Cultivator or single axle tractor in what is the difference

The work on the ground takes a lot of effort. Modern technology can greatly simplify this difficult work. For example, power tillers and power tillers will make plowing, weeding, hilling, and some other operations easier. The main difference between a power tiller and a power tiller is the power and number of operations they can perform.

They are similar in purpose, but differ in power, number of operations, and depth of ground processing

Motor cultivators are small, lightweight devices with 3 to 6 horsepower. The main purpose of loosening the soil with the cutter. Other operations and work with other implements are possible, but not on all models and not on all soils.

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Power tillers are more powerful devices from 7 liters.с. with a wide range of functions. They can help you with ploughing (ploughing), loosening (miller), hoeing, mowing, etc.д. Can carry loads or move a small trailer as an extra function.

What kind of clutch is used?

The clutch equipment depends a lot on what kind of task the machine will perform. There are several types of clutches in the power block classification.

  • Friction-type clutch. The most common clutch among dacha owners and gardeners. Very easy to operate in the field. The parts can be found at any good dealership, and the durability and load values that the clutch can withstand are well above average.
  • The centrifugal clutch type. We’ve heard from many users that this type of clutch can slip on loose dirt, and wear on the contact surfaces is fast enough. Not the most popular clutch type.
  • Hydraulics. As soon as the accelerator pedal is depressed, the piston in the hydraulic clutch moves, causing the fluid to flow through the center channel. When the pressure builds up in the system, the crank arm is set in motion. It is returned to its original position by a spring system.
  • Belt-type clutch. The low popularity of this type of clutch is due to the fact that it wears out fairly quickly. Belt does not always break when operating in high load conditions. The more powerful the engine installed in the model, the faster the belt clutch wears out.
  • Disc-type clutch. Machines with a disc clutch differ in the number of parts. There are single and multi-disc types of clutch. The principle of operation remains the same, the difference is the increased comfort and reliability of the device. The disk clutch is one of the most reliable, the softest control, as well as smooth and problem-free start of the power unit is claimed on machines with such a device. Minus is the expensive maintenance.

There may also be differences depending on the ignition system installed on the power unit. Here the clutches are divided into permanently closed type and non-permanently closed.

What’s a single axle tractor for??

In addition to cultivators, there are still widely represented on the market some kind of power tillers. Through ignorance they are considered to be one and the same device, but such an opinion is fundamentally wrong. What’s the difference between a single axle tractor and a cultivator? Single-axle tractor. more versatile and powerful unit. The difference between the two is, for example, the same as between a cell phone from the early 90s and a modern smartphone. Both are able to make calls, but only for one this is the only function, while the other can also be a TV, audio player, video camera, camera, bank card, etc. д.

Simply put, a single-axle tractor is a cultivator with additional extensive functions.

Let’s try to compare some criteria and determine what is better of this garden equipment. a single-axle tractor or a cultivator? The first is power. At the cultivator it is significantly inferior. The singleaxle tractor is capable of working the ground several times faster. It can also act as a mini-tractor, irrigation pump, planer, circular saw, and has many attachments. Its opponent, on the other hand, has very limited capabilities.

If your main purpose. treatment of vegetable garden, and you do not intend to later make repairs to the house or build a bath, it is better to return to the paragraph, how to choose motokultivator, because single axle tractor is much more expensive. By weight, there is also a significant difference. Not everyone will be able to pull a single-axle tractor, and therefore, if age and illness make any restrictions, you should not buy a machine, work with which will take away the last forces.

About the technical parameters of the motoblock in more detail will tell their technical documentation, because each of them is more complex and multifunctional device than the cultivator. With such a set of features, it is not addressed for use to ordinary dacha owners, but to farmers who need to work a plot larger than 6 acres, but smaller than the state farm field. As you know, for a farm, you need a lot of equipment, and for its purchase, you also need the appropriate amount of money. Obviously, it is not even a question of what to choose. let it be a powerful petrol rotary cultivator or a single-axle tractor. Every farmer will choose a universal solution, which for the first time will give the opportunity to combine several different machines or make a household transport at all.

Pros and cons of cultivators and power tillers

For many people, working in the countryside is an important part of life. But if a few decades ago, all this took a lot of effort, but now everything is much easier. The reason is the rapid development of mechanization. After all, now in the garden and vegetable garden has a whole arsenal of reliable helpers. Among their number, a cultivator and a single-axle tractor attract attention. The latter is largely identical to the former in its working principle, but the scope of functions here is much more. Nevertheless, many ordinary people wonder: a single-axle tractor or a cultivator: which is better to choose? That is why in this publication we have analyzed the functionality of these devices, highlighting important advantages and emphasizing their disadvantages.

Let’s look into the past of the cultivator

I remember in the early to mid 80’s, many cottagers were running around markets and hardware stores looking for a strange device in the form of a row of 4 stars with truncated beams, attached to a long stick. Called it a device in their own words “cultivator. And that’s what it is so famous and why it is still considered popular among farmers, we now consider.

