Passat b5 air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

Replacing the bearings. a simple job only at first glance, so many car owners, neglecting the advice in favor of small gains, conduct it at your own risk. They then consider the parts produced to be of low quality because they fail quickly, but in fact the cause lies in improper installation. Knocking out instead of pressing in can cause deformation of parts or even breakage.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the long neglect of rustling, whistling or humming bearings eventually leads to the appearance of wear and even cracks on the housing. Prolonged loads of this type lead to overheating and adversely affect the operation of the entire system as a whole.

Almost every driver has a desire to save money, but it is better to do it by paying for competent and high-quality work of a master, than to spend many times more money for new components. In addition to savings, a significant benefit in choosing the service of the car driver also receives a guarantee that the selected parts will serve him for the maximum period, depending on their quality.

  • It is necessary to check, whether the noise of bearing depends on a mode of work of the compressor, whether the character of noise changes, if the conditioner is switched off. If yes, then with confidence it is possible to consider as the reason of noise the bearing of compressor
  • Also it is possible to check play in a pulley, shake it by hand, play should not be, if there is even minimal play, the bearing should be replaced
  • If the air conditioner compressor is located on the engine in an accessible place, you can hear exactly the source of noise

So, we have defined the source of noise. it is bearing of air conditioner compressor muff and it is necessary to replace it.

To replace the bearing it is enough to remove only compressor muff, in this case there is no depressurization of the system and it is not necessary to recharge it. But, often the compressor is located in a place that is impossible to reach with a puller, in which case you have to remove the wheel, bumper or compressor itself, here’s what is more convenient to you or what is cheaper in terms of cost of repairs. After removal of the compressor remove the clutch:

To do it yourself or take it to service?

On this page you will find a step-by-step description of how to replace the pulley bearing on the air conditioner compressor by yourself. Of course, to do it at home is not very easy. After all, for proper and quality disassembly. assembly will require specific tools, which is not advisable to buy for once. Pulley remover, hydraulic press, circlip remover, poisson for extraction and installation, a set of feelers and a gauge. this is the minimum “gentlemen’s” kit. It will be enough if everything will go by smoothly all bolts are unscrewed, pressure plate is removed, pulley is dismantled without tearing off the neck etc.д. Although, you can replace the press with a hammer or sledgehammer, use a hub puller, and do not measure the ellipse at all. Here is an example of one of the simplest and most typical repair. If you describe all the possible cases we’ve encountered, you could give birth to a medium-sized tale. When repairing, you may need a welder to weld a nut to the pressure plate, and a reverse hammer, and a lathe. And the worst part is you won’t know the size of the bearing until you disassemble the compressor clutch. That is, you can safely add a trip to get the needed part to the repair time.

Reluctantly read about the pros and cons of replacing it yourself and make your choice. Get into this mess on your own or trust a professional with experience.


  • Save money (2,000 to 4,000, as luck would have it).
  • You realize the natural human need for creativity.
  • You can brag about the work you’ve done to your friends or on Drive2.
  • Gain positive professional experience. If the damage should happen again, you will definitely do it faster and cheaper the second time.


  • Waste your time.
  • If something goes wrong, as described in this article, you still have to pay. And most likely more than if you did not try to repair it yourself. Fixing a crooked job costs extra money.
  • If you can not remove the pulley on the car and have to take the compressor off, then after installation you need to check the tightness of joints and recharge the conditioner. You can’t do it in a garage. Read here.Still have to go somewhere and spend time.
  • In the middle of the job you have to go get the right size bearing. Don’t get your hopes up that specialty stores have everything in stock and their 24/7 availability.

Replacing the bearing of the clutch of the air conditioner Passat b5

The other day the Denso clutch bearing on Passat B5 gave up for life. Had to remove the compressor and replace the bearing.

To replace the compressor clutch bearing on VW Passat B6 from the tools your main helpers will be a hammer and a puller. The compressor is easy to remove, but removing the bearing from the coupling is more difficult and involves more work. With the help of a special puller the old bearing will need to be pressed out of the clutch, and the new one will be hammered into place during installation. We will use the old one for the gasket between the hammer and the new bearing, otherwise we risk to crack the newly purchased part. After installing the bearing, we assemble the compressor and mount it.

Replacing the bearings in the Passat b5 air conditioner compressor

The other day the clutch bearing went to the last let and there was nothing left to do but change it for a new one. The compressor had to be removed beforehand.

To replace the bearing we can use tools such as a hammer and a puller. To remove the compressor is not difficult, as opposed to removing the clutch bearing, here is where you have to spend most of your time and put a lot of effort.

first of all we have to remove the bearing from the sleeve, and when you install it, you can use a hammer to hammer it into the hole. But in this process, we will use the old gasket because we can damage the new one. After we have established, we will assemble the compressor in the reverse order and install it.

In the photo guide below we will describe the detailed work process.

And so to begin with let’s unscrew the tensioner pulley by loosening the two bolts upper and lower. Before you remove the belt, tear off the bolt in the center.

To dismantle the tensioner, you need to unscrew the mounting bolts (3 pieces) and remove the casing.

Let’s move on to the retaining ring, it needs to be removed.

Next, we need to dismantle the pulley, just in it there is a bearing of the clutch.

The next step is not an easy one: unloading the bearing.

Now we can get a new bearing, look at the photo shows it and the box with the numbers.

VW Audi Seat Skoda Air Conditioning Compressor Pump Clutch Hub Plate Disc 5N0820803 Repair Fix Kit

Use a hammer to press the bearing.

Now we can assemble everything in reverse order, be sure to check all parts for integrity.

How to replace the air conditioner compressor bearing yourself?

Owners of both domestic cars and expensive foreign cars periodically face the need to repair the machine. Sometimes such repair doesn’t take much time, but in other cases it will take more than an hour to reveal the reason of a breakage. Now we will tell you how to replace the bearing of an air conditioner compressor and what you need for that.

Why is the Passat compressor depressurized?

In Passat B5, air conditioner compressor breaks down most often because of depressurization of the whole system. Sealing leakage leads to coolant leakage and air conditioner can not cope with cooling of air in a saloon. There is a natural leakage of freon from pipes and hoses, which can reach up to 10% of the total coolant volume during the hot season. The refrigerant leakage is gradual and will not affect the cooling process. A complete compressor depressurization results in a rapid leakage of refrigerant. If you fail to eliminate the depressurization the conditioner can dry out and ruin completely.

Leak of the refrigerant is one of the reasons of malfunction of the compressor. A very important point is to keep the air conditioner clean. Dust and dirt on the road leads to gradual depressurization of the air conditioning system.

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Very often the problems with tightness of the system arise when the rubber seals in the gland structure are worn out. Very often it affects the cars that are more than 25 years old. Theoretically it is not difficult to change stuffing box without taking out a Volkswagen Passat B5 air conditioner compressor. But in fact, to replace the packing it is necessary to use a hydraulic press to separate the parts. That’s why you can’t do without disassembling compressor.

There is one more reason of freon leakage Worn, cracked or torn gasket between connectors of compressor through which the refrigerant gradually flows out. To replace the seals, it is also necessary to dismantle or partially disassemble the air conditioner.

Failure Diagnosis

When performing routine maintenance, you can initially, identify the failure of a particular technical unit of the car. When inspecting the air conditioning system, it is important to diagnose all of its major components. This approach will guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises while driving.

They have the right tools, special equipment, extensive experience in repairing cars of different brands. This result is very difficult to achieve in your own garage.