How to make a battery-powered angle grinder

The owners of summer cottages and personal plots will be interested in the following video. Many of them use trimmers to keep the area in order. The option of failure of the electric motor installed on such a device is not excluded. The author suggests using an angle grinder instead. Why is the bracket made of waste materials, which is mounted on the site of the burned out engine. In addition to the bracket, an adapter should be made from the spindle of the angle grinder to the flexible shafts of the trimmer. An angle grinder is attached to the installed structure and the trimmer is ready for mowing overgrown grass.

The number of revolutions of such a modernized design is of the order of 10,000 revolutions per minute. At such speeds, the grass is mowed quite efficiently. It is possible that the use of an angle grinder of the minimum range of powers to reduce the weight and overall characteristics of the trimmer will lead to overheating of the angle grinder during operation. Monitor the temperature of the angle grinder gearbox and take breaks if necessary.

A homemade 12 volt angle grinder, powered by any portable sufficiently powerful battery, will help here.

To make a tool, take a motor from a tire inflation compressor. Let’s remove the gearbox. Next, we will make an adapter. We use the old case angle grinder.

make, battery-powered, angle, grinder

Install the button. Connect the wires to the motor. It remains to finally collect. When assembling, we use clamps. We fasten with standard screws in the front.

For aesthetics, you can use heat shrink. We will cut a corner to demonstrate the capabilities of a homemade 12 V cutter. We use a car battery. We start cutting. Attention! In the video, the master violates safety rules, does not use protective equipment. It is not only inconvenient to work with one hand, but also extremely dangerous.!

Keep the wire as short as possible. Ideally no more than 1.5 meters. The cross section is at least 4 square millimeters. Then you can use a small 12 volt battery. We know that cable losses are very large at DC. It is important to be able to do work within arm’s length.

Homemade angle grinder powered by 12 volt battery

The angle grinder is a modern tool used by almost all iron craftsmen. It is used to cut material, sharpen tools, grind parts. But there are situations when there is no 220 V network or it is located far away and there is not enough cable to connect.

A home-made angle grinder powered by 12V will help out, which can be connected to a small battery or to the car’s mains. The advantages of such a tool are quiet operation, which allows you to use it without fear of problems with neighbors..

The homemade product is driven by an electric motor 775, operating from 12 … 24 V. It has a cooling fan, the armature is located on the bearings. All this makes the motor a long-liver even with active use..

In addition to the electric motor, prepare: an adapter for an angle grinder; the connector through which the power supply is connected; paint; switch; wires; self-tapping screws; cogs. The body is made of various PVC parts used for the installation of water supply, sewer, and electrical networks. From tools they use a hacksaw for metal, glue, a drill, a caliper, a drill, a marker.

For the body (handle), PVC parts are harvested: a piece of pipe; 90 ° connecting corner; adapter for a smaller diameter. The adapter is glued to the corner, then a piece of pipe is glued to its free end. Get a nifty handle.

A protective shield is made, which will protect the worker from sparks, disc fragments. Use an 11 cm diameter PVC plug. In its center, a hole is drilled with a diameter equal to the size of the part protruding from the engine housing (next to the shaft outputs). On the sides of it, two more holes are arranged for fastening screws. Through the latter, the engine is attached to the shield.

The angle grinder cuts off a segment (approximately 3.5 cm high) of the protective cover, forming a working area for the disc. In this case, the mounting holes should be parallel to the cut and remain on the part.

Cut off a piece of PVC pipe. Glue it to the outside of the protective cover so that the cut does not interfere with the installation of the motor. In the craft, it will be inside this segment, which, in addition, ensures the connection of the knot with the free end of the corner in the handle.

At the free end of the corner of the handle, closer to the bend, arrange a series of holes in a circle, which will provide heat removal from the running engine. To it, closer to the edge, an additional short handle is vertically glued from a piece of pipe of a smaller diameter.

make, battery-powered, angle, grinder

The surfaces of all plastic parts of the handle, protective shield are painted with spray paint. The color is chosen from those that you like.

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The motor is secured with screws from the rear of the protective cover. Insert the latter into the free end of the corner on the handle – connect the parts with screws (better, it allows you to further disassemble the tool), by gluing.

The end of the handle is closed with a plug in which the switch is placed, the power connector. Suitable holes are pre-arranged for these parts; installing the connector on the glue. Before installing the plugs, solder the wires from the engine to the connector.

