How to cut a rail at home

Charcoal pencils

Before drawing a mowing line for cutting, such a pencil is made independently as follows. Charcoal is ground into a powder, gum arabic is added and charcoal sticks are formed from the resulting paste, which must be thoroughly dried.

Having marked the prepared sheet with a marker, having made notches at the beginning and end of the mowing line of the cut with a file, the pencil is set on fire from one of the ends. A crack will appear from the temperature drop. It is very easy to separate the desired piece along this crack..

rail, home

An alternative to pencils is a string or even a thin line made of flammable, flammable material. Thus, large and long pieces of sheet glass can be cut with diesel or turpentine applied along a straight mowing line, strips of burning rubber or even dripping polyethylene when burning. Possibilities to heat the glass pointwise, using the mowing line, are limited only by the imagination of the performer – within the framework of the thermal method.

The thermal method will not work with simple tempered and quartz glass – it can withstand sudden changes in temperature from zero to hundreds of degrees.

Angle Grinder

You will need a cutting disc for metal – with a thickness of at least 0.1 mm. A thick disc will not allow you to cut the glass sheet neatly: the area of ​​contact between the disc and the surface increases, and the line looks blurry. The disadvantage of this method is that a not too powerful and large electric drive is required, otherwise it will become much more difficult to hold it.

The ideal application is not an angle grinder, but a small saw machine made on the basis of a drill. It does not need to be held suspended, but secured by means of adjustable-height guide rails. This will make it possible to achieve uniform action of the disc on the cut surface along the entire length. One sharp and inaccurate movement – and the glass will not be placed under the line of the desired trajectory, but will be shattered into fragments. Here, not a through cut is needed, but only immersion to a shallow depth of the layer, not exceeding one tenth of its thickness. Sawing through the glass sheet, the master runs the risk of getting many small cracks and this spoil the appearance of the cut rectangular piece or break it directly during the marking.


A chisel file is not suitable for producing a relatively flat mowing line. It has rounded corners. Use a square or box-shaped tool. The method is similar to that in which an ordinary glass cutter is used. To obtain an even furrow, press the file handle harder than during normal use. Make sure there is a clear groove on the glass sheet. Then the glass breaks flat against the corner of the table. A file with a triangular section is ideal.

Soldering irons

The sharp heating of untempered glass causes the latter to crack. the cutting line from the spot heating will not become ideal, as after passing the glass cutter in the right place. She will deviate slightly. But it will be possible to insert the resulting piece into the wooden window frame without spoiling the look of the window “eye”. To obtain a curly mowing line (for example, when an original curly frame is made from the resulting mowing line, repeating its contour), a soldering iron (or a machine for burning wood) is perfect.

In this case, you need to follow a certain sequence of actions..

  • A piece of glass is drawn using a construction felt-tip pen or marker.
  • At the beginning and at the end of the intended mowing line of the cut – on the edges – the glass is neatly cut with a file. Notches will help you more accurately define the direction of the crack formed from heating.
  • Having stepped back from the edge of the glass by 2 mm, the master applies a heated soldering iron to the edge of the glass. The beginning of the process will be the formation of a small crack – from a sharp temperature drop.
  • Repeating the indentation from the heating point, the soldering iron is applied to the glass again. The crack will go further – in the direction given by the master. The soldering iron is brought to the end of the cut line. To speed up cutting, a wet rag is applied to the glass – so that it cools faster, and the temperature drop is limiting.

After thermal chipping is completed, the desired piece is easily peeled off. To obtain a flat mowing line, use a metal ruler or a piece of metal profile.

How to cut glass correctly

The glass is washed, dried and degreased, placed on a perfectly flat table, covered with cloth or linoleum. The material under the glass should be thick and dense. Perfectly clean glass will exclude the possibility of the cutting tool moving to the side. To get uneven mowing lines, use a variety of patterns or a self-made blank with the edge of the desired curvature.

