Mini tractor from a power tiller with his own hands

How to remake?

If you decide to create a mini-tractor with their own hands on the basis of a Crosser CR-M 8 or “Agro” power tiller, you must use the following set of equipment:

  • supporting frame;
  • levers to lock the half axle;
  • seat with support;
  • steering wheel;
  • a cover to prevent the driver from being injured by contact with the spinning belts;
  • Fender ledges that prevent the ejection of dirt from under the wheels;
  • brake cylinder and drum;
  • reservoir for brake fluid;
  • levers to lock the half axle;
  • lifting apparatus (at the rear);
  • a device to secure the tiller.

Before working, it is worth thoroughly studying the instructions on the single-axle tractor.

When the unit is equipped with an electric starter, you must prepare 200 cm of 1 cm cable.

From the motoblock of the mentioned model it is possible to make a mini-tractor with such parameters as:

The mass of the conversion kit itself is approximately 90 kg.

If we are talking about remodeling Agro motorblocks, it is imperative to remember that their half-axle is too weak. It may not be able to cope with an increased load. It is necessarily necessary to put another, more powerful part of the same kind on the homemade machine.

Regardless of the chosen brand and features of the future operation of the tractor, you must make a detailed drawing, which reflects the attachment of the shovel and other auxiliary components.

Independently make drawings. it is not just to draw a certain elegant picture, but in addition you will have to think through all the subtleties, to make calculations.

The supporting structure is made of steel profiles or pipes. The thickness of the metal should be great. The heavier steel elements are used, the better the result.

To connect the parts of the frame choose one of the following options:

The cross beam provides the reinforcement. Such improvised ribs are recommended for all-wheel drive machines subjected to high loads.

During assembly, it is worth providing a mechanism by which the attachments will be connected to the frame.

If you plan to use the mini-tractor as a tractor, mount a towbar behind.

The front wheels are made using prefabricated hubs, attached to a tube of the same width as the axle. When this stage of the work is finished, a hole is drilled in the center, and then the tube is attached to the frame. To connect the steering rods to it, you must use a worm reducer, which will allow you to control the rotation of the wheels.

After the gearbox, it is the steering wheel’s turn. Next, you need to deal with the rear axle, which is installed using a hub with bearings. This bushing is used to mount the pulley. The power generated by the engine is then transmitted to the axle.

Rear wheels, depending on personal preference, are taken from passenger cars or from the delivery set of a power tiller. It is recommended that they have a diameter of at least 30 cm and no more than 35 cm.

Such value allows to guarantee both stability of movement and high maneuverability.

Most models have the engine mounted at the front of the frame or even in front of it. Such a solution helps to balance parts of the mini-tractor design.

Specialists advise using movable mounting systems. They make it easier and more convenient to tension the belts that transmit the force to the rear axle. Therefore, the installation of a more complex mounting is justified.

Once the main body is assembled, the braking system and hydraulic lines are connected. It is worth noting that when using mini-tractors on public roads or in the dark, equipping machines with headlights and parking lights plays an important role. But the special sun visors do not play a special role. To mount them or not. it is up to everyone to decide.

It is worth noting that not always such a serious rework is made. It is usually used to make a mini-tractor out of a diesel power tiller. It is already quite powerful by design to withstand all the created load. But if the power is not enough, use an additional trailer-adapter. It is made on the basis of a single-axle frame.

Often the suspension is a disassembled motorcycle sidecar.

It is advised to make the axles from 4×4 cm cross section angles. It is easy to weld the wheel bushings to these angles. You should determine the location of bushings beforehand, thinking first of all about the reliability of fixing.

Having put on the wheels, begin to deal with the fasteners. Putting a single-axle tractor near the axle, measure the distance for cutting the pipe. It is better to supplement the place of attachment with an auxiliary frame no larger than 30×30 cm.

From Agro

If you have exactly such a single-axle tractor at your disposal, the following elements will be needed for its modification:

  • A steering wheel (the one removed from an old car will come in handy);
  • 2 running wheels;
  • seat;
  • profile made of metal;
  • sheets of steel.

