What is the best line for the trimmer to put on the grass trimmer

Types and features of trimmer lines

What is the best line for the grass trimmer to cut the grass And did you know that in addition to the diameter, the line for the grass trimmer trimmer differs in shape and other characteristics? A lot of research has already been done and it has been found out what kind of line is better for mowing grass.

So do not rush to buy a round line for your grass trimmer, and the one recommended by the manufacturer of your tool. Money for nothing, this is at best, because the consumption of such a line, and the efficiency of grass mowing, will be much lower.

Don’t forget that the quality of mowing depends not so much on the trimmer’s power, but on the fishing line. What is the best trimmer line for trimmer?? Here’s what you can learn from the article.

Basic parameters

The main determinants are the composition and diameter of the thread. The material greatly affects durability. It is made of nylon, because it is considered the most wear-resistant working material. Now there are also aluminum products. they are even more effective.

And it is possible to determine the approximate diameter by the type of motor. Electric grass trimmers with 1 kW will require a 2 mm thick product, less than 500 watts. not thicker than 1.6 mm.

You should use 2,4 to 3 mm cord for a chainsaw and 3,2 mm for a brushcutter. It turns out, the more powerful the grass trimmer is, the bigger the tool. Watch out for this.

Sectional shape

In many ways, the result of the grass trimmer also depends on the shape of the cross-section of the line. All kinds can be divided into two kinds: line for trimmers with round cross-section and line for trimmers with complicated cross-section. square, rectangular, star.

The most common type of line is a trimmer line with a circular cross-section.

  • the production of round thread is much cheaper than the production of complex cross-section;
  • A round line is very strong. during mowing the tip of the line gets sharpened and you get a straight right cut similar to how a hand-held grass trimmer would cut;
  • A round line for trimmers consumes less than other types of line;
  • the round section is available in all product diameters from 1.4 mm to 3.3 mm inclusive.
  • creates noise at work, so for particularly delicate consumers who do not like to wear headphones, the manufacturer offers a round spiral-shaped line for trimmer with reduced noise during work;
  • despite the presence in all types of sizes, the circular trimmer line is not suitable for mowing bushes and dead wood, its main purpose. young green grass.

line for trimmer with a square or rectangular cross-section:

best, line, trimmer, grass
  • the main purpose. professional grass trimmers for haying over tall grass;
  • the cut is made with rectangular sides, which results in an even mowing, without crushing the stems.
  • size. from 2,4 mm to 3,3 mm.
  • high consumption when working on stony areas, near hedges, trees. trimmer line is quite fragile;
  • mainly used in powerful electric and gasoline-powered trimmers.
  • the main purpose is dry grass and small bushes;
  • sizes from 2.4 mm to 3.0 mm;
  • Some manufacturers make a two-component line to strengthen it, when there is a metal core inside the line;
  • high and very high cost (line for trimmer with a metal core);
  • Requires a special reel for the grass trimmer or a special disc;
  • When mowing with such a line it is not recommended to use the cut grass as fodder for the cattle.

Section types

There are many types of fishing line, you can not pay attention to the color. as such, there are no common standards “color-characteristic”. The important factor is the type of line cross-section, it is selected according to the type of grass.

  • Circle. universal line for trimmer. Smooth line has a higher noise level when mowing, twisted, on the contrary, mowing is quieter, but faster consumed (as any type of twisted line).
  • Square or polygonal. Such a line for a trimmer is more effective than a round line. the sharp corners cut the stems faster and better quality.
  • A sprocket, ribbed or twisted square. Maximum efficiency and cutting speed.

Good to know! Metal wire, ropes or bars are strictly prohibited. Such tooling cuts even leather shoes with ease and can seriously injure the operator.

What’s the best material

Another important factor by which to judge the durability and quality of the line is the material used in the manufacture.

In general, in most cases a good line for trimmer is made of nylon, polyamide or polypropylene. It is an inexpensive, lightweight and durable material. Unfortunately, many manufacturers manage to cheat here, adding polypropylene to nylon. Of course, they officially state that this is done solely to reduce the cost of consumables. In fact, the price is reduced very little, but the service life is quite noticeable. Such trimmer line wears out much faster, and overheating during long hours can spoil it in the shortest time. Therefore, if possible, the best choice would be a nylon line for the trimmer. Its price is affordable and its lifespan is much longer than that of cheaper competitors.