Do not work without safety glasses and gloves. Hands and eyes, even when cut in water, must be protected. With unsuccessful attempts to break evenly, the second line of the cut is carried out – 2 cm from the first. Instead of gloves made of thick and coarse fabric, do not use rubber or polyethylene – both rubber and thin plastic are easy to cut with sharp edges of glass.

Victory drills

A concrete drill with a victorious tip, just bought and never used, is a slightly worse way than diamond sputtering to cut glass. But with a sharp drill, the bottom of the cans was drilled earlier: with careful actions, the container did not crack.

The only difference is that the glass is not drilled – a groove is scratched in it in the right place. Then it breaks – as if marked with a simple diamond cutter. To draw an even furrow, use a ruler and a marker: the leading strokes are outlined first, the second allows you to hold the drill or drill on the cut mowing line. Since the glass has a perfectly smooth, transparent and glossy surface, apply a force slightly more than what is exerted on a standard diamond cutter.

A blunt, used drill will not work: it is extremely difficult for them to scratch the line of the cut, and the excessive effort of the master will simply split the entire sheet. The main thing is that the tip of the straight edge or the tip of the victorious tip, and not the side edges, draw the line.

High-speed steel will also scratch the glass – but after the first centimeters of the mowing line, it will immediately become dull, so it needs to be sharpened. The inconvenience of this method is obvious..


Cutting glass with scissors in water is good for creating a curly cut rather than a straight cut line. Thicker than 4 mm glass is difficult to cut with scissors in water. In principle, this method is suitable for cutting 2.5-3.5 mm window glass. Water is needed to prevent the scattering of fragments and getting them into the eyes, nose or ears of the master. Glass is cut in a bowl or barrel of water. The capacity allows you to accommodate the entire processed piece of glass. The principle underlying the method is directed cleavage of the material. Water will not allow the glass to crack completely – its resistance softens jerks, poke movements, breaking the same glass without it.

How to cut glass without a glass cutter?

  • What can be used
  • How to cut glass correctly
  • How to cut a glass bottle
  • Recommendations

Cutting glass at home did not previously provide for the absence of a glass cutter. Even with careful actions, not exactly cut, but broken pieces were formed, whose edge remotely resembled a curved fishing line with slight bends in both directions. You can still cut glass without a glass cutter.

Rail cutter Husqvarna K 1260 (Partner K-1250 Rail)


  • power is almost 6 kW (higher than that of RM5GM);
  • working body – a cutting disc with a diameter of 350 or 400 mm (the principle of operation is the same as that of an angle grinder);
  • weight without additional equipment – 20 kg.

The device will cut the same P65 5 times faster than the machine discussed earlier. Compactness, relative lightness, efficiency make it possible to use it for cutting products at home. The only disadvantage of the equipment is high).

Using a chisel

Here, too, the metal workpiece is not divided by cutting, but by impact..

  • install the rail as in the paragraph above;
  • along the entire perimeter, using a chisel and a hammer (mallet), notches of small depth (1-2 mm) are made;
  • a blow is made at the place of the notches with a sledgehammer, the rail splits.

The advantages and disadvantages of the technique repeat the above, only it takes a little more time.

Rail-cutting machine RM5GM


  • a hacksaw blade with a length of 400 or 450 mm acts as a cutter, than the equipment resembles a reciprocating saw;
  • there is a grip for fixing products;
  • the presence of a hydraulic clamp allows you to apply maximum force to the contact point during the working stroke and unload during idle (reverse).

Cutting time of one P65 rail into 2 parts is about 11 minutes. The device weighs 90 kg, has dimensions of 1465x505x460 mm, therefore it is not considered suitable for home conditions.

How to split a rail with a chisel video

Well done, it’s nice to watch. Tell me, – the p24 rail sawed off the head and sole, beat with another piece, bends. If you turn it over to the other side, you can see how the crack is creeping. Is it some kind of special grade of steel? How we break rails with a sledgehammer. A small incision is made. The angle grinder then goes into the course of the sledgehammer. LESSON NUMBER 1. How to break a rail. In today’s video I will tell you a story about how in one of the search exits # cop we found pits with a metal detector, in which there were heaps of empty, training blanks from shells, from which we decided to shoot down copper belts, and.

