The coupling device for the motor-block with their own hands

VIBRATING TABLE. I make a with my own hands

Preliminary drawings

The best way is to develop drawings yourself, for the model of your power tiller and the available materials. It is not necessary to have a special education will be enough for a rough sketch. Below is a typical design of a single-axle trailer, on which you can easily make a trailer for a motor-block with their own hands.

  • 1. welded frame (40×40 mm angle);
  • 2. thrusters (strip 150×40 mm, 10 mm);
  • 3. bracket (strip 100×40 mm, 10 mm);
  • 4. half-axle (steel 45);
  • 5. wheel
  • 6. drawbar (seamless, cold-rolled pipe, Ø 45×4 mm, L = 1.2 m);
  • 7. cardan head;
  • 8. pin-coupling;
  • 9. Welded-on polik (sections of steel angle);
  • 10. drawbar pivot (hot-rolled round steel Ø 36 mm or a piece of steel pipe Ø 366 mm);
  • 11. nut (M36);
  • 12. washer;
  • 13. welded crossbar (piece of steel angle 4040 mm);
  • 14. axle-strut (hot-rolled round steel Ø 40 mm)
  • 15. hitch (10 mm, St. З);
  • 16. nut (M20);
  • 17. washer Grover;
  • 18. bolt (M20).

How to make their own hands?

in performing its functions, the hitch for the power tiller will bear heavy loads, which means that it is necessary to observe the recommended strength and dimensional parameters of all components of the assembly.

Then the following hitch properties are ensured:

coupling, device, motor-block, their, hands
  • the guarantee of a firm mating with the power tiller;
  • attachment to the hinged tooling;
  • Guarantee declared operational properties of products;
  • reasonable price;
  • quality, long service life.

Choosing a modification, you need to check the dimensions, drawbar hitch (towbar) of the power tiller and attachments (harrow, trailer, plow, and more).

The task of the specialist is to ensure that the components are absolutely compatible, easy to use and that the equipment can be quickly adjusted to the specific task.

The main component for the multifunction hitch is a U-shaped bracket. Through the holes on one side it is fixed to the motorcycle by means of pins, and on the other side the rack of the required attachment is fixed to the casing of the device.

Tools, materials and attachments required

There is a specific set of tools that are needed to build the hitch. Basically, everything that is needed to assemble such elements is available in the household of everyone who cultivates his own plot of land.

Such tools will be needed:

  • Angle grinder;
  • an electric drill or a drilling machine;
  • Measuring tools: angle, tape measure, ruler;
  • welding machine;
  • A set of wrenches;
  • Fixing elements (studs, bolts).

It should be noted that in this situation, it is extremely important that the holes that will be drilled in the part, exactly coincide with the studs and bolts. The gap in diameter is not necessary, because it will reduce the period of operation of the used trailers and canopies.

At the same time, during the work, it is important first to make holes in the element with the smallest diameter (from 5 millimeters), and then to drill with larger drills (up to 12-16 millimeters, according to the diameters of the bolts). Such a method will force and simplify this part of the work, while at the same time allowing you to measure the holes very correctly. To create the framework can be used channel of suitable size, and if it is not available, you can collect the element from an iron sheet.

Very practical modification of the adjustable coupling. such a design will give the opportunity to link attachments of different generations, classes and brands. Despite the fact that for the current period such a design is not in demand, we should not forget that in the economy will gradually appear different devices, and the ability to conveniently aggregate each of them will seriously increase the choice, giving the opportunity to proceed only from the necessary functional features of the equipment.


Assembling a hitch for motor vehicles by own efforts involves the use of drawing materials. There are many different options, but it’s better to take as a basis the most suitable and adjust, taking into account the characteristics of their own equipment.

The drawing should reflect the following elements:

  • 2 U-shaped parts, equal in all characteristics, but with a different number of holes. in the first 6, in the second 8;
  • A housing with 2 threads of diameter M12 and M16 and equipped with a mounting structure for securing to one of the units;
  • adjustment element. a handle placed on the body of the element, its structure includes a screw connected to the holder and for comfort having a handle (it is important to calculate the exact direction of the holder. only up or down and so that it does not interfere with the operation of motor vehicles).

Because motorcycle equipment under any circumstances involves coupling with a hitch, details of the location of the connection can be found in his present instruction.

Step by step guide

To make a multifunctional connection, you need an extremely flat plane. a special work table. Plan of making a coupling device for your power tiller is as follows.

  • Make a marking according to the drawing: mark the outline of the elements on the workpiece.
  • By means of an electric drill or a drilling machine make holes on the marks. Check the alignment using a caliper and the threaded rod (bolt) with which it will be clamped. Achieve a suitable diameter of hole with no backlash, and fasteners do not jam.
  • Weld the joints. It is preferable to use electric arc welding, in which the heating is performed exclusively in the areas of connections without any damage to the working properties of the steel.
  • Assemble the piece. Bolt the bracket to the channel. If you have an adjustment tool, fasten this as well.