The motor shaft is equipped with an adapter, fixing it with a hex head screw. Fix the disk and try to work.

18v Powerful Cordless Angle Grinder – Homemade


The cordless angle grinder helps to cope with the cleaning of parts and structures from stubborn dirt, scale, rust, with grinding surfaces, as well as cutting metal profiles, pipes, plastic parts and even fragile ceramics. Cutting is achieved both precisely to size and with high productivity.

Choosing a portable angle grinder

The design features of any tool are the main parameters that characterize the product. When choosing a portable angle grinder, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • Device power. It depends on the power whether the tool can cope with the task at hand. The optimal value of the power of the unit is in the range from 0.8 to 1.2 kW. The high power of the product’s motor will lead to a rapid discharge of the battery.
  • Accumulator battery. The best battery option is lithium-ion filling. When buying products with lithium-ion batteries, you will have to overpay, but the service life of such UKBs is ten times higher than that of nickel-cadmium batteries. You can check the filling of the battery on the battery or at the dealer. The presence of two batteries in the kit will only be a big plus, but usually two nickel-cadmium batteries are included in the kit
  • Unit weight. The lower the weight of the product, the easier it is to operate, especially if you have to work with it often
  • The number of revolutions. The lower the revolutions, the longer the battery will keep the charge, however, the speed of work also depends on this parameter. If for grinding, then a product with a small number of revolutions is suitable, and for cutting concrete or metal, a low value of the parameter will negatively affect the speed of work
  • Product brand. It depends on the manufacturer how long the unit will function. The modern market for tools is overflowing with cheap Chinese products that are not worth buying for everyday use. Indeed, in addition to low quality workmanship, such units can break down at the most inopportune moment.
  • , while a similar model of the Bosch brand will cost 15 thousand rubles

Any purchased item must necessarily pay for itself, especially when it comes to tools for work. If the manufacturer gives a 1-year warranty for some models, and no more than three months for others, then you should not tempt fate, unless you need a one-time-use product. If you adhere to the above recommendations, then you can purchase a tool of decent quality and at an objective cost..

On a scooter

For those who are obsessed with technical creativity and who want to make their little children or grandchildren happy, the idea of ​​creating an electric scooter is in the next video. To do this, you will need a cordless angle grinder that is not currently used, a typical lawn mower wheel drive gearbox and materials for the manufacture of the scooter itself. Of course, the main thing in the success of this homemade product is that the master has the universal skills of a locksmith, turner, welder and many others. By the way, the angle grinder can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose..

What can you do with a gearless angle grinder

an angle grinder without a gear is a fairly powerful electric drive with a value rarely less than 0.5 kW. Such a device can be used in homemade machines for the production of various types of mechanical processing (stripping, cutting, grinding, etc.).

Important: do not throw away the emergency gearbox, but modify it by removing all unnecessary parts, for example, on a lathe, leaving only a part of the housing with the bearing assembly. This design of the drive shaft will maintain its rigidity when transferring the load. Further, instead of the drive gear, the angle grinder is fixed with a drive pulley of a suitable diameter and, using a belt drive, torque is transmitted to another driven pulley sitting on the working shaft. The working tool is installed according to the nature of the work performed.

The option of using high speed electric drive angle grinder is effective when performing engraving work. Here, no intermediate mechanisms are required to set the working revolutions, but only the problem of how to connect the flexible shaft used in engraving technology with the shaft of the electric drive should be solved. Preserving part of the gearbox housing with the bearing installed in it (! The replacement process of which is presented in a separate article) is an important condition for the operability of the structure.

What parameters should be used to choose?

When choosing a portable angle grinder, first consider the following specifications.

  • Power.
  • Spindle speed fluctuations.
  • Weight.
  • Safety and usability.
  • Maximum voltage.
  • Battery parameters.

These criteria were detailed in the article about the angle grinder on the battery here. Follow the link and read. There are pros and cons of the tool, as well as an overview of popular models. And below we will analyze the main points..

The key parameter of the cordless angle grinder is its power. Modern models have this figure at the level of 0.5 – 6.5 kW. You need to choose depending on what kind of material you will cut with the tool. If you often cut wood, sand something, then you need a powerful option. If the angle grinder is purchased for cutting thin metal sheet or plastic, then models of low power will suffice..

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Needlessly, you should not choose an overly powerful unit for the simple reason that weight depends on power. The larger it is, the more difficult you will subsequently have to handle the instrument..

