Which Huter grass trimmer is better?

Patriot or Huter grass trimmers. which is better

Grass trimmers are made by many manufacturers. The devices of brands. Huter or Patriot. are very popular. Below we will consider what to choose a trimmer for the grass Huter or Patriot.

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Huter versus main competitors: Husqvarna, Champion, STIHL and Patriot

Swedish brand Husqvarna (Husqvarna). the main competitor of Huter (Huter). The company also specializes in garden equipment, but unlike the Germans has more experience in this matter. The Swedes have slightly better quality, but not significantly, and it is impossible to say that Husqvarna trimmers for grass is better. But the Huter price is a clear winner. As in the model variety. By the number of trimmers in the catalog the Germans have a clear advantage.

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Champion wins over Huter only by two parameters: price and maintainability. Huter develops its dealer network and their repair centers are available in all major Russian cities. But Champion can be repaired literally on the spot. In addition, to fix something on Champion trimmer will cost much cheaper, although breakdowns will occur more often. But in the aggregate, the Russian product is still cheaper.

STIHL is another strong competitor for Huter. Also a German brand and also renowned for its high quality. The company has many plants all over the world, including in Asia. Finding a real German product is almost impossible, it simply does not come to the Russian market. Because of this, the quality that was originally a benchmark for garden equipment often suffers. STIHL repair and overall costs are lower.

The American company Patriot makes a lot of gardening tools and electrical equipment for many different applications. Among customers, this brand is not as well-known as Huter, but it is an official supplier of public services, which indicates a high quality. Patriot grass trimmers win in price, repair costs and ease of maintenance, but they lose to Germans in durability and convenience.

Best trimmers Huter

As summer approaches, more and more people think about how they will put order in the country house or on the land next to the private house. Of course, you can’t do without a good trimmer for the grass. Fortunately, some companies, such as Huter, offer a rich line of models at a quite affordable price. But then there is another question. how to choose the right equipment, so you do not regret the purchase. Exactly on this case our experts made the rating of the best trimmers Huter. In doing so, they relied on both the characteristics declared by the developers, and on the feedback from ordinary users. In total, this allows us to make the most objective opinion.

Grass trimmers from this manufacturer have been in serious demand in Russia and all over the world for years. The German company offers a really high-quality equipment at a quite affordable price. Yes, yes, unlike most European companies, Huter does not mark up just for the brand. Of course, these trimmers for grass is not cheap, but each spent is fully compensated by durability and usability. Well, there is no need to talk about the German quality. it has long been included in the proverb. Therefore, the purchase of such equipment, the owner just do not have to regret the wasted money.

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Huter GGT-2500S

Users looking for an inexpensive grass trimmer for grass, which can be easily disassembled and transported in the car, will probably like this model. This model can also boast a serious power. it is equally easy to cut usual grass and pretty thick branches and bushes. An additional advantage is the possibility of re-equipment in the lopper. it turns a simple trimmer for grass in a truly versatile tool that is always useful in the economy. The engine brake makes working with the trimmer safer, and the T-shaped handle makes it easier to use. So, buyers who choose a grass trimmer from the inexpensive models will probably like this.

  • Decent power reserve;
  • possibility of disassembly;
  • easy assembly;
  • Reliable protection against overheating;
  • ease of use.

Huter GGT-1500SX

Here is a quality trimmer for grass, characterized by compactness, lightness and ease of operation. Collapsible boom greatly simplifies the process of transportation and storage. There is almost no vibration at work. it affects not only the ergonomic device, but also quality materials.

Gasoline grass trimmers almost always have more weight than electric, and high cost. But this is fully compensated by the increased power.

The high power allows you to quickly and easily mow even a thick dry grass, with which many weaker counterparts certainly can not cope. Besides, judging by customer reviews, many customers like the transparent gas tank. it is always visible that the fuel is coming to the end, and that means it’s time to stop and fill up. an additional plus can be called a good complete set. with a trimmer comes safety glasses, backpack strap and a set of keys.

  • ease of operation;
  • many accessories in the kit;
  • collapsible boom;
  • low weight;
  • well-designed vibration damping system.