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�� Homemade Track Saw – DIY Guide Rail for Circular Saw

Using an angle grinder

A professional tool will save time when cutting a rail. Experienced people say that two discs with a diameter of 150 mm are enough to cut a classic railroad rail (P65, P75).

The work is carried out in the same way – the base is filed on both sides, then a blow with a sledgehammer follows. The operation will take 5-10 minutes.


  • rapidity;
  • efficiency;
  • minimum of consumables.


  • injury hazard (the disc can “bite” and lead to breakage, flying sparks will get into the eyes, etc.);
  • noise during work;
  • high pointless);
  • the method is bad for home conditions due to the resulting dust, dirt, metal shavings.

Application of rail cutters

Another method of quickly dividing rails into fractions, which is not entirely suitable for home conditions, but deserves consideration. A rail cutter is a professional equipment used for various types of products. It is usually used on railway tracks in order to quickly restore the track in order to avoid train delays. For example, two devices are considered below..

Possible ways of cutting the rail

Despite the seeming complexity of the operation, it is not difficult to divide the metal element into small sections. To do this, you can use one of the following tools:

  • sewing needle;
  • chisel;
  • hacksaw (metal saw);
  • Angle Grinder;
  • rail cutter.

Each method is complicated in its own way, but the expected result (the rail cut into pieces) will be obtained. Now – in detail about each technique.

Cutting the rail with a hacksaw

A popular method, although energy consuming. It is important to know a few requirements for a saw blade:

  • the handle is comfortable, it is located not horizontally, but vertically, slightly inclined towards the direction of travel “away from you”;
  • there is dusting on the teeth of the canvas;
  • the teeth are located in the direction “away from you”;
  • when working, move the blade so that the contact area of ​​the teeth with the cutting surface is maximum;
  • select the blade based on the density and hardness of the rail material.

How to cut a rail with a hacksaw? The sequence is as follows:

  • the rail is placed on a horizontal surface;
  • if an accurate cut is required, it is worth making notches on the base with a chisel;
  • saw through the base on both sides up to the rail neck;
  • put an emphasis under the place of the cut;
  • hit with a sledgehammer.

There are other ways to divide the sawn rail into two parts. For example, drop it from a height if you have a loader manipulator at hand.


  • the way is safe;
  • sawing takes place without unnecessary noise;
  • equipment for work is inexpensive.


  • the process can take more than an hour (depending on professionalism);
  • several saw blades will be required (3-7 depending on their quality).

Cough milk, recipes

In the treatment of cough, milk is used as one of the most effective remedies. This product reduces irritation of the larynx, it is used to thin phlegm and facilitate its excretion due to the fact that it contains substances that have emollient, mucolytic and expectorant properties. It is useful to drink not only cow’s milk, but also goat’s milk..

Figs with milk. Besides being a natural medicine, milk and figs are a tasty treat for children. This recipe has long been used for colds and whooping cough. Milk broth with fig fruits has diaphoretic and antipyretic properties, eliminates inflammation of the larynx, treats bronchitis and tracheitis. The resulting remedy, due to the combination of these two ingredients in folk medicine, is called “cough medicine”.

Recipe. For the broth, varieties of black and dark purple figs are used. You will need to wash the figs well, pour 2-4 fruits with a glass of milk and boil for literally one minute.

Not only fresh fruits are suitable, but also dried ones. The preparation of the broth will be slightly different. Before boiling, dried figs should be poured with cold milk and soaked for half an hour. Then boil for two minutes and leave for 20 minutes. The mixture is consumed in half a glass 3-4 times a day 30 minutes before meals, be sure to warm it up before taking.

Milk with honey. The most popular cough medicine is a glass of warm milk with honey. You can drink this drink throughout the day, and it is especially desirable to drink it before bedtime. This will allow you to sleep well and soundly without coughing fits. Honey is also effective at suppressing coughs like conventional cough medicine [1].

Some other useful ingredients can be added to milk along with honey, for example, soda, various spices..

