How to change filament on a STIHL trimmer

How to wind a trimmer line correctly on a grass trimmer: step-by-step guide and video instructions

A beautiful lawn can only look really well-maintained if the grass is regularly cut. Grass trimmers are grass trimmers for tough jobs. Any owner of the machine sooner or later will face the problem of how to wind the line for the trimmer on the spool, because from the wrong actions can not only worsen the quality of mowing, but also to withdraw the equipment from failure. Today in our review of Homius we will tell you about all the ways and nuances of replacing the line and the peculiarities of the choice of consumable material.

Lawn trimmers are great for mowing small or tough patches like around hedges, between seedbeds and along paths. Today, manufacturers produce a wide variety of gasoline, electric and battery-powered models, which can be selected according to any needs of owners.

A grass trimmer line is used as the cutting element of a grass trimmer. In the process of work, sooner or later its length will run out, and then the owner will face the question of how to properly replace and fix the thread, tucked into the removable spool.

How to wind the trimmer fishing line onto the grass trimmer

What to consider when choosing a fishing line

Before inserting and fixing the trimmer line in the removable grass trimmer reel, it is important to choose the right material.

Rating of the best models of gasoline trimmer for grass. An overview of manufacturers and models, as well as useful tips from experts reviewed in this review will help in the difficult choice among the many models of devices.

By quality

Before you put the grass trimmer line on the trimmer, you need to pay attention to the cross-section of the cord:

  • Thread with a circular cross-section. this is the most common option. They perfectly mow the grass even in difficult areas;
  • line for trimmer with a spiral section is suitable for thin grass. It is not very durable and will not be suitable for old thickets;
  • Cord with serrations and sharp edges is chosen for mowing weeds;
  • The line for the trimmer with a variety of geometric sections will help mow the lawn more evenly, but the durability of the consumable is not high.

Important! The most hard-wearing consumable is a two-piece round section trimmer line reinforced on the inside.

The owner of a brushcutter should know that it is strictly forbidden to use wire made of metal, fishing line and a variety of strings.

Rating of the best electric trimmers for grass. In this review, we will analyze the criteria for choosing an electric trimmer, technical specifications, as well as the most popular models and brands according to consumer reviews.

By size

Before winding the thread on the reel of the grass trimmer, you should pay attention to its size. The most commonly used line for trimmer with a section of 2 mm.

You can find the right diameter in the following ways:

  • Look at the recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions to the trimmer.
  • Often manufacturers put information about the cross section on the bobbin.
  • The filament should be about the size of the hole on the reel.

Important! The thicker the thread, the tougher the grass it can mow.

Winding up the line

Carefully completed disassembly of the bobbin spool without losing its parts allows you to proceed to the main task. winding the line into the spool. Technological features of the bobbin’s construction and the number of working eyes determine the sequence of actions.

The most common option and the easiest sequence of steps:

  • The size of the bobbin and the length of the unique factory winding determine the recommended length of the line for winding. 2 to 5 m.
  • One end of the line is inserted into the fixing technological hole inside the bobbin.
  • The line for the trimmer is wound on the reel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the bobbin on the trimmer product. usually, on the inside of the reel an arrow indicates in which direction the winding is carried out.
  • The smallest part of the line is left free to be let out. it is fixed in a special groove on the inside of the bobbin, created to hold the bobbin winding when it is assembled in working position.
  • The leftover end of the line is passed through the hole on the outside of the bobbin.
  • The halves of the bobbin are assembled and put on the trimmer’s boom.

Reel with two working tendrils

In this type of bobbin you should find the number of grooves for winding line lying on the inside of the spool:

For both cases, a trimmer line with a length of 2-3 m is taken. In one-channel spools line for the trimmer through the hole, its ends (tendrils) are added together and aligned, and then winded in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the rod. inside there is usually an arrow indicating the correct direction of winding. If there are fixing grooves, the ends of the line is pushed through them or held by fingers of free hand, put into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the bobbin is locked and attached to the rod of the trimmer.

The difference of winding line in the double-channel reels is that initially a piece of line with a length of 2-5 m is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the loop of the fold is inserted in a special groove between the grooves. both tendrils of a fishing line are wound each on own groove, fixing of tendrils and reel assembly is similar to the variant with one groove considered above.

