How to install a single axle tractor engine on an ant

How to install an engine from a walk-behind tractor Ant

Work on installing the engine from the Ant walk-behind tractor should be started by sorting out the motor. Then it is recommended to adhere to a certain plan in order to get a high-quality and reliable unit:

  • Frame manufacturing. This is done by welding a sheet of iron to a 4mm diameter pipe. The frame must be firmly attached to the engine.
  • Installing the carburetor, air filter and muffler.

Important! A cooling cover must be fitted to protect the unit from overheating.

In this video, we will consider an ant on an engine from a walk-behind tractor:

Attention! You will have to open and close the carburetor flap manually.

  • we install the wheel in front of the walk-behind tractor, and the level of plowing depth and ease of control will depend on the correct attachment;
  • we make nozzles from pipes and corners, fix them with a key in special grooves and, so that there is no movement along the axis, we fix them with bolts;
  • we determine the level of capture of about 1-1.2 meters, depending on the work performed.

The unit based on the motor scooter Ant will turn out to be a little bulky, weighing about 90 kilograms, and slightly clumsy. But special maneuverability in the garden and in the field is not required, since there are usually no obstacles that must be frequently bypassed. But the motor will perfectly withstand all loads, even with long and continuous operation.

When a homemade Ant with a motor from a walk-behind tractor needs to be moved a long distance, then in the manufacture of equipment it is necessary to provide for the possibility of installing wheels that are bolted through through, or make an additional stand for transportation in the back of a truck or in a trailer.

It is also possible to make the wheels smaller and attach a plow, potato digger or tiller.

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The engine from the walk-behind tractor on Ant

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Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery used in household plots, fields, vegetable gardens and summer cottages, at the present time, is a fairly technologically advanced device. It is almost impossible to find a person who has not used a single-axle tractor or cultivator to facilitate the labor associated with working on the soil.

You can choose a single-axle tractor for every taste and budget, or you can make it yourself. Often the motor from the unit is used to make a full-fledged motor scooter, which is also indispensable for farmers, because the movement of goods over long distances is always required. Consider how to make a motor scooter Ant with an engine from a home walk-behind tractor.

Use the motor from the walk-behind tractor to give life to a new device

The New Engine Doesn’t Fit Inside Ant’s Chasis | Ant Anstead Master Mechanic


“The old Ant has been gathering dust in the garage for several years. After I looked at several relevant articles on the Internet, I decided to adapt the motor from the walk-behind tractor to it. It turned out to be an excellent au pair, an economical and reliable unit. over, the production with your own hands was much cheaper if you bought a new device “.

“Combining a single-axle tractor and an Ant is a great idea, which miraculously came to mind. Having made the equipment, I received a unit that perfectly copes with all agricultural work on my personal plot. It not only loosens and digs up the soil, but also helps in harvesting and transporting various heavy loads. I am very pleased with the new technology. “.

Let’s make a homemade singleaxle tractor with a motor scooter engine, drawings and photos

Self-handed production of a walk-behind tractor with an engine from “Vyatka” of a motor scooter is carried out according to the traditional standard scheme:

Secondary optional parts that can also be attached to the vehicle are:

Important elements and units required for the manufacture of a direct walk-behind tractor are:

Homemade uniaxial tractor with a motor scooter engine “Vyatka” or “Ant

The singleaxle tractor is equipped with a transmission with a mechanical gear chain structure. It has a chain, two canonical gears and two sprockets.

It is not worth complicating the structural part, since this moment can significantly complicate free maneuvering. The entire structure must use two overrunning clutches that allow the main wheels to slip.

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The power unit of the walk-behind tractor is a frame in which a special cross member is installed with two drilled holes with a diameter of 14.2 millimeters and a pair of holes of 12.2 millimeters. It is imperative to install two bolts numbered M12 into the inner frame part. Thanks to the approach under consideration, it is possible to freely connect the articulated knot from a cargo cart with attachments to agricultural equipment. The carrier stick is embedded on the left side of the cross member. A cut-out for the gear housing is drilled in it.

In the front of the beam, it is necessary to install a bracket support with a parking bipod.

The main bearing plate is attached to the right side. It is she who holds the direct gearbox. For the frame, it is worth using a plate with dimensions of 280208 millimeters. In the middle of the above plate, a special clamp is placed that secures the engine.

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The front of the slab holds the vertical bar. The bracket must be welded to this rod. The chain driven from the sprocket output shaft generates fundamental torque.

Homemade single-axle tractor engine and gearbox

In the assembled state, the single-axle tractor has a fairly compact dimensions. In order to further reduce the overall dimensions, you can replace the parts with a muffler created by yourself from the engine. It is in essence similar to factory parts. For its manufacture it is necessary to use parts of the muffler from the “Vyatka” transport. It is important to note that the muffler is located in the exhaust cylinder bore.

The engine is started with a kickstarter. Each gear is shifted with a special lever mounted on the box with sectors. Control sticks with attachments hold the throttle and clutch levers. In order to integrate overrunning clutches, it is necessary to lengthen the gear shaft by approximately 170 millimeters. A driven sprocket is attached to the end of the left shaft.

At the moment when the shaft rotates, the clutch actively acts on the roller and also makes it move. When turning the walk-behind tractor, a wheel with a large radius begins to move much faster than the direct shaft itself. It is thanks to the factors under consideration that there are no loud and sonorous clicks during the turn.

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CAT C15 Engine Swap in a Peterbilt Truck

To maintain attachments, cultivator units are used. They are welded to the channel with joints. However, before this process, they need to be shortened. Longitudinal holes are attached to the walk-behind tractor.

Fastening of attachments of a walk-behind tractor from a motor scooter

Retaining brackets for locking screws and agricultural equipment are built into the ends of the rods. Special control handles with pipes are attached to the upper part of the channel. They should be flattened on both sides. For the correct installation of the lever with the steering wheel, you need to drill certain holes. Motor scooter steering shaft allows for correct manufacturing of joint assemblies.

Be sure to remember that the shaft must be shortened to about 460 millimeters. An articulated fork is welded from the bottom. The crosspiece is attached to a metal plate. The length of these elements should not exceed 13.5 centimeters. In the lower part, the plates are carefully beveled and subsequently welded to the same channel. Longitudinal holes will allow the cart to be tightly attached to the motoblock frame. The nodes must be lubricated with a special substance, that is, with an oil can.

The Vyatka frame is perfect for the trolley frame. Angles of 3535 millimeters need to be welded to it. In the same way, it is necessary to strengthen the free endings. A half-inch pipe will allow you to connect the forks between them. The U-shaped stretcher is welded there too. It is important to note that it is made from corners with dimensions of 3535 millimeters. The body can be installed by welding the hinge sleeves.

By its essence, the walk-behind tractor is very easy to operate and transport the necessary load on it. The universal seat is considered a special convenience for the driver. There is also a special box with tools.

Motoblocks have their own specific characteristics. The main ones are:

The highest speed is equal to 18 kilometers per hour;

The length of the transport with a cart is 1580 mm;

The track width with the trolley attached is equal to 750 millimeters.