Never use wire or metal rope instead of fishing line. High rotation speed combined with the hardness of metal can lead to the fact that they will cut through protective equipment and even shoes, causing serious injury to the user.

But that is not the end of the choice. Two-component line for trimmer can also be found on sale. Most often it concerns materials with increased cross-section. from three millimeters and more. An ordinary nylon fishing line for trimmer is inserted with a rod of steel or graphite. To work with such a trimmer one has to be especially careful, but the aerodynamic properties of a fishing line are sharply improved: now the thickest and hardest stems and even thin branches will be cut at lightning speed.

In addition, you can see on sale special reinforced fishing lines for trimmers, in which grains of steel are distributed throughout the volume of nylon. The main advantage of such a material is very high wear resistance and durability. Will cost much more to buy than the usual nylon or, even more so, the polyethylene counterpart. But the service life is also much higher. Therefore, you will not regret the wasted money. one skein is enough for several years of work on the garden plot.

What to choose a fishing line for a trimmer for a particular job

Quite often users have a question. what kind of fishing line for a trimmer is best for this or that work. Here it all depends on the complexity of performance.

For convenience, it is worth dividing all types of work into several groups:

  • simple. maintaining the lawn in good condition;
  • average. periodic. at least once a month. cleaning of the entire area;
  • difficult. removal of brushwood, weeds, deadwood, perennial overgrowth.

Choose the right line for your trimmer, depending on its complexity. For example, if you only need to trim lush, young, tender lawn greenery, you might choose a round nylon line for your trimmer. If the price is in the first place, you can buy the material of even cross-section. If you do not want to listen to the constant loud hum, it makes sense to overpay a little and buy a better line for a trimmer with a twisted section. Yes, more expensive and uses up faster. But the noise level when working is significantly lower. However, if you work with a gasoline trimmer, then there won’t be much difference. anyway, the noise of the engine will block the whistling of the fishing line.

For medium-complexity jobs, it’s better to choose a nylon trimmer line with a square cross-section or a “star” line. Of course, they are more expensive than the round one. But it is also much more efficient. You don’t have to spend a lot of time tidying up your garden. But the time you have wasted could have been used for much more benefit.

Finally, if the most difficult work is to be done, then you should not save money. it is better to buy reinforced or two-component thread of the section “star” or “square”. Of course, they are the most expensive. But any dead wood and even small bushes will be cut instantly. This saves not only your time but also consumables. a thin polyethylene line for a trimmer is likely to simply tear while working, unable to cope with it.

So, in order not to make a mistake, making the choice of a line for a grass trimmer, you need to know exactly what kind of work it will be used for.

For the effective operation of lawnmowers need to pay off quality threads of proven brands. There are many manufacturers whose lines are popular for their many benefits:

  • “Oregon is a global manufacturer of various accessories for gardening equipment. The lines are produced for both domestic and professional use. Produce a wide range of high quality strands for lawn trimmers.
  • “Husqvarna is a well-known gardening equipment brand with a lot of experience, which produces all kinds of lines for lawnmowers.Filaments are classified by color according to their diameter. Also the manufacturer has patented sewn processing of threads, which makes them stronger and more elastic.
  • “Champion”. a relatively young manufacturer, which has established itself in the market with quality gardening equipment. Grass trimmer lines of all kinds with high wear resistance and durability. There are yellow and red series of lines with different cross-sectional shapes.
  • “Dolmar” is a popular manufacturer that has been producing various garden products for more than half a century. The lines for the grass trimmer have high technical characteristics. You can buy lines of this company for work on well-groomed lawns, and for cutting neglected grass.

line for the trimmer for the grass trimmer “Champion”

Properly selected line for grass trimmer trimmer allows you to cut not only soft grass, but also hard dead wood without much effort.

How to wind a line for a trimmer on a grass trimmer reel?

