How to cut the windshield without damaging it

Replacing the windshield with their own hands. Photo guide

All it takes is an hour and a half. Follow our step-by-step instruction for an easy, hassle-free procedure. Our subject. DAEWOO Matiz.

The best way to change a windshield is to do it in a garage. A roof over your head will protect you from rain, which, if it gets on the glued surfaces, will significantly impair the adhesion between the materials. After pasting the glass car must be allowed to stand for a few hours for the complete polymerization of adhesive, that is, do not use it. It’s optimal to glue the window in the evening and leave the car for the night, and the best place for this is a garage.

For work you will need: a string and a knife to cut the glass from the opening, glue, a device for squeezing it out of the tube, glass holders with suction cups, sharpened chisel, as well as an assistant.

Windshield Removal: Easy and Efficient

Replacing the windshield with your own hands

The windshield frame is one of the most vulnerable places to corrosion. Even if you don’t notice any paint swelling on the surface, it’s likely that you will after you cut the old glass. Due to the effects of moisture and reagents that accumulate under the seals, corrosion s often occur, even on fresh cars. Before replacing, we recommend obtaining masking tape, epoxy primer, and 0.5 yards of sandpaper grades: P80, P120, P320.

Epoxy primer will keep the corrosion at bay for a while, and also will not let it develop in places where the wire caught the body when cutting the glass. The epoxy primer needs to be overlaid with acrylic primer and acrylic paint for quality rust removal. For local repairs, all materials can be purchased in spray cans.

Cut the old glass

  • Dismantle windshield wipers, jalos, decorative covers and other elements that interfere or can be damaged when cutting the old windshield. It is also a good idea to remove the interior panels of the A-pillars. Take special care when removing U-turn rubber seals. If glue got into the adjoining areas of the seal, they can be difficult to remove without damage. Heat the glass with a construction hair dryer to soften the adhesive. For this reason in some cases the windshield is cut without removing the upper rubber gasket. Remove old sealant residue before installation. The sealant also needs to be heated to its original shape. If the upper rubber cover will not fit tightly to the glass, moisture will accumulate under it. Therefore, it is better to replace an unrepairable element with a new one.
  • Make a small hole in an accessible place for pulling the end of the cable.
  • Pull the wire and fasten the ends to the holders.
  • Use reciprocating motion, working from one edge of the pane to the other. To avoid scratching the paint where the sealant is cut, the cable puller should be as close as possible to the glass. Otherwise, not only will the paint be damaged, but the cable itself will quickly tear.

Replacing a windshield is perfectly capable of one person, but you’ll have to do a lot more than that when cutting and installing. Before applying primer and glue, be sure to practice with a new windshield.

How to remove the rust?

The adhesive primer can be applied directly to the dried epoxy primer. If you want to stop the corrosion for a long time, the epoxy should be coated with several layers of acrylic primer (be sure to do the inter-layer drying). Any acrylic paint in a spray can will do for places that are hidden by glass and seals.

Installing a new windshield

  • Use a stationery knife to cut off the glue residue, leaving only a 0.5-1.5mm thick layer on the opening. If you are not replacing the windshield, but only re-gluing the old one, you should also cut the glue from it.
  • Clean off dirt and degrease surfaces with 647 thinner.
  • Apply primer to the intended areas of the adhesive. The compound in the bottles must be shaken beforehand. Primer curing time is indicated on the label and often does not exceed 15-20 minutes. Once dry, the surface is evenly matte.

Attention! Do not reapply the primer to areas where it has already dried. This will only impair the adhesive properties of the surface.

  • Trim the spout so that the adhesive is at least 1.5 to 2 cm thick. It is the height and sharpness of the triangular cutout that is important, not the thickness. If you do this, there is a better chance that the glass will adhere tightly around the entire perimeter of the frame and not leak in the future.
  • Wrap the gaskets provided by the design on the glass. Secure them with masking tape to prevent them from sliding off the glass during installation.
  • Pick up the glass, without touching the primer, and gently push it into the opening. No more than 15 minutes should pass from the moment the glue is applied to the insertion.
  • Press lightly on the edges of the glass for a tight fit, and then fix it with duct tape. First stick the adhesive tape on the glass and then on the body.