Recipe . Dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of honey in 1 glass of warm milk and add a pinch of baking soda. The drink causes the secretion of phlegm and sweat, which is important for recovery, as it helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances.

Recipe . This recipe is suitable for children over 10 years old. Put 4-5 tbsp in 1 liter of raw milk. l. honey, 1/2 tsp. vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg, two allspice peas and two small bay leaves. Boil the mixture, leave for five minutes and take in small sips, two such doses a day are enough.

Milk with butter. An excellent cough remedy is milk with the addition of butter. The components used envelop the throat and soften dry cough, eliminate perspiration and soreness. When treating, it is necessary to observe proportions.

Recipe . Add 50 grams of butter to a glass of warm milk. Taken before bed.

Recipe . This recipe uses cocoa butter obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the chocolate tree. A balanced natural product that has a healing effect due to the content of substances that can soften dry cough. Cocoa butter restores the protective functions of the body, prevents the development of pneumonia and asthma, and is an antiviral agent. Put 0.5 teaspoon of cocoa butter in a glass of hot milk, stir well so that the butter melts completely, then cool a little and give the sick child a drink.

Milk with mineral water. If your cough is caused by a dry throat, mineral water is great for moisturizing. Milk with mineral water is a good alternative to medication for cough treatment, the drink has a calming and softening effect on the throat and bronchi. When using these two products together, it must be borne in mind that this treatment is suitable for older children, the mineral water must be alkaline and the milk must be warmed up. When drinking the drink, the components are mixed in equal proportions. Milk warms up the throat and bronchi, and mineral water enriches the body weakened by the disease with useful substances. All this contributes to better sputum discharge, provides a thorough cleansing of the bronchi, lungs, throat.

Milk with garlic. Before you start treating a cough with this recipe, you need to consult a doctor, since some babies may have side effects..

Recipe .Cut the cloves of one head of garlic into small pieces and put in 1 liter of milk, simmer until the garlic is soft. You can add a little honey and give the child 1 tbsp. spoon every hour throughout the day.

Recipe . 1 liter of milk, 1 head of garlic and an incomplete teaspoon of butter. Boil peeled and chopped garlic for 2-3 minutes in milk, drink 1 tablespoon warm.

Ginger with milk. Ginger is close to garlic or ginseng in its beneficial properties. The composition of ginger contains vitamin C, it is recommended to drink it in case of exacerbation of viral diseases. Ginger with milk for children during colds and manifestations of coughs can be useful, they reduce inflammation and help get rid of pathogenic microbes, have a warming effect, so it is recommended to drink the drink before bedtime. After that, it is advisable to wrap the child up for sweating. There are two ways to make ginger with milk.

Recipe . The composition of the medicinal potion includes 1/5 cup of milk, 2 teaspoons of green tea and one crushed small piece of ginger root. The broth is prepared in three stages over low heat, for 2 minutes, after each stage, the drink is set aside for 5 minutes for infusion. After that, filter. You can add sugar or honey to improve the taste..

Recipe . Pour 1.5 liters of milk into an enamel bowl, put in the same grated fresh ginger root about 3-4 cm in size, two tablespoons of green tea, bring to a boil and remove from heat. Insist covered for 20-25 minutes. Drink several times during the day in small sips.

Propolis with milk. The bee product propolis is considered a real panacea for many diseases. Due to the content of wax, various volatile substances, compounds that are the basis of essential oils, it is characterized by antibacterial, antimicrobial, immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory effects. Propolis is indispensable for a debilitating cough. But for children under one year old, propolis treatment should be carried out with great care..

In the treatment of cough in children, a positive effect occurs after the first drops of taking an aqueous propolis tincture. At night, 1-2 drops of propolis are enough for 1/3 cup of hot milk. It is easy to prepare a water tincture; for this, put 30-35 grams of propolis in a bowl with 100 milliliters of purified, distilled water and put in a container with water on fire. It takes about forty-five minutes to cook the tincture in a water bath..

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Then the liquid is filtered through three layers of gauze, tightly sealed and used as directed. Keep refrigerated.