Be sure to pay attention to ergonomics, culture of use and safety. The angle grinder must have a handle, as well as a protective cover, so as not to harm yourself while working and not get injured. A mandatory element is protection against spontaneous release of the circle. Be sure to take just such a model. If you need to adjust the speed of rotation of the disk, then, most likely, such a model will cost more. This function is not available everywhere..

It is also worth asking a consultant about such a parameter as fluctuations in the spindle speed. This value affects the consumption of the wheels as well as the performance of the cordless angle grinder. The lower the spindle speed, the higher the wear on the cutting or grinding wheel will be. Therefore, it is better that the frequency fluctuations have as little interval as possible..

And an equally important parameter is the battery of the portable angle grinder. When choosing a battery, pay attention to two indicators: stored energy and capacity. The capacity most often lies in the range from 1.5 to 6.5 ampere-hour. It is best to ask the sellers about the amount of work that an angle grinder can do on a single battery charge. Most often, manufacturers and sellers indicate this parameter as the number of cuts. As for the type of battery, it is definitely better to choose lithium-ion models. Nickel-cadmium are still found now, but they are already outdated and more problematic to use..

battery-powered angle grinder

If you are a renovator, have a kickback or a garage, there is often a need for a portable power tool. For example, cutting work requires a battery-powered angle grinder. An angle grinder, as the angle grinder is correctly called, will come in handy in any household. In this short article, we will figure out how to choose the right tool..

How To Make Cordless Angle Grinder with DC 775 Motor

What is the difference from a networked angle grinder?

Here we can note the less noise of the portable angle grinder during operation than the network models. Naturally, in terms of power, a mobile power tool is inferior to a network one. It is also worth noting the greater ease of use of the mobile angle grinder. You don’t need to mess with extension cords both outdoors and indoors. Otherwise, they are not much different..

As you can see, the battery-powered portable angle grinder has a number of advantages due to which they are in demand in the market. But they will be useful only when you make a choice consciously, taking into account all the listed parameters..

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Mobility. Not tied to the electrical network.
  • Low weight. Lighter than standard network models.
  • Low noise level. The loudest examples generate no more than 65 decibels, which is lower than conventional angle grinders..
  • Low power. This allows for better grip and more difficult cuts..
  • Ease of use. It is much more convenient to work without wires.


  • Low power. Not suitable for working with thick metal. Cost. Portable angle grinders cost significantly more than networked ones.
  • Small selection. Since the demand for these items is lower, then the offered models are much less..
  • Small autonomy. Even the angle grinder with the most powerful accumulators allows you to make no more than 60 cuts. The problem is partially solved by purchasing an additional battery..

We can only add that experts recommend purchasing a brushless angle grinder, which have a higher efficiency..

battery-powered angle grinder

A portable tool in most cases is less powerful than a similar one powered by a household power supply. However, the advantage of such models is their mobility. This tool can be taken with you to work in the country or objects where there is no electricity. In this note, we will look at what parameters to choose an angle grinder on the battery. Correctly this device is called an angle grinder. It is used for cutting and cleaning metal surfaces. In this article, the process of choosing a portable angle grinder was examined in detail with examples of models, and here we will outline the main characteristics of the tool..

Characteristics for selection

When choosing a specific model, try to take into account the following parameters.

  • Electric motor power. Most of the offered portable angle grinders have a power value in the range of 0.5-6.5 kW. You must choose the value yourself, depending on the purpose of purchasing the angle grinder. The thicker the metal that you will cut, the higher the power of the electric motor is needed..
  • Security. It is recommended to buy models with a handle and a blade guard. Be sure to take a model that has a button that excludes spontaneous start of the device..
  • The weight. In most cases, it depends on the power of the electric motor. It grows with increasing power, as does the size of the tool.
  • Allowable limit voltage.
  • Spindle speed. The characteristic affects the consumption of the wheel and the productivity of the tool. With a decrease in rotation speed, productivity decreases and wheel wear increases..
  • Battery. The vast majority of models are supplied with batteries with a capacity of 1.3 to 6.2 ampere hour. Capacity affects the amount of work that an angle grinder can do on a single charge. It is recommended to purchase models with lithium-ion type batteries.
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Do not leave! More articles on this topic

Advantages and Disadvantages of Battery-Powered Angle Grinder

Let’s start with the positives of this tool..