Huter GGT-1900T

Another popular model for home, which certainly will not disappoint the user. One of the advantages of Huter GGT-1900T is an easily adjustable handle height. every user can quickly adjust it to suit himself, so the work brought maximum pleasure, but did not turn into torture. In addition, the model will be a good choice for large and neglected areas, because it is equipped with a fairly roomy gas tank. So, we can say that this is a professional trimmer for grass Huter. Of course, like every powerful grass trimmer, there is an anti-vibration system, which further facilitates the work. Mowing width of 26 cm makes it quite easy to give order to a large lawn. Surprisingly, but with all these advantages, this gasoline grass trimmer is relatively inexpensive. every cottager or homeowner can afford such a purchase, facilitating the care of the site.

  • moderate weight;
  • Almost no vibration at work;
  • economical;
  • Excellent price-performance ratio;
  • reliable;
  • large gas tank.

Huter GGT-1000S

Users looking for a good, inexpensive machine will love this one. At an affordable price, the grass trimmer offers a high level of operating comfort. primarily due to the successful positioning of the engine, balanced T-handle, and anti-vibration system. An additional advantage for many owners is the collapsible boom. now it will be much easier to transport the tool to and from home.

Engine brake. an important feature that automatically turns off the grass trimmer when it hits a hard obstacle, which can significantly reduce the risk of breakage.

Many users also like the external design. the developers have approached the design very carefully, turning a simple gasoline trimmer for grass into quite an attractive tool, frankly pleasing to the eye. So, for country houses, the model is a great choice.

  • low fuel consumption;
  • easy transportation and storage;
  • easy starting;
  • ease of use;
  • Collapsible boom.

Huter GET-1500SL

Users who want to buy a good electric trimmer for the grass at home, just like the presented in the review model. One of the main advantages of the brushcutter is its low weight, which certainly makes mowing the grass much more comfortable, and the feeling of fatigue does not arise. At the same time, the cutting width is much larger than in many trimmers. as much as 42 cm. So even work on large plots isn’t time-consuming.

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What to choose for your home

Now let’s talk about STIHL. This grass trimmer is certainly not comparable to the previous one in terms of quality characteristics. But it is notable for its high price.

Therefore, if the grass trimmer is planned to be used for home purposes, the Huter will be quite enough.

Rating of the best four-stroke trimmers

All garden trimmers for grass differ in type of power, power and performance. With the electric models there are fewer questions, but the gasoline models can be discussed in more detail. We will tell you what is the best four-stroke grass trimmer and disclose the characteristics of the tool.

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How to choose the best option for dacha?

To find out which STIHL grass trimmer to choose, you must first decide on the choice of the type of device.

According to the type of power units there are:

Each has its own special features. The battery-powered unit because of its light weight and easy maintenance is well suited for the elderly. If it is decided to give preference to a gasoline trimmer, it is better to take a model with a 4-stroke engine. Then you don’t have to refill it with a special mixture prepared according to the norm. You can work with such a tool for more than one hour. But it can be hard for women to start it.

Easy operation, depending on where the motor is located. Inexpensive, low-power models have the engine mounted on the bottom of the machine. The disadvantages are that it is not well protected from damage and is not sufficiently cooled. Grass trimmers with a motor on top are more powerful. And due to the better weight distribution, they are comfortable to work with. For lawn mowing, the unit is fitted with a spool, on which the trimmer line (cord) is wound. Inexpensive devices with little power work only with it. Expensive all-purpose models are equipped with a special cutter and bar with steel blades.

When buying pay attention to what the device is equipped with. If you will have to mow large areas, the model with the one-shoulder belt will not do. It is better to buy a model with a double belt. The load will be less, but it is not recommended when using powerful equipment. The best option is a backpack-style suspension with a belt. Thanks to this device there is less vibration that reverberates in your hand and your back does not get tired, because the weight and the load are distributed over the whole body when you walk.

No matter how good your STIHL electric trimmers are, they need care and cleaning. Long and trouble-free machine operation is ensured, among other things, by timely inspection, cleaning or replacement of filters. All manipulations can be done by yourself without hiring a technician, and consumables can be bought in special stores.

The foundation and development of Huter

The German company Huter is one of the famous brands in the world, which is engaged in the production of high quality gardening and household appliances. The company began its activity in 1979 in Nordhausen. This was the first factory.

From that time the active development and gradual introduction of proprietary technologies began. Thanks to this, by the 1990s the company had become a popular manufacturer of electrical equipment, appliances for household and domestic use.

The company is known for the best trimmers Huter gasoline and electric, including GET LI, GET SL, GGT S, GGT T. Ergonomic design, low fuel consumption, high performance, and sleek design.