The first performance of this procedure may seem long and quite time-consuming, but with time and experience this task will be solved much more quickly and easily.

The video below will clearly show how to tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer reel and properly wind it. this operation is not anything complicated and with some patience is sure to succeed:

Black Decker trimmer head

Disconnect the grass trimmer. Before you begin to change the trimmer line in the BlackDecker trimmer head, first disconnect the grass trimmer and remove the battery pack.

Press the latches on the sides of the trimmer head and remove the cover. The cover should be easy to remove.

Remove any leftover fishing line from the spool and clean soil and grass from the trimmer head cover and body.

Buy fishing line for grass trimmer. You can use one of two options to replace the fishing line:. buy a new spool with the fishing line already wound at the BlackDecker online store and replace the spool in the trimmer head with it;. buy the trimmer line, for example, at your dealer’s service center, at a specialty store, or at the market and replace only the trimmer line in the trimmer head. Filament diameter, cross-sectional shape, and recommended brand name. in the Grass Trimmer User Manual and at the price level.

Insert the trimmer line into the reel. The end of the line from the reel should be inserted into one of the holes, preferably starting from the outside, where the arrows are drawn. Then bend the end of the line with the hook at 90 degrees, with the bent part about 2 cm long. Insert this hook into the hole in the drum (reel) of the trimmer head.

Wind the line evenly around the trimmer in the direction of the arrows. Do not wind it too tightly or too much, and do not cross the coils with each other, as the line for the trimmer gets hot during use, and may sinter and stop extending out of the trimmer head. Cut off trimmer line from the coil. Insert the end of the line through the hole to hold it in place. Wind the other half of the drum in the same way.

Insert the wound reel into the trimmer head body.

Insert the ends of the line into the holes in the trimmer head body.

Press lightly on the spool until it clicks into place. Make sure that the line for the trimmer inside the trimmer head is not tangled and extends.

Close the cover without twisting until you hear two clear clicks. Assemble the trimmer head in this way. At the first high revolutions the trimmer line will extend out of the trimmer head, stretch into a string and cut to the required length on the cut-off blade located on the plastic grass trimmer guard.

Before buying a line for trimmer, it is necessary to consult the user manual in order to know the allowable line diameters for the given trimmer for grass. Also on the choice of diameter and shape of the line affects the type of vegetation to be cut with this line (the thicker the weeds, the thicker and coarser should be the line for the trimmer within the limits allowed by the Manual).

Gasoline or electric grass trimmer is a great helper when working on a garden plot. But like other machinery, it requires attention and certain care. Unfortunately, the developers of the equipment do not give complete instructions on how to wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer reel. In connection with this, owners of motor vehicles have a lot of questions. In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the different examples and ways to wind the fishing line on the spool.

How to wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer spool. preparation

The grass trimmer reel is in the mowing head, which consists of a spring, a spool and two covers.

  • The first step is to disassemble and remove the grass trimmer head. To do this, press the catches to the stop, located on the sides of the body, and turn clockwise.
  • To open the mowing head, press the side latches, if your hands do not work, you can use a screwdriver. Remove the spool.
  • To find the right line for your grass trimmer, look on the inside for a number. The numbers indicated indicate the necessary line diameter in millimeters.
  • If you don’t find this information, you can determine the maximum diameter by taking a trimmer line and threading it through the hollow hole. The thread should run freely back and forth.
  • There are two ways to wind the line, let’s consider each of them in detail.

Installing new fishing line on the grass trimmer reel

Equipping the spool with new fishing line is done in reverse order. The procedure looks approximately as described below, regardless of the model of lawnmower:

Step One: Securing and Laying

Fold the end of the line in half. Place the billet over the bobbin on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Pull the line for the trimmer through the loop.

Procedure for preparing the line engagement in the area of both winding sections of the reel. The loops are placed in specially made notches, after which the winding of the fishing line in each area It is enough to strongly pull the line for the trimmer and plant a knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Step two: winding the cutting material in sections

The next step is to wrap the line carefully around the spool. It is necessary that each half is filled with “its own” winding, evenly, without any overlaps. There are usually arrows on the body of the spooling reel which show the winding direction. This point should be kept in mind when filling the spool with line.

