How much oil to put in lawn mower engine

General recommendations for choosing lawn mower oil

Based on the above design features of the motors, it is better to use a special oil

For the lawnmower to lubricate, and it must be appropriate for the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. Best option. Use in temperatures above five degrees Celsius.

If special is not available, automotive grade oils can be used:

These oils are also designed primarily for positive ambient temperatures and a maximum above thirty-five degrees.

Mineral and semi-synthetic oils are acceptable by type of lubricant. Fully synthetic would be too expensive. Performance grade according to API SF, SG, SH, SJ and higher. For four-stroke garden equipment engines, the label should be labeled 4T.

Grass trimmers and lawnmowers are powered by two-stroke engines, which have a simplified design. Rarely, but there are trimmer models with 4-stroke engines that run on pure gasoline. Two-stroke power units do not have an engine oil compartment (oil sump), which reduces the weight of the tool and its cost. If the rotating parts of the engine are not lubricated, they will break down quickly. To avoid this, the grass trimmer is not filled with pure gasoline, but with a mixture of oil. What oil to dilute with gasoline for a grass trimmer?

To begin with, let’s remember or find out what types of oils by chemical composition are available:

  • Mineral fluids. designed for low-power, air-cooled machinery. This is the cheapest type of lubricant for motors
  • Semi-synthetics. these are used for machinery that are air- and water-cooled
  • Synthetic. suitable for all types of engines with different types of cooling. They do not require frequent replacement, and this type of lubricant is several times more expensive than mineral and semi-synthetic

From the above, it follows that for the grass trimmer is suitable for oil with any composition. mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Oils with different chemical compositions differ in price, so it is necessary to rely on the recommendations of the tool manufacturer when purchasing. The instructions contain recommended information on what types of oils to use. If it is a TC-W3 standard, then it is not so important what composition the substance should have. In this case you can dilute mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic with gasoline.

How to choose the right petrol for your lawnmower. Peculiarities of refueling and fuel proportions.

The owners of dachas and country plots need from time to time to monitor the condition of the lawn and mow the grown grass. In the market of goods for garden and vegetable garden presented a large selection of lawn mowers (trimmers).

For productive and prolonged operation of the device it is necessary to fill it with a suitable brand of gasoline or a fuel mixture prepared in ideal ratios. If you treat the manufacturer’s recommendations inattentively and fill the tank with an unsuitable brand of fuel, then over time the equipment will fail. This will cause the following problems:

  • There will be soot all over the piston system;
  • The spark plugs and cylinders will become unusable;
  • The engine will overheat and work irregularly all the time;
  • the lawnmower’s efficiency will drop.

How To Install Oil Into A Lawn Mower Engine

Use clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92. Strictly follow the instructions for mixing gasoline and oil. Use a special container to mix gasoline and oil. Do not mix gasoline and oil directly in the fuel tank.

When you start working with a tool, the question always arises how much oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw or grass trimmer. It is important to remember that for two-stroke engines the ratio is 1:50, i.e. е. for every 5 liters of fuel you use, 100 ml of oil.

What exactly is the right oil to use for your lawnmower??

Lawn mowers may have two- and four-stroke internal combustion engines. They are designed so that in the course of their operation there always comes a moment when it is necessary to change the engine oil. Then the owner of garden equipment has a question: what engine oil can replace it? The issue is really relevant, so let’s consider it in more detail.

The current market offers different lawnmower models with four-stroke engines. By design, the motors of lawn mowers are similar to automobile ones, but there are significant differences.

To reduce the cost of garden equipment, its manufacturers do not install an oil pump. Accordingly, no oil supply system is required. This factor forces you to pay special attention to the viscosity of the oil used in lawnmower motors.

The main feature of the crankshaft is the ability of the system to scoop oil from the crankcase and get it on the parts. This operating principle results in certain lubrication requirements. It should adhere well to the parts, but it must not be too thick to form a hard crust which would prevent the parts from moving. Experts say that the oil composition should not be too thick or too liquid.

But remember that lawnmowers operate in warm climates. That’s why their engines are not subjected to such hard stresses as in the case of engines for automobiles.

Here it is necessary to remind that lawnmowers do not have a “cold start”, which takes place in freezing air and significantly reduces the life of the motor. Therefore, there is no requirement for lubricants to support operation at low temperatures.