The second method is a little more difficult to do on your own.

Wind the grass trimmer cord in the following order:

  • First, you need to cut about 6 m of cord from the total, and bend it. At the same time, one of the parts should be slightly larger than the second;
  • Then the thread by the place where it was bent needs to be inserted into the recess located on the separating edge between the two sections of the bobbin. As a result, the first part of the segment should be in the upper, and the second. in the lower section of the spool;
  • After that you need to start winding the line. This should be done in the direction of the arrow on the bobbin case. The cord must not become entwined during winding. The top part of the section should be carefully wound onto the top section and the bottom part should be wound onto the bottom section of the bobbin. After this two 15 cm strips of cord should be left free;
  • Next, the remaining ends will need to be inserted into the notches located at the top of the spool;
  • Insert the finished line ends through the openings in the grass trimmer’s mowing head.

At the end you need to connect all parts of the mowing head, and pull each end of the line a little towards yourself. The finished spool should be installed on the grass trimmer and continue to work on the site.

How to tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer reel?

The third method is suitable for threading single section bobbins.

All actions should be performed in the following order:

  • The first thing to do is to disassemble the mowing head, after which you need to clean it of grass, small debris and remnants of the old cord;
  • Next, you need to cut off about 10 m of new line from the total amount and bend it in half. As a result, one hand should hold both ends of the line and the place where it is bent;
  • Then find the notch in the bobbin. In the one-piece mowing head it is placed on the top or bottom. Next to the notch should be an arrow that indicates which direction to wind the cord;
  • Then you need to start winding the fishing line. During installation the line for the trimmer should not bend or hang down. Otherwise, it will constantly pop off the spool;
  • After winding the cord in the hands of the operator should remain 2 ends, 10-15 cm in length;
  • These ends must be slipped into the through holes located in the side walls of the top of the spool, opposite each other;
  • After that, you need to assemble the spool. The spring has to fit precisely between the two metal washers.

Ready one-section coil will be installed on the household trimmer for grass, and then you can continue to mow vegetation on the site.

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Italian manufacturer has been producing trimmers and equipment for over 20 years. the choice is so wide that customers can choose models with different wattages, diameters and line cross sections.

  • Implementation of new technologies.
  • High quality equipment.
  • Wide range.
  • Affordable price.
  • line for trimmer is wear-resistant, strong and light.
  • Low noise level.

The most popular is a line for trimmer with star section.


US manufacturer is world’s leading developer of lines for grass trimmer. To make it easy to distinguish between different types of products, they are painted in different colors. This is one of the major advantages of the large number of available products.

  • Reels are available as small coils or in coils.
  • High quality wire.
  • Use of various models.
  • Extra rugged series designed for any kind of vegetation, even thorny bushes.
  • Series of different profiles, diameters and composition differ in color.

In Russia square and polygonal lines are the most popular lines. They make the best quality even mowing of lawns.


Chinese company, despite its youth, has already won the market with its optimal price-quality ratio. Raw materials for products are delivered from other countries: India, USA, France. Both the equipment and the cord itself are produced in-house.

  • Affordable price.
  • Consumers say the quality of the line is the best among low-cost models.
  • Reels come in various winding lengths.
  • Models are equipped with a special knife for cutting.
  • Various line color coatings for convenience.
  • Wear-resistant core consisting of two layers of material, twisted structure.


The famous Swedish company has been producing gardening equipment for over 400 years. High product quality has won global success. Trimmer line is available both as a set with trimmers and separately from them.

  • Wide product range.
  • Reels and coils of different winding.
  • High wear resistance.
  • trimmer line is compatible with all trimmer heads.
  • special shape prevents ends from breaking, cracking and melting when heated.
  • Many choices of silent fishing lines.


A young German trading group has been supplying its products to the Russian market for only 15 years. The production itself is located in China, which reduces the cost of products. The line for trimmers is available in coils, spools and coils and is available in different colors for easy selection.

  • Affordable cost of line.
  • Various winding lengths.
  • Extremely strong cords with a steel core are available.
  • We have a quality control system.


