How to use a grass trimmer correctly

How to Use a String Trimmer. 10 Skills to Master

tips for using the electric trimmer

Tip 1. Study the area where you are going to work. Look out for anything that might get in your way: brushwood, stones, sticks, small debris. Assess the topography, inspect pits and gullies, and consider how best to approach them with a scythe. So you don’t have to rush and stop working later. To the same end, it is recommended to clear the area to be mowed of various foreign objects. They may pose a danger to the employee, the people around him or her, or they may cause the grass trimmer to break down.

Tip 2. Use only those consumables recommended by the manufacturer. A desire to save money and purchase tools of dubious quality will eventually lead to even higher repair costs. This could be the reason for denying warranty service. Then you have to fix the grass trimmer for your own money or buy a new one. So it’s better not to take any chances.

Tip 3. Mow tall grass in stages. Cut in steps from top to bottom. This prevents the line from wrapping around the trimmer head or between the trimmer head and the blade guard. That way, you won’t jam it.

Tip #4. Watch the length of the line. The best cutting performance is achieved with the most available. Do not wait for the coil to have two small tips sticking out or for it to be straightened out all over again. On an average semi-automatic spool, the line is fed in 20mm at a time. Any surplus material is cut by the blade on the deflector. You can tell when the line needs lengthening by a change in motor hum or by a decrease in output.

Tip 5. Use only a line of the diameter recommended by the manufacturer. Internet forums are full of enthusiastic Комментарии и мнения владельцев by trimmer owners that they successfully cut with lines 2 to 3 sizes larger than allowed. And that this makes the work much more efficient. Do not trust these reports. Such minute gains and temporary increases in performance cause accelerated wear and tear on all motor and gearbox components due to constant overloading, and this leads to the failure of the entire grasshopper. Smaller line diameters cause faster breakage of the line ends and will lead to great overconsumption.

Tip #6. If you want to make hay out of the grass use only knives or blades of hay. If you mow with a fishing line you get a soft grass cuttings, not fit for further use.

Tip 7. Trim slowly and carefully if you need to mow close to young seedlings or delicate surfaces like glass, painted and lacquered walls and fences, or decorative garden ornaments. This is especially important if you use blades or discs. And even more so if the machine is not equipped with a limiting bracket. If you mow carelessly, you can not only scratch or damage something, but you can also damage the trimmer reel itself.

Tip 8. Wear special clothing and personal protective equipment. Goggles are a must for this type of work (you can replace them with a visor). It is also advisable to use a respirator to protect against plant pollen, which is very allergenic. Use earplugs or ear muffs, gloves and loose-fitting jacket and pants. This protects you from excessive dust, excessive noise and the effects of mowing debris.

Tip 9. Adjust the machine to suit you. You don’t need much time, but it makes your work more comfortable and less tiring. Lengthen or shorten the trimmer locking strap so it is comfortable for your height. Adjust handle angle. All this must be done before you start up.

Tip 10. Use the grass trimmer and its accessories only for their intended purpose. You should not try to apply homemade attachments to this tool. There are models in which the installation of additional attachments is provided by the factory design, and only in this case you can use them. It is strictly forbidden to use a metal wire instead of a trimmer line. It’s Extremely Injurious.

Tip 11. The efficiency of mowing, its speed and quality depend largely on your skill. And it gets better every time.

When you pick up equipment to work on a dacha plot or in your garden, it is not necessary to run after the most expensive types of equipment, which have a lot of power. It goes without saying that power speeds up the work. But the thing is, power is always a big weight, big fuel costs, and the cost of the device. But that’s not the problem here either. If you own a small garden, where shrubs and trees grow compactly, and there is also a flowerbed, then choosing a large lawn mower for dacha will be inappropriate. There won’t be room to turn around. You will often claw trees and inadvertently cut branches on bushes. The best option in such a case. to buy an inexpensive trimmer for grass. It is always a pleasure to work with, as the technique is easy to use even for those people who have never worked with grass mowing. The grass trimmer has a small motor, comfortable handles for holding and a line that is directed in the bobbin.

If your area is only six acres or less, it is appropriate to use an electric trimmer for grass, which runs on the network. With such a device it is convenient to mow grass near curbs, near the house, under benches, around trees. Handy trimmer in greenhouses, removing weeds.

Of course, the power cable on the trimmer is not big, but it can be continued with an extension cord. But if even so requirements will not be met, you can look for a trimmer for grass on a gasoline engine. You can also find battery-powered grass trimmers. Battery lasts no more than an hour. But this is also enough to mow the grass in the garden or near the house.

grass, trimmer, correctly

Varieties of trimmers for lawns

There are grass trimmers that have motors on top and bottom. Where the engine is located on the bottom is called a lower-engine grass trimmer. On uneven surfaces is best to use grass trimmers with the top of the motor. There will never be a short circuit from moisture if the motor is at the top of the unit.

The trimmer is very convenient to use. However, there are still some rules for the use of this garden equipment, which in the work should always be respected. Before you start using a grass trimmer, you need to check if there are no rocks, glass and other objects on the site. When working, they can bounce and injure the operator.

