Which angle grinder is better Bosch or Makita

On the podium, as always, are the German manufacturers Bosch and Metabo, as well as the Japanese brand Makita. These companies are virtually out of competition. Their angle grinders are famous for their durability and resistance to stress. But they are also the most expensive to buy and maintain.

Russian brands like Interskol and Zubr will help you save money. Their quality will be slightly inferior to Bosch or Metabo, but the total price tag is several times lower. Besides, these companies have long ago learned how to produce high-quality, professional tools and are worthy to compete in the market.

The Russian brand Lepse deserves special attention. This company from Kirov produces the most powerful and durable angle grinders. Here they do not pay attention to ergonomics and visual appeal, as in the same Makita, but works angle grinder in any condition and under any load. Their maintainability is at the highest level, and yet the tool is one of the cheapest on the market.


The most important options that the best angle grinder should be equipped with:

  • Disc protector. The safety guard is a must in the tool. The safety of the operators depends on it.
  • Speed control. An important function which significantly increases the range of tasks performed by the machine.
  • Disc brake. Its task is to slow down and stop the work cycle when the work is finished. The option also influences safety. If there is no brake, the disc will rotate until it is stopped by gravity. And since they reach a considerable speed. it is dangerous for the health and even life of the user.
  • Soft start system. This feature is a must for power tillers with good quality. It starts the tool without jolting the engine.
  • Removing dust and debris. angle grinder is often equipped with a special nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner, which removes dust and debris during the use of the machine.

You also need to pay attention to the manufacturer of the machine: there are many good firms, so it is difficult not to make a mistake in choosing. The most proven and reliable manufacturers include Bosch, Makita, Kruger, Zubr. the review of these grinders is presented below.

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What company is better to buy an angle grinder 125 mm?

Enthusiasts and craftsmen consider the brand to be the most important criterion in choosing construction equipment. This is not unreasonable, because the brand name indicates the country of manufacture, price category, scope of use. Before we begin our review of the 125 mm angle grinder, we will give a characteristic of popular manufacturers, the technique of which can be found on sale in most Russian online stores.

  • Metabo. German brand produces good power tools, which are valued among professionals. In the range there is a large selection of angle grinder, so you can buy inexpensive equipment from a proven manufacturer.
  • Hitachi (Hikoki). The rebranded company’s products are good value for money: it eliminates the association of the Japanese company with expensive products. The quality level is still adequate for domestic use.
  • Zubr. One of the rare Russian companies that targets not only domestic, but also commercial segment. The company produces compact tools and large-sized mowers on 2.1 kW.
  • Interskol. The brand is known in Russia and CIS due to high technical characteristics and adequate level of assembly. The company’s products are considered a good choice for occasional use in the countryside and at home. The model of the company got into our rating Angular grinder 125 budget price segment due to the ratio of cheapness and quality of performance.
  • Elitech. Products of the Russian brand with Chinese production. a good choice for domestic needs: cutting fittings, grinding, etc.д. Flawless quality of materials is compensated by the low price.
  • DeWALT. The U.S. brand specializes in manufacturing professional-grade equipment. angle grinder firms are noticeably more expensive than their Russian counterparts, but they are more reliable and are often equipped with additional functions. Our rating focuses on models for 125 mm, but in the catalog of the American company you can find productive analogues for 2000 watts.
  • Makita. Manufacturer of some of the best power tools in the semi-professional and professional segment produces cheap and high quality angle grinder, which will find use in the home workshop and on the site.
  • Sturm. Choosing an angle grinder for 125 mm and what is the best for home or cottage, buyers often turn to the products of this company: it is quite reliably assembled, has a thoughtful and stylish design, is equipped with options like soft start and electronic adjustment of the speed.
  • AEG. Brand from Germany, which produces good grinders to work. Brand models are expensive, but at the same time powerful, durable and comfortable in long-term use.
  • Bosch. World-renowned company, in the catalog of which found a place as a network, and cordless power tools. Under the German brand produce a good professional grade angle grinder, the power of which starts at 750 watts.

In the arsenal of every man of the house is a complete set of tools that are needed for household needs. Among them, stands an angle grinder machine or simply angle grinder, designed for cutting, grinding or polishing different material. The choice of grinder should be approached responsibly, taking into account important selection criteria. To identify them and help customers buy a reliable tool, was made rating, which presents only the best angle grinder for home and professional use.

Comparison of Bosch and Makita angle grinder

Angle grinder Bosch gws 24-230 is available in several modifications, let us note the technical features of each of them. Let’s start with the Bosch gws 24-230 BV angle grinder. The power of this machine is 2400 W. Both main handle and auxiliary handle absorb vibration by 80%, according to the manufacturer, without fatigue during operation. Reliability and solid construction is based on a quality gearbox and double ball bearing seal. The motor is well protected against sparks and splinters, which are inevitable during operation. The Bosch gws 24-230 JBV, which has the same engine power (2400 W).Equipped with a soft-start system that regulates the amount of starting current, which rules out jerks and damage to the mechanics. Angle grinder Bosch gws 24-230 JBX, a characteristic feature of which is the use of innovative braking system that can in some 2.5 seconds to stop the grinding disc. In addition, the spindle lock and the quick-clamping nut allows you to quickly replace the working tool. Bosch gws 24-230 LVI is no different from its predecessors, except for minimal weight compared to other tools in this class.

