What kind of gasoline to fill the STIHL 180?

Peculiarities of the mixture preparation

For safety reasons it is recommended that you prepare the fuel mix in a metal canister that is not affected by static electricity.

  • Recommended petrol and oil proportions are specific for each model. Most models have a 50:1 to 40:1 ratio. Less common are chainsaws with a 25:1 gasoline/oil mixture.
  • According to the manufacturers of brand-name chainsaws, their products do not need to be run-in. Nevertheless, during the first hours of operation, experts advise to operate a new chainsaw on a fuel mixture with increased m oil and, if possible, in a gentle mode.

For the preparation of the working mixture are convenient containers with built-in dispensers. Selectivity of fuel filters at gas-filling stations, in some cases leaves much to be desired, that is why it is recommended to filter petrol through suede or non-fiber material.

Fulfillment of these recommendations will save from spontaneous failures of equipment related to the carburetor malfunction.

The specific characteristics of mineral or organic chain oil are focused on the lubrication and cooling of the saw head and are therefore not suitable for the preparation of the fuel mixture.

Criteria for choosing lubricant

Choosing the right oil for your STIHL chain saw might be a question of the day after you buy it. Because proper care of your machine helps to keep it in good working order and prevent breakdowns. Keeping your saw in good working order depends on using good fuel and lubricants.

kind, gasoline, fill, stihl

STIHL chain saws have a carbureted, 2-stroke engine and 2 tanks (petrol and oil). To choose the right oil for your STIHL saw, you need to know its criteria:

  • Determine which oil to use, e.g. к. Domestic models use simple oils (for motorcycles) in the ratio of 1 to 25, and foreign. branded products of lubrication, the proportion of 1 to 40 (oil to gasoline ratio). But in practice it’s up to the machine owner to decide what kind of oil to use. It is worth being prepared that improper use will entail a decrease in power and productivity. Most use motor oil, if not, then transmission oil. Experts advise for this manufacturer to use the last.
  • Need to know the color. Red, green, blue colors are right for chain saws with two-cycle engines.
  • Composition.

How to adjust the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw?

The configuration is designed for users with varying degrees of experience with this equipment. Cleaning, changing or repairing is no problem, because the carburettor on the STIHL 180 chain saw is easy to take apart.

You can bleed the machine yourself, change gaskets and needle valve, for which you will need to disassemble the carburetor STIHL 180. To do this, unscrew the four screws located on the compensator cover, and unscrew one on the fuel pump. Once you open the unit, you must be very careful, because even small particles or hairs can render the unit inoperable.

STIHL chain saw with what kind of gasoline

How long your chain saw lasts and how well it performs depends on the quality of your gasoline. Many people neglect this, considering this issue of secondary importance and fill the saw with whatever they can find: 92, 95, 98 and even dirty and expired! As a result, from such fuel the tool fails and requires repair. This article is about the importance of using the right gasoline for your chain saw!

How much fuel is stored?

During long-term storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of the brand), a sediment falls out at the bottom, it loses its properties, simply put. deteriorates. You should know that it is not so much petrol itself that catches fire, but its vapors. So if you have a can of gasoline in the garage from last year, then think about whether it is worth it? You’re better off leaving it to you to light a barbecue fire.

Using gasoline when it is “stale” can be quite a challenge:

Chapter 7: Fueling Your STIHL Chainsaw

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline and oil) is stored for no more than one month, after this time it should be disposed of.

Using old mix increases wear and tear on your chain saw’s engine. remember that! All this will soon lead to a costly repair of the chainsaw in the best case the carburetor, in the worst case the engine.

Which octane number to use. 92, 95 or 98??

Here begins the most interesting part. Is it possible to fill up a chain saw with 95 percent gasoline?? In all chainsaw instruction manuals the manufacturers specify in bold letters: “Do not use gasoline of octane number higher than 92 to prepare the fuel mixture”. And it is clear, but apparently not for everyone.к. chainsaws with a burned-out cylinder are brought in to service centers time after time!

Let’s analyze what kind of gasoline is worth to pour in a chainsaw, and what kind is not! For all two-stroke saw engines, you should use 92 gasoline, that’s what the tool is designed for.

Filling up with 95 gasoline, the engine will start detonation (pushing the piston in the opposite direction), something like a micro shock, which will occur almost every revolution of the crankshaft. About 98 gasoline I think everything is clear, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be a mini-strike.

For your information! Did you know that the fuel should not always be prepared at a ratio of 1:50?? It turns out that the ratio can be 1:40 and even 1:25. What it depends and when to choose the right ratio, you can read in our detailed article-guide about proportions of oil and gasoline for chain saw of all brands.

Why you shouldn’t pour dirty gasoline?