The second rule is the installation of the cutting system. There are grass trimmers that are not very powerful. In them the grass is mowed with a fishing line. But there are also such models, the engine power of which reaches one kilowatt. There the blades are already installed. If you see large weeds on the plot, you need to unscrew the nut and on the attachment and install a knife instead of a fishing line.

When starting work, you need to protect your head with goggles, because even the absence of foreign objects does not guarantee safety. In the eyes can fly splinters of grass. If the grass trimmer works from the mains, then we plug it into the socket. Cordless devices require charging the battery. If there is a shoulder mount, put them on.

The cutting mechanism on the trimmer rotates counterclockwise. Cutting the grass is very simple: you need to move the device from right to left. If you mow a lot, then you need to divide the area conventionally by squares and go “by squares”. If the area is sloped, you must mow from the bottom, moving up parallel to the slope.

Take care of your grass trimmer

After finishing work, a special care is needed for the hand trimmer: the technique needs to be cleaned of grass residue, and then carefully folded until the next time.

A fishing line is wound onto the bobbin to cut the grass. Its edges are always visible on the outside. To avoid damaging the line, do not bring the grass trimmer head close to curbs, fences and other hard objects. The bobbin itself, on which the line is attached, must not touch the ground either.

The grass should be mowed with the tip of the line. this gives the best result. If you cut the whole length of the line, the motor overheats. If the grass is tall, you should not try to cut it all at once. At a minimum, you need to go over it twice. Otherwise the grass will wind up on the reel. If this happens, the motor begins to overload. Once in a while you need to stop the work and clean the head of the grass trimmer. And in the meantime, the engine will be able to cool down.

Gear lubrication of gasoline grass trimmer

If the grass is very hard, the line will be wasted quickly. However, if you work carefully, following all the rules and requirements, the consumption of fishing line will be minimal. Today, to buy a trimmer for the grass is enough to apply to any garden center, where experts will help you choose the right technique.

How to mow grass with a lawn mower

How to mow grass professionally. A well-kept lawn makes any home beautiful. A simple and cheap way to keep the lawn beautiful and healthy is to use a lawn mower. In addition to keeping your lawn in good condition, your lawn mower also needs to be kept in good technical condition so that it is effective at mowing your lawn.

How to mow the lawn

  • Before you mow the grass, make sure that the mower is at the correct cutting height. Different types of grass require different mowing heights. Determine the type of grass on your lawn before setting the cutting height on your mower.
  • Keep the mower in good technical condition. Even if you don’t use your mower, it’s important to keep it in good working order all year long. Just like with a car, you need to be sure. That all parts of your mower work properly before you start mowing your lawn. If the mower’s blades are not sharpened, it can damage your lawn, leaving some of the grass uncut and susceptible to disease.
  • Try to mow the grass when it’s not too hot outside. It is best to mow when there is morning dew on the grass. High temperatures can be very dangerous and this should always be taken into account.
  • Check for debris on your lawn. Before mowing the lawn, it is important to check for debris in the grass, any debris can damage the mower. Make two passes around the edge of the lawn. Don’t forget to block the aisles.
  • Try to mow the same area every time in the opposite direction. If this is not done, the lawn can be severely worn out or damaged in places.
  • Finish the grass around beds, trees, and all the places where the lawnmower can’t reach to the same height as the lawnmower with a trimmer (a grass trimmer can also be called a gasoline mower, brush cutter, brush cutter, or electric mower). Grass mowing. When mowing with a trimmer, you have to be careful not to damage the bark of trees and not to hit the ground with the trimmer.
  • Alternate the direction of mowing along and across, up and down, in different cross directions of the lawn. But remember: only push the mower forward and in no circumstances should you pull the mower towards you. It may not be safe.

Tips (mowing the grass)

Try to maintain a constant mower speed and RPM with the throttle. This will provide a smoother cut, extend engine life, and reduce fuel consumption.

After you have mowed the grass in places not accessible to the mower with the trimmer, you must put the edging blade on the grass trimmer and trim all edges of beds and paths and remove grass from cracks in the paths.

Do not exceed the speed limit when operating the mower. If you push the mower too fast, you may not be able to react in time and run into a stump, wire, or rock in the grass.

Check that the grass cutting height on the mower is set at the recommended height for the type of grass on your lawn.

Mow grass only when it is dry. If your lawn is wet after rain or watering, the mower may clog with wet grass or soil. Also, moving the mower over a wet lawn can cause soil compaction and lawn diseases. Doing so could ruin your lawn.

Warnings on how to mow grass

  • Always wear safety glasses when cutting grass, as stones, glass, nails and other debris can fly out from under the cutting blade.
  • If there is any problem with the mower blade, first of all shut it off and remove the cap from the spark plug, and then fix the problem.
  • Make sure that children, animals, helpers and hornblowers keep a safe distance from the mower or trimmer in operation during mowing. Their blades can injure bystanders if they get too close. This is very important when we are mowing the grass.
  • Do not fill up the lawnmower or grass trimmer while the engine is still hot. There have been incidents of fire and explosion that have resulted in injury or maiming. Always let the mower cool down.