Milk with banana. Banana with milk is an excellent remedy that children are happy to use when coughing. It helps to quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms of a cold, coughing fits. The ripe fruit of the banana tree is washed, peeled. Grind in a blender to a state of gruel, add three tablespoons of cocoa powder and mix thoroughly. Then not too hot boiled milk is poured into the banana mixture, a little honey is added and the child is given a drink before bedtime. In the morning, the baby’s condition will noticeably improve..

Cough fat, recipes

At home, you can prepare various ointments based on any animal fat. The recipes are very effective for children, but at high temperatures, rubbing the chest with warming agents on a fat basis is not recommended by doctors.

Badger fat. Badger fat contains linoleic and linolenic acids. Its use helps to strengthen and improve tissue nutrition. When coughing, it is advisable to apply it three times a day. It is better to consume it an hour before meals..

Badger fat can only be used after consulting a doctor. Fat has a specific smell and taste, therefore, it is mixed with honey before use, but usually children are not given inside, as it can cause vomiting. The required amount of fat is heated to room temperature and applied to the skin, rubbing with light massage movements, then put on warm clothes and put to bed. Children over the age of 12 are advised to take up to one teaspoon of fat a day. Fat can be added to warm milk or tea.

Bear fat. Successfully treats cough in children with bear fat. It has properties that increase immunity, relieves allergic cough, normalizes the body’s resistance, and prevents the development of complications after suffering colds. For children over three years old, bear fat is prescribed 1 teaspoon 1 time per day with meals. Dilute 0.5 teaspoon of bear fat in 1 glass of hot milk, add honey or jam. You need to take the drug twice a day. Outwardly, the fat is applied to the skin, rubbing with rather intense movements, covered with a napkin, gauze bandage and a warm scarf.

Lamb fat. Lamb fat is a special effective remedy for coughing in children. The fat of a young lamb, with a white color and a faint odor, is suitable for treatment. It is effective for warming compresses that can be applied to children from one year of age. The fat should be melted and soaked in a gauze napkin folded in 4-5 layers. Lay it on the back of the sick baby and cover it with a towel on top. With a prolonged dry cough, it is good to rub the back and chest with melted fat at night. Apply a film on top, and wrap it up. So that the fat can be consumed internally, 1 teaspoon is added to warmed milk or tea.

Goat fat. Goat fat can significantly relieve coughs.

Recipe . It is recommended to drink a drink made from 1 cup of warm milk, one teaspoon of goat fat, 1 egg yolk, a pinch of sugar, or half a teaspoon of honey three times a day. When coughing caused by pneumonia, this remedy is drunk for a week..

Recipe . With the initial symptoms of a cold, melt 1 tablespoon of fat and give the child a drink at night, you can melt it in milk.

Recipe . For a lingering cough, for example, with bronchitis, goat fat ointment is used. To do this, mix 1: 1 fat and honey. This composition is liberally lubricated with compress paper, applied to the chest and wrapped in a warm cloth..

Recipe . If coughing becomes a frequent occurrence for a child, propolis is added to the goat fat. The fat is melted in a water bath, 20 ml of propolis tincture is added and the baby’s chest, back and feet are rubbed before bedtime.

Goose fat. Goose fat is an excellent expectorant, has a rich yellow color, is distinguished by its “softness”, it is easy to melt it at home in a “water bath” for 3-4 hours. With a strong cough, they rub the chest and neck area, and in the morning on an empty stomach they give the child one tablespoon of fat to eat. The procedure for eating goose fat is not a pleasant measure, therefore, traditional healers recommend using a lemon decoction. The lemon is boiled in a small amount of water for 10 minutes, cooled, peeled, squeezed into a decoction and mixed with two tablespoons of goose fat. reception is carried out strictly before meals, 1 tablespoon, until the child recovers.

If the cough is too strong and does not allow the child to fall asleep, it is necessary to mix 50 grams of goose fat with two tablespoons of vodka and rub the chest and neck with this composition, wrap.