Domestic trimmer line manufacturer is also in the top rating. The company produces three basic cord series: star, ellipse and square. A particularly tough heptagonal trimmer line is also available. Reels have a winding length from 15 to 114 m.

  • Low cost.
  • Quality cutting of grass.
  • The line for the trimmer is covered with heat-resistant material for protection against heat.
  • The choice of colors.
  • Low noise level during operation.

Speaking about the manufacturers of garden equipment, we can not forget the Japanese company Echo. It produces lightweight agricultural equipment and fishing lines. The company offers several lines of its products. Available in various colors, shapes and thicknesses.

  • Mow any kind of plants.
  • According to manufacturers’ reviews, it has excellent quality.
  • Universal application.
  • The cord is resistant to kinks and abrasions.
  • Comes in handy form in coils and coils from 10 meters.
  • The product is not often found in the free sale, as it is quickly dispersed.
  • A line for a trimmer with a thicker section unwinds more slowly.
  • Has a high cost.

Which shape is better

Also, do not forget about the shape of the line. it affects the cost and performance. So, let’s talk about the main shapes of the section:

  • The circle is the most common, easy-to-produce and therefore cheapest line for trimmers. Ideal for mowing thin, young grass. However, when working, it is very noisy, which is unlikely to please both the grass trimmer user and those around him. As a result, manufacturers have produced a round line for trimmer with a twisted section. it is a little more expensive, mows noticeably quieter, but consumes faster.
  • Polygon or square mowing is more effective than round mowing. Due to its sharp corners, even quite thick grass is cut in no time. A square trimmer line is slightly more expensive than a round line, thus being a good compromise between cost, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or a star-shaped cutter boasts the highest mowing speed, and even mowed or hard grass is not a problem. the sharp edges can easily dispose of it. The noise level is relatively low, but the cost of such a line is the highest. This discourages some potential customers. In fact, the “star” is well worth its cost when mowing tough grass, saving a lot of time for the user.

In addition, you can see on sale a line for trimmer of different cross-section, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but at the same time they increase the cost of the material.

As you can see, figuring out the cross section is pretty easy. By remembering these simple rules, you’ll probably find it easy to decide which grass trimmer line is the best choice for you.

Which shape is best

Also, do not forget about the shape of the line. it affects the cost and performance. So, let’s talk about the main forms of the section:

  • Circle. the most common, easy to make and therefore cheap line for trimmer. Perfect for mowing thin, young grass. But it makes a lot of noise, which is unlikely to please the grass trimmer user or those around him. As a result, manufacturers released a round line for trimmer with a twisted section. it is a little more expensive, mows much quieter, but consumes faster.
  • The polygon or square is more efficient than the round one. Thanks to the sharp corners, even quite thick grass will be cut instantly. A square trimmer line is slightly more expensive than a round line, making it a good compromise between cost, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or a sprocket can boast the highest mowing speed and even dry or hard grass is not a problem. the sharp edges just take it away. The noise level is relatively low, but the cost of such a line is the highest. This frightens some potential customers. In fact, the “star” is quite justified its cost when mowing tough grass, saving a lot of time to the user.

In addition, you can see on sale a line for trimmer of different cross-section, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but at the same time they make the material more expensive.

As you can see, it is quite easy to understand the cross section. After remembering these simple rules, you will surely easily decide which line for the grass trimmer will be the best choice for you.

What is important to know when working with lines?

For the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to know some peculiarities of its device, storage and maintenance:

  • Grass trimmer head must be parallel to the ground during work, so the line for trimmer does not catch the ground and stones. It is desirable not to touch hard objects, curbs, fences.
  • Electric grass trimmers are the most sensitive to moisture, so you can’t work them in rain and wet weather.
  • After the end of work it is necessary to clean thoroughly all parts of the mechanism from dirt, grass, to wipe all wires and a line for a trimmer that at the following start everything functioned well.

What is the best line for trimmer on the grass trimmer?

Mowing string, cord cord cord, line for trimmer for grass trimmer. What else to call this consumable material for trimmer heads. We’ll use Husqvarna terminology from now on. cord cord.