To perform exclusively field work, you can do with a solid frame. But if you plan to drive a mini-tractor, it is recommended to make a breakable frame.

A very responsible moment. the choice of location of the engine. Putting it in the front, you can increase the maneuverability of the machine. However, the pressure on the wheels will increase, and problems with the transmission cannot be ruled out. Since in most cases mini-tractors are used for driving, they are mainly made with fractured frames. The assembly of such frames is made of profiles and sheets (or pipes). As in other cases, it is recommended to make the main part of the tractor heavier.

The wheel hubs are attached through a hole drilled in the front frame.

The steering column is installed only after the worm gear is mounted. To mount the rear axle they use pre-pressed bearings inside the bushings. A pulley is attached to the axle. When all this is done, and in addition the wheels are set, mount the motor.

Of course, it wouldn’t be out of place to add headlights, parking lights, as well as a special painting.

From “Salut”

Among the products of this brand it is easiest to remake Salyut-100. But with other models the work is a little more complicated. Even if you plan to convert the machine to a caterpillar drive, you should carefully study the factory drawings and the kinematic diagram.

Inexperienced and inexperienced craftsmen should better abandon the manufacture of complex remakes. It is not recommended to make a narrow drive axle. If its width is less than 1 m, there is a great risk of overturning the mini-tractor on a sharp turn.

Increasing the width of the wheelbase is an important part of the job. Thanks to the purchase of prefabricated bushings, it can be achieved without turning work. In the absence of differentials, rotary locking extensions are used.

The choice of chassis and drive type is always left to the owners of the equipment themselves. When the frame is prepared, the transverse and longitudinal sides are cut with an angle grinder.

Their subsequent connection is possible both with bolts and with the help of a welding machine. Ideally, the combined variant is used, as it allows to achieve the highest joint strength.

It is recommended to equip “Salutes” with a recoil system made of a pair of half-frames connected by joints.

Such a design is characterized by increased driving characteristics. On the rear axle put on the wheels, originally designed for the motoblock, and on the front. a specially selected rubber with a well-drawn tread.

If “Salut” is remodeled with installation of the motor of the same power as before, you will get a tractor that can do any kind of fieldwork on the area up to 2-3 hectares. Accordingly, if a larger area is to be cultivated, the total power of the engine should also increase.

Judging by reviews, a good result gives the use of parts from prefabricated kits together with parts of fire pumps. This design has no trouble going uphill, even under considerable load. Some amateur masters use wheels from off-road cars. it is not worse.

From the Oka

To turn such a single-axle tractor into a mini-tractor, you need to use a two-speed gearbox with reverse. And also you can not do without the chain reducers. It is possible to equip a prefabricated frame, initially divided into 2 parts.

Most often the prepared machines have 4×4 wheel configuration (with four-wheel drive). The motor itself is placed in the front and covered with a standard hood.

From Shtenli

First of all, we must remove all unnecessary things from the crabapple. For the assembly itself we need a gearbox, a box and a motor. No other components are needed from the original tractor (if the frame is available).

The transmission must be made with a shaft and two gears. The top plate also has a support bearing.

The large backlash that occurs when installing the hexagon is eliminated by adding blades from a band saw. If you use a blade from a metal saw, you need to cut off the teeth with an angle grinder.

The steering tube is taken from “Zhiguli”, and the knuckles can be taken from “Oka. The rear axle is assembled on 120 channels.

In addition to homemade mini-tractor from Shtenli, you can make a front adapter.

From “Ural”

In the course of this modification the steering gearbox from VAZ 2106 is used. Knuckles and spiders can be derived from old trucks, such as GAZ52. It is recommended to use hubs from any model of VAZ. The wheels are left the same as on the original motoblock. Pulleys also are left from “Ural”, but if they are not available, it is necessary to order specially the replacement with diameter of 26 cm.