Pork fat. Recipe . 200 grams of internal pork fat and 100 grams of butter, melt, add 200 g of liquid honey, 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Mix everything thoroughly. Give to children 3-4 times a day, 1 teaspoon, melted in a glass of hot milk.

Recipe . Mix 5 parts of unsalted pork fat with 1 part of propolis, hold in a water bath. After the mixture is smooth, remove from heat and rub the baby’s chest.

For prolonged chest coughs, rubbing the baby’s breast, back and legs dry with pork fat helps.

Interior fat. Body fat is often used as a remedy for coughs in children. This name is common to the fat of any animal, not nutria. It is named after the fact that it is extracted from the inside of birds or animals, it attaches to internal organs. It is usually with a crumbling consistency and with a bright white color, a coiled mesh in animals and a soft yellow formation in birds..

Only internal fat has medicinal properties, any other fat does not have such qualities. Usually the fat is melted in a warm oven or in a water bath until the mass becomes homogeneous. Store the resulting medicine in a tightly closed glass jar in the refrigerator.

Cough compress, recipes

Cough compresses in the acute period of respiratory diseases, when there is a high body temperature and a violation of the general condition, are contraindicated, since thermal and irritating procedures activate the inflammatory process. Warming compresses are also contraindicated for children under one year old. When a fracture occurs during the course of the illness and the child feels much better, or we are talking about uncomplicated acute respiratory viral infections, compresses can speed up recovery.

The effectiveness of compresses is achieved due to thermal effects, leads to vasodilation, to activate blood circulation. Warming compresses are referred to as thermal procedures. When coughing, warming compresses are a fairly common, useful procedure that affects the bronchi. Whether or not to make compresses for a child is a question that is decided by the parents themselves, and most of them are sure that the remedy is very effective.

How to make a cough compress? Any compress consists of three layers:

the moist inner layer (bandage, gauze) is moistened with a medicinal agent.

middle layer – insulates the flow of liquid (oilcloth, polyethylene, wax paper).

the outer layer is needed for insulation (cotton wool and bandage, woolen scarf, terry towel).

All of these layers are laid on top of each other and then placed on the baby’s back or chest. The area of ​​the heart is always left open. A cough compress heats the surface of the skin, then the heat spreads to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, blood circulation increases, and blood vessels expand. One of the main actions of the compress is to increase the release of antiviral agents, and these are antibodies and interferon, which causes the activity of the immune system in the fight against viruses. Based on this, compresses are contraindicated during the fever period, but useful during the recovery period..

Potato compress. Compresses can be made from any available means and products that can give off heat for a long time and warm up. Potato cough compress is the simplest, but very effective. You will need potatoes boiled in “uniform”. When hot, the vegetable should be put in a plastic bag, add 2 teaspoons of any vegetable oil (corn, sunflower or olive). Tie and crush potatoes with light movements so that you can put on the chest of a sick child.

Attention: the bag is very hot, it must be put on a towel, then on the chest, avoiding the heart area, cover it with a warm scarf on top and cover the baby with a blanket. After a while, check the compress, if the potatoes have cooled down significantly, it is advisable to remove the bandage, since a plastic bag with cold potatoes is a source of moisture. Potatoes retain heat for a long time, contributing to deep heating and increased blood circulation, this allows the airways to be actively cleaned.

Compress with honey. Honey is considered the first aid for coughing. Honey compress is good for exacerbating respiratory diseases. Liquid honey is applied to the skin and the chest is rubbed with light movements, parchment is applied on top. After which it is recommended to cover the child with a blanket and ask to lie down quietly for half an hour.

After applying the compress, remove the honey with a warm damp cloth, wipe it dry, and lightly rub a mixture of vegetable and eucalyptus or rapeseed oil into the skin, in a ratio of 2: 1. Usually, a cold cough occurs in the winter, when the honey crystallizes. It can be heated in a water bath or in the microwave, but it is undesirable to overheat by more than 50 ° C, otherwise the healing properties will be lost..

Compress with Dimexidum. Dimexide is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent capable of producing local anesthesia. One of the features of Dimexide is its ability to penetrate to the focus of inflammation through the skin and mucous membranes into deep tissues. Only external use of Dimexide is allowed, when taken internally it is a poison for the human body.