In the Belarusian market cord cords are presented in a wide range from different manufacturers, different colors, different diameters, different cross-section. What are the differences, how to choose the most suitable one?? Let’s try to understand and answer this question.

First of all, cords cord differs in material composition. It’s just at first glance, the differences are not visible. But you probably have faced a problem when a cord cord just fed into a trimmer head, broke on contact with a rock or a thicker stem. I had to stop the engine, disassemble the trimmer head to release the ends of cord cord again. But literally, in 5 minutes all over again. Only agony from such work. With full confidence I can say that you have bought a low-quality cord cord and manufacturer saves on plasticizers.

What is the difference between a brand-name fishing line and a low-quality consumer product

Large manufacturers of garden equipment (for example, “STIHL”, “Husqvarna”, “Oleo-Mac”), producing cord cord under their brands, use the latest cord production technology from polyamide monofilament with high nylon and special additives, providing high wear resistance and high internal tensile strength. Special plasticizers give the material softness and considerable flexibility. Furthermore, the surface of the cord is treated with soluble oil, thus preventing the cord from sticking and sintering in the trimmer head.

Advantages and purpose of each type of trimmer line.

  • Professionals mostly use round cord cord. It is considered universal for mowing all kinds of vegetation and can be easily inserted (without sticking) in the trimmer head.
  • Square cord or sprocket cord is used for cutting over mature and coarse grass. It is believed that the square cord and the “star” cut the grass more effectively because of the facets.
  • Twisted cord is also widely used by professionals. it makes less noise (for example Husqvarna cord cord Whisper makes 50% less noise than round cord). Which is valuable in long-term operation.
  • For especially tough grass (bogweed, burdock) it is best to use reinforced trimmer line.

Cords of cord are made in various diameters. The standard diameter range is as follows: 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.2,5mm, 3,3mm.

  • The 1.6 mm cord is mainly used in electric trimmers and battery-powered mowers up to 0.7 kW.
  • 2.0 mm. suitable for electric trimmers with more than 1.0 kW and petrol-powered trimmers up to 0.9 kW. The most popular and durable cords: STIHL 2mm 15,3m bobbin grass trimmer cord. Cord (silent) 2 mm 62 m. Cord (cord cord line) 2 mm 15.2m for grass trimmers
  • 2,4 mm cord cord is used for trimmers with medium power up to 1.4 kW. The most popular cords for this diameter are twisted or round. Best selling products: Cord Cord (line for grass trimmer) 2,4mm 15,2m. line for trimmer for grass trimmer and cord cord 2.4 mm 44m STIHL square. Corded wire for brushcutter 2.4 mm-100m STIHL sprocket
  • 2.7 mm for semi-professional brushcutters. The most popular images: line for trimmer for grass trimmer (cord cord cord) 2,7mm 10,7m, cord cord cord (silent) 2,7mm 72m. STIHL 2.7 mm round cord. Cord Cord for brushcutter 2,7mm215m Round. STIHL brushcutter line 2,7 mm 358 m square, STIHL brushcutter line 2,7 mm240 m STIHL sprocket
  • 3.0 mm square are used for powerful professional brushcutters. Best selling and strongest products: Mowing line 3.0mm 15m star. Cord (square) 3mm 55m STIHL cord. Cord Cord for brushcutter 3mm-280m STIHL round cord. Cord (square) 3mm 174m. Husqvarna brushcutter 3mm-240m braided cord. Cord Cord (silent) 3mm 200m and Cord (round, reinforced) 3mm 60m
  • The line for trimmer with 3 mm diameter.3mm. High-strength plastic string used only on heavy-duty professional models. The section is round. Sold in large coils. Example : Cord Cord for brushcutter trimmer 3.STIHL 3mm-591m round cord


It is a popular assumption that thicker cords last longer, even on brushcutter models with low power. Please note that using a thicker cord than recommended by the manufacturer will make the engine heavier and reduce the working speed of your brushcutter.

And one more tip from the professionals at the end:

To make the cord last longer, soak it in water for 24 hours before use. This makes cord cord more flexible and less brittle.

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In case you do not yet have a brushcutter, with an article on the choice of this equipment here.