Air cooling is an important feature of these lawnmowers. Under the influence of such a system, the motor of garden equipment warms up more than that of motor vehicle engines operating under the condition of liquid cooling of the system.

When starting the grass trimmer engine for the first time, oil is poured for the run-in period. After 5 hours of operation the oil is drained and replaced with new oil. It should be used for the entire lawnmower through the summer season.

Next change after the permissible number of engine hours. A possible option would be to drain the oil at the end of the summer jobs and pour in new oil at the start of the next holiday season.

Oil recommendations for small engines:

What you need to consider when choosing a lawnmower:

  • Use a quality detergent oil classified “For Service SF, SG, SH, SJ” or higher.
  • Do not use special additives.
  • Synthetic oils are suitable for all temperatures. The use of synthetic oils does not change the required oil change intervals.

Can synthetic lawnmower oil be used?? Yes!

We recently changed our engine oil recommendations: you can now use 5W30 or 10W30 synthetic oil, regardless of temperature. We recommend the use of Briggs Stratton synthetic oil. Using this high-quality oil with detergent additives ensures that you meet Briggs Stratton’s warranty requirements for proper oil use.

The running-in procedure for an engine using synthetic oil remains the same. Keep in mind that using synthetic oil does not prevent you from performing regular maintenance on your mower (t. е. Check the oil, change the oil, etc. д.).

The amount of engine oil, as well as its type, depends on the specific engine model. To learn how to check your lawn mower, watch our video “Checking the Engine Oil for your Lawn Mower Engine”

Aside from basic information about the type of oil volume, the best source of information regarding any engine problem is your Briggs Stratton dealer.

The brand of gasoline for your ride-on mower should be selected according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you do not comply with them, then the motor will soon break down. Often unleaded fuel with an octane number of 92 or 95 is used for filling the gas tank trimmer for grass.

Gasoline for fuel mixture

Filling the grass trimmer with AI-80 gasoline can cause damage to the device due to its low technical characteristics. Note that fuel after purchase may not be stored for more than 60 days, and it is better to reduce this period.

Do not use polyethylene cans for storage, t. к. in contact with the inner walls will cause static electricity. Accidental sparks will cause an explosion. Although, there are special plastic canisters marked “flame”.

How often should you change your oil?

It is not recommended to buy low-quality compounds for lawnmowers. Badly refined or wrong brand of oil and gasoline have a bad effect on the engine. It will have to be washed, but not always such a procedure will help restore the performance of the motor. Overhaul may also be necessary.

It is not only necessary to know how to change the oil, but also when to do it. Too frequent changes are not necessary as they are a waste of money and more frequent changes increase engine wear. The technical instructions for each model identify the recommended oil change intervals and give advice on the most suitable oil brands. If it does not say so, general recommendations are the same. A new engine that is running-in is drained and filled with oil after about 5 to 6 engine hours. Then the procedure is repeated several times with a break after 5-10 hours of lawnmower operation.

Change oil in engines that run regularly every 50-60 hours. The frequency of oil changes depends on the mileage of the engine. The longer the engine, the more often it is changed.


For trimmers, a special two-stroke oil is produced, the packaging of which should be marked “2T”. It is strictly forbidden to use motor oil and especially gear oil. There are three types of two-stroke oil:

It all depends on what substances make up the base of the oil. Mineral oil is the cheapest and most unreliable. Its use is justified only in household-class trimmers, which work for 30 to 60 minutes a day with long pauses. Most brushcutter manufacturers at this level indicate that TC-W3 oil is suitable for the engine. This means you can use mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic 2T oils.

For professional-grade brushcutters it is advisable to buy only the oil brands recommended by the manufacturer. Usually it is a semi-synthetic or synthetic oil with special additives. Manufacturers label oil with letters:

  • TA for two-stroke engines up to 50 cubic centimeters;
  • TV. for 50 to 200 cc engines;
  • TC for motorcycle engines, snowmobile engines, etc.д.

All three types of oil can be used in brushcutters, if not listed in the manual. How much oil to add to the fuel of grass trimmer depends on the brand of tool and the quality of gasoline. Also on oil package there may be letters FA, FB, FC, etc.д. They indicate the level of smoke. The closer the second letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke is emitted during combustion. As a rule, high-quality oil has very little. Oil selection is not influenced by this information. important than “self mix” and “pre mix” labels. The first word means that the oil dissolves on its own, and the container with the second mixture must be shaken several times. Best oils on the market: STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo, Champion.