Note! If the old windshield was leaking, determine exactly where the glass was not glued. Increase the glue layer height in such places. Only then will windshield replacement in a car with damaged body geometry be a success.

windshield, damaging

The glue needs at least 7-10 hours to dry. During this time the car should be parked on a level surface and the doors should not be slammed. It takes about 24 hours for the complete polymerization, during which you should drive carefully and leave the car only on a level surface.

Why you may need to glue the windshield?

Basically, there aren’t many reasons, but it does happen.


water can enter the vehicle because of poorly glued areas between the glass and the body. If the car is not under warranty and you can not pass the decision of this problem to the service center, you have to fix the leak yourself. In this case, it is often enough to pour glue into the detected leak without cutting the glass. If this approach did not help eliminate the leak, you will have to re-glue the glass. If the glass is swollen on a recently purchased car, you should think about why the glass was changed, because the factory glue cannot leak.


If your windshield is damaged, it must always be replaced. Solving the problem by other means is ineffective, try to reglue the glass as soon as possible, because the presence of cracks is not safe. In addition, this is fraught with a fairly large fine, not even considering the fact that it seriously spoils the appearance of the car.

How to change auto glass

Article on how to properly change car glass. Important Process Considerations. At the end of the article there is an interesting video about the subtleties of car glass replacement. Article about how to change car windows correctly. Important nuances of the process. At the end of the article is an interesting video about the subtleties of auto glass replacement.

The procedure of automobile glass replacement is not as difficult as the specialists try to convince the car owners. Having at hand a small tool, good quality glass, some skills and a little patience, you can make replacement of auto glass yourself.

The main nuances of automobile glass

On the car windows, the experts can tell a small part of the history of the car. Every car enthusiast knows that any of the car glass has a special marking, which shows many of the car’s data. The markings on the side windows are closer to the struts, there is a special code, the date of manufacture (usually the same as the date of manufacture of the car), the manufacturer’s company and maybe the serial number of the car frame.

This marking on the side windows, windshield and rear window should coincide one-to-one, if there is even a slight difference in the date or one digit. this is the first sign that the glass was changed and is not native on the car. The second and more noticeable nuance is the factory tinting. There is a limit that is allowed for factory tinting of the side window, the manufacturers, taking advantage of this opportunity, tint the windows of the car.

Side window removal is a long and complicated procedure. To do this you will need to disassemble and remove the door trim, then understand how the window elevator is arranged and how the glass itself is attached. We shall try to describe the procedure in details and nuances when it is necessary to remove a windshield.

How to cut a windshield

With significant damage to the windshield VAZ 2110, the appearance of cracks on it, preventing a normal view of the driver, it must be replaced with a new. And now it’s a problem to pass the inspection with cracks, if everything is done exactly according to the LAW.

This article will review the procedure is not the replacement itself, namely, cutting the glass with a string with their own hands. In order to perform this work with your own hands, you need to have the following accessories on hand:

Then we undermine the rubber band and take it out all around the perimeter.

So, when everything is ready, it is necessary to bite off a small piece of string with pliers, about 50 cm. One end is inserted into the holder, and the other is bent about 1 cm. and put it in the slot of the awl. You can see it visually on the picture below.

To put it in simplified form it looks like this.

Now from inside (from salon) we put the awl with string under glass so it will come out from outside. It is enough that the end of the awl just pierced through the glue, and then you can hook the second end of the string.

This is how the end of the string should show from the outside:

We take out the awl and now with the same help we take out the end of the string:

Now we tuck it into the second holder, after which we get the following picture.

That is the string is threaded through the glue and now it is possible to cut the glass, or rather the glue in a circle with the help of these grips. Personally, I always do this alone, although sometimes it is not very convenient to do it. Of course, with a helper, everything will be much more pleasant and faster.

It is necessary carefully, without sudden movements, pull the string and cut the glue around the perimeter of its contact with the body.

Then you can gently remove it with your hands. But again, suction cups (puller), which you can buy specially for these cases, are ideal for removing.

I am not going to write anything about installation, because I have not had a chance to do it myself.

As for the price of a new windshield, it ranges from 2000 to 4000 production BOR.

Has anyone cut their windshield ?

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Most of all risky people like in casinos, in funeral parlors and a special respect from. traumatologists.

