engines, which makes it easier to find parts in the event of a breakdown.

Branded “insides” of the walk-behind tractor guarantee greater reliability and stability of operation without major repairs. And cheap Chinese companies cannot boast of such quality. This is especially true for light motoblocks.

Motoblocks with power take-off shaft

Mechanized walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft (PTO) can perform a wide variety of work. from cleaning the territory to planting a decorative lawn. These versatile devices have a powerful engine and are suitable for installing attachments. a snow blower, mower, brushes, seeders, etc.

single-axle, forza, tractor

When you equip your single-axle tractor with PTO with the required structural elements, the machine becomes a multifunctional assistant in your agricultural work.

Choosing a walk-behind tractor with a power take-off shaft

Today there are many models of motoblocks on the market, which differ in the way of work, the number of shafts, power, speed parameters, etc. When buying a walk-behind tractor, its technical characteristics and functionality are taken into account, depending on what work you plan to perform with it and how often it will be in operation.

Depending on the fuel used, all motoblocks with PTO are divided into diesel and gasoline.

Diesel walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft are the most powerful and passable. They are reliable, have a long service life and are suitable for time-consuming and complex tasks.

The most popular are diesel motoblocks with a power take-off shaft such as Bison and Grillo. The first ones are produced in China, the second ones. in Italy. Both motoblocks are characterized by maneuverability, high technical characteristics, versatility.

If you need a single-axle tractor for working in a small area, a gasoline model is suitable, which is reliable in operation, economical in fuel consumption, efficient and less expensive compared to diesel models.

The most popular are such gasoline motoblocks with PTO as UGRA made in Russia and Mobile K jointly produced by Russia and Italy.

single-axle, forza, tractor

Motoblocks UGRA have a reinforced steering column, a three-speed gearbox, two shafts, which allow the use of a wide range of mounted and trailed equipment. This single-axle PTO tractor can be classified as a medium-weight tractor as it has a lightweight design and is more comfortable to operate.

the single-axle tractor Mobile K is equipped with hardened steel shafts, which provide the unit with the highest degree of reliability. They have engines from the Japanese company Honda or the Canadian Kohler Command, thanks to which they have a long working life.

What to choose. a single-axle tractor or a cultivator?

If you are faced with this difficult choice, you need to be aware of the main differences between the two units:

  • Cultivators are less powerful, their power limit is at around 5 hp, while for a walk-behind tractor it can be from 6 to 10 hp.
  • Motoblocks with PTO are heavier, their weight is about 300 kg, while the cultivator weighs only 50-60 kg.
  • Cultivators have more limited functionality (harvesting, tillage, planting maintenance), while a single-axle tractor with a PTO can also be used as a motor or electric generator, as well as a chopper and a number of other devices for work on a farm or vegetable garden.

Choosing a single axle tractor for the garden

When choosing a single-axle tractor for work on the site, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.


Such units are used by owners of large household plots and farms. Powerful walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft are distinguished by their reliability and good maneuverability. The devices are suitable for regular long-term use. The engine power of diesel models, as a rule, ranges from 8-12 liters. from.

  • Low diesel price
  • High power
  • High noise level
  • Hard start at low temperatures

Cultivators with PTO can differ from each other by the type of engine and weight, power, working width and a number of additional characteristics.

Features of a walk-behind tractor with PTO

The main task of the PTO in the walk-behind tractor is to set in motion trailed or attachments. In simple mechanisms, the torque from the engine is transmitted using a belt drive, which is subject to rapid wear. Splined shaft connection increases the reliability and durability of the structure, increasing the maximum allowable loads.

a single-axle tractor with a power take-off shaft is a mobile vehicle based on a single-axle chassis, additionally equipped with attachments. The power take-off shaft (PTO) allows the transmission of torque to the drive, expanding the functionality of the power unit.

Additional functions

When choosing a single-axle tractor, you need to pay attention to the type of connection between the engine and the power take-off shaft. There are two possible options:

  • Belt. A budgetary, simple and popular connection found in light and middle class motoblocks.
  • Slotted. Reliable connection that can withstand heavy loads. Used in motoblocks of medium and heavy class.

When working on uneven terrain, the diameter of the wheels can be of importance. In various models, their size can vary between 8-23 ″. With an increase in diameter, the permeability of the device increases.

Types of motoblocks with PTO

By the type of engine, walk-behind tractors with HLW can be divided into two large groups:

Cultivation depth

This parameter, depending on the model, varies in the range of 20–35 cm. The maximum plowing depth depends on the power of the walk-behind tractor. a light model does not turn a large layer of earth and on the maximum diameter of the cutters. If the cutters are small, the single-axle tractor will start to “burrow”.

Engine power and device weight

By power, all walk-behind tractors can be conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  • Lungs. Equipped with a gasoline engine up to 5 liters. with., are suitable for work in soft ground. Most often used in small household plots. Light weight (about 20-30 kg) does not allow working the soil at great depths.
  • Average. Motoblocks with a capacity of up to 8 liters. from. They can be equipped with both gasoline and diesel engines. These devices weigh about 50 kg, they are well suited for large areas and small farms.
  • Heavy. Optimal for farms, able to cultivate virgin soil. Equipped with a powerful engine (over 8 HP) and a gearbox.

Light motoblocks are rarely equipped with PTO. this is the prerogative of heavy and medium models. Low-power engines simply do not pull additional attachments.