Everything is assembled in such a way that when the pedal is depressed the belt is pressed on the outer diameter.

The use of three-point linkage is optional. Do not try to make the gear levers as long as possible. Better to add an extra lever in the free space. Such a solution, however, will be a purely temporary solution. The floating mode is provided with the help of a chain.

How to make a mini tractor from a Neva power tiller?

The existence of a motor-block seriously facilitates the cultivation of the plot. Only it is not very convenient to walk around behind it while working. Taking into account that most of the modifications are endowed with decent power, their owners strive to improve the unit. Even for specialists it will not be superfluous to know that it is not very difficult to remake a single-axle tractor “Neva” into a mini-tractor. Schemes and drawings for this will be the alphabet, making it possible to create a strong and versatile unit.

How to make with your own hands?

Consider one of the options, how you can make a mini-tractor with a fractured frame. This scheme provides for what will be used:

  • motor from Honda with a capacity of 0.5 liters;
  • steering column from a Moskvich car;
  • gearbox. from “VAZ” machines (classic type);
  • The steering rack from Opel;
  • shortened classical axles;
  • The wheels, removed from the motoblock.

The order of four-wheel drive tractor assembly is such that, first of all, it is necessary to shorten the axles. The gearbox will have to be modified. Cut off part of the bell jar so you can put the pulley on the V-belts. The length of the pulley on the box should be 20 cm. For the engines, pulleys with a length of 8 cm are used.

The next step is to shorten the half axles and cut the splines. When the axles are ready, it is necessary to begin work with the breaking frame, and, more precisely. to prepare the fastening elements for the fracture node. This very unit is made using the front hub of VAZ cars. Next comes the turn of cardan and steering installation. Another step is to mount the running wheels.

After trying on the gearbox, you can prepare the ideal place for its installation. At the last stage of the work put the motor, brake system, caliper, pedal assembly, try on a pulley, make the clutch and put the support of the primary shaft. All that remains is to prepare the attachments. What it should be, you need to decide for yourself.

To avoid mistakes, you should draw them yourself or take them in a ready-made form. Be sure to check that the documentation reflects the dimensions of each unit, so that everything is agreed as clearly as possible.

The shape of half-frames can be quite rough, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The main thing that a set of parts and their arrangement were rational, from an engineering point of view. In many homemade designs, the spars are made with three steps.

Consider an alternative variant of preparing a tractor-breaker. The designers of this scheme preferred to use for the front side member steps of the channel Ending step is made of tubular steel external section 8×8 cm. Traverses (front and rear respectively) are made of channels 12 and 16. The same is done with the crossbars.

The power plant is chosen according to one’s choice. The main thing is that it has the necessary power, fit into the allotted dimensions and can hold on the fixtures provided.

Quite a few mini-tractors go with the engine “Oka”. And they drive very well, fully satisfying the needs of the owners. But it is still desirable to use water-cooled motors, because they allow you to work for many hours almost without interruption. Some farmers prefer four-cylinder diesel engines.

When the motor is delivered, it’s time to mount it:

These are sometimes taken from discarded trucks. Precise mating of the clutch is achieved by redesigning the flywheel. The rear lobe is cut off using a lathe. When it is removed, it is necessary to mill a new span in the middle. The housing surrounding the clutch basket will have to be adjusted to the required dimensions.

Important: the advantage of the described method of assembly is the possibility to apply any rear axle. It makes no difference what vehicle it was originally on. There are no special requirements for the driveshaft either.

After completing the work with these parts proceed to install the steering wheel, rack and wheel undercarriage. The wheels on which the mini-tractor will ride, is not indifferent at all.

Many people equip their machines with tires from passenger cars. But you have to make sure that the wheels on the front axle should not be smaller than 14 inches. Very small undercarriages will bury even in quite firm ground. No need to talk about driving on loose soil. Also, do not make the wheels too big, because this would impair the steering.