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I’m thinking of using a diamond wheel on an angle grinder and dipping the glass in water

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If the glass is flat on the edges. If you use a diamond cutter on both sides of the windshield you might want to go over it with a diamond cutter first. then there is a better chance of success

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We change the windshield by our own efforts. tips from ZR

Despite the daunting scope of the work, there is nothing complicated about replacing a windshield. Even someone who has never done anything like that can do it by himself. But it is worth to take a partner to help. And not just to keep your morale up. some operations are very inconvenient to do alone.

However, I do not recommend beginners to change the glass on expensive cars. They usually have a complicated design of additional glass gaskets. it’s easy to damage them when removing and installing them. Besides, such cars are equipped with light sensors, rain sensors, and may be built-in antenna and heating. all these devices need to be properly connected.

Before you get down to business, you need to buy new glass. The range is now rich, and the search will not cause problems. The easiest and at the same time expensive option. original glass. If you want to save money, search online forums dedicated to your car. Choose a good quality substitute. By the way, it can be the same original, only without the brand name, and therefore cheaper.

Look at the edge of the glass when you buy it and see if the laminated glass is well bonded and if the adhesive layer is sticking out excessively. The strip at the top of the glass is for the eye of the beholder. Tall drivers and those who prefer high seating will cut the view in half. This is not only inconvenient, but also unsafe. Check to see if the interior mirror mount is glued on. less hassle when installing.

Another necessary thing. a set for glazing. It is better not to take the cheapest one, when choosing pay attention to the curing time of the sealant. Keep in mind: everything included in the kit will be used up. You’ll also need a sealant gun.

For gluing glass

The drying time of the adhesive sealant is indicated in the instructions. Higher temperatures and humidity speed up the curing process. While the sealant dries, you can not slam the doors, especially if all the windows are up, otherwise the shock wave of air inside the cabin can dislodge the glass.

The modern car has more than just a glued-in windshield. Any other glass can be replaced in the same way. Be careful when working with shards of tempered glass. Wear thick gloves to avoid cutting yourself.

Dismantle wiper blades. From the inside, remove the upholstery of the front pillars.

If you have inflatable safety curtains, disconnect the battery in advance to insure against their accidental actuation. And be careful not to damage the wiring.


Glass replacement service is very common. During warm season it can be done even by exit teams: the glass will be replaced right in the client’s yard. Companies that specialize in replacing windshields charge an average of about 2500. It is the best to address to such shops. they have wide experience and acceptable prices. And glass for popular models is usually available. It makes sense to go to an authorized dealer when you don’t pay. For example, they will take about 15 thousand for the replacement of the windshield on a medium-sized crossover.

Remove windshield without damage

It is quite often when you repair a car, it is necessary to take out the glass from the car aperture. With glass classics VAZ a little easier, there is removed the lock and the glass is squeezed out, and how to remove the windshield or rear door glass on the VAZ 2108 2109?

How to remove a windshield without damaging it?

The following method came in handy for me when removing the windows from my Golf 2, I used it to remove all the windows from the car. It is worth noting that this method takes out the glass, which is installed on a rubber seal.

Warning! All works with glass are rather dangerous, so take all necessary measures in order not to harm yourself!

In order to remove the windshield from the car we need the following tools:

  • Blunt screwdriver (this is a very important detail because you will spoil the rubber seal or at least its appearance with a sharp screwdriver).
  • Construction hair dryer ( only needed if the sealer is quite rough or the ambient temperature is low)
  • Helper:)

In fact, everything is simple enough to remove a windshield on VAZ 2109, you should tuck the inner edge of the sealant over the ledge where the windshield is fixed.

Tuck the inner part of the sealer behind the rim

I recommend to start from the top to the bottom, in practice it is enough to tuck all the top and half of the uprights over the edge. After that it will be possible to push out the glass, which should be held on the other side by an assistant.

You cannot press the glass with a screwdriver, it will inevitably crack. Try to tuck the sealer neatly and evenly over the rim. It happens so that the compressor is very tight and there is no space over the curb, then you need to push the glass a little, notice what corner is looser and start removing from here. I remembered for a reason that you may need a construction hair dryer, as over time the sealant becomes very stiff, a hair dryer will help here, just heat up the sealant and it will slip out quite easily. You can also grease the inside of the seal with soap to make it easier to remove. One last note, be careful with the screwdriver, it is quite easy to puncture the seal, thereby ruining its appearance.