Metabo 125 angle grinder with variable speed


angle grinders with power supply are popular because of their reliability and constant readiness to work. They are commonly divided by size.

DeWALT DWE4237, 1200 W, 125 mm

  • protection system against automatic activation
  • light weight
  • smooth operation without excessive vibration
  • easy to hold during work

Ranking of network angle grinder 125 mm in terms of reliability and quality opens the angle grinder DeWALT DWE4237, which, although compact, but will be suitable for most jobs. It is important that the manufacturer has taken care of safety. No risk of the angle grinder turning on unintentionally or of surplus material entering. DWE4237, like other equipment from this manufacturer, has a long service life, and the warranty after purchase will be valid for 3 years.

metabo, angle, grinder, speed

Metabo WE15-125 Quick 1550 W, 125 mm

The Metabo angle grinder WE15-125 is a compact machine with a powerful motor called the Marathon. It provides fast and smooth operation. The design includes an additional anti-vibration handle and a system to reduce recoil, which makes the work as comfortable as possible.

Bosch GWS 17-150 CI, 1700 W, 150 mm

The classic variant of the medium power angle grinder. Characterized by reliable and fast operation. It is designed with a protective shroud, supporting flange and M-Quick clamping nut. For a comfortable grip the manufacturer has supplied a branded auxiliary handle VibraTech.

Zubr angle grinder P180-2100 PV, 2100 W, 180 mm

Angle grinder made in Russia is good quality, for which you do not have to give all the money. Zubr angle grinder perfectly copes with cutting wood, brick, stone, iron and other materials of varying degrees of hardness.

Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick, 2600 W, 230 mm

Metabo makes the best angle grinders, or at least one of the best in its class. The WE 26-230 model is full stuffing. It is maximal stuffed with protection systems, and other important functions. It is suitable not only for household purposes, but also for use in the workplace.

Bosch GWS 22-230 LVI, 2200 W, 230 mm

  • comfortable body ergonomics
  • power cord is resistant to sub-zero temperatures
  • high power
  • Quick-stop mechanism triggers when jammed disc

The angle grinder of this model is a real all-purpose option, which will be useful at home and in the workplace. This model is often used by masters from repair crews. The only drawback is the high price, but in principle it corresponds to the functionality of the tool.

Torment of choice angle grinder (or angle grinder) on 125 mm

While you are young and bold, you do not need an angle grinder at all. Strong teeth are enough, and what cannot be chewed can be chopped with a penknife and hammer.When your puberty period is over, along with the era of grinding the cylinder block on the curb in front of the driveway, there comes a period of personality formation. It manifests itself in the purchase of cheap tools, filtering the price in ascending order.The next stage is when you finally say to yourself the phrase carved in granite: “I know that I know nothing” and start to adopt other people’s experience.

I’ve been holding an angle grinder for 25 years. Or rather, in one, if you’re talking about 125 mm.To my shame, I have always bought recklessly, and only now, after watching a lot of videos and reading all sorts of technical “literature”, I realized how many problems I have created myself with such an irresponsible approach.

I remember the endless agony of “it won’t go through” And it will not go through because you, Misha, bought a piece of crap with a high gear.And the clatter and clang, which rings in your ears, as if after the explosion of a grenade? Simple. spur gears.And so on.

I always thought you had to be a craftsman first and foremost and not give a damn what you work with. I can’t catch up to a master swimmer in flippers and a snorkel, right??

About three months ago I stopped buying that Black Decker crap and got a gray Interskol. That’s a nasty name. It’s like chipping half a tooth.It’s a little bit of a machine. It’s about 650 watts.Well, I didn’t have money for something more interesting.

Only now, after reading and watching for the past 24 hours, I can say it’s just crazy.This thing can only cut a piece of paper, and I was trying to clean welds with it.But I’m grateful. It’s the one that gave me the idea that there’s a reason the power is listed on the side of it and probably the power has something to do with the price :)))

It turned out that the more powerful angle grinder, the less likely it is to kill, because if it does not cut metal, then you begin to press on it more instinctively and then it comes. It comes to her.