The next model in the comparison is the Bosch gws 11-125, which is also on the market in several modifications. The first of them. Bosch gws 11-125 CI, which boasts a unique system of disc lock detection, which immediately entails automatic engine shutdown. In addition, this model, in general, is equipped with an 1100 watt motor. In order to increase durability by providing better ventilation of particularly “hot” areas, additional holes were made in the case. The next is Bosch gws 11-125 CIH and CIE, which are similar to the previous modification, except that they have a 6-step selection of the number of revolutions in order to organize the most optimal work with a particular material.

The next model in the comparison overview is the Makita 9069, which, thanks to its powerful 2000 watt motor, can even be effective for cutting metal. Both the motor and the bearings are reliably protected against dust and small debris generated during operation by a labyrinth seal. The SF version is equipped with a quick disassembly of the sanding disc thanks to the “Superlance” (quick-clamping nut).

Angle grinder (aka angle grinder)

Why, in the eyes of an experienced craftsman and a simple tenant to buy an angle grinder is equally important task? Let us not be offended by the beautiful inhabitants of the Balkan country for the fact that under the sultry concept of “angle grinder” we mean exactly the tool angle grinder. Price, which, incidentally, worries, and a professional, and inexperienced in the work of amateurs. The confusion of these concepts was once precisely because of the severity of this problem. Of the products of all the states of the socialist camp, it was the Bulgarian angular grinding machine, which every citizen of the Warsaw Pact dreamed of buying, got the nickname Angle grinder. Buy angle grinder became the term to provide comfort in everyday life: so many features of this tool angle grinder (as we call it in common parlance).

WHEN TO BUY an angle grinder?

Virtually any type of metal or stone work this tool can do for you. Despite its official name it is a sander and at the same time perfectly cuts all types of materials (including the hardest ones, such as rolled steel and concrete). Except for wood: it can also cut through wood, but wood dust is especially harmful if it gets into a construction.

However, today’s range of 125 mm angle grinder discs includes special dustproof models, which have a reinforced (often said armored) winding turns on the motor, and over the coils are also filled with a special lacquer, which prevents fine wood dust from sticking to the hot coils and stick to them, creating the motor extensive intercircuit short circuits. Such an angle grinder, of course, has a very long life and may share your entire working career with you.

Buy a power tool of such a dust-protected modification means to get a loyal assistant for life. angle grinder 230mm diameter, in addition to dust protection, are also equipped with such an important in operation safety function as a soft start.

The 230 mm diameter angle grinder is usually a large-capacity tool, so it is very important that it does not overload your power grid during its activation by a sudden jerk in consumption, and gained its speed and power consumption gradually. That is why the 230 mm angle grinder with soft start is a bestseller year after year! Such a grinder can be safely powered from the general power grid

Of course, the smaller your angle grinder, the price is more affordable. Angle grinder, to buy which allows exactly your specific budget, in each case is different. angle grinder by hand is always your individual choice. But the 125 mm angle grinder also be able to perform a deep cut in the material simply at a small diameter of the 125 mm disc is more convenient to make such a cut in a few passes. The main thing is that your cutting or grinding disc, suitable for the material to be cut with your angle grinder.

cut-off wheels for angle grinders.

Going to buy a cutting or grinding disc, be sure to pay attention to the recommendations of their manufacturers. Its price is firmly tied to a specific area for its application. Ignoring it, you can damage or destroy discs, and it is already fraught with injury to the operator angle grinder. Metal cutting wheel does not need to be set to cut concrete!

angle grinder AS A SLIMMING MACHINE.

Interestingly, the classic machines can be recognized only their type, such as an angle grinder 230 mm diameter grinding discs. The fact is that most grinding stones, which uses an angle grinder in the work, have some kind of speed limits. Closest to the threshold of these limits the speed of the disk, which gives it an angle grinder 230 mm from 6000 to 7000 revolutions per minute. Angular grinder 125 mm under the discs, the most favorite of the mass consumer, already has a working speed of 9000. 10000 revolutions, which can not withstand not every grinder. Often the speed limit to work does not exceed 5000 rpm. Therefore, the angle grinder 125 mm diameter with the expectation of using it as a grinding machine should have in the design of such an important option as to adjust the speed with which it rotates grinding disc. Also, it will be especially convenient to work with such an angle grinder, which has different positions for the supporting handle at the gearbox.

BUY an angle grinder from Bosch or DILD?