Hydraulic steering systems are the answer. They are completely (without any alteration) removed from unwanted farm machines. The front axle is assembled using a piece of pipe, on which the bearings are pinned. Sometimes it is also taken in prefabricated form. Returning to the wheels, we emphasize that the depth of the pattern left by the tread is very important for them.

Hand tractor trailer | Power tiller Kubota ZT | Powerful mini tractor tiller

The bigger are the grousers, the higher is the efficiency of the whole machine.

Installation of 18 inch wheels on the rear axle will provide decent cushioning. To attach them to hubs, you need an angle grinder or a torch. Use these tools to cut off the center of the disc (so that no holes are left for mounting). An identical part taken from a ZIL-130 disc is welded on the vacant place. In this scheme, the steering can be any, but for the sake of increased controllability, it is worth using a hydraulic system.

Do not forget to install the oil pump, which must be driven by a motor. It is best if the shaft wheels are driven by a gearbox. The steering system is equipped with a drum brake. To make it connected to the pedal, a separate link is used.

mini, tractor, power, tiller

In any case it is worth to take care about equipping the operator’s workplace.

It is useful to install a summer cabin with a canopy. But if this operation is left to the discretion of the owners, then covering the motor and other moving parts with a cover is strictly mandatory. The guard is often bent out of galvanized sheet metal. If you plan to work a lot, including early in the morning and late at night, it is useful to mount headlights. But in that case, a section for the battery is to be reserved on the frame, and the battery itself is to be carefully connected to the light sources.

Mini-tractors are often made from “LUAZ”. In this case, the transmission and brake units are taken as the basis. All other parts are selected with convenience in mind. These vehicles are preferred because the equipment on their basis is extremely stable. As always, you have to consider the width of the wheelbase.

Experts advise to take the motor and the rear axle from the base of the car. Then the compatibility of parts is guaranteed.

Cars of any condition can be used for work. Each part is reviewed, cleaned and put in order. It is not recommended to install anything without an inspection.

Instructions on how to make a four-wheel drive mini-tractor with their own hands. drawings and dimensions

After assessing all the advantages, many people ask themselves the question. how to make a 4×4 minitractor? In principle, this method of assembly differs little from traditional methods, except for the structure of the frame structure.

Basically the frame is in one piece, but there is a variant with a breakable frame, and that is where the name comes from.

The appearance of the design may slightly confuse the casual observer, but its apparent unsightliness should not mislead. The point is that everything inside is located so proportionally, if you follow the drawings exactly, that allows the unit to show quite good working indicators.

Speaking of drawings. This is probably one of the most important stages of the entire assembly, because the success of the entire design depends on the correctness of leaving a detailed drawing and determining the exact dimensions.

The matter is that the specifics of self-assembly presupposes the adjustment of some parts for the individual features of the frame or the power unit. It is quite understandable, because the components are taken from absolutely different equipment, which leads to their dimensional discrepancy.

The fitting itself is carried out mainly on a lathe, which itself implies the availability of a detailed drawing. It’s much easier to make certain holes or milling, looking at the drawing, than to keep all this abstraction in your head.

So, having made the drawing, we proceed to the assembly process:

  • The frame itself will consist of traverses and spars. The longitudinal members, in this case, have a three-stage structure. The first step is made from channel number 10, and the last. a square-shaped steel tube with dimensions of 80 × 80 mm.
  • Rear traverse is made from channel number 16, and the front traverse is made from channel number 12.
  • If you are converting a single-axle tractor into a mini-tractor, the main power unit will be the engine located on the power block. If not, you will have to buy the engine separately. In principle, any diesel engine of necessary power (not less than 12 liters) can do.с.).
  • However, experts advise to take a helper. a motor with 40 liters.с. and water cooling.
  • Gearbox and PTO, as well as clutch can be taken from GAZ-53 and GAZ-52, respectively. They are not suitable in ready-made form, so you’ll have to modify them a bit. To do this, you need to re-make the flywheel of the motor by cutting a little off the back and drilling one hole in the middle.
  • The axle can be installed in the unit in the desired form, without making any manipulations. It is attached to the frame structure using four stepladders.
  • The wheels can be taken from old cars, but their optimal diameter is 18 inches. The process itself of installing the wheels on the hubs is quite simple. It is enough to cut out from the center of disk necessary diameter hole, and on this place is welded the center of disk from ZIL-130.
  • The front axle is not so important, because it will not drive. Therefore, it is possible to take the axle from other equipment.
  • Steering is best strengthened with hydraulics. It can be taken from old agricultural equipment, but for its correct operation you need an oil pump.
  • By the way, the place for the driver should also be set correctly, because a man spends many hours managing the machine. The seat should be positioned so that the steering column does not rest against a person’s knees.