Step Three: Completing the Head Assembly

Pull the line ends through a pair of oval slots on the spool. Replace both washers and spring (if any in the design) with the new pieces included. Bend both ends of the line at right angles.

The last technical step of the line replacement process on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head and then lock it by applying pressure and turning it slightly. Pass each end through the hole at the base of the winding drum. Install the spool in the inner area of the head with a spring rest. Put the cover on, align it with the base, and with a slight downward pressure with a slight counterclockwise rotation, plant the cover on the locking tongues. This completes the replacement procedure.

Rules for changing

There are rules for changing the cutting line that will get the job done quickly and correctly:

  • The filament should be wound in the direction indicated by the arrow on the spool.
  • Each coil fits snugly against the lower level and adjacent coil.
  • No slack or tangling of the line. If this occurs, a knot will form which will block the filament feed. The motor will rotate the shaft at idle, causing the motor to overheat or break.
  • Before tucking the trimmer line into the grass trimmer, calculate the length of the segment. Add 15 cm from each end to the obtained value. These tips will fix the trimmer line and the special grooves.

Fix the remaining ends of the cord on special slots. An arrow at the top indicates the direction of rotation of the spool

A detailed description of how to tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer spool on video

The process of winding the fishing line on the grass trimmer spool is not complicated, but requires care. Any hobby gardener can do the job.

How to wind the line for trimmer on the grass trimmer spool. Gasoline grass trimmers for dacha and grass

Alexander V. Sarychev. Court construction expert, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Replacement Rules

There are rules for replacing cutting filament that will get the job done quickly and correctly:

  • The filament should be wound in the direction indicated by the arrow on the spool.
  • Each coil lies tightly against the lower level and the neighboring coil.
  • No slack or entanglement in the line. If this happens, there will be a knot that will block the cord feed. The motor will rotate the shaft idle, causing the motor to overheat or break.
  • Before tucking the fishing line into the grass trimmer, calculate the length of the piece. Add 15 cm to each end of the line. These tips will fix the line for trimmer and special grooves.

The remaining ends of the cord are fixed on special grooves. An arrow at the top indicates the direction of rotation of the reel

A detailed description of how to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel on video

The process of winding the line on the reel of the grass trimmer is not complicated, but requires care. Any hobby gardener can do it.

How to wind the line for trimmer on the grass trimmer reel. Gasoline grass trimmers for dacha and grass

Alexander V. Sarychev. forensic construction and technical expert, candidate of technical sciences

The final point of instruction

Usually the process of changing a line on a particular model of trimmer is described popularly in the accompanying documentation. Another issue is that this documentation often comes in a foreign language, as the notorious lawnmowers in the mass. products of imported.

Meanwhile, there is a much more simple, economical and useful for human health and nature. bringing in order lawns usual peasant scythe. Grass mower blade:

Which is further accompanied by abundantly growing greenery, rather than the formation of driftwood as a result of the grass trimmer.

The final point of the manual

Usually, the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer of a particular model is popularly described by the accompanying documentation. Another issue is that this documentation often comes in a foreign language, as notorious lawnmowers are, for the most part, imported products.

But there is a much simpler, more economical and healthy way for mowing lawns with a traditional mower. Grass cutter blade:

which is followed by abundant growth of greenery, and not the formation of dead wood as a result of the grass trimmer.

Trimmer line. varieties and the possibility of replacing with another material

Cord for grass trimmer can be different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the line for trimmer, the coarser grass it will cope with. Experienced users recommend a 2 mm trimmer line, which is universal.

The shape of the line can be round (for juicy grass) or with sharp square or star-shaped edges (for cutting dry grass). The second type is less durable and wears out faster than the round cord.

One of the popular questions about trimmers is whether the special mower cord can be replaced with other materials such as metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc.д. It is necessary to know that the installation of such items is not recommended, because with them, the grass trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. During mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if you accidentally touch your limbs with them while working, you will be seriously injured.

Owners of trimmers, wondering whether it is possible to use fishing line for the trimmer, we answer. it is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, and therefore require frequent replacement.

Tip! Fishing line for trimmer is good for cleaning grass near the fence or metal mesh. instead of spending expensive trimmer cord, you can charge a large-caliber tackle (2-3 mm), which costs much less.