In one publication about the tools were even laid out: 1 km of welds the deadliest Bosch will cut in 63 days.The Bosch 1900 Watt will cut it in 14 days. Well, there’s a break and a rest, but you can tell the difference without a magnifying glass.

Having seen enough and read enough, I went to the store.

Was looking for something with 1400 watts or so.

AEG Well, it’s beautiful, with a soft start, not heavy.I do not know. It’s a very gray machine. Something stopped me.

I looked at the Bosch. Blue series, professional type. 1.4 kW. Just an angle grinder, like from the 80’s Light, but thick. No regulator or anything.I would understand if they were offering a simple powerful angle grinder for 8000 with a hell of a life. You could forgive its simplicity and inconvenience.But it’s a bitch, it breaks like everything else.

Metabo. Looked at their top model. Thick as a beer can. And it weighs just unreal.And there’s no soft start.With a power of more than 1.5 kW, it’s out of my hands. Especially if it’s so thick.

Looked at two models of the 9565 series.One for almost 10k, the other almost 8.Quiet, with sliding bevel gears, low gearbox forehead, climb up just to clean the joints.The calf is thin. My personal taste.But the switch is tight. No anti-vibration knob.

The thing is, I’m always cutting overhead. I do not understand those who clamp the iron in a vise, put it under the foot, blinking eyes, gritting teeth, blushing like a clot.

I don’t need a handle at all on an angle grinder, and the weight is relevant. But the vibration load is even more important.A Makita for 10,000 is subjectively heavy. The only thing heavier is a log pile from Metaba.

10 times went around all the angle grinder. Drove the salesmen with clicking switches. I need an angle grinder that I can turn on with one hand without holding it with the other.Yes, it’s not a thin Interskol. Powerful angle grinder and thicker and out of hand like the neighbor’s cat at the sight of a dog.

To cut a long story short, I got tired of it all, and I chose a Makita with a soft starter.

metabo, angle, grinder, speed

You guys, the soft start is comfortable and kind of safe.

angle grinder for 10 thousand. this is not your iPhone, half of the functions of which you do not know or have forgotten.

It has everything you need. And the prevention of furbearer when jammed disc, and stabilization of the speed regardless of load, and the speed controller, and all sorts of other gimmicks.That’s all I need.

Metabo angle grinders compatible with 230 mm diameter discs are popular with professionals. The chain angle grinders in this format are powerful and productive tools.

Metabo W 2200-230 606435010, 2200 W, 230 mm

The Metabo W 2200-230 606435010 2200 W chain angle grinder with ergonomic three-position handle for precision, comfort and maximum control.

Model supports discs up to 23 cm in diameter. Quick and safe change of accessories is possible thanks to the spindle locking system.

The equipment is equipped with a safety cover, protection against restarting, automatic motor shutdown when carbon brushes wear out.

Assembly keys, supporting flange, nut with two end holes are included in the scope of delivery.


  • Power supply. mains (220 V)
  • maximum disc diameter 230 mm;
  • power consumption. 2,2 kW
  • spindle thread pitch is M14;
  • Speed. 6600 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, lockable button, 3 position handle, 4 m cable;
  • weight of the device. 5,2 kg.

Metabo WE 24-230 MVT, 2400 W, 230 mm

The Metabo chain angle grinder WE 24-230 MVT with 2400 W is a high-performance motor grinder with high quality materials and components that grinds, cleans and cuts a wide range of materials.

The machine motor spins the disc at 6600 rpm.

tool is compatible with 23 cm tooling. Consumables are replaced when the spindle is securely locked.

Angle grinder is characterized by excellent ergonomics, the design allows you to perform various operations for a long time without fatigue.

unit has two anti-vibration handles, lock to prevent accidental start.

Technical specifications:

  • Power supply 220 V;
  • maximum disc diameter 230 mm
  • Power consumption. 2,4 kW
  • Spindle thread pitch. M14;
  • 6600 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, three-position handle, 4 m cable, overload protection, soft start;
  • machine weight. 5,8 kg.

Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick, 2600 W, 230 mm

Professional-class chain model Metabo WE 26-230 MVT Quick with 2600 W motor. an indispensable device for construction and repair work associated with grinding, cutting, cleaning products and surfaces.