  • Light weight. Even though the portable angle grinder has a battery, it weighs less than the mains powered models. Most of these models weigh between one and four kilograms. AC-powered angle grinder weighs at least three kilograms.
  • Mobility. This is the main advantage of the battery-powered angle grinder. They can be used without the presence of an electrical network.
  • Relatively low noise level. The angle grinder on rechargeable batteries emits a sound within 35-65 dB during operation. It is less than standard models.
  • Low power. Under certain circumstances, this becomes an advantage. After all, a low power tool is easier to hold in your hands and perform complex cuts.
  • Convenient operation. No one will argue with the fact that it is much easier to work with a light angle grinder without a wire from the outlet than a bulky networked angle grinder..

Now about the disadvantages of the cordless angle grinder, of which there are many.

  • Cost. Mobile angle grinders are more expensive than network models. A high-quality device of 18 volts, 3─4 Ah costs 15-18 tons. (data as of June 2019). Standard models will cost significantly less.
  • Low power. Here, the small capacity is seen as a disadvantage. Working with thick metal for mobile angle grinder is undesirable.
  • Short battery life. In most cases, 50-60 cuts can be made. Knowing this weak point, many manufacturers sell their cordless angle grinder with two batteries. A full charge of these batteries takes approximately 2-4 hours..
  • Small assortment. Compared to conventional angle grinders, there are fewer portable models to choose from. This is due to the lower demand for them. The smaller choice of accessories and spare parts for them is due to the same reason. And the repair of such an angle grinder in a service center will cost more..

Now let’s take a look at some of the models of portable angle grinder on the market..
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Scope of application

The main field of application of the battery-powered angle grinder is to perform cutting and grinding work in places where there is no electrical network. They are most often used by installers and repair crews performing work at remote sites. At the same time, this tool is popular with ordinary people for working in summer cottages or in garages where there is no electricity..

There are situations where the cordless angle grinder is used in facilities where there is electricity. This is due to their compactness and convenience compared to network models. The question arises, why take a networked angle grinder if there are portable models. We will talk about this below when we consider the pros and cons of a portable angle grinder..
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Metabo W 18 LTX 150

The portable angle grinder Metabo W 18 LTX 150 has a small thickness for a comfortable grip during work. Work is carried out from a Li-Ion battery 18 V with a capacity of 5.2 Ah. The weight of the angle grinder without battery is about 2.8 kg. When delivered without a battery and charger, the Metabo W 18 LTX 150 will cost 12-13 tons..

Thanks to the spindle lock, you can quickly and easily change the wheel when needed. The spindle is locked using a button on the body. The angle grinder works with wheels with a diameter of 150 mm. The spindle thread is M14, and the rpm reaches 8000 rpm.

Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo

Another inexpensive battery-powered angle grinder. Angle grinder Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo 4431110 is designed for cutting thin metal and grinding metal and other surfaces. The device has a soft start function, which saves the electric motor and increases its service life.

Discs 115 mm with a landing diameter of 22.2 mm are used as consumables. The battery is 18-volt. Its capacity is 3 Ah. To ensure safety during operation, the angle grinder has a protective cover that covers the disc. Additional handle can be adjusted in three positions to comfortably and securely hold the angle grinder when cutting and sanding.

The model is supplied without a battery. The weight of the angle grinder without battery is about 2 kg. It is one of the lightest models in this class. The manufacturer notes the presence of a separation between the operation of the transmission and the electric motor. In addition, the Einhell TE-AG 18 Li-Solo has a metal gear housing for improved heat dissipation..

SAFUN CAG-18-115

Battery-powered angle grinder SAFUN CAG-18-115 has a brushless motor in its design. It provides high performance and long service life. The standard spindle lock allows quick wheel changes. Cutting and grinding wheels 115 mm are used here.

The angle grinder comes with an additional handle that can be set in three positions to ensure maximum comfort when working. The protective cover prevents dust, chips and sparks from entering the operator. The package includes 2 batteries and a charger. The cost lies in the range of 9.5 – 10 tons..

Among the advantages, the manufacturer notes the brushless motor, which has a long service life, as well as a high level of ergonomics and safety. A smooth start is provided, which avoids jerking at the start. As a nice addition, there is a battery charge indicator.
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make, battery-powered, angle, grinder

Diold AMSHU-24-01

The angle grinder on the battery Diold AMSHU-24-01 is powered by a nickel-cadmium battery with a voltage of 24 volts. Its capacity is 2 Ah. The model works with cutting and grinding wheels with a diameter of 115 mm.

Examples of models of cordless angle grinder