In general, the assembly of self-made four-wheel drive minitractor is carried out with the help of third-party spare parts, among which are mostly automotive.

In particular, the drum brake will be used in the front wheelbase system, and the steering rack will be borrowed from the VAZ family of cars.

Other components can be freely found on the spare parts market, where quite a lot of useful. In addition, on specialized sites there are a sufficient number of ads for the sale of parts that can be purchased for mere pennies.

A breaker of the power tiller Neva with his hands

Dear visitors to the site Samodelkin a friend from the author of the material you learn how to make a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller with a broken frame with their own hands. Mini tractor.It is an excellent assistant in the conduct of a private farm, thanks to him, you can plow and till the land, as well as transport a variety of goods on the site, and in winter to clean the snow.

Mini tractor can be assembled in a garage with a minimum of spare parts from the domestic car industry and some scrap metal) for the creation of a given MT served as a basis for time-tested single-axle tractor Oka, changes are made to a minimum, namely, the wheels of VAZ and perekinut gas and clutch cables on the pedals. steering from Moskvich-2140 Sobol steering wheel. The second half-frame is welded from a corner, in the back of it there is a towbar for transporting a car trailer.

Front part of tractor has a blade with adjustable angle of attack for clearing snow (standard from power tillers) but amended with a lifting mechanism and fixation of the blade in transport position.

And so, let’s look at the features of the construction of a mini-tractor from a power tiller.

  • single axle tractor OKA 6 hp
  • Moskvich steering wheel
  • metal angle
  • VAZ wheels 4 pcs
  • sheet metal 2 mm
  • driver’s seat
  • fog lights and alternator
  • welding inverter
  • angle grinder (angle grinder)
  • wrench set
  • drill
  • measuring and locksmith’s tools
  • capable hands)

Step-by-step photos of assembling a mini-tractor from a power tiller with your own hands. Blade for clearing snow from a power tiller with a modified lifting mechanism. Making a fractured frame or it is more of an adaptor. Cables for gas and clutch are transferred to the pedals. Fitting hubs and making rear fenders from 2mm metal.

Area of application

Minitractor samodelki, video of which you can freely find on the Internet for free, have similar technical data, as well as performance indicators, as store options, such as minitractors Russian, Chinese, Belarusian production.

Of course, they will differ in the power of the engine used, but the very specifics of the work they perform will be similar. In principle, the idea of assembling a home-made machine was to carry out a list of agricultural work, typical of a mini-tractor.

Perhaps its main purpose is the direct operation “in the field”. It is about plowing of land holdings, removal of weeds, so the treated soil is suitable for subsequent planting of potatoes and other vegetables and crops.

This is a primary task for any mini-tractor Uralets, Kubota, Bulat 120, Uralets 160, Uralets 220, Yanmar, Belarus 132n no matter, bought in a store or made their own hands.

In addition, the homemade mini-tractor can be used for the following purposes:

  • for transporting various loads;
  • cleaning of construction and household waste;
  • cleaning of adjacent areas from snow masses;
  • to cut the grass in order to make hay for the cattle.

It is clear that such work would be impossible without the use of additional mounted and trailed equipment, which is aggregated with a mini-tractor. Such devices can be directly purchased in a specialized store, or to construct their own hand.