The machine is equipped with protection against dust, an electronic system of grinding wheel locking, the main rotary handle and an additional handle, adjustable to one of three positions depending on the working conditions.

Tool-less tool-less tool change.

Model includes safety guard, torque protection, starting current limiter, motor protection against overloading and restart.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply. 220 V;
  • maximum disk diameter. 230 mm;
  • power consumption. 2,6 kW;
  • Spindle thread pitch. M14;
  • spindle speed. 6600 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, three position handle, cable 4 m, overload protection, soft start;
  • weight. 6,3 kg.
  • power and performance;
  • easy disc change;
  • anti-vibration handle;
  • soft start system;
  • quick-change nut.

TOP-9: Rating of Metabo angle grinders 2021-2022

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Rating-2021-2022 best angle grinders (angle grinders) Metabo (Metabo) according to customer reviews: what angle grinder (angle grinder) is better to buy, how to choose, price comparison, buy in a reliable online store in your city.

METABO W 850-125 ИЛИ MAKITA 9558HN. Какую болгарку выбрать? Сравнение популярных УШМ.

Performance features

Angle grinder Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick has a new motor Metabo Marathon, which provides high torque. This model uses full-wave electronics and a Metabo S-automatic type safety clutch. significantly improved tool life due to deactivatable carbon brushes. Controlled by special electronics soft start, prevents jerks before and during work, which makes it more comfortable. The manufacturer of this model uses electronic overload protection, which will protect the tool from overheating and subsequent failure. And built-in protection against restarting will save the user from having to restart the tool after a power outage and make the work safer.

Metabo angle grinder (angle grinder)

TMK online store. is a large selection and attractive on angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo. Check out product photos and descriptions, customer reviews, and technical specifications, then compare models to suit your needs and choose the right price. To buy an angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo, place your order online or call TMK hotline: 8 800 700-70-77.

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Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed and soft start: rating of the best models. Which one to choose?

Angle grinder or simply “angle grinder”. one of the most popular and indispensable tools in the home. It can be used to cut or work on the surfaces of different materials: bricks or ceramic tiles, concrete products, stone and even iron. Intending to repair the house, it is desirable to stock up on this tool in advance.

The number of manufacturers of such equipment in the world is growing. And every brand tries to make their models as convenient and functional for users as possible. Therefore, it is often very difficult to stop the choice on a particular model. Consider the best, according to buyers, 125 angle grinder with adjustable speed and soft start.

Selection criteria 125 angle grinder

The main parameters. the speed of the circle, the motor power, decent ergonomics, the presence of basic and additional functions and devices. crowns all the features the price of the machine.

Reasonable price

Low price is not an indicator of poor quality, as they say in the ratings of grinders. For a sufficiently low cost, you can pick up the model angle grinder in which will be:

  • good equipment;
  • regulator of rotation speed;
  • spindle locking device;
  • The possibility of installing an additional handle and a protective shield in different positions.

It all depends on the required characteristics and planned conditions of work.

Overview of proposals shows a wide range of relationships “price. quality. parameters. Less expensive brands Zubr, Hammer or Military, and Makita, although it has a slightly higher price, but the quality will be excellent.


Power and rotation speed of the circle are directly related, so you should not set the diameter of the circle more than specified. Exactly under it (most often. from 125 to 230 mm) is made the design, selected materials of manufacture.

A specific speed value is required for a particular task or material. they are the basis for power selection. For most tasks, an angle grinder with power in the range of 0.5-3.0 kW will be sufficient.

The type of wheel is important here. If abrasive wheels are used for cutting, the power is not very high. Grinding discs with a large contact area or larger diameter require more power.


The speed of the working body, measured in revolutions per minute, is the main parameter for selecting the angle grinder. Possibility of speed regulation makes the machine versatile. one tool becomes possible to grind, cut, turn and even polish.

Typical gradation of speeds depending on the performed operations is as follows:

  • up to 3000. surface grinding;
  • 3. 4 thousand. work with wood;
  • 4. 5 thousand. work with metal, without cutting;
  • 5. 7 thousand. cutting of stone and concrete;
  • 7. 10 thousand. for cutting metal.

angle grinder Metabo WEV 850-125, 850 W, 125 mm

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