Some owners of chainsaws believe that if the tool is working in constant dust (in the carburetor is even a compensator for the air in case of a clogged air filter), then it is able and gasoline with pieces of rust to swallow and on the chain lubrication waste with small pieces of metal will go, so?

It’s another common misconception, never use gasoline from the bottom of the canister (much less rusty). The chainsaw has a carburetor, which has shallow passages and can be clogged by these tiny particles, which in turn leads to a chain saw breakdown and a call to a specialized repair shop.

If there is no way out, and you urgently need gasoline, and have at hand only a “rusty canister with liquid”, then make a filter from a very fine mesh, such as gauze, and filter it before refueling.

We also recommend an interesting article about what oil to use for the chainsaw engine and chain (here you will find many arguments why you should not use used oil).

In order that the chain saw served for many years, never fill it with old gasoline, and it is not necessary to use the brand 95 and the more so 98 gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture, only 92. Also keep in mind the purity of the gasoline. no odinka!

Filling during the running-in period

During running-in, all rotating and mating engine parts and assemblies are lapped. Increased friction may occur in certain places, which can be counteracted by additional lubrication.

The manuals for most models and brands do not give specific instructions on the amount of oil for the running-in period. But many experts with many years of experience recommend pouring 20% more at the running-in.

For example, if for a particular chainsaw the proportion of 1:50 (20 ml per 1 liter) is specified, then you should add another 20%, that is a fifth. 4 ml. The total fill quantity is 24 ml per liter.

The run-in period is about 10 hours for the engine. During this time, a small excess of oil will not do any harm. However the running-in period will be much gentler which may increase the engine life in the long term.

Features of the device

The STIHL STIHL chain saw 180 is straightforward, and the chain saw developers have made a great deal of effort to ensure that it has all the qualities of a professional model and that it is accessible to those new to the trade. Design features allow users with different levels of training to operate the device:

  • STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor diagram makes it possible to adjust the assembly yourself, using a specially designed screw.
  • Design allows for a variety of bar sizes. The STIHL 180 chain saw is equipped with a manufacturer’s standard fourteen-inch guide bar, but you can also fit a sixteen-inch model if necessary. The STIHL MC 180 has been designed with the power-saving feature that drastically increases productivity.
  • The two-stroke single-cylinder engine runs on a mixture of only two components. gasoline and oil. which should be chosen responsibly, since the quality and durability depend on it.
  • Pulling the starter rope to start the engine.

STIHL MC 180 chain saw technical specifications

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw has all the features you would expect in a lightweight class. It is equipped with a small volume of tanks, while having a low weight of 3.9 kg. Two horsepower or 1500W motor power, easily handles any task.

kind, gasoline, fill, stihl

Why do you need to mix gasoline and oil??

Modern power tools are often equipped with a two-stroke engine, which is characterized by the absence of a separate oil system. So the cylinder and other moving parts are lubricated by oil which also flows in with the fuel mixture.

What kind of gasoline should be used?

In order to maximize the safety of the gasoline tool from breakdowns due to the use of low-quality fuel, you need to adhere to the following rules:

kind, gasoline, fill, stihl
  • Only use fuel from a quality-approved petrol station;
  • Never use A-92 gasoline, because A-95 gasoline contains a greater amount of anti-detonation additives and is not recommended for use in a barrel;
  • For the preparation of the fuel mixture it is important to fill in “fresh” gasoline, since fuel contains many volatile fractions, which have the property to evaporate, that may lead to unstable ignition of hot in the engine cylinders;
  • fuel mixture should be prepared only in a clean container, which will help to eliminate the formation of carbon deposits, clogging of the system, for this purpose, special canisters with convenient dispensers are on sale;
  • It is important to pour gasoline into the mixing tank using a funnel with a fine mesh.

With this simple guideline you can put together a good fuel mixture.

What oil to use for gasoline tools and gasoline equipment?

The main rule: It is strictly forbidden to mix chain oil with fuel.

It is recommended to use engine oil that is recommended directly by the manufacturer of the power tool or to buy similar products for two-stroke engines of well-known and proven brands (for example, STIHL, Echo).

What happens if the manufacturer’s recommendations are not taken into consideration??

STIHL STIHL 180 chain saws have the following problems if the correct oil and lubricant mixture is not mixed and the proportions of oil in the petrol are not maintained:

  • Increased friction increases wear of the working surfaces of the parts.
  • Bearings will start to break down because of the insufficient quantity of the lubricant.
  • The full functionality of mechanical components is impaired because of premature wear and tear and therefore the service life of the machine is noticeably reduced.
  • If you use low-grade gasoline and oils, the performance of the machine is reduced, followed by damage to important components and parts.

Before refueling, prepare fuel and avoid excessive contact with oxygen. After completing work, the remaining mixture must be drained.