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Even a few drops, accidentally ingested, cause intestinal disruption, nausea and vomiting. In addition, Dimexide enhances the toxic properties of other medications. The use of this drug must be carried out carefully, to exclude contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes and mouth. When using undiluted Dimexide, chemical burns of the skin and mucous membranes may occur..

Many people think that using compresses with Dimexide is dangerous, especially for children. When used correctly, it is an excellent heat pack to help relieve cold coughs. It is necessary to put such a compress correctly in order to achieve a quick antitussive action. Suitable for use, diluted with water, liquid concentrated preparation.

It is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3 or 1: 4. The resulting solution is heated in the microwave for ten seconds. Then a gauze napkin or bandage, folded in five layers, is impregnated with the liquid. Apply to the breast of a sick child. The area of ​​the heart should be open. A plastic wrap and a warm scarf are placed on top. The compress can be removed after 40 minutes. The skin is wiped from moisture, and the baby is wrapped. The procedure is best carried out if there is no high temperature and before bedtime..

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Three to five procedures are enough to get rid of the most annoying cough. Contraindications for compresses with the use of Dimexide for children are – age up to 12 years, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver failure, individual intolerance, decreased immune protective properties and weakening of the body. Before using this product, you should consult your doctor..

Vodka compress. Before you start applying the vodka compress, you should lubricate the chest skin with petroleum jelly or baby cream. A gauze napkin folded in four is moistened in the solution and applied to the chest, while the heart area is left open. Cover with compress paper from above. Then cover with a thick layer of cotton wool or a woolen scarf. It is recommended to perform the procedure before bedtime, given that such a compress can cause reddening of the child’s skin, it is kept for no more than an hour. You can use alcohol instead of vodka, but it must be diluted in a 1: 2 ratio.

Such a compress is strictly forbidden for skin lesions with fungus, deprive, for wounds, scratches.

Salt compress. For complications after a cold, a saline compress helps. The solution is prepared at the rate of 90 g of ordinary table salt per 1 liter of warm water. Old cotton towels work well for the salt compress. They are folded in 2 layers, moistened in warm saline solution, squeezed slightly and applied to the body. A terry towel or woolen scarf is placed on top of the compress. It is advisable to put such a compress overnight and keep it for 10-11 hours. Salt is an excellent absorbent, therefore, as the liquid from the subcutaneous layer is absorbed, pathogenic microbes and viruses are removed from deep tissues. Thus, the inflammatory process is eliminated..

Mustard compress.

Recipe . Dilute 1 teaspoon of mustard in 180 ml of hot water (50-65 °), mix thoroughly. Put a paper napkin on the bronchial area beforehand. Moisten a towel in a mustard mixture, wring it out and fold it in half and put it over the napkin. Cover with a sheet of waxed paper and a scarf. Keep such a bandage for 3-4 minutes, then remove it and put a hot waffle towel in its place. Change the cooled towel to a hot one constantly for half an hour..

Recipe . Take 1 tbsp. spoonful of dry mustard, honey, flour, unrefined sunflower oil, dry mustard, combine, knead the dough and roll out 2 thin cakes. One is for the back, the other for the chest. Both areas are covered with a warm scarf. It is necessary to keep it until the child complains of a strong burning sensation.

Recipe . Mix 50 g of mustard seed powder, 2.5 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of honey, 50 ml of radish juice and moisten a towel in the prepared mixture, squeeze and put on your back and chest. Cover the top with plastic wrap and woolen cloth. Keep such a compress for no more than 25 minutes, after removing it, wipe the skin dry and cover the patient with a warm blanket.

An effective cough suppressant

Excellent properties are distinguished by an effective cough remedy, which has been used for centuries. To prepare it, take one lemon, boil it for 10 minutes. Then it must be cut in half, squeezed out and combined with 2 tbsp. tablespoons of glycerin. After stirring thoroughly, add enough honey to fill the glass almost to the top..