Fortunately, the Internet abounds with all sorts of drawings with the exact dimensions and parameters, which is enough for any rural master.

In general, self-made machines are mainly used at the domestic level, which is understandable, because large farms and agro-industrial complexes are able to buy more than one mini-tractor, so they do not need to resort to the independent assembly of these units.

But this does not mean that self-made mini-tractors will be very inferior to purchased versions in terms of performance. If it is still true, then this lag is not critical, and at the domestic level it is not noticeable at all.

Which single-axle tractor is suitable for conversion??

Here it is necessary to clearly determine the power that will be needed. Not enough to build a minitractor. The engine must be able to drive not only the attached equipment, but also the weight of the tractor with frame and man.

The best suited model is Neva MB-23S 9.0 PRO. It has a 4-stroke engine. And the 9 horsepower is good enough to produce tractive power, which is enough to power plows, cultivators, dipsticks, etc.д.

If you don’t have enough power, the easiest solution is to simply buy an adapter. It’s not that comfortable, of course, but you can move around sitting upright. And this is a plus.

But the disadvantage is that the use of some attachments is not compatible with it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade mini-tractor

Now you know how to make a power tiller with his own hands. But what is the advantage of such a transformation? First, the savings in financial terms. After all, compact tractors on the market are expensive, so it will be much cheaper to buy a single-axle tractor and modify it yourself.

If you follow the instructions and drawings, it is not so difficult. Secondly, you will know the construction of your equipment 100%, so you can fix almost any problem yourself. That is, you will not have to go to the service, which will save time and money.

Thirdly, you get a very useful experience, so you can quite rightly call yourself a Kulibin our time. After all, such a remodeling is not possible for everyone, so if you succeeded, it can be considered a well-deserved reason for pride.

The disadvantages of homemade mini-tractors with their own hands can be called that with their own hands you are unlikely to get to make a mini-tractor similar in reliability to the factory one. Therefore, you should be prepared for quite frequent repairs and further improvement of their own technique.

In addition, you can get injured in the process of converting a power tiller. What to pay attention to when redesigning?

It is necessary to take into account that a single axle tractor and a mini tractor are different by design types of equipment, so when converting one type of equipment into another, you must take into account some features, which has a minitractor.

So, you will sit on this type of equipment, which will greatly increase the center of gravity. This can have a negative impact on your cornering, because your tractor might just tip over. To avoid this, you need to widen the drive axle.

Then the area of the mini-tractor will also increase, and the stability, respectively, increases. In addition, the wheelbase will obviously need to be enlarged. Especially for this purpose you can find on sale bushings, which allow you to make the mini-tractor more stable and wider without turning work.

Also, small and medium-sized power tillers often lack a differential. To replace it, the easiest way is to install locking wheel extensions.

Also you need to adhere to safety rules when modifying, so as not to get hurt. Work strictly according to the drawings, because this guarantees that everything will turn out correctly.

Mini tractor from a power tiller with his own hands will be not just agricultural equipment, but also a real reason to be proud of any man.

Therefore, anyone who needs such equipment, you should try to make it yourself. Fortunately, all the necessary information for this is available, and the materials are not difficult to buy. Power tillers are very useful in the farm. But it often happens that people do not use the old models.

The fate of such machines often becomes aimless stay in the garage and the gradual rusting. The problem is that many people do not know that the old-style tillers can be used to build the right equipment, such as a mini-tractor.

This machine will be extremely useful in agriculture, because with it you can do a wide range of works. So even old motor blocks can be used quite successfully to create a minitractor that you are more than useful.

You can also make it from a new power tiller, if you think that you need a compact tractor more.

Mini-tractor with their own hands with a motor from the tiller

Many owners of power tillers have often thought about modernizing their farming equipment. In fact, it is not very difficult to improve the available unit, and make a full-fledged minitractor out of it. However, you will need to study the recommendations and follow the order of action. this will give you the opportunity to get an effective homemade mini-tractor, which will be able to solve absolutely all the tasks assigned to it.