Cutting of tempered glass at home

All reputable experts say that cutting tempered glass is not possible. However, there are three known ways to cut tempered glass without using supernatural forces.

DIY What Happens When You Cut Tempered Glass

cutting, tempered, glass, home

Water-abrasive cutting of tempered glass. the method consists in feeding under tremendous pressure (up to 4 thousand times the diameter of the nozzle). atm.) of water in a special chamber where water is mixed with abrasive powder and then through a very thin nozzle (0,2-0,4 mm in diameter), shot on the surface to be treated. The water velocity is up to 1000 m/s (3 times the speed of sound). Will cut through steel armor, not so much glass.

Cutting of molten glass with a vulcanite wheel

Cutting with an abrasive wheel. the glass is mounted on a movable table, and from above something like an angle grinder with an abrasive wheel (for example, from vulcanite) of small thickness is lowered on it. It is believed that with a low table feed relative to the wheel and intensive watering of the cutting zone with a cooling lubricant, the process can be successful.

Cutting with tempering. Tempering” (or “annealing”) in this case does not mean a trip to the south, but heating the glass to a temperature at which the hardening effect is removed.

cutting, tempered, glass, home

That is, the glass will return to its normal state, after which it can be processed and, if necessary, hardened again.

Theoretically it may be possible, but the simplest calculations show that it is cheaper to buy a new one (see Наиу. Where to buy tempered glass?”) ordinary glass, cut it into pieces of the desired shape, drill the necessary holes, and then harden it.

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Is it possible to cut glass after hardening??

Tempered glass can actually be cut. But you need to be properly prepared for this, so as not to turn the resulting solid sheet into a mass of parts with blunt edges. To break the sheet, simply hit the end of it with any suitable object. To change the size of a product, to create notches, etc., it is necessary to follow the technology and, first of all, to study the tempered glass properties.

Example 1. Cutting Technology for Tempered Glass.

The technology of tempered glass production is such that, during the process of its making, zones called areas of internal tension are formed. When heated and then suddenly cooled, the stress zones redistribute. As a result of these changes, the inner layers retain the characteristics of a liquid body, remaining viscous, while the outer layers are much more resistant, if compared to plain glass that has not undergone the hardening procedure.

If pointwise impact is applied to the end zones, the existing stresses are redistributed once again. The micro-cracks compromise the integrity of the sheet, so that even the weakest shock will cause extensive spider webs of cracks of different sizes if handled incorrectly. Glass will simply collapse at the slightest external force. This is the principle behind car windows: they break without any problem when struck with a sharp object. the film makes the glass traumatically safe: it keeps the splinters in place and prevents them from harming the driver.

Thus, tempered glass gets its special properties directly during the tempering process. The technology means the material is first cut into the required pieces, drilled, shaped and then tempered. Specialists recommend refraining from further machining. However, if you are serious and categorical, first prepare your tools and remember the important nuances of cutting tempered glass.

How to cut tempered glass at home?

Cutting tempered (high strength, safety, heat-resistant) glass is not quick and easy and requires serious training. It cannot be cut in the same way as ordinary glass because of its high mechanical strength. The hardening process causes the material to change its structure. The matter is complicated also by the fact that the “safety” glass, with all its wonderful strength properties, is a very fragile material. If you try to cut it in the usual way, it will just break into separate pieces. Let’s talk in this article about how to cut tempered glass at home.

Is it possible to cut tempered glass??

Cutting toughened glass is a long and complicated procedure that requires careful preparation. Tempered glass cannot be cut the same way as tempered glass. The reason is its high mechanical strength. This is because at the end of the tempering process, the crystal structure of the material changes. Many construction stores sell such glass under the slogan of the most durable”. That is why attempts to cut this glass at home in the same way as for ordinary glass are unsuccessful. The material falls apart into a great number of small pieces. However, there are techniques on how to cut this type of material at home.

Cutting toughened glass requires careful preparation.