The fasteners by which the hitch is attached to the single axle tractor through the holes in the assemblies must be of the same quality and strength as the unit itself.

Secondly, remember that the part is made to make the versatility of the power tiller to the limit. In the presence of a perfectly suitable hitch device is possible comfortable aggregation and long-term productive operation of each pendant or trailed equipment, including: adapter, ogee, harrow, plow, trailer, all kinds of mowers, potato-plow, and any other device.

About the single axle tractor Motor Sich

Trailer with a cross of the cardan shaft to the motoblock motor sich photo video

Trailer device with a cross of the cardan shaft with their own hands for a motoblock trailer photo video.

Trailer for a motor-block with their own hands and a trailer with a cardan shaft cross to it photo video.

Many owners of power tillers make a trailer to a power tiller with their own hands, and the question arises, what kind of trailer to the trailer is better and more reliable, more successful.

There are many designs of a trailer to the tiller: from water pipes, made on a lathe, from cardan joints, etc.д., Here every owner himself chooses his favorite design homemade tractor trailer to the tiller.

I have already shown my design trailed to the tiller, which I have normally worked more than one year and stood all the tests of weight and bad roads, all in detail with photos and video described in the article on this site “Trailer to tiller”

In this article, I want to show my, and not only my trailer device with a cardan shaft with his hands for a trailer motor-block.

All owners of power tillers know that with time the hole in the hitch of power tiller and trailer breaks, and backlashes appear, which in some way negatively affects the control of power tiller. and it doesn’t make you feel any more comfortable.

coupling, device, motor-block, their, hands

What would eliminate these backlashes, someone puts additional rods, someone puts bushings, someone puts bearings. every motor-block owner leaves this situation on his own, depending on his power.

using my heavy single-axle tractor Motor Sich with a homemade trailer, sometimes loading the trailer to 1.5 tons., and sometimes even more, I found that backlash started to appear in my hitch as well.

After examining my homemade trailer hitch, I found that it breaks not so much the trailer itself, as breaks the bottom hole for the hitch pin in the hitch of the power tiller, since the hitch of the power tiller is made of cast iron.

After that I started to wonder how other owners of motor blocks to get out of this situation, considered the many options and chose. a trailing device with a cross of a cardan shaft for the trailer of the motor-block.

Here are some photos that I found on the Internet, for what I am very grateful to the owners of motor blocks that they have posted photos of their hookups thus sharing with other motor-blockers their experiences and developments.

Trailer hitch with a cross of a cardan shaft for a trailer for a Moto-Block, photo.

Trailer device with a cross-section of cardan shaft for trailer motorblock video.

And here’s what I got. a hitch with a cross shaft for the tractor-trailer motorblock photo.

Trailer device with a cross-section of cardan shaft for a MotoBlock trailer video.

In any case, despite the fact that the trailing device from the cross tube of a cardan shaft for a homemade trailer for a motor-block I got a little cumbersome, to hitch a motor-block to the trailer is easy, control is easy, backlashes are gone, that is, what I wanted by building this construction. I have achieved.

There is little left to do, this is a road test with a loaded trailer, and then we will see.

If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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Making a frame

Strong frames are made of rolled metal products (sections, pipes) with appropriate size of cross-section. The number and parameters of such elements will depend on the carrying capacity, the dimensions of the future trailer. Shvels and angles can be purchased at any construction store.

Prepared elements are connected by welding, paying special attention to the corners between the adjacent components. It is recommended to weld the obtained frame along the entire perimeter to increase its overall strength.

Practical Recommendations

If the power of the equipment does not exceed 5 liters. с., The optimal dimensions of the trailer in length and width will be 1.5 and 1 m. When the body parameters are calculated, pieces of profiled pipes are cut to the necessary length and the frame is welded from them. The structure is sufficiently rigid, so there is no need to install reinforcing elements in the corners. To make the seam even and of good quality along its entire length, it’s better to work on a flat surface. using electric arc welding is the best option.

Assembly and painting of the body

The sides of the trailer are framed with a 25-30 mm profile. Assemble the sheathing from sheet metal, and then fasten it to the profiled pipe with screw joints. The metal for the body must be without any traces of rust. If there is corrosion, it is removed mechanically, and then the surface is coated with a primer rust converter. Fit the body to the frame. If all the dimensions are the same, perform the test assembly. Then the body is disassembled, the body is set aside and the frame is painted with oil paint. Need to make sure that there are no unpainted elements left anywhere.

Useful tip: if possible, it’s better to use a polymer-based paint. Also in this case you shouldn’t ignore the primer, because the treated surface has better adhesion. Powder coatings are more resistant to abrasion, while surfaces coated with conventional oil-based coatings need to be renewed at the beginning and end of the season.

