Dirt separators for a power tiller Zubr with your own hands

What the tiller arm is used for

The weight wagon is used to provide extra tractive power for transporting loads on unpaved roads. It is necessary to note, that it is forbidden to use a power tiller on roads, even if it is equipped with good quality wheels.

Many owners of small agricultural equipment make a grouser with their own hands. In this case, you just need to make a similar attachment as the “iron horse”. If necessary, additional wheels were mounted.

When a single-axle tractor is used exclusively in the field, then rubber tires are unnecessary. When designing your own design, rubber wheels can be omitted, and only the grousers can be used for day-to-day work.

This design is not a know-how, but has been in demand for a long time. They didn’t make rubber tires before. The wheels in tractors and power tillers were metal, and the drive wheels were additionally fitted with transverse steel plates for better traction.

Dirt hooks for a power tiller: what to pay attention to?

The main factor influencing the choice of a universal object is size. If a person wants to buy a groundhoes for a particular model of machine, you should read the wishes of the manufacturer and follow them.

Since “Neva” and “Neva MB” power tillers are especially popular among farmers and agronomists, we should use them as an example to describe the features of universal wheels. For the products of these manufacturers versions with a diameter of 43 cm are suitable, because they are set into the soil to a depth of 15 cm Such dimensions will provide maximum traction with the ground and smooth movement.

An important point: the technique of the heavy class does not need such additions, because its weight is already a guarantee of stability on almost any ground.

Why do you need tool blades for your power tiller??

Dirt carriers for power tillers are distinguished by their functionality. That is why they are increasingly used by modern farmers.

The equipment copes with such functions:

  • The weight of the walking tractor increases, so it is possible to use various kinds of additional equipment with greater efficiency;
  • The enhanced cultivation of the ground in the eradication of overgrowth is performed;
  • The tractor’s grip on the soft ground during travel is improved.

Such grousers are an important design in small and large farming. No special knowledge or skills are required for their installation and use, so even a novice operator can cope with them.

Hoes on single axle tractor “Neva”. functions, suitable models and manufacturing

The motor blocks “Neva” not only qualitatively plow the ground, but also help to perform other work in the garden and vegetable garden. For this purpose, the owners of equipment often use various attachments, one of which is a grouser.

Let’s find out what tasks such equipment is designed to cope with, and how to make it with your own hands.

We make the groomers for the motor-block Neva with our own hands

Every brand of power tiller has those attachments that best fit its design. Of course, it is best to buy a universal single-axle tractor, to which almost any canopy fits. For the Neva power tiller, the manufacturers have made wheels with F340x110 grousers.

By design, these grousers are slightly larger than those we described as a homemade version. Follow the same instructions we gave above, just pick up other rim sizes. The height of the wheel for the Neva power tiller should be 340 mm, and the width of the homemade tiller should be 110 mm.

How to make the rims for a power tiller with your own hands from automobile disks: drawings and dimensions, description

Many farmers and gardeners are interested in how to make a tractor toothed hooks for a power tiller. Moto-blocks and power tillers of different brands are designed for farming and gardening, cultivation of homestead plots. With these units you can loosen the soil, plant, weed and dig potatoes (and other crops). But all these operations are possible with additional equipment (coulters, plows, trailers, snowplows, etc.).д.).

Technically, it is a wheel with spikes or blades that dig into the ground. To understand, what trestle hooks are good for a power tiller. bought or homemade, you should choose from two variants: universal or for a certain model.

In the first case, you only need to match the size, in the second case, you need to match the characteristics to a particular brand.

Hoes for the tiller with their own hands are made everywhere, it is much less expensive option. All the more so because they are practically never made for heavy equipment; they can only be built by hand or to order.

  • Improving traction on the ground;
  • ease of driving uphill and over soft ground;
  • Providing extra digging;
  • an increase in weight, so that more equipment can be mounted on a single-axle tractor, and for the sake of stability.