Simplicity of use and maintenance allows both beginners and experienced users to operate the devices.

Compared with Champion trimmers Huter is more expensive and more difficult to repair. And Patriot appliances win in repair costs, cost and ease of maintenance. But they are less durable.

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Huter models start easily. Start the appliance, in addition to working moments, should be after the purchase and winter storage.

The foundation and development of Huter

The German company Huter is one of the famous brands in the world, which is engaged in the production of high quality gardening and household appliances. The company started its activity in 1979 in Nordhausen. It was the first plant.

Since that time began the active development and gradual introduction of proprietary technology. Thanks to this by the 90’s the company has become a popular manufacturer of electrical equipment, machinery for household and domestic use.

The company is known for the best Huter gasoline and electric trimmers, including GET LI, GET SL, GGT S, GGT T. Ergonomic design, low fuel consumption, high performance and sleek design.

Ease of use and maintenance allows novice and experienced users alike to operate the units.

Compared to Champion trimmers, Huter trimmers are more expensive and harder to repair. And Patriot units win in repair price, cost, and ease of maintenance. But they are less durable.

Huter models are easy to start. Start the device, in addition to the working points, should be after the purchase and winter storage.

Top 7 best trimmers with four-stroke engine

Below are the best 4-stroke grass trimmers from popular manufacturers.

Makita EBH341U

Powerful, low-noise, high-quality materials. Easy to start and runs smoothly at idle speed. Mows high grass and weeds well. shrub trimmer can be installed. Overhead engine, straight boom, shoulder strap. Vest, 4-toothed knife, blade guard, Allen key.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

engine. petrol, four-stroke

power. 1.40 л.с.;

weight. 7.1 kg.

Champion LMH5640 wheeled

An excellent grass trimmer for uneven areas, assembly out of the box in 10 minutes. Quality, reasonable price. Wide network of service centers both, and in other large, Russian cities. Maneuverable, easy to steer, impact-resistant, powder-coated plastic. Large working width. Quick line change.

type. wheeled grass trimmer;

mowing width. 60 cm;

Рукожоп открывает катушку триммера HUTER

engine. gasoline, four-stroke;

power. 5 l.с.;

which, huter, grass, trimmer, better

weight. 32.1 kg.

Honda UMK 435 T UEDT

In 2021 entered the rating of 4-stroke trimmers for professional use. Quiet operation without vibrations, fuel tank capacity 0.63 л. Thick twisted line enables trimmer to mow even light shrubs. Correctly designed working part, “Honda” engine. Top-mounted motor, adjustable handle.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Mowing width 44 cm;

which, huter, grass, trimmer, better

engine. gasoline, four-stroke;

power. 1.35 л.с.;

weight. 7.51 kg.


The most productive semi-professional trimmer for the grass. Lightweight, well-balanced, ergonomic belt with comfort adjustments. Tool-free two-handle handle with easy adjustment. lopper installation. STIHL engine, plastic deck and housing. Trimmer line, blade, shoulder strap, anti-vibration system.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 50 cm

engine. gasoline, four-stroke;

power. 1.90 л.с.;

weight. 5.8 kg.


Easy start, stable operation, comfortable non-disassembly boom length. Low-noise, economical option, fuel tank capacity. 1 l. Cutting width of the blade. 25.4 cm, bike handle, top mounted engine.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Mowing width. 42 cm;

engine. petrol, four-stroke;

power. 1.30 л.с.;

weight. 7.8 kg.

Elmos EPT29F

Pretty quiet, runs steadily, you can barely smell the exhaust, minimal vibration. Professional series “Honda” engine. line for trimmer, blade, shoulder strap, anti-vibration system. Straight boom, fuel tank at 0.55 л.

Type. portable grass trimmer;

Mowing width. 40 cm;

engine. gasoline, four-stroke;

power. 1.10 л.с.;

weight. 5.4 kg.


Powerful and reliable, German grass trimmer with low fuel consumption. Has a handy backpack-style shoulder strap and a bigger fuel tank. Easy start-up, crank handle controls, plastic deck and housing. Top-mounted motor, T-handle, straight bar.

type. portable grass trimmer;

cutting width. 42 cm;

Engine. gasoline, four-stroke;

power. 1.40 л.с.;

weight. 5.8 kg.