We can say that when choosing one feels that the grinder of each well-known manufacturer has its own face, a unique combination of positive and negative qualities that affect the work. Say, if you want to support the domestic manufacturer you will be pleasantly surprised angular grinder Diold, whose price wins even with many Chinese manufacturers (it is collected on the basis of Chinese molds in our Smolensk). But, it can also be discouraged by the marked narrowness of the range. Another angle grinder Interskol also produced in Russia, in Perm, has a lot more options to choose from: and in the segment of 230 mm disc angle grinder, and in the segment of small angle grinder 125 mm. However, there is also a strong argument not to buy an angle grinder, produced by this very factory: any Interskol angle grinder will be steadily significantly heavier than its foreign counterparts.

Bosch VS Makita, Watch before you buy your next Angle Grinder

But unsurpassed by its weightlessness, probably, will seem every Japanese angle grinder Makita. Whether because the average Japanese is smaller than the average European, or simply because of the Japanese engineering skill all Makita angle grinder has a significant advantage in weight not only in front of the Russian-Chinese tool: even the Bosch angle grinder will pull a few hundred grams more than its Japanese counterparts. Hitachi angle grinder especially stands out by successful ergonomics, by how conveniently it fits in the hand. The shape of its housing incorporates all the latest tooling thought: for example, it has a labyrinth system of channels along the path of the cooling motor air to ensure that construction dust is deposited in them without getting onto the heated motor winding. Thought-out and air safety cushions. gaps between the walls of the housing and the heated elements of the engine as another measure that provides the angle grinder Hitachi maximum compared to other competitors, the time of cut-off work for a single power on.

Just the reliability of this parameter is not enough such a generally good tool as the Zubr angle grinder. It is because of the serious indicators of its power is too overstretched in some of its working nodes are quickly heated at the point of connection with the housing power cord is noticed increased wear of carbon brushes, which are found for angular grinder Zubr get not in every service.

The Bosch angle grinder is overloaded.

This brand has earned its deserved fame first by a reasonable division into two series differing greatly in price: green by color of their housings Bosch angle grinder were household appliances and had a pleasing to the eye low price; Bosch angle grinder with blue housing and a higher price point to its belonging to the professional tool. Over time, when it became clear that modern consumers tend to assign professional loads and tasks to any of them Bosh angle grinder of any of its modifications was pulled up by its manufacturers to withstand such tasks, albeit not competing in low with their Chinese counterparts. The notion of angle grinder Bosch remained among Russian consumers synonymous with reliable European quality.

THE CHOICE OF THE FUTURE. POWERful angle grinders. the FLEX angle grinder.

These robust professional angle grinders, which have come to our Russian market from the southern German states of Württemberg, are distinguished by a design oriented towards the latest wishes of customers. You can find in their wide range and angle grinder 125 mm of housing with extra flat gearbox to get it to the most remote places. Now there is also the same machine in this range powered by portable batteries weighing only 1.75 kg, which is very convenient to use, for example, fitters at high altitude, where you want just a cordless angle grinder fluffer. Engineers angular grinder FLEX managed to bring to market and such a reliable tool with a huge stock of power as an angle grinder 230 mm, giving almost inexhaustible 2600 watts. There is even a special INOXFLEX for professional work with stainless and alloy steels.

Choose for yourself that unique angle grinder, which “lies” just your soul, and which is issued in order to work just for you.


Many of Bosch’s new technologies are first released in the home series to be “tested” in the field. After the shortcomings have been eliminated, improved models appear in the Bosch Professional range.

Sometimes Bosch innovations become the standard and are used by other brands under license. For example, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max chucks for peorators and demolition hammers.

Makita is not behind Bosch in the number of new technologies, but they are only used in brand-name tools.

Bosch or Makita angle grinder. which is better?

Moving on to the next pair. This time we compare the Bosch GWS 850CE with the Makita GA5030.

In this comparison, the GWS 850CE is the clear leader because of its greater power. but it has many complaints. In particular. on an overly rigid switch. and the factory lubrication of the gearbox. The last one concerns only the Russian assembly. In addition. Professionals complain about the insufficient equipment of this model.

Regarding the Makita GA5030. The obvious advantage of this switch is the low weight. which is explained by the small size of the tool. Thanks to this your hands are not so much tired. Otherwise, these angle grinders are almost identical in performance and functionality. That is why choosing only between them is difficult to indicate the definite advantage of one or another model. However, if you take the approach. the choice leans back to the Makita. due to supremacy of simplicity and convenience over purely technical characteristics.

which, angle, grinder, better, bosch

Why compare

According to some data, Interskol and Makita have the largest shares of sales on the Russian market of power tools. We can’t vouch for exact numbers, but the popularity of these brands is really high. At the same time Makita is a large Japanese manufacturer with nearly a hundred-year history, and Interskol is a relatively young domestic company. Which, however, is developing by leaps and bounds. Several years ago, the Italian brand Felisatti and a factory in Spain were acquired, and in October of this year the new plant Alabuga in Tatarstan was opened.