It’s incredibly tasty and healthy. Ready cough syrup for rare attacks, give children 1 teaspoon several times a day. If the cough bothers you at night, you can give 1 teaspoon at bedtime and one at night. Severe cough is treated according to the scheme: 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, at lunchtime before meals and after dinner before bedtime. With a decrease in the number of cough attacks, the number of receptions of the medicinal mixture should be reduced.

Black radish for cough, recipes

The beneficial properties of black radish have been known for a long time. Surely, many people know about this. To cure and relieve a baby of a cough, it is worth resorting to the help of this wonderful vegetable..

Black radish contains essential oil, therefore it has bactericidal properties. It contains lysozyme, an antibacterial substance with anti-inflammatory effect. It is an effective expectorant that helps to rapidly thin phlegm. In folk medicine, there are several ways to prepare cough remedies from radish.

Black radish juice for cough. Squeeze the juice out of the radish, you can add a little sugar to improve the taste. The resulting juice, children take one teaspoon, 4-6 times a day. Despite the beneficial properties of the radish, and its effective antitussive action, treatment should be started after the permission of the attending physician. If once you trust this wonderful traditional medicine and feel its effect on the child’s condition, you will understand that this is the right choice, and you will always use it.

Radish with honey. Radish with honey must be included in the complex of therapeutic measures for coughing. There are two ways to get an irreplaceable remedy..

In a large black radish with a tail, the lower part (bottom) is cut off and 1/3 of the pulp is taken out. A little honey should be put in the formed depression so that there is free space for the juice that stands out. The radish is dipped tail down into a bowl of water. After 3-4 hours, you can take the juice in a tablespoon and give the sick child to drink. You can re-put honey inside the radish to continue the treatment.

Cut 6-8 medium root radish into very thin slices and sprinkle generously with sugar. The juice is usually released after a few hours. For one dose, 1 tablespoon is enough, they give the drug every hour.

White and green radish for cough. White and green radishes are milder medicines than black radishes. Green and white root vegetables are less bitter, more tender and sweeter in taste. The juice of white and green radish is also useful for coughing, prepare the remedy in the same ways as from black radish.

How to treat a cough at home

Cough is a reflex aimed at eliminating dust, foreign bodies and mucus from the respiratory tract. This is a special protective reaction of the body to irritation of the bronchial mucosa. The cause of the cough can be an acute respiratory infection, causing, for example, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis. The cough is divided into two types:

Moist cough with sputum flowing out.

dry cough or unproductive.

Moist cough, accompanied by sputum secretion. Its useful function is that the microbes contained in the secretions are removed from the respiratory tract, thereby speeding up the healing process and eliminating the development of complications. A dry, unproductive cough usually does not bring relief, it can be very debilitating in the form of attacks. Such a cough contributes to significant irritation of the respiratory tract, causes vomiting and damage to mucous tissue. How to treat children and adults for cough at home? There are many ways to eliminate this unpleasant symptom. For centuries, people have accumulated experience and shared with each other effective recipes..

Herbal cough treatment

2 of the most effective herbal medicine recipes for cough in adults and children. Which herbal teas are best for you? The dosage is indicated for adults..

Recipe 1. Take 2 parts marshmallow, 1 part oregano herb, 2 parts coltsfoot leaves. As a result, you should have exactly 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs. Pour it into a thermos and pour half a liter of boiling water. It should be insisted for 4 hours. It is recommended to drink half a glass 2 times a day. The course of cough treatment with this herbal collection is a month. After a break for 2 weeks, the course can be resumed, if necessary, only using another folk recipe.

Recipe 2. Take 2 parts of mullein flowers, 3 parts of licorice root, 4 parts of coltsfoot leaves, 2 parts of anise fruit, 8 parts of marshmallow root. As a result, you should have exactly 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs. Pour it into a thermos and pour half a liter of boiling water. It is necessary to insist the composition for 4 hours. You should drink half a glass 2 times a day. The course of cough treatment with this herbal collection is a month. After a break for 2 weeks, the course can be resumed, if necessary, only using another folk recipe.

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