Types of trimmer heads for coils

The main element of the trigger is the mowing head, which is a cylindrical body with a spool (bobbin) inserted inside. The trimmer line (filament) is fed into the head. Heads differ in how they feed and feed the filament. There are three types of heads:

  • Automatic. The feeding of the fishing line is carried out after the user has reduced the engine speed. The automatic cord feed is very convenient when a large amount of work needs to be done. The disadvantage of such a head is the high consumption of thread.
  • Semi-automatic. The use of such a head does not require the user to perform any complicated manipulations. The principle of its work is arranged so that the line for the trimmer starts to extend automatically at a time when the grass trimmer operates at full speed. You only need to lightly bump the head of the device on the ground (this will remove the locking line), and the cord due to the centrifugal force will be put forward from the bobbin. Then the line for the trimmer is cut to the required length with a knife, which is located on the protective cover.
  • Manual. To extend the cord, you must stop the machine. After that, the line for the trimmer will need to be pulled out manually.

Types of trimmer reels

Instructions with a step-by-step description of how to wind the grass trimmer and lawnmower spool

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a suitable fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head, and look at the side wall of the spool. This information is usually presented on the tip, so that you cannot go wrong with the appropriate fishing line.

If the information on the reel about what diameter line for the trimmer can be threaded, then this information can be clarified in the manual. Having decided on the thickness or diameter of the fishing line, it remains to figure out how to charge it. There are two ways to do this, but not all are suitable. Let’s consider both methods in detail, and already depending on what models of brushcutters and trimmers you use, decide for yourself which option is suitable.

This is interesting!The principle of how to wind the line for the trimmer on the tip of the brushcutter is appropriate not only for standalone petrol units, but also for electric trimmers.

Cutting block attachment

The cutting block is the main part of the Philips Styler. It has short, sharp edges and is used for quick, precise trimming of hair in length.

To remove the cutting unit from the styler body, check for the release button on the styler body. If present, press the button to remove the cutting unit.

If the styler does not have the disconnect button, put your finger under the cutting unit’s teeth and pull it out. To reattach, slide the lower part of the cutting block into the styler body and then push the part with the teeth back in until it clicks. Do not apply excessive force; this can damage the appliance.

If you can’t get the cutting block to fit, check for foreign bodies in the body of the styler and try cleaning it with a small brush or cotton swab.

No matter how well the electric grass trimmer we purchased works on the dacha plot or country house. Sooner or later the time will come when we need to remove the grass trimmer head for replacement or prevention. I should say right away that you do not need to remove the trimmer head to replace the fishing line. Within this article I will tell you how to remove or replace the entire cutting head on the example of an electric trimmer for grass BlackDecker GL716.

Tips and recommendations on how to wind the line for the trimmer and what you need to know

There are some useful tips and recommendations that will be useful to know not only for beginners, but also for veteran craftsmen. These tips will help prevent negative consequences in the form of injuries and improper functioning of the mechanism. These recommendations state the following:

  • It is necessary to install the cover until it clicks. And it is 2 or more clicks, which depends on the number of clips. If one catch does not click, the reel can jump out when the tool is started and injure a person
  • Do not wind up the trimmer line with a strong pull on it, and in an amount greater than you can put it in place. It is better not to wind the tooling, than more of it, as this will lead to negative consequences in the form of inability to uncoil it if necessary
  • If you own the tool not with two leads of fishing line, but with one (usually these are low-powered units), then the winding process is performed in a similar sequence as described above, only with the difference in the absence of the middle curb between the extreme bases of the spool
  • After replacing the material, you need to first check the functionality of the tool, and then proceed to mow the grass. If it is not pre-checked, the scaffold can uncoil and injure a person

This is interesting!Choose the correct material so you won’t get hurt when working with chain saws, trimmers and brushcutters. When mowing grass, small stones and other materials get under the rotating parts, which can fly long distances. Therefore, despite the fact that a line for a trimmer is not a knife, work with the tool should be carried out in special protective outfit. The result of the work done is the following. after the replacement of the new material, the usual one is enough for up to 600 square meters, but taking into account the presence of a reinforcing layer on the fishing line. Conventional nylon materials last less, which is important to consider when working. Do not try to mow thick-stemmed grass with a fishing line, as special metal discs or knives are available for this purpose.