1.1 Grit chippers for the most common brands of power tillers

The following motoblocs are common in Russia, and equipment for them can be obtained from manufacturers:

Gruntozatels for power tillers (iron wheels)

The most common machine on Russian farmland is the Neva. For it, the tractors are made in the same factories as the single-axle tractor. The F340 design×110, where the rim height is 340 and width is 110 mm.

Models for Neva with dimensions 560×130 mm are also suitable for Salyut and Favorit power tillers. This size can be called universal. It is possible to put on Salyut wheels of a much larger size. 700 x 100 mm, they are delivered from Poltava.

For power tillers Mole, Dachnik, Master, there are small wheels with a diameter of 280 mm and a thickness of 90 mm. For heavier power tillers, Pentavr and Zubr, the equipment is made in sizes of 450 mm diameter and 110-120 mm width for the first and 700×200 for the second.

On Kadvi fit from 350 to 500 mm in diameter, with a width of 100 mm. Oka. 425×130 mm, the peculiarity of the design is that it is necessary to hang them on hub extensions.

Homemade grotocollars for power tiller Salyut 100

How much weight the machine will have to carry should also be taken into account when choosing. The higher it is (including attachments, plows, etc.), the bigger and stronger the hitch should be. for the menu

Combined hooks

Such devices are not only needed for power tillers. Many people are also interested in the question of how to make grousers for a cultivator with their own hands. You can use combination wheels for this purpose, for example, using the tread from a tractor. To implement such a project, you should prepare halves of Zhiguli rims. It is also necessary to prepare tractor tires with strong tread. Then the sidewalls need to be trimmed. So you get a rubber circle with an excellent tread.

Such wheels can be used on hard unpaved roads, because they will not loosen the soil. On soft ground they will also show themselves well, but the grip on the ground will be much less than with metal discs.

If you need a variant of wheels not only for good traction with the ground, but also for loosening, then you need to make knife-type grousers, which will not drive on ordinary roads, and are only suitable for loosening. In this way, the ground will be worked.

When cultivating the land in spring the width of the occupied area is doubled with the help of such wheels, which is very good, because it saves a lot of time.

It does not matter how to make trestle hooks and what type, the main thing is that they are made independently. elementary, from improvised means, and the budget for their production is ridiculous.

Grit hooks for popular power tillers

There are many in-demand power tillers, which are more often purchased by users. Their accessories differ in type of material, size, and manufacturer. If we look at the model range, we can further classify by the type of attachment. No matter what product one chooses, the design of the attachment must be such that the metal does not touch the power tiller, and its curves were directed in the same direction in which the technique moves. It is worth to consider what kind of tines are best suited for different models of power tillers.

  • “Neva”. The best way to use this technique is to use attachments from KMS, because each element weighs 12 kilograms separately. Diameter of the hooks is 460 mm, so the efficiency of work is traceable regardless of the soil type. Also worthy of attention are products under the brand KUM, they should be used for plowing or deep plowing.
  • Belarus 09H and “Agros”. The products for this technique differ in the way of fastening, because the bent top must stand in the direction of travel. Quality products are produced by “PF SMM”.

минитрактор из мотоблока зубр рулевое управление

  • “Mole”. The best equipment for equipment under this brand is produced by “Mobil K”. The peculiarity is the need for additional use of extensions.
  • “Patriot”. It is possible to use the S-24, S-31 MB and others for a power tiller. The advantage of this technique is that it is easy to find attachments on it.
  • “Farmer”. Allowed to use the model Elitech 0401.The advantage of Elitech 0401 and VIKING is that it is easy to find an attachment, but it can be found at a cheaper price, since there are many of them on the market today. Huter, VIKING. “Favorit”.

Any of these models ensures a quality grip on the ground. If the user is trying to save money, it is better to consult in more detail with a specialist on whether the selected attachment to the used equipment. As a rule, the manufacturers of rubbers prescribe in the instruction manual the brands and models of power tillers, which can be used with this product.