The body decking is also painted and put back in place. Fix the joints with fasteners, then paint the protruding parts of the bolts, so that corrosion does not appear in these places. If some of the dried paint has come off during assembly, it can be repainted. The thickest pipe is used to make the drawbar.

Steering mechanism

Because the design provides for a tilting carriage, special axles are made in the middle from below. To prevent the tilting mechanism from jamming when lifting, you need to observe the alignment. The bushings-amplifiers are attached using a plate 5-6 mm thick. The same parts are welded to the hitch (drawbar), which serves as the base frame. Assembling the swivel joint with your own hands requires great precision. The basis is a stainless steel circle with a diameter of 5 cm. The pins are also made of hardened steel. Since the intensity of movement of the hinge will be low, you can do without bearings, the main thing. regularly lubricate the mechanism.

Fix the steering box to the hitch. The horizontal hinge is removable, and the sleeve is bolted to the drawbar. The steering joint is positioned vertically on the hitch pin.

When everything is ready, do a test loading and check if there are no problems when driving, turning, starting, stopping, etc. д. If the equipment with the trailer works normally in all modes, the design is ready for operation. If the power of the power tiller allows, the cart can be loaded from 300 to 700 kg.

A self-made trailer is several times cheaper than a factory one, and will last for decades. The main thing is to use quality materials, to observe dimensions and assemble carefully.

Attachment of single axle tractor unit with drawbar eye

Attachment of the attachment comes down to a simple operation of aligning the holes and securing the elements of the structure with pins and bolts. The hitch’s position can be adjusted with bolts in the radius holes while working. First tighten the threaded joints between the hitch and the towbar. Then mount the hitch.

Do the final fine tuning before working. When the towbar hitch is unlocked, the bolts are loosened to find the best position for the attachment and tighten the nuts with wrenches. In the process of cultivating the land, it is sometimes necessary to make two or more passes over the plot with different linkage settings. The coupler, made by your own hands, allows you to optimize the work in all respects. It saves time, reduces labor intensity, and increases productivity.

The coupling coated with a metal paint or corrosion-resistant coating will last considerably longer.

How to make a hitch on a single axle tractor with your own hands?

Trailer device for power tillers is fairly easy to make with their own hands. Nevertheless, before the work, you will need to prepare carefully, namely to choose reliable material and equipment, as well as study the schematics.

It is best to make a quality hitch for the power tiller to be used, made of strong metal. As a reliable basis can act channel bars, made by factory technology, and with sufficient power reserve. You will need to make a couple of holes in the channels used, as a result of which the homemade coupler will be almost half-ready.

Steel or cast iron parts will be required to refine the billet made. But, since parts made of these materials are quite difficult to process, you can look for and purchase suitable blanks, which will be easier to finalize with your own hands. As blanks for the coupling mechanism will fit some spare parts from the car. For example, a cardan shaft can play the role of a reliable hitch for a trailer to a power tiller.

Assembling a homemade hitch should be carried out using the following parts:

  • Metal plates, steel channels, which will need to be used when welding the base of the coupling unit;
  • steel bolts and enlarged studs are used for movable and fixed attachment of coupling mechanisms;
  • adjusting body with its role to cope with a kind of lever, which, when used, will allow to change the position of the coupling.

It will be possible to assemble a reliable coupling mechanism for the motor-block only with the help of certain equipment.

It is necessary to prepare for the work:

Homemade hitch can have any dimensions. It should be taken into account that the larger the coupling mechanism, the larger and stronger the connecting element should be.

Universal hitch for a power tiller with your own hands blueprints

The cultivation of the land by hand is becoming less and less common nowadays. As a rule, there are only some processes in which you can not apply the technique. In other cases, the villagers or dacha owners are guided to engage the necessary equipment. For small plots, the use of a power tiller is very relevant. Such a compact, but functional device makes it possible to implement basic processes that require significant physical effort. For example, when planting-harvesting potatoes.

We will deal with a particular part of it. the coupler. Let’s consider what it can be, especially the universal version, which is suitable for the basic models: Salut, Farmer, MTZ, Neva and others. Here is a drawing, video and photo materials on the hitch for a power tiller, as well as instructions on how to implement the task with your own hands.

Couplings for power tillers and power tillers

Some owners of small agricultural machinery buy it, initially counting on the versatility of the unit, while others buy it with one specific purpose, and over time can expand the range of tasks that the tiller can do. But in any case, the performance of most functions on an arable or homestead plot is provided by various attachments, which is connected with such a part as a coupling on a single-axle tractor and serves, in fact, the key to its multi-functionality.

Often the owners of agricultural machinery find that the factory equipment is far from perfect, the design of the coupling is not suitable for the current needs of the farm or simply not reliable enough. Fortunately, it is always possible to equip your single-axle tractor with the kind of hitch that will provide the maximum efficiency of the device.

You can make your own hitch