The main purpose for which the cultivator was created. loosening the soil. However, during use it turned out that he is able to destroy weeds, break up clods of earth and stir fertilizers. All these properties have been improved over time and today, instead of a primitive agricultural tool, there is a new evolutionary wonder. a power tiller.

cultivator, single, axle, tractor, difference

For flowerbeds and small plots of land are still used outdated hand tools, but here’s a site more extensive, the more affected the benefits of technologically advanced devices. After all, due to the sets of different additives and attachments, they are more versatile and can perform other tasks, useful for keeping in order not only the household plot, but also a private house or cottage.

Popular models of cultivators and tillers

There are a lot of such equipment sold in stores. To know what models are the most popular today, let’s get acquainted with some of them. Light motor blocks are equipped with an engine up to 5 liters. с. Such equipment is not suitable for working with a plow. It is designed to work on a small area. The medium class machine is heavier and more powerful. It is more expensive. The heavy single-axle tractor weighs up to 200 kg. It has a seat attached to it. Heavy machines include the Profi PR 1040E. This mini-tractor has a 600 cm³ engine. Its power output is 10 hp. с.

The big weight (300 kg), dimensions and ) do not make this machine popular. Our gardeners most often buy other equipment, among which:

  • Neva MB-1B-6,OFS. Consumers have been using this machine for a long time. It has no problems with the transmission. The parts are for sale in stores. Replacing them does not cause difficulties. The engine runs on gasoline, its capacity is 6 liters. с. Price of the product is about 46 thousand. Feedback from owners indicates that after 300 hours of hard work, the power does not drop. The machine is maneuverable, it works in the garden and for cargo transportation. The model is equipped with headlights and a three-speed transmission.
  • Agat XMD-6.5, weight 85 kg. Diesel engine develops 6.5 hp. с. Gear change is made with the handle. Advantages of the model: good traction, availability of reduced gear. Disadvantages: manual start, few functions performed. Price 30 thousand.
  • Belarus 09H-01. The machine is widely popular among gardeners. Put into production in 1991. Many years of operating experience has helped to get rid of all the shortcomings. Gasoline engine has a transmission with two rear and four front gears. Has a lockable differential and power takeoff shaft. The machine is reliable, powerful, with good efficiency and a high quality of assembly. It costs about 80 thousand rubles.

With power tillers you can buy additional attachments for various jobs: plows, tillers, ridgers, potato planters, seeders, garbage chippers, trailers, mowers, tedders, and other devices.

Choosing a tiller

The main purpose of using the unit is to till the ground, but in addition to this task, the single-axle tractor can be used as an electric mower or potato digger. Before buying a unit, you should carefully study its technical data.

  • Engine power. It is directly proportional to the size of the vegetable garden to be ploughed.
  • Fuel. The machine can be operated with either petrol or diesel. Gasoline models make less noise and are not afraid of sudden temperature drops. Diesel tractors, on the other hand, use much less fuel. To work in a small garden with soft soil, a gasoline version will do, but for the processing of large fields, a diesel is required.
  • Machine weight. The more weight is, the worse is the maneuverability. If you own a small power tiller, but want a deeper digging depth, you can buy weights for the wheels.
  • The maximum width of the machine. It depends on the size of the cutters. Cutters should be detachable. Please note that the deeper the soil is cultivated, the less tired your arms and back becomes.
  • Cost. It often depends on the name of the manufacturer. Models produced abroad have a higher price tag than their Chinese or Russian counterparts. Buyers sometimes overpay for the brand.

The minimum cost of good power tillers in Russia. 300 dollars.

Lifetime: which equipment is more reliable

Feedback on the reliability of a particular technical device is very different. In general, this is a relative issue. After all, both the single-axle tractor and cultivator are equipped with gasoline engines from different manufacturers. If the engine is good and rugged, and runs like clockwork, it will last longer. If the engine is cheap, the reliability of the machine is several times less. In addition, much depends on operating conditions: where and how often the machine works, what loads it withstands, what type of soil and the size of plots.

The most reliable and durable power tillers are considered diesel. The water-cooled diesel engine has a much longer life.

cultivator, single, axle, tractor, difference

Single-axle tractor and motocultivator. the main differences in technical and operational characteristics

When choosing equipment for your plot with this issue should be dealt with as responsibly as possible. Note that with the right choice of equipment, the convenience, efficiency of its multi-year operation is guaranteed. Let’s consider the main points to which you need to pay maximum attention:

cultivator, single, axle, tractor, difference
  • Motor cultivator has a small power, it is possible to loosen soil to a depth of 10 centimeters with its help. As for the power tiller, its main advantage is versatility due to the possibility of using various attachments;
  • The single-axle tractor is equipped with a powerful gasoline engine, which allows you to effectively cope with the loosening of heavy soil, such as virgin land. However, it should be taken into account that this version of technology has a large weight, which complicates the process of transportation and operation;
  • The single-axle tractor is moved on wheels, the presence of which facilitates the steering process. If we consider a motocultivator, then it has only mills, by means of which the unit moves through the cultivated area. Cultivators are available with wheels, but they have a supporting rather than leading function.