Running in a new gasoline trimmer

In this section, we describe the average situation when buying a new grass trimmer. If you want to read about the running-in of trimmers of our brand, you can find information in the instructions, which are on the product pages.

If you have just bought the tool, you need to run it in. To do this, let the engine warm up a little at idle speed. During this time, set the position of the air damper so that the working part does not rotate. When the grass trimmer is warmed up, you need to open the air supply to full, push the throttle lever to about 1/2 and hold so for about 1-2 minutes. After that, the grass trimmer should work in idle mode for 2-5 minutes. Switch over the medium and idle speeds 3 to 5 times. After that you need to give the trimmer to work 5 minutes in idle mode, then turn off the motor and give the tool a rest for 15-20 minutes.

After the lawnmower has cooled down, you need to repeat everything from the beginning. The only difference. to start the grass trimmer on hot it is necessary with the open position of the air damper. Do not hold the gas pedal for too long, because the engine components have not yet fully lapped up. Also, do not run the engine too long at idle for it may overheat.

In general, you should run the lawn mower until the fuel tank is empty. After this it is believed that the initial running-in is complete and the tool is ready for work. Don’t forget to monitor the motor and gearbox temperature to prevent them from overheating. A full running-in period is when 5 full tanks of the fuel mixture have been used. During this period, it is best not to work with the trimmer in harsh conditions. It is a good idea to take breaks during the running-in period to prevent the engine from overheating. This will extend the life of the tool.

How to use a brushcutter on a hill

Working on hilly terrain, it is more convenient for you to cut the grass on it in the following way. by straight mowing. You start mowing parallel to the slope, when you are done you go back to the area you have already mowed and start mowing the next one, which is slightly higher.

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Basic rules of operation of the gasoline trimmer for grass

  • Start the grass trimmer in a horizontal position. Press the motor part with your knee and pull out the handle.
  • Before lubricating all engine components, pull the starter handle several times.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the device for its intended purpose for the first 5 minutes after starting it.
  • Gasoline grass trimmer should be refueled only in a ventilated room, avoiding direct sunlight and exposure to fire.
  • A new appliance needs a running-in period.
  • When working with the trimmer in hot weather, one of the requirements is to take frequent breaks in work.
  • When using the trimmer, you must strictly follow the operation rules indicated in the instruction manual. Grass trimmer for grass can only be used to cut the grass, and in no case for the elimination of, for example, unwanted shrubs or tree roots.

How to put it on and hold it correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what performance technique you use. You need to know how to hold the machine for proper technique, and you need to put it on properly for comfort. The fact that not all grass trimmers are equipped with a shoulder strap. If you have one, you need to put it on so that you are comfortable. There are models of devices whose strap can be uncomfortable, so try to put the grass trimmer on as comfortably as you can.

It also happens during long work that back and muscle pains occur, so putting the tool on as comfortably as possible can reduce the amount of such unpleasantness.

Another feature is adjusting this belt. On higher-quality models, its convenience has been given a special role and made special positions, which will allow the mower operator not to experience discomfort. You can adjust the height to suit your own body.

Now let’s talk about how to hold the machine correctly. Different types of trimmers have different handles. Some have it in the shape of a bicycle handlebar (which ensures that the load is distributed to both hands). On some machines you can see the D-handle. The bicycle version must be held with both hands, and firmly.

Despite the presence of rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and do not hope that they will not slip. Hold the D-handle with one hand, with the palm of your hand, for a larger catching area. This will give you full control of the handle, which will have a positive effect on steering.

The result of a proper running-in of the gasoline grass trimmer

After you have been run in the lawnmower according to the instructions, the result will be a ready to work tool. Of course, it is best not only to read the steps, but also to see the running-in on the video from the experts. The result of correct actions will be obtained:

grass, trimmer, correctly
  • trouble-free operation of the power tool for a long time
  • quality startup of the device and stability of power supply;
  • no unforeseen repairs of the grass trimmer after a quality run-in;
  • no overheating.

In this regard, the initial processing of the Chinese grass trimmer is an integral part of the quality work of the device, which can work flawlessly, using blades for chain saws or cutting lines of different diameters when processing areas, available for purchase at the special store “Grass Mower”.

Before you directly start using the grass mower, inspect the area you plan to treat. If necessary, clean it from all kinds of debris, stones and other objects that can be thrown by the rotating trimmer head and cause harm to others or the worker himself. Also, contact with solid objects can damage the machine and its cutting attachments.

If the grass trimmer has a collapsible boom, carefully check that all parts are correctly assembled and securely fastened.

Check the mower’s tank and muffler for leaks. Check the integrity of the cable insulation on the electric mower. Remember that this type of trimmers is not desirable to use in conditions of high humidity, for mowing wet grass. This is despite the fact that all their main current carrying elements are waterproofed. And check that the voltage of your power supply matches the voltage the machine can work with. If mains extensions are used, you must also check their integrity and serviceability.

Install the handle and fixing belt in a consistent manner according to the instructions supplied with the machine. Adjust its length and position of the handle to your height parameters, so that the use of the unit does not cause any inconvenience.

Take extra care to make sure your cutting attachment, whether it’s the fishing line, blades or